Is Tibia still worth playing? Tibia Review

Is Tibia still worth playing? Tibia Review

Can a 20-year-old MMORPG still be relevant
in 2018? Hello, how’s it going everyone? Welcome to the 2018 Tibia review. This is a special one for me. I’ll be talking about the game mostly for
people that are not familiar with it, but if you already know Tibia and haven’t played
in a long time, I believe you will also enjoy this video. Tibia is an extremely nostalgic game. It still brings people back to it because
of the experiences they lived in it years ago. If you’re Polish, Brazilian or Swedish you
must know at least one person who has played it, or you have seen it being played in lans
around you. When I first got into Tibia, like many people,
the reason was simple, my pc couldn’t handle other games. To be honest it could barely even handle it. Even today, when you boot up the client and
log in, some things stand out. The graphics were and still are very simple
and the game has no sound. Yeah, you heard it right, it has no sound. How can you, in 2018, play a game with no
sound? Many design choices and mechanics in Tibia
are weird, but they seem to come together nicely. The first couple of times you try to attack
a monster and see no attack animation may seem hard to understand, until you notice
that nothing has an attack animation. Somes skills have effects, but your character
just stands there while attacking or being attacked! Thats something that no modern game does. Or, we could say that thats something any
modern game does, but not Tibia. And I would say that in the greater scheme
of things, it doesn’t take much away from the experience. There’s something different about this game. When you navigate its isometric view with
tile based movement, it feels like playing a tactics rpg, or tabletop dungeons & dragons. It seems like these similarities with classic
RPG video games and tabletop games are not accidental. One of the most classic enemies in Tibia was
named the Beholder, inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons creature, an extremely powerful
enemy, which in Tibia only provides a great challenge for inexperienced adventurers, but
still, a clear inspiration from the world of D&D. “The beholder is a foul and evil beast that
came up from the underworld and killed all things of beauty in the valley.” The developers seem to have taken inspiration
from tabletop RPGs when designing many aspects of Tibia. With the idea of playing a game where the
action happens mostly in your imagination, allowing you to fill in the blanks, to make
something that seems to be very simple, but becomes profoundly interesting. Another thing in Tibia that feels a little
different is the freedom, but its a different sense of freedom than what you feel in other
mmos. The world feels like an actual world, without
completely linear maps, fixed waypoints or invisible walls. The feeling of playing something like this
years ago was incredible, and of course, recently, having games like World of Warcraft or Black
Desert Online, this kind of openness is somewhat more common, but you still hardly find games
that feel like real worlds without invisible walls or weird places you just can’t go
to for absolutely no decent reason. Exploring the world actually feels like exploring. Wandering around a place you never went through
before, without knowing what kinds of creatures hide in the shadows of a new dungeon, or in
an unexplored tropical forest. And when you stumble upon an unknown creature,
there is no way of just looking at it and understanding how powerful and dangerous it
is. There are no creature levels, no danger or
power indications showing that you are not fit to fight something. You can’t see health point numbers, you
just see a health bar and the name of the creature. Monsters are fast or slow, big or small, but
you will only see how strong an enemy is when the battle starts. And this is a rare feeling in mmo. The responsibility of finding the challenge
and deciding if you are fit to fight it or not is yours. Nobody will hold your hand and guide you. And this is another aspect that seems to be
shared with more imagination focused games like tabletop RPGs. In this game, there are no level limits. Levels and the experience required to level
up scale forever, as the grind gets longer and longer, but the amounts of experience
gotten by highest level players are also really large. The leveling process is made of simple grinding. There is barely any experience gotten from
quests or other sources, it’s just a matter of getting the biggest experience bonus possible
from the many sources available, and then going on a mob killing spree. Many players also chose to only play during
2 hours each day, since the game provides 2 hours of bonus experience daily. These 2 hours recharge after a period offline
and are exclusive to players who are on premium time. Of course, at very high levels you manage
to fight stronger creatures with more ease, and several game mechanisms are created so
that very high level players need items that can be farmed by very low level players, designing
an economy that can work even for very new players. These have been relatively new additions,
and in the past new players would struggle a lot to be able to build up their economy
and grow in strength, having to decide constantly between wasting a lot of money leveling, or
making small savings while gaining much less experience. The typical way of interacting with an NPC
in Tibia is by talking to it. By approaching an NPC and typing “hi”,
or “hello” in the same chat tool you use to talk to other players, you will start a
conversation with the NPC. Some NPCs have specific keywords they respond
to, which will be highlighted in the conversation, you can clic k on the words or say them to
the NPC to keep the conversation going. Some NPCs will have deep conversations with
you about historical details of Tibia, or how they feel about the current state of affairs,
or event some random facts about what their jobs are. The most interesting thing here is that there
are many theories about unknown quests, since npcs have hidden dialogs, and you can’t
just see all the options available all the time. This is another idea that the game seems to
take from more classical games, like textual adventures, where you would have to be really
creative to discover what should be done, and again, your hand is not held all the time
telling you everything you should be doing. Speaking in chat channels is also related
to another mechanic of the game, character spells. These spells are tied to magical words. You can select a spell from the spell window
and drag it to the hotkey bar, or you can just type the actual magic words in chat,
and your character will try to cast the spell. I find this one of the most interesting aspects
of the game. Its a way of adding immersion to the experience
that seems very different from the approach used by other games. Another detail that adds to immersion is the
fact that gold is actually dropped as an item, instead of being just a number in your inventory
interface. You’ll have to actually carry around gold
