Is Gender REAL? – 8-Bit Philosophy

Is Gender REAL? – 8-Bit Philosophy

We’re told from the earliest moments of our
lives that boys will be boys and girls will be girls. News stories about Gender are everywhere
today. Should people declared Men at birth be allowed into Women-only colleges? Can I
use whatever washroom I fancy? Can women become men? According to American Philosopher Judith
Butler, these conversations miss an important point – gender is a lot messier then we’d
like to think. Gender is a sort of script – that society expects us to act out. Women have long hair, they wear bikinis, they walk and talk, they even sit like women. And Men, are expected to be manly. They walk like Men, they talk like Men, they pump iron, and they certainly
don’t get caught up with anything girly. Even a hundred years ago, it was perfectly normal
for women to have body hair. And boys to wear pink dresses. Norms have changed with society.
Society assumes that girls act like girls because of hormones, or because their brains
are just different. But these gender roles are according to Butler, determined by society.
From the moment the doctor declares it’s a girl, we’re expected and compelled to act
like our gender. Girls are supposed to play with purple ponies and dolls, while boys get
spaceships and G.I. Joes. Gender is the narrative we ascribe to anatomy. And there’s plenty
of people who don’t fit into either category. Our ideal man, and woman, are fictions. And
they are constantly breaking down. We know of women who prefer swords and sports, and
men who prefer dresses and poetry. For Butler, Gender is performative. We act it out everyday
in our mannerisms, our speech, and our thoughts. And when we act it out, we’re not just putting
on a show, we’re consolidating and actively constructing these gender identities. Gender
is not just an identity, it’s a ritual. If Gender is performative, then perhaps our best
course of action is to refuse to perform. Perform differently, or even laugh at it.
When we refuse to perform our Gender script, the neat binary between Men and Women starts
to fall apart. We see people with male anatomy who want to identify as female. And, vice
versa. For some, that means seeking surgery to change their anatomy. This begs the question,
what is a real woman? To which Butler responds, there is none. Many others are quite content
existing in a grey area, between sexes and genders. It’s this in between area which exposes
that Gender is fluid. Identity serves to restrict our very being, and exclude those who don’t
conveniently fit into the binary of men and women, such as homosexuals and transgender
people. So the question is not can boys act like girls, but as Butler may ask, should
the category of boys and girls even exist?

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  1. Highly debatable content

  2. I would like to define my view of gender: >ahem< I do not give a fuck. I see everyone as a boring pile of meat and liquid anyway, and attempting to relay too much information at once I feel like I've slammed my head against a wall.
    So, if you say "I am a girl/boy/narwhal" I do not care. because this does not affect me, this does not affect anything about your actions, therefore I. Don't. Give. A fuck.

  3. Few weeks back, i was helping friends move to another apartment. I grabbed a couch end and motioned to another guy to help with the other end. This extremely vocal "gender fluid" female said i was being an an ass bc i assumed she couldn't assist. She identifies as a male and im a bigot. I replied i didnt care who picked up the couch end, just need another person. About half way to the uhaul, she's huffing, losing her grip, cursing at me, etc. She let go of the couch, dropping it, and ruining her end. She was quite vocal at this time, which i said "i thought you said you could do this?" She fired back "i said i identified as a man, but i didnt say i was man!" Whelp….that ended every possible argument for me. Just like that, i got it — some people just want to play pretend and will force others play with them. Got the couch in the Uhaul, though.

  4. Sorry biology does exist it's right that a lot of the baggage that comes with being a girl or boy is shitty and made by culture but a a lot of it isn't actually just "created" a lot of it is the physical world that humans have picked up on and learned to understand through cliches or hyperbole.
    Obviously the symbol of a male isn't going to exist everyone is in the grey area between male and female. But you'd have to be seriously naive to think genders shouldn't exist in any form or sense because a lot of traits that are considered masculine or feminine do come from biology

  5. @2:33 *This is a rookie philosophical mistake: raises the question is the correct phrase not "begs the question"

  6. really don't know when this became a problem. You are either man or woman.

  7. All of which are products of post industrial first world non-issues. Whatever you are, whatever you prefer to be called, be kind and courteous to me, I will be kind and courteous to you.

  8. Simple yes gender is real

  9. Dear wisecrack.. I have followed your work for a long time all your work on phylosophical breakdown of art and real life politics is fascinating ….. As an Indian I would like you to make some room for eastern mystics from India and other countries…..

