Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? – Infinite Combate | PS4

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? – Infinite Combate | PS4

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  1. This should be great on Playstation Vita.

  2. This will be rated E for everyone for sure.

  3. Garbage…ps1 game. Didn’t know those were still being made.

  4. i swear i thought this was a mobile game…

  5. 20 euro is what am willing to pay for this game
    So sad that it will flop because of the gameplay looks trash like a mobile game

  6. Just watch the anime
    It's cheaper

  7. Is it wrong to pick up better developers in game industry

  8. I was excited but then I saw that it looked far less impressive than the already released mobile game.

  9. No Vita version…  :_(

  10. This looks like mobile game. I hope they don't expect to charge much for this.

  11. Still not convinced that this isn't a mobile game.

  12. PlayStation officially endorsing mobile games on their YouTube now? I mean I know the platform has some questionable titles but this is just bad I am sorry to say. This is different if it is free to play but if it isn't, yeah, this is a big ouch moment.

  13. this song sounds like it's sung by miku from Symphogear. does anybody know who the singer is?

  14. Noooo that will be such bad game i don't want the little punny being here ?

  15. This is what trash looks like take note

  16. Man, games based on J.C. Staff properties come out looking like PS2 games.

  17. I knew the way he moved his head at 0:10 this was bouta be hot garbage

  18. Wow ..60 bucks for that yeahhh no just like Tokyo ghoul I’ll wait till the price drops ..idk y they do this

  19. Is the title lying to me?

  20. This looks horrible ?

  21. Woah an RPG and not another arena fighter!

  22. It time for people to start paying 60$ for mobile games now I'm not happy how this game look

  23. Imagine if the studio that makes the Tailes games made this

  24. Any infos about censorship on Playstation? Dx iam so tired to pay attention to this.

  25. Oooooo All these tasty rpg animes games

  26. Can someone say asset flip…Sao has a massive open world In there games now what happened here

  27. Wow they are still making PSP games?! I love this anime so much but they could had done more. I don’t need a AAA game but something a little better would have been nice

  28. Just PLEASE no more garbage arena fighters


  30. This is a mobile game

  31. Deadass looks like a mobile game

  32. Gonna be honest, this looks like something that should be one a mobile

  33. Is It Wrong To Pick Up Pokémon s In The Mystery Dungeon

  34. This is low-tier Fairy Tail seems to do anime RPGs right

  35. Got hyped for nothing ain't worth payin 60 bucks when that could b a free mobile game

  36. Why are these anime games so trash lookin smh it’s 2020

  37. Ill stick to ffxiv and bdo thanks

  38. I should be at the meetings for this.
    Not hyped for this at all

  39. The actual mobile game is better than this. Also this looks like only Season 1 content, which is a double oof.

  40. im Hyped but when i watch it not alot anymore

  41. If your gonna do an anime game do it right put some effort into it

  42. Oh wow! I didn’t expect this game to have a North American release. I sure hope it has the Sentai Filmworks logo on the back cover for the NA PS4 and Switch versions. Probably rated T in North America and Pegi 12 in Europe. Release date: probably March 31st, 2020 or somewhere in Summer 2020.

  43. My mini fridge could run this! ?


  45. I feel like they missed the opportunity to make this a dark souls like game without using chibi art style

  46. I feel like they missed the opportunity to make this a dark souls like game without using chibi art style

  47. "Mom can we have a cool Anime game"
    "We have a cool Anime game at home"

    Cool Anime game at home:

  48. This could've been special. Instead, it looks like a mobile game.

  49. To answer your question, no.
    But to sale this at full price on the PlayStation store? Yes.

  50. hahahahahahahh its to bad

  51. 10/10 combat dating sim

  52. I'm just happy that there are anime games now that aren't arena fighters.

  53. I suspected that we would get an action-jrpg adaption of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon. But I did not suspect it would be a rouge-like game.

  54. I actually like the chibi style and wouldn't mind buying it but of course I'll wait for a huge price drop

  55. Ojalá esté en español también ??

  56. Not the type of game I was hoping for, but I’m gonna support it anyways if it means for a potential, better, game in the future. I’m surprised Bandai didn’t get ahold of this series to make a game themselves.

  57. Reminds me Ys in chibi ^_^

  58. 엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ왜삼 이걸

  59. What a dissapointment

  60. Don't like the game there's an easy answer

    don't buy it

  61. Looks better as a Switch game, shame. I don't think I'll get this on my PS4

  62. Bruh, this is some mobile game stuff…step up your game JRPG

  63. Haven't played
    Pokemon Msytery Dungeon games in years. I dont mind this lol. But definitely not gonna get this for $60 because those Msyerty Dungeon games were short asf

  64. PS vita: Am i a joke to you?
    Sony: Yes

  65. Please use Za Hando on this game so it's never released

  66. another cheap garbage playstation game

  67. I got super hyped then saw the game play, graphics and bad audio…guess they spent the entire budget on licensing….at least we can say DanMachi has a game now

  68. This better only be 20 dollars ??‍♂️

  69. Lol half the trailer is stills frames of the characters. Even they know this looks like garbage

  70. It’s….. cute…… never watched the anime but it reminds me of jrpg’s I used to play so I might give it a shot

  71. humm, is it a joke?

  72. Not gonna lie, i was expecting more ;-;

  73. Better not be 60 bucks. Looks like a game for the gameboy

  74. They can do better than this -_-

  75. Coming 2020

    please don’t come.

  76. Looks like a mobile game……. i seems like a really early build so ill give it that but if this is even a $30 game id still be skeptical. current thought is sadly no though

  77. Deym this looks like one of those games that are already downloaded in the pc when you go to an internet cafe way in year 2006

  78. Nice name for a game

  79. And its price gonna be so expensive?

  80. Ads: legend
    Gameplay: wHaT Da fAk!?!

  81. Wow so they’re gonna charge $60 for a mobile game gtfo lol

  82. This looks like a game for children. I dont mind the dungeon crawler aspect, but i would have hoped for something with more developed 3d anime models. Do they not know their fanbase?

  83. Another game for Sony to censor

  84. Low effort cash grab.

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