Isolation – Mind Field (Ep 1)

Isolation – Mind Field (Ep 1)

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  1. Bu benim neden bu kadar hoşuma gitti ? YouTube originals . Sevdim bunu.

  2. 3 days of nothing but soylent would be more of a challenge for me than the isolation

  3. Michaels wife looks so sweet, strangely she looks just like I imagined her lol

  4. Ngl id shift between napping and spending time in my happy place and fiddling with whatever I could, which is how I spend my weekends anyway. Not having anything to do would be infuriating, though.

  5. 16:05 OMG! and i thought i was slow!!.

  6. 29:02 hits hard. Too see your family turn out like this

  7. Michael didn't skip leg day, and he was in an isolation chamber. What's your excuse?

  8. imagine what some animals go through :,,,,,(

  9. I'm going to be sad when this isn't free anymore. I've watched every episode, but this one is my very favorite and I can watch it over and over again. I'm probably watching it for the 5th time now. My other favorite episode is the one where he takes ayahuasca. I've seen that one 2 or 3 times.

  10. So when we get bored for a moment, you become a masochists.
    good to know…

  11. damn, Merry, you've been going hard on that hobbit leaf

  12. That kid at the beginning… Seriously, you can't be left alone in a room for 2 minutes without hurting yourself out of boredom? What is wrong with you? How do you survive the dentist's waiting room?

  13. finally something interesting that you can watch without paying and shit…


  15. When he took off his shirt, it reminded me of hank hill. Because his arms and head seem pretty tanned, but his torso is the definition of albino. LOLOL

  16. That ain't shit. I do that easy.

  17. Yo beat your meat or something dump a fat load everywhere

  18. When his eyebrows went like up, middle, down, left up, down, I felt that

  19. Hey Vsauce, Michael here

  20. “I don’t like the smell of this soap”
    “Clearly Michael is very uncomfortable right now”

  21. So why was he able to open the door? And how come it was never brought up again? I was half expecting someone to ask him if he remembered opening the door and his response would be along the lines of "no, that happened in a dream.", or just having no recollection of it.

  22. Watching Jane the virgin while I watch this and I’m like omg that doctor is Rogelio‘s enemy

  23. False experiment my friend..
    In perfect conditions of loneliness you wouldn't know how long you will be staying there.. This I guess will be the reason why someone might lose his mental health.. As long as you know that this is going to end, no matter when, you will have great chances to survive. I have heard about some experiment that some king of Morocco tried on some experts into a prison that they designed, and made them believe that they are really prisoners.. They did not even last three days.

    Also keep in mind the fact that you spent those three days recording, talking, enjoying food at whatever time you like.. You knew well that you are doing this for your channel, your business.. And I am pretty sure that you have though of that all the time..

    It might be nice, but definitely not right.. Having planned that and knowing about the happy ending killed it..

  24. 26:33 i think we would see better if they had more screens

  25. 29:34 me rubbin one off in the stalls at school

  26. This really got mevthinking about my own situation… I like being with others, but in the last 3-4 years I've learnt what solitude is after quarreling with some friends and having almost nobody to hang out with.
    Sometimes I get invited to like birthdays and it happens often that when I'm there I find myself thinking something like: "wouldn't it have been better if I just stayed home playing guitar, or watching a movie?"
    It's bad, because I don't like being lonely, but I got so used to it that sometimes when I'm with people I feel so detached from them that, paradoxically, being alone would make me feel better.
    Maybe I need help, I don't really know why I'm opening myself this way in a youtube comment section

  27. "This would be a introvert's dream."

  28. If you are unhappy alone that simply means you are in a bad company…sadhguru

  29. Bored out your mind and don't even beat your meat

  30. i cant believe that he didnt play with the bottles as much

  31. Shit, i thought it was his mother

  32. They took an extravert dude for the test that's all!
    There are people wouldn't mind staying 3 minutes in that room without being board

  33. Today, on Mind Field. Michael loses his mind.

  34. Dawn of the first day, 72 hours remaning. Not sure about the time though…

  35. Michael:There are 6 here.

    Me: Ok I see the problem now

  36. if he were to do this again, or if other people were to, it'd be best not to anticipate coming out, always keep busy, and dont over eat. Maybe even count the minutes you've been in there

  37. I felt bad for Micheal in this one.

  38. I also wonder to experiment myself ????

  39. He who travels fastest travels alone but he who travels furthest travels with others

  40. Boredom is just a welcome gate to entering your mind

  41. I would eat all the food in the first night just from boredom.

  42. Omae wa subarashi ningen

  43. He tried all what I will be doing in that cell… F#@k man

  44. I would’ve played with the bottles for a few minutes then I would lose my mind lol

  45. What’s going on I don’t have premium?

  46. Ben buna para verdim ve izliyorum

  47. so i guess psych wards with those white padded rooms actually make patients more crazy..