  10. And the CRITICAL REVIEW?

  11. as a trans girl, gender is bullshit.


  13. Gender isn't from society and you can't chose your gender. Sex and gender are same thing they're just synonyms of each other.

  14. There are only 2 genders.
    Thats how nature works.

  15. If you are a woman who acts like a man, that doesn’t make you a man, only a woman who behaves like a man.

  16. How did this channel go from fascinating introductions to philosophical concepts to 5 Rick & Morty videos a week?

  17. All those ppl defending the position of social justice in the comments… well lets say they might have changed their minds recently.

    The more we learn about their motives and practices the more people avoid them. For good reason.

  18. Fuck this shit i love being a man. Gender is not real! Sex is the only thing

  19. At this point we just need to call it what it is, mental illness.

  20. Garbage. I can't believe this is where some people are stuck at. A fantasy explanation within a fantasy. Who cares?! Gender is so fucking boring. Biology is interesting.


  22. does not beg the question, raises

  23. no no no no, pretty way to ruin the channel and say your political orientation, i think i will see only the philosophy and hidden meaning videos

  24. I always claimed that only biologic sex (in here I mean sex chromosomes and hormonal composition) and gender expression exists. The first one kinda determines your naked physical appearance without any adaptation or modification. These are part of your gender expression… Clothes, hair, piercings whatever. But what is gender expression without gender anyway, rather than expressing yourself?

  25. gender is your feeling and how you see yourself, even if that gender is dragon/taco/sunshine/music theory

    it makes it look like Link is Trans . maybe nonbinary. you can be agender afab but want to be having male pronouns

  26. 2:50 Asexual isn't a gender identity as Erin Flat Fingers pointed out. The real term 8 bit philosophy was looking for was Agender. A gender identity that makes it to where you don't really see yourself as having a gender expression. It's often seen among the non-binary spectrum of gender identities.

  27. Ponys are manly as fuck. You are wrong

  28. If gender doesn't exist than why is wage gap a problem? Just say you are male….more like 8 bit bias philosophy amirite?!
    1 word…chromosomes. Denying biology doesn't make you any better than antivaxers or flat earthers

  29. The words "man" and "woman" do not refer to a person's gender. They refer the biological sex of an individual, the words are synonymous with "adult male" and "adult female." As such, men and women will always exist, even if a few indecisive people feel as though they "identify" as something they cannot be.

  30. shit video, it only showed one side of the discussion. maybe out of fear? :U

  31. *"Gender is a construct of society"*….Most things are a construct of society, It helps to keep us civilized. Does that mean I should adhere to my on rules and destroy civilization as I know it. Seems like thats what this video wants me to do.

  32. Gender doesn't exist. Sexes exist. What are you retarded???!!! I know this is philosophy, but god-damn!!!..

  33. Yes, it is. There are two of them. You're born a boy or a girl. You are not assigned, your gender is recorded by the doctor. It's decided at conception by whichever sperm cell get to the egg. Gender may be used as a word seperate from biological sex with a different meaning, but a majority of people use the words interchangeabley, so I am using them as such in this comment.

  34. If gender is fluid and can be changed whenever that means it’s useless

  35. Good video ! Tho at the end there, "asexual" isn't a gender identity but a sexual orientation; gender identities would be "non-binary", or more specifically "agender". :p

  36. Postmodern masturbation

  37. This is the first trash video I've seen on this channel.

  38. Gender and sex are different. Females have XX chromosome 23 while males have XY chromosome 23

  39. what a pile of garbage

  40. To those that are basing their arguments for gender with the difference between gender roles and genders, you are looking that the issue with one thing missing: sex, and I'm not talking about the act.

    A person's sex is what is biologically assigned to a person and can't be changed, or a least not without some crazy outward force like radiation causing something weird to happen. This is determined by X and Y chromosomes, leading to a female, XX, or a male, XY. (Although even that is not binary, as there are cases of people being born outside of those two cases, like XXY)

    Gender, on the other hand, is a part of one's identity. This is what one refers to if they say "I'm a man," or "I'm a woman," or any other variation. And to be clear (because someone would become confused otherwise), a person's identity is not set in stone, and is not restricted to gender. For example, I could view myself as a fan of strategy games, even if I only played chess. Someone else might say I'm not actually a fan for some reason, like if they play even more strategy games, but that doesn't mean I will stop seeing myself as a fan.

