Is This For Your Butt Or Your Face? (GAME)

Is it difficult
to tell the difference between a product
for your face and your butt? Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good mythical morning! Today’s show is all
about products. One weird product that turns
sushi into a projectile and other everyday products
with super weird origins. But first,
we’re analyzing products that can be for your face
or your butt. It’s time for… Yeah, so earlier this week
we analyzed toys to see if they were
for a baby or a pet. – That was very difficult.
– Yeah. But I’m told this is probably
gonna be even more difficult. I call my face my baby
and my butt and my pet. – Oh, you do?
– So that’s really interesting. – This is gonna work
exactly the same.
– Yeah. We will be presented
with products with
the labels removed and we gotta use all devices
at our disposal in order to figure it out, and then indicate it
using these paddles. Face or butt,
well, peach butt. The person with
the most correct, wins, because this
is a normal game. That’s how games work.
Get with it. Let’s get started. We have our first item here.
Labels removed. We also have a box
over here. Inside of this box,
we have the same product with the labels intact. So we’ll know if it’s
for your face or your butt. – Yeah.
– There’s a lot at stake here, because the winner wins a pair
of butt-lifting shorts. – Mmm.
– You know we both
could use that. Yes, it’s a little saggy. – All right–
– Whose? Ours or mine
or yours or both? Well, you know how
we call you Little Saggy behind your back. – Little Saggy.
– Look at this! It looks like
some sort of– What? That’s a brown paste, man. Let’s get into this. – Oh!
– But in what way would this be for your butt
if it were for your butt? I don’t know a lot
about butt products, I think. If you told me
that this some sort of face covering situation,
I’d be like, “Of course.” People put all kinds
of things on their face. But obviously there’s things
for the butt, too, because otherwise we wouldn’t
have come up with this game. But if feels… and looks like it should
be on the face. It looks like you got
something from your butt
and put it on your face. I don’t know if that’s
what we’re determining. I’m not gonna put it
on my face, but I am gonna guess
that it is for my face. It’s very coarse. – So–
– Exfoliating. Why do you need
to exfoliate your butt? I think it exfoliates
the face. That’s what I’m saying.
So now we have both weighed in. Stevie:Okay, guys.
So, open the box.
What’s it say? “That Booty Tho.” – That booty?
It’s for your butt
not your face.
Walnut shell booty scrub. What’s it gonna do
to my face?It’s formulated
to smooth out stretch marks
and fight cellulite.
So your face, if it has any
stretch marks or cellulite,
will look great!All right,
here’s another one. – Small–
– Booty face, booty face,
booty face. – You okay?
– Yeah, I’m fine. – This is–
– Booty face, booty face– – What?
I’m not saying anything.
– You okay? – I’m not doing anything.
– Is that in my mind? What? – Booty face, booty face–
– There it is again. It’s a powder.
It looks like a white powder. – It’s a powder that–
– Can I have? Yeah. Mmm. This is like–
You know when we went through our Gold Bond phase? – Don’t drag me into this.
– Oh, you did it, too. – Just because we shared
the bathroom
– No. No. and the Gold Bond was in it
doesn’t mean we both used it. You listened
to Tommy Rutledge
just like I did, when he told us that Gold Bond
would revolutionize our lives. And it did
for a couple of weeks. And then I was like,
“Why am I doing this?” – My underwear wouldn’t stay on.
– Why am I powdering my crotch? – The underwear
just fell right off.
– What is the point of this? Sloughed off like
dead skin off a snake. So my Gold Bond phase
didn’t last very long. However,
I could totally see– ‘Cause you know
you get the swamp booty. You know you get
the swamp booty, Link. Stop! Stop making this
about my booty. Speak for yourself, man! Yeah, a lot of people get
the swamp booty, and I think this is a way
to take care of swamp booty. – You don’t get a swamp face.
– I just don’t– If you put this on your face,
you’re gonna look like a ghost. – Right.
– I mean, I don’t wanna
keep agreeing with you, but you happen to be
agreeing with me.All right,
let’s open the box.
It’s for the booty. It’s gotta be! – How could it be for–
It’s for the face!What? Come on!
You guys are misleading us! – I’m tired of it!
– Hold on. – “Endlessly beautiful
acne night powder.”