as an item, when looting from creatures, just like you would with other kinds of drops. But premium account players are able to pay
purchases from npcs directly from the gold deposited in their bank accounts, so you only
really need to carry the gold you recently looted. Your inventory is also not just an inventory
window. Your character has a single backpack slot,
and a backpack can contain other backpacks. Each one has a very limited amount of slots,
and you must open each one of them to check their items. This has its problems. Just like in a game like WoW, sometimes its
good to be able to see everything you are carrying. At the same time, can you imagine looting
hundreds of gold coin stacks and having to constantly see them in the interface? Its a little awkward, but it also makes the
loot gathered feel like actual treasure, and the interface has other ways of helping keep
this organized. Right in the beginning of the game, you are
able to get to known the vocations and to give each of them a try if you wish. There will be 4 choices, knight, paladin,
sorcerer, and druid. The knight is a melee class that has the tank
role when in parties, but it’s also very capable of dealing a lot of damage by itself when
solo playing. Druid and sorcerers are ranged damage dealers
with spells and runes, the sorcerer has the most damage spells, while the druid also has
healing capabilities, both in healing specific teammates and the entire party. Paladins are not traditional RPG paladins,
they are attached to the holy element, but they are distance damage dealers and they
are also capable of handling substantially more damage taken than druids or sorcerers. The combination of classes is very powerful,
but especially knights and druids are very desired characters because they can by themselves
fill the trinity of roles needed when hunting: tanking, damaging and healing. But in general, you can be useful in the game
with any class since the most important thing in the game is understanding what must be
done and doing it correctly. Some classes will outshine others in certain
situations, currently some people would say that, for example, paladins in very high levels
should take a tanking role together will dealing damage, while other people don’t feel comfortable
doing that with the class, but these things are commons in MMORPGs, things change and
classes surpass others by big or small margins. I believe that Tibia is in a spot nowadays
where you can have fun playing any classes and not feel completely useless, I have played
most classes to decent levels and always had a lot of fun with them. Most quests in Tibia are really hard to find
if you don’t know what you are looking for. Unless you search on fansites or ask other
players, you will have to actually dwell into dialogs with npcs to figure out that something
should be done, and what it is. Since most quests are documented in fansites,
you can just follow the instructions and easily complete your missions. There are quests that lead you to jump through
many hoops and solve puzzles, like helping an NPC find his true love, or logical puzzles,
color matching and memory. Either way, these can be very interesting,
or just mildly challenging, depending on whether you want to follow a complete guide, or find
the solutions by yourself. But it has to be said that some quests are
incredibly boring to do, even though they have interesting ideas or concepts, quests
like the postman quest take you all over the world, and many times you will have to walk
long distances to complete steps, and even following a guide and doing exactly what you
must, it becomes way more of a chore than an adventure. There are also quests that not only have puzzles
to be solved, but also masses of powerful creatures to be defeated. This leads to a culture that has developed
in Tibia of very high-level people providing the service of “cleaning” big quests for
other players, where they guide these players through the location, defeat all the creatures
and allow the “clients” to collect the treasures. If you decide to not take these services and
only complete these quests with a group, by your own terms, you will find out that the
game starts to provide an incredibly higher challenge level, and it also may become more
fun, depending on how you approach it. I believe this is very important because you
have to decide on how you want to play the game. If you want to compete for the ranks of the
highest level player or most powerful guild, you should, in general, take the easier path,
following guides and being guided through quests. But you can also play the game in your own
time, figuring out your own challenges and solving your own puzzles, and I can assure
you that Tibia allows this path to be incredibly satisfying, and can give you a kind of experience
that not many other MMORPGs will be able to, similar to, again, old school games and tabletop
RPGs. Tibia is the most political game I have ever
played in my life. The game design doesn’t include anything that
would add to this, directly. Nobody thought of dominated zones on the map,
tax collectors for guilds, fights for territory. But the game has naturally created worlds
where people actually form real life alliances and battle for the domination of a server. This goes way beyond what people that have
never played the game can understand at a first glance. In PVP worlds, generally, a guild dominates
the server, deciding that certain territories belong to them, and hunting the people who
trespass their turf. Characters are frequently transferred from
other servers to help in wars, being as support to the dominant guilds or as challengers to
the status quo. Many players are passionate about Tibia’s
PVP system and wars, no matter how much time passes and how much the game changes. But still, this whole world of guilds, alliances,
and wars for power is a very powerful part of the game, which drives many people to play
as mercenaries, going from world to world forming small armies to fight the players
in power, and moving on to the next world when bored. Of course, if you are just a casual player
like me who never wanted to take part in the politics of the game, this becomes annoying
fast. But there’s a value there that has to be mentioned. The game allows people to, in general, decide
how they want to use their power. If they want to use their power to rule on
a PVP server, they can. With the years, the game mechanics were modified
to reduce how much killing can be done by players and to reduce the death penalties
in the game. Dying in the game years ago would mean hours
or perhaps even days of experience lost. The abuse of these characteristics of the
game in order to impose power on servers has several times been the point of serious discussion
in Tibia. The world Ocera has had over 500 characters
instantly deleted, all connected to a guild determined to have practiced a severe abuse
of power and destructive behavior. This guild has been said to have virtually
“closed the server” for nobody else to play but themselves. If you want to take a deeper look into this