  48. What is the site he used at 15:55 I want to do that ?

  49. I can't even stand a day without watching any Vsauce or Mind field

  50. Wow this feels premium is awesome

  51. Best way to pass time in there just bottle flip

  52. Nobody is talking about the fact that this man did not shower in those 3 days.

    He probably raised the sea level when he came out damn

  53. micheals wife is really cute ngl

  54. 20:48 me when u give up on life

  55. What he thinks when he was get up from sleep nd look confused and opened the door also ?? Whats the reason??

  56. the first experiment should be on a what would you do episode

  57. Ew Michael has a wife 😛

  58. I would’ve slept almost all the time I would be stuck in there, the other time would be spent drinking water and using the toilet

  59. The worst part is that he didn't start with
    Hey Vsauce Michael here

  60. who came here for the mEMeS

  61. 26:13
    Ah yes.
    Exactly what a sane person is thinking about.

  62. now he is play With own psychology

  63. I would actually watch the entirety of him in that room if the video was available.

  64. I couldn’t imagine myself (a guy with ADHD) in an isolated room for that long, I would go absolutely bonkers

  65. 2:52 beta male reacts.

    Vsauce- he doesn't like it.

    I fell to pieces. ??OMG PLAY ON SLOWEST SPEED ????

  66. 20:47 – me too buddy

  67. Opening the door undermined the confinement aspect.

  68. I'd probably start mentally playing my entire in-head library of music. That'll keep me busy for some 15 hours or so, though I'd probably try to spread it out over the time.
    I might try counting to 100.000.
    I'd try to play with the bottles. Try to stack em up to the ceiling. Make a pyramid out of them, to then throw the pillow against them.
    I'd probably try tracing all the lines of the sound panels on the wall, maybe 'draw' figures that way.
    Flush the toilet a bunch of times.
    Do bottle flips with water in them. Probably screw around with the water in general. I'd maybe try to cover the light.
    I might try making something out of that soap. Maybe a shape, or just a bunch of foam.
    I don't know how I would fare for the full three days. I don't know how many of these things Michael did without it ending up in this video.

  69. hate being bored so i do drugs when im alone…i do not encourage drug use and i am working to stop

  70. can I laugh in introvert?

  71. Why does Michael wife looks like if it was his mom

  72. William Brown was wearing the same outfit in his 16 year old mugshot while walking with Michael

  73. I mean the guy couldn't masturbate…cause cameras were on him.?

  74. Haha I isolate myself constantly for years

  75. Wonder how much YouTube paid him

  76. Barış özcan sayesinde buraya gelenler like atın sayımızı bilelim

  77. I day-dream in one place ONLY…

    M a t h c l a s s

  78. Honestly if I was in a room like this, I would spend most of my time meditating and thinking about philosophical/theoretical ideas and work
    Don't waste your time kids life is short !!

  79. But he knows hes being watched,so not complete isolation

  80. 14:14 is when he goes in btw

  81. I'd say American prisons qualify as cruel and unusual punishment.

  82. Bro, you're the lab rat sim and your executive is the evil kid at the computer.

  83. I feel so bad for that former inmate

  84. Yea at first he is bored but by the end it looks like he is ready to pull a knife on anyone who walks near him

  85. Here's something that I thought: so, sometimes when I'm bored, I let my imagination run away basically. I lay on my bed, and imagine myself doing… whatever. Sometimes I even get up and act out some of my actions in this new world I made. How long would that last me? I mean, you can create infinite new worlds, so how much time would that last me?

    ALSO! I think it may be important to say I have… something in my mind that I don't exactly know yet (my diagnosis appointment is January 7th btw) so that might effect something.

    ALSO ALSO! I haven't exactly seen the whole video, but I k i n d a want to try this.

  86. Found this from TheOdds1Out

  87. 26:44 when your friend forgets to give you a blanket at the sleepover

  88. Hey Michael, I don’t think you have ANY idea how amazing you are but more importantly how much people like myself…love you and appreciate your work. Thank you.

  89. I can do this for 4 days.

  90. I'm back after finishing season 3 and God damn this one is heart wrenching. I just wanted to burst in that room with snacks and a board game and give him a high five.

  91. The best practice is school detention without pencils

  92. Imagen being in there knowing u committed a crime not knowing what will happen to you and being able to eat only 3 times a day with nasty food. And very unclear graffiti on walls And there's also other crazy intimidating people so ur scared for your own life. And have to follow rules of the gaurds AND gangs. Or risk being killed. Try 3 days of that

  93. 27:27 *Michael wakes up from some kind of dream

    Professor: it looks to be as if Michael has just woken up from some kind of dream

  94. If i got paid I'd stay in a room like the one in the experiment for a month

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