– Oh, come on. You can’t put
powder on yourself
and get rid of acne. You gotta rub it in
with some water, right? It’s got zinc oxide in it. – It does?
– Booty face. Both:
Booty face, booty face,
booty face. – What the crap?
– Oh, my goodness. It’s a freaking
candelabra putter-outter. – With a–
– With other little fittings? A felt-tip brush on it. Which looks a lot
like a butthole cleaner. – Looks like you couldn’t–
– I’m afraid of it. That doesn’t seem safe. – What is this?
– I will say, sometimes, you know, just ever
once in while, you feel like no matter
how much you wipe – there’s still
a little bit left.
– But it’s– – I’m just being honest.
– But it’s hard to reach. It happens to everybody. If you throw this thing
up in there… you’d take care of
business real fast. – ’cause what?
– Does it spin?
Is it motorized? – Look at the shape of it.
– Or do you have to
spin it yourself? – You would like use this
on your face.
– Oh, gosh! Is it, like,
a moustache cleaner? – Or is a–
– Oh, gosh! I mean, this right here,
this shape? – Whoop! Look at that!
– Oh, gosh. – That’s perfect placement.
– It’s a freakin’
butthole cleaner. That’s exactly
where it needs to be. Can you move it away from your
anus and then hand it to me? – Because–
– Because it’s not
a face cleaner. ‘Cause you don’t need
this kind of leverage. There’s no way
it could clean your– You need this kind of leverage
on your face. Look at this. There’s a pinky sheath. – Oh, my–
– What? What kinda butthole problems
does these people have? – This looks like a–
– There’s people
with butthole teeth? This looks like
a toothbrush for dogs. – Like you clean
your dog’s teeth.
– Oh, my goodness. And then what kinda
suction cup situation? Well, that’s the mount. So you’re saying
you hang this up in the– I think you hang this up
in the shower. I think this is for people
who wanna go the extra mile with butthole cleansing
in the shower. Well, it doesn’t take
a mile to get there. – Well. Yeah.
– Takes about that long
to get there. A good 12 inches. I’m definitely saying
this is a booty cleaner, and I’m a little bit
ashamed about it. Yeah, ’cause there’s no way. There’s no way it could be
anything but that.
No pun intended.All right,
let’s open it up and see.
Both: My Shiney Hiney. “Bring sexy back. Easy use and fast results.” “One additional step
in the shower and you’ll look sexier
and feel conf–” You’ll look sexier? – Where the heck–
– What?It also comes in six colors
and four brush types.
Silky soft, soft,
softer medium, and medium.
And a finger brush. Goodness gracious,
it also can be used with intimate area
whitening cream. A whole new world is
being opened up to me. Sign me up. It does not show
a man or a woman inserting this
into their rectum. So I’m not sure that’s
what you’re supposed to do, but only one way
to find out. – How was it?
– Phew, man! I’ll show you later. We got a a new one here. Oh! It’s a cream. Oh, it smells real nice. Oh, real good. Mmm. I’m trying to evaluate
if my face is starting to feel more like a butt by putting that–
it smells good. Cocoa butter, perhaps? – Yeah, definitely cocoa butter.
– It could really be for either. I feel like you can do this
on either place. It’s got a cooling
and firming sensation. Which might mean
it’s for the butt, but I’m gonna go
with face. It is burning
a little bit. Do you wanna burn
your booty? I’m going with butt.
I’m gonna diverge on this one.All right,
let’s open it up and see.
All right, here it is. – Bum bum cream.
I see it on the side.
– Sol– Sol de Janeiro. – Brazilian Bum Bum Cream.
– Yep! “All-powerful Guaraná
extract included. Love it, flaunt it,
you got it.” You just rub it all
over your buttcheeks? After you clean it
off your face. Yes. It’s really starting to burn. And here we have
what appears to be a Victorian era
medical device. It’s got a big roller
and a little roller here. Is that solid? Now, if this is
for the butt, we’ll just say that
it has been thoroughly tested by the crew. I don’t feel the presence
of any crew butt on that. So you got,
like, big roller – and then you got,
like, little roller.