subject, I suggest you google search for tibia power abuse bans. I’m aware that this sort of situation has
happened more than once, and with this you can see that Tibia has an incredibly political
side, and not by coincidence, this side has always been filled by struggles for power
and corruption, since many server dominant guilds sell in game gold to make an actual
living in their real lives. But getting back to the basics of playing
on a pvp server, not all hope is lost for those who do not wish to take part in this. There are non-PVP worlds where you cannot
be killed by other players, and you can focus on just playing with the world around you
and avoiding this stuff. But you can imagine that where there are people,
they will try to find a way to lure monsters on other players and create traps to kill
them. But in years of playing on non-PVP servers,
this has never actually hurt my experience. As in any modern MMORPG, players can trade
between each other and there is a marketplace where item buy and sell orders can be placed. These markets are limited per server, so each
server has its own market and its own economy., When playing a character you will find that
almost anything you want to have, can be purchased in the market. This is a blessing and a curse, of course. And it all depends on, again, your method
of playing. If you want to get your items by yourself
always, instead of buying things to get stronger, you will find it very very hard to improve
your equipment. Its incredibly easier to gather a few coins
and go for the next equipment that improves your situation a bit, especially since these
items would be sold by higher level players, who have a way easier time to acquire them. But again, just like with quests, limiting
yourself to only use what you are capable of acquiring can make the game way more rewarding
and fun, and some people, myself included, believe that this is a way of playing the
game that will delay your burnout, allowing you to keep having fun for a longer time,
when if you just buy everything, things can get boring fast. But there is one place where there is no influx
of equipment for everyone to just purchase on markets. New servers. Watching how new servers develop in Tibia
is an interesting way to understand how players relate to each other, and how the game’s
economy works. First, important to notice that now all new
servers are the same. There are some new servers which have transfers
enabled; players can transfer their characters there. So the server will have a big amount of already
built characters with high levels. But truly new servers with only new characters
are interesting. There are no items in the market to purchase. Players have to fight and grind to get what
they need to be stronger, and there is a big demand for places for leveling. This means that players try to stay hunting
as long as they are capable of, and for this, they make use of the games cash shop. In my opinion, this feature can be terrible,
and I’ll tell you why. Players can, while hunting, purchase potions
and runes directly from the games cash shop, without having to go back to town to refill
their supplies. This means that players who pay additional
money for this, have a big advantage of having to just kill creatures to level instead of
having to manage their economy and resources and waste time refilling. Looking at this from a competitive point of
view, where you are trying to out level the other players, this corresponds directly to
pay to win. Unfortunately, the pay to win issue is not
only limited to buying potions and runes. In established servers, players will pay for
their monthly premium time by using Tibia Coins. These coins are purchased with real money
and are sold in-game for gold. Which translated to RMT, real money trade. You put in dollars and receive game gold. Nowadays if you join any community hub for
Tibia, like Reddit or discord servers, you will see people of relatively low level talking
about equipment worth millions of gold, as if it was nothing, and many many threads about
players wanting to level with infinite cash supply. There are many powerful characters of incredibly
high levels in the game that can make a lot of money, and they create a demand for Tibia
coins. So the value a low-level player can get from
putting just a few bucks in the game is really big, this impacts the economy of the game
strongly, and you can do some research on the impacts of RMT on MMORPG world economies
if you wish. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe some
things in the cash shop are ok, like being able to purchase small exp boosts from time
to time, or having the option to mitigate a death or two eventually. My point is not that this ruins the game,
but that many things that are challenging about the game give you the option to just
pay to skip them, hunting for profit, getting better gear, managing your time and economies
for example. Again, this doesn’t make the game suck,
but there is something negative about being able to directly purchase game money with
real money in a virtual world. For the longest time, this game was a paradise
for botting. Talk to people that used to play Tibia, and
most of them will if they are open to talking about this kind of stuff with you, admit that
they have botted in Tibia. Pewdiepie made a video where he talks about
how botting was for him the most satisfying part of Tibia. You can only imagine that this would happen,
as botting was so common, people saw it as a practice required to be a part of this world,
not exactly as immoral, but publicly everyone would still talk about how horrible this practice
was and how it ruined the game. Eventually, Cipsoft figured out a way to deal
with bots, and all of the sudden, nowadays you can play Tibia for hours and hours without
seeing a single bot online. The sure are hardcore macros and handcrafted
bots for specific players, but the plague that ate every spawn and every mob in this
game is long gone. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. Go to all the popular bot spawns, coryms in
Venore, any rotworm cave, they are available! You will see actual players there, fighting
mobs, it’s amazing, and for this reason and many others, Tibia seems to be experiencing
a rebirth. There are more people online daily now than
there used to be in 2015, and it seems like the game is, at 20 years of age, actually
moving forward. Cipsoft is listening to player feedback and
implementing new features in the game, like the recent auto-loot feature, and it seems
like this before unheard of practice of listening to player feedback, combined with efforts
to improve connection quality to servers, and the absence of bots, may be the driving
forces to a breath of fresh air in tibia, that may give a new rise to its population,
we can only wait and see. In the end, it’s incredible that an MMORPG
that’s 20 years old can renew itself and attract old players and new players again, without
a complete overhaul, without falling into the trap of trying to be exactly like the
others. Tibia is special, and I hope I have managed
to let you see a bit more of why.