    Gender roles is what we expect a person of a certain gender to do, in contrast. This is where society says "boys play with G.I. Joe and girls play with My Little Pony". To go back to the strategy game example, if a person says they're a fan of strategy games, we might expect them to like a bunch of games like that, like Civ, Star Craft, etc. If they say they only play chess though, that's going against what we would expect.

    To summarize, someone could be born male, their sex, see themselves as a woman, their gender, but could also still enjoy sports and action movies, a defiance of their gender role.

  41. How many genders are there? 2!

  42. Gender IS real.
    Boys are boys and girls are girls.
    Biology matters.
    Hormones balances in men and women are different.
    If gender isn't real then what exactly are transgender people trying to transition to?
    Every cell in Caitlyn Jenner's body is male with the ironic exception of some of his sperm cells.
    Yes, Jenner cut it off so I suppose he doesn't have sperm cells anymore but then said that he was as much a woman before he had his balls cut off as he is now. If that's true then why bother to cut your balls off?

  43. To be completely honest and truthful, there are a lot more gay men that act lot more masculine than straight Kutz like me.

  44. Women can grow a person inside them, men provide the seed. Discussing any variation in behavior or appearance beyond that is irrelevant to the discussion of what gender is. The most masculine guy who is straight and jacked beyond belief and works ripping rocks in half with his bare hands, and the most feminine guy who is extremely homosexual and plays only with barbies BOTH HAVE THE ABILITY TO IMPREGNATE A WOMEN BECAUSE THEY BOTH HAVE MALE SEX ORGANS. WHY IS THIS SO FUCKING COMPLICATED?????

  45. While it may be true that there are rules and roles for male and female in society, it is not clear if there is an upside in breaking out. Things developed the way they did, because inferior models ceased to exist. If we break out, we are likely to end up right where we came from by going through a second evolution. Children don't want to obey their parents even if it makes sense and current society looks exactly like that. Lots of people are falling back into childhood behavior. One day they will grow up again.

  46. This seams to be more of an interpritation of gender by this single philosopher rathern then gender itself. Although you could argue on a philosophy channel they explore itterations base on the minds interpritation of what gender is rather then the physical.
    I would argue using the word gender itself refers purely to the physiscal AKA male genitals (XY) and female genitals (XX). Social gender norms refer to general societal excpectation AKA the social (non phisical) undersanding of what women and men are. Just because they use the word "gender" in "social gender norms" dosent magicaly change genitals or basic DNA structure into concepts of thought.

  47. As well made and thought out as this is I still don't agree with this train of thought as it detracts from basic biological truths such as physical and hormonal differences

  48. the reason i don't agree with this philosophy and think it is wrong is because gender is determined by a cock or pussy gender traits are long hair or toughness not the other way around this idea assumes you see these things as defining of gender which most do not if you ask me what i think a woman is i say someone with ovaries and a man is someone with testicles not trucks or dolls or high heels cocks and pussies aren't social constructs you can grab them and they existed long before civilization

  49. I'd say Gender is only real as the langauge we use. It's just use to convey a series of idea. That being said, we can invent a lot of languages just as we can invent a lot of gender, the only real problem is that Gender is used for classification, to simplify people into groups and would complicate things, rendering such classifications meaningless.

  50. xx and xy that's all, that's bio 101

  51. Yeah great question. And I mean are chairs real when you think about it?

  52. Here's my main problem (perhaps the only one) with this sudden movement of people identifying as all these wild genders: I think that people should just be who they are. I think it's kind of silly to feel the need to apply all these labels to yourself. If you were born with male genetalia, but you don't always act very manly, I don't see why you should need to identify as "gender-fluid" or something of the sort; why can't you just be you, a guy with a dick that doesn't act in ways society recognizes as manly. In my opinion, identifying as some other non-binary gender doesn't really help a person in any way, and contrarily isn't a whole lot different from identifying as a binary gender; you still wind up adhering to some constructed role as that non-binary gender. I think disregarding that shit all together and just doing you is much more liberating than having to conform to a different constructed gender.