– Little roller. The big roller,
the little roller, it’s a dead giveaway to me
that this is for the face. ‘Cause I definitely have seen
the face roller– The face rolling thing is
really– It’s a thing now. I have not heard of this. People will put these
in their freezer. They get really cold,
and then they’ll do it
in the morning to get rid of the bags. Of course,
you can get bags
on your butt. ‘Cause you think
this thing can get frozen? Have you given me the answer
or you throwing me off? I don’t know.
I’m not gonna show you
how I’m guessing. It feels good, but that
would feel really good on the– Yep.
Definitely does. And then if
you wanna go smaller. Yeah, the smaller.
What is the smaller for? – Yep. Yep.
– That’s– That’s– That’s for detailed work. – That’s my guess.
– I’m sticking–
I’m sticking with butt, – but not sticking it
in my butt.
– Good.Okay, let’s see.Did you know
something here? – Jade roller.
It’s for your face.– Yes!
– Anti-aging face
jade therapy. – Oh, I got it wrong.
– Yeah. – Yes! You got it right!
– Just because that’s your– You’re my friend
and I’m happy for you. Your dog’s name,
you got excited by that. Not much to go on here. Open– Oh! You doing a magic trick?
You’re like– – It disappeared.
Oh, it’s a roll-on.
– I wanted to be dramatic. – Mmm.
– Just roll it on the face. Not the hand. Gimme. Gimme a little bit. Can I have a little bit? Okay, that’s–
that’s moist now. It’s gettin’– Ooh! It’s alcohol. Alcoholish. Oh! You wouldn’t put that
on your booty. Your booty is sensitive–
sensitive. – The booty is–
– I don’t think you wanna put
alcohol on your face, though. So I am saying booty. What?Wait.
Touch Link’s face now.
Touch my face. Ooh!
Oh, sticky. – It’s what’s called–
It’s sticky booty.
– Oh. Sticky? That’s when you want
your pants to stay up
without a belt. Or underwear. What is this called? “It Stays!
Gentle roll-on
body adhesive.” Oh! I was right! Yes!No– Yeah,
it’s for your butt.
– Yeah.
– I was right, you were wrong. I was wrong, but I’m saying
it’s when you want
your pants to stay up. It’s when you want clothes
to stick to you. It’s body adhesive. “Holds garments in place.
Washes off in water.” I was making a joke.It’s for pageants
and dance competitions.
To keep their leotards
and swimsuits on,
they spray it on their butt.This last round is
worth two points, so it’s anybody’s game. We have a dropper situation
happening here, Rhett. Hold out to your face. – Oh.
– Oh, it’s berry flavored. Rub that in, maybe? Well, it– It’s flavored. Mmm. I’m not gonna–
I’m not gonna eat it but–Eat it.You want us to eat it?I want you to eat it.Well, it’s for the– The mouth is on the face. But whatever you eat
comes out of your butt. It’s sweet. – Sweet butt.
– Sweet butt. Or sweet face. Give you the ol’
sweet butt. – Man, this is–
– I think this is– This is a butt flavorer.In what way?You know when people are like,
“Kiss my butt… ’cause it tastes sweet.” I don’t– I don’t know. – I’m–
– I think you’re right, Link. I’m going on instinct. All right, well then
I’m gonna change it,
’cause I wanna win. It’s for your face.
It’s a face flavorer.Okay, let’s open the box.– Okay, here it is.
It’s for your butt.“Butt enhancement,
major curves
dietary supplement.” – Woo-hoo!
– But you eat it! It’s for your mouth to eat,
so that your butt benefits. – What are–
Yeah, it’s supposed
to increase your–
Are you putting on
the butt-lifting, already? ‘Cause I’m a winner! Where you at? Oh, wow. I see what that
thing’s supposed to do. You’re supposed to have cheeks
coming out of there. Where my cheeks at? Little saggy.
I told you, man. I can really get that– There you go. Okay, okay.
All right. All right, okay. – We’ve got it.
– That’s what a winner
looks like, kids. We’ve all learned
some stuff today. I don’t know how quickly
we can unlearn it, but we’ll try. Keep watching
because next up we’re trying out
a sushi bazooka, and weird products
you must have. Rhett:This “Dink It And Sink
It” shirt will look great
while you’re trying out foods
from around the world.
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