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    I know the video has some audio skips and breathing noises, and I'm also working on the accent.

    Hopefully you guys enjoy it, thank you very much for the constant support.

    You guys are awesome. Much love!

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    Character sprites can be better by using a pose (not animation) that changes when in battle.
    That way casting spells won't look awkward. (when the hands remain on the side, it's awkward)

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    I used to sell 1 year premium accounts. Had to stop playing because the leading guild on my server was killing and MS level 40+

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  10. The nostalgia, I played tibia for the first time around 2003, when there was skull system and you had to yell PK to bring people to help. Then I continued playing occasionally, I reached level 60 with a Royal Pala and level 50 with a MS as I remember, not much but man Tibia demands so much time!

    You described the essence of the game very well. I would play it again if it didn't take so much time to level up (because to die means to lose one or 2 days of leveling).

    What I love most about this game is that there are secret places and dialogues with npcs to get weird items. I still remember the minotaur mage in Rookgard, I hope someone deciphered that mistery.

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  21. Just my 5 cents, Massive WoT I started playing Tibia back in 7.1 when i was still in High School and played it on and off until 8.6. Decided to come back to the game earlier this year, and oh boy, is it different. All these analytic features they added are amazing, and they added so much quality of life stuff to the game that it's actually both a curse and a blessings at the same time.

    It makes an already grindy and braindead game even more braindead, because they removed most of the stuff that forces you to actually interact with the game (mainly manual looting). I managed to rock 4 new toons to 93, 137, 148 and 229 in around 2 months, which would be ludicrous only a few years ago. And this is mainly because of increased exp rates (Purchasable, daily rewards and stamina) double exp events, permanent faster spawn rates and also fast respawn events, and while some people may enjoy this and it gives new players a decent shot at trying the higher level stuff in Tibia, all it really does is accelerate players personal progress to lightspeed. The Tibia map is so big and it's just sad to see 70% of the content skipped because it mainly contains low level areas, quests and inferior efficiency in "todays tibia".