  53. Always great to see so many insecure boys that can't stand the idea that their identity might be constructed.

  54. Me encanta la analogia con pokemones

  55. yh there are 2 genders somewher inmbetween

  56. Nothing interesting here…

  57. Gender is not the same as gender roles

  58. Duh. 8 bit Philosophy sucks big time. You think you see something but that's just crap pixelization no use in real life. 32 bit philosophy is much better it's 256 against 4294967296 you fcking CHICKEN.

  59. "Gender is the narrative we ascribe to anatomy."

    That's a dang good description!

  60. There are 2 genders. Male and female. They are determined by whether or not you have a 'y' chromosome. Everything else is sexual identity. You can have whatever sexual identity you want(I heard that there are 81 sexual identities but that was a few years ago and someone probably invented more) but there are only 2 genders. I always get pissed off on forms that ask if you are Male, female or other because there is no 'other'. Gender is determined by DNA, not emotions

  61. This video didn't have this many dislikes before…curious that rustle so many jimmies now

  62. To this point… I don't know, man. I'm just happy to be happy as a boy doing typical boy stuff. Beyond that, I don't really care. Do as you wish.

  63. Gender is a Quantum binary

  64. Gender evolved over millions of years and there's no reason to think that we will ever change that merely because some women and men are more in the middle ground. Men and women have genetic differences, very notable differences, and when you mention that everybody goes ballistic and thinks you're being sexist. It's more than just what we are taught, there are physical and mental differences between men and women that are not something we want to abolish. We actually have strengths for a reason and if we work together instead of trying to homogenize we will be a lot better and if we work together instead of trying to homogenize we will be a lot better off

  65. Amazing how I've found this vídeo right after thinking about the subject and that I had the same opinion of the guy that said gender is a lie

  66. So many morons in the comments. Progressives losing their shit over gender again, yawn.

  67. Two genders that is my philosophy lesson. That’s enough today class

  68. I think people get gender and personality types

  69. “This begs the question.” This refers to a tautology or a self referential preposition. I don’t think that’s what you meant.What happened to you guys?

  70. what a crock of shit..gtfoh

  71. Gender is different from biological sex. And even biological sex is not binary. Geez, it's so frustrating that people don't understand this simple concept.

  72. "It," as in, neither 'he' nor 'she.' Terrifying, unfunny, and creepy like a clown

  73. Ah people, so smart in there theories

  74. hhhhhh chromosomes,,,,, and hhhhhhhh XY is ,, boy only

  75. Judith Buttler is so full of shit

  76. i think i would rather go to church than swiming… or am i to become yellow for once?

  77. Whoever wrote this script had good intentions, but almost anyone could say something far more meaningful and less confusing in just a sentence or two. For example, what about "Hey parents, teach your kids that it's ok to have traditional feminine interests or traditional masculine interests, or both, or neither – it's up to you. Choose how you want to act and think, and be kind to others who will chose differently than you". If people want to dive into psychological, biological and societal drivers for gender roles, that's fine and great, but do that and not whatever this video is.

  78. There is man and woman, and there is heterosexuality. Anything else is a mental disease

  79. Haven't looked yet, but I'm sure these comments are more chill than a snowman's high

  80. The use of the term: begging the question In this video is incorrect. Begging the question is a concept where the the proof of a principle is derived from the assumption you are trying to prove. The phrase is therefore used to point out, that the conclusion cannot be assumed to be correct. What was meant in this context is raising the question.

    There is a bit of a problem with this theorem (there is no gender), not with the theorem itself, but where it is used a lot by for instance Trans Exclusionairy Radical Feminists or TERFs to marginalize transgenders. They reason that if we should abolish gender, then transgenders are an obstacle for that agenda as they often seek to conform to a more traditional gender profile.

  81. Apparently these days gender is a matter of belief instead of objective reality. So being a man instead a woman is no different than being a Catholic instead a Protestant.

  82. I tried to identify as a billionaire once but strangely it had no effect on my bank balance. It's almost like reality doesn't care about what one prefers to believe, weird isn't it? 🙂

  83. I absolutely agree with this video. Gender doesn't exist, it is completely artificial concept created by society

  84. I'm glad I saw this. We didn't have the good shit in Catholic schools.

  85. So nature is wrong? look at birth…. Do all babies look the same?
    The gender equality war is killing common sense!
    Resist this propaganda crap, never accept this.

  86. I saw what you did in 3:40 . good reference .from the insane scene of movie 8 and 1/2 to 8 bit philosophy.

  87. But if gender isn’t real, then how can a girl want to be a boy?

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