    You actually regenerate mana in protected zones now, not only regenerate but you regenerate DOUBLE while in protective zones now. Which means that if you wanna make a shitload of runes, there's no risk at all involved anymore. Just stash up on food and blank runes and do it from the comfort of your own home or at the local depot.

    1 on 1 PvP is also a big nono nowadays. I geared my older characters up a bit an went for some fun in some nostalgic locations. Most of you probably know that blessings are a thing, and twist of fate really ruins the whole point of the old high risk high reward kind of PvP that Tibia once utilized, but i still decided to give it a try just to see how it played out. And it basically just comes down to who has the most supplies on them. As a level 104 sorcerer i could just barely kill people 50 levels lower than me. People around my own level were practically impossible for me to kill unless i intentionally managed to lure strong creatures on them to add to the overall damage output, and even then most of the time they would outheal both me and two creatures hitting as hard as a giant spider. Summons in pvp is useless, because even a level 50 will be able to kill them in a single attack and there are no new summonable creatures apart from the newely implemented super summons you unlock at level 200. So the PvP that remains would be the massive clusterfuck dominando bullshit that has been haunting this game since the medieval ages.

    Having good skills and magic level has also always been a bit of prestige in this game, but CipSoft really dropped the ball on this with offline training, and if that is not enough they also made it possible to buy training weapons with Tibia Coins (Which are bought for real currency just like exp boosts) so i'd say the game is on the verge of being Pay-to-Win. I met a guy who literally paid thousands of Euros just to get on the highscore for my server…

    Apart from all this i'd still say Tibia is a good game, it's fun to play for a while and for the hardcore RPG grinder like myself it's not too disappointing. But once you get high leveled you'll get bored quick, because you'll be doing the same shit for 20 levels at a time, and by the time you're 200+ you'll be fighting the rest of the servers high levels for the most popular spots for all eternity. You'll spend half your stamina just trying to find a spot that's available or a player who is willing to share (Which is fairly rare considering the Tibia mentality in most cases is something like -This is my spawn for the next 4 hours, leave or die-).

    After my 3 months of playing i think i'm ready to put it on the shelf for another 10 years because the whole dominando thing still going on isn't exactly what attracts new players to the game and people usually don't even bother to talk to other players unless it's to ask you how long you plan to stay on a specific spawn or to tell you to fuck off, so i don't really see the game expanding on any major level in the future.

    Still worth playing? Yeah, if you enjoy these kinds of games i'd recommend it, i do however not recommend anyone to play it without premium, and not to sink more money into it than necessary, but that's just my opinion.

  22. I still play Tibia. The nostalgia is the #1, BECAUSE THE GRAPHICS ARENT LOL!! Ive been playing since version 7.3. Hit me up on Carnera (Retro PVP): Johnny Tremain or Noctera (Open PVP): Neiman Opc

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  55. Good times, I played for years when I was younger. Got to around level 100 and got hacked, felt like I lost a best friend or something, years of progress for nothing but memories. My whole family played, even my friends so we had a lot of fun group hunting. Just logged on the other day for the first time in years, the whole interface looks to have changed.

  56. Tibia is such a weird ass game, i was recently trying to explain it to people i play old school runescape with, they just laughed. I haven't played since probably 2002 but it's pretty crazy that it's barely changed in 17 years

  57. when you thought this was about the bone in your leg

  58. Why Tibia is still worth playing in a sense of being a fun MMORPG. It's nothing like it used to be. It's more "WoW like" now in regards to death. Whereas back in the early 2000's, dying about made you sit in a corner rocking, talking to yourself, giving yourself reasons to continue. Always coming back to player vs character, as you basically WERE the character. You devoted so much time to the char that you would forget reality, as you played the game, and every death would make your heart stop. You had a circle of friends, or guilds of friends. And you had enemy's you'd attack on sight. You had your little house in a town, and everyone of the town knew you, even if you weren't really note worthy as far as contribution capability. I remember a time being attacked by 2 players 50 lvl's higher than I was, and them chasing me to my house in Edron. I out ran them from Darashia mino's and knew (as they had stated in Portuguese) that they'd be waiting for me the moment I stepped outside. So I yelled about the situation, to have 7 people from town show up, and absolutely wreck these guys telling them "not in our town you don't".

    Last I logged in (around 2015) the gameplay was nothing like that. Each man for himself, greed, and basic ignorance to what the game was founded upon. The devs folding to the inability of people to understand the hardcore concept of death / skilling / leveling in the game, by offering boosts, and OP blessings which keep you from losing items/exp for the most part. I get it, losing shit sucks. But so does WoW, which is why it couldn't keep my attention for more than a month, as I hit lvl 50 or 60 (back then that was max) and quit. Paying gold to repair everything, didn't keep me alert when fighting bosses, and being able to buy anything you want with real world cash was pretty lame.

    I'll never forget the original days of Tibia, pretty hard to beat those feelings. And pretty hard to forget fighting your school friends over stolen loot lol.

  59. I still have fun playing

  60. I am looking for tibia and i dont find it to download it to my phone,how i can find it?

  61. That was a very great video.

  62. I still play Tibia 2019

  63. (shameless plug)

    check out my youtube and twitch channels (same names) for good pvp content, i reckon that aspect of tibia has always been fun

  64. a kid got murdered because of this game

  65. CipSoft is cancer.

    Tibia is probably one of the most P2W games out there, without Premium you are nothing.

  66. Looks like ass don’t see how people play dookie ass like this bs

  67. Great video. Really like the way you managed to explain the game.

  68. I still to this day check on my character 🙂

  69. Thank you, i am a brazilian and im doind a research over the game, because i don't have the time to play the game, so, thank you and im sorry for my poor english, but, thahk you for the video, really helped a lot!

  70. The game having NO SOUND is actually very nice!

  71. My name was Vincento Vampire, I think I got to level 186 Royal Paladin on Iridia from what I recall.

    I also played on Eternal Oblivion's server initially and won a poetry competition he ran to win a "teddy bear" which at the time was pretty damn rare

  72. Hiberna 2003 👌👌🤘

  73. They need to get rid of the premium account extras. Like if you don't have premium you can't use basic spells or even use the boat. No thank you. I'll keep my money and stay on OT's

  74. I think im traumatized cuz gabriel kuhn so i wont even touch this

  75. you can get free tibia gold from gold2hot

  76. 00:27 click here to skip the blablabla

  77. needs a aus server quit coz its to slow lvl 50s walk faster then me and im lvl 270

  78. I don’t like the auto loot

  79. Tibia nowadays are a cheap cash-grab from cipsoft sadly. They sold out for easy profit. It used to be one of the best games ever made (in my opinion) back in 7.0-7.6 patches. Nowadays it's a mere shadow of what it used to be. More and more pay-to-win features are being introduced at the cost of gameplay and overall game quality. Cipsoft have no idea what to do with the game other than milk it until its fully dead. I really do hope some other company buy this game from them and make it into something that it used to be. CIP is worse than EA.

  80. i played tibia so long ago, i hardly remember when it was…
    highest level player was Bubble, ~100lvl, and there were only few worlds(remember only antica,secura), it was one of the best morpg experience i had…

  81. All you see is the player drinking his mana potions

  82. I curse in front of the king and people stabbed and I LOST EVERYTHING FUCKING THING!

  83. No, auction house is premium only, and now people just buy runes from the store, the last thing facc had going for themselves was selling runes in the market until the nation of cipsoft greed attacked and started selling runes for money, now you cant profit as a facc not even with runes and the so called battleeye did amost nothing to help dealing with the premium bots hogging free hunt areas, it got cracked in like 2 months

  84. This is such a nice nostalgia. I played the game when I was growing up and tbh this is the first reason why I started to love and improve my English when I was a child. I remember playing with my cousins and none of us wanted to play in our language's servers so we played in English servers. We used google translate a lot, trying to talk to people by translating everything, taking notes, learning new words… It was a disaster but it was also so fun! It created many beautiful memories I remember from time to time.

  85. I've been playing Tibia since 2004 and NEVER botted and neither did my mates.

  86. since april 2002 i started on nova right nowadays since 4years havnt accessed the internet and now with way you login has changed and i cannot get on it so i may need restart something i thought i left in the past dayz of tibia…from anger :'[

  87. the answer is no. tibia is not a game anymore, it is a business…people only play it to profit from selling tibia coins since bots are not a thing anymore. dominant guilds will prevent you from playing freely and if you want to join them they will charge you a monthly "rent" to be in their guild. F tibia

  88. Tibia 7.6.. they had to stop adding this weird shit after this. Shooting bolts that looked like dildo’s.

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