It Begins! – Fight of the Living Dead (Ep 1)

It Begins! – Fight of the Living Dead (Ep 1)

Somber Music Welcome to Experiment 88. Music The challenge…
Survive the zombie apocalypse. Music Our subjects, 10 YouTube stars
who have been taken to an
abandoned hospital. Where they will be forced to
fight the undead, outsmart their captors, – Another key. and overcome their fears… There’s real rats? …while working as a team. – Hold my feet. – Oh God. The rules of the
experiment are simple. Survive three days
and win freedom. The goal? To see what the
subjects are made of. – Hurry get over here. Discover what CON OP’s
sinister Experiment 88 really is and figure out who
they can trust while risking death
by zombie attack. It’s the decisions
they make as a team that will determine the outcome
of the ultimate dilemma. To live… Or Die. [Growls] [Bleeps] [Bleeps] [Photo snap shot] [Everyone Screaming] A bunch of us from YouTube
volunteered to do this
experiment. It’s Zombies?
We’re facing with Zombies? I was like wow
I needed to be a part of this. Woooh!
Ung! It’s going to be one of
the greatest experiences of my
life. Real zombies are going to
come one day so I’ll be prepared. Alright guys, follow the leader. I’ve been preparing
physically, I got the arms. I’ve been
preparing mentally. I’ve done a couple of
escape rooms in LA so I should be good. And I actually thought we
would be friends JC. I think what attracted me
to this program is that I get to like
takeout some zombies. Or run really fast
from the zombies because I have long legs. [Uncontained Excitement] I have no idea what to expect I’m literally letting
YouTube blindfold me and take me and I’m
giving them the trust blanket. I don’t know,
that’s crazy. – Let’s do this. Oooh.
I’m going to cry like a girl. – Ahhh it’s cold in here.
And I have to pee. – Ooohhhh no!
– Oh hell no! [Moans and Groans]
[Screams] – They put a mask on me. – No they didn’t. – Yes they did Shanna. – No they didn’t Britanni. -JC did they? – Oh my God. Oh Jesus. I don’t know if I’m going
to live, or die, or what. Why blindfold us, then put some
crazy animal totem shit on our
heads? Uh, uh, I’m not okay with this. They blindfolded us. They handcuffed us. And they put this mask on us. And now I’m thinking
what the heck did I sign up for? MUSIC I feel like strength is
bigger in numbers than
it is alone. So a lot of people might
be wanting to fend for
themselves when in actuality they
have to work together to be able to survive this game. MUSIC – Dude I’m getting
so castrophobic. – Ahhhhhh… I’m going to_ break
through the walls. I’m going to punch the wall. – I know how zombies think so I’m probably going to
get in the mind of a zombie and figure my way out. How to escape, how to survive,
how to kill him, before he kills
me. Or she. – Yo, if we wake up in a cell by
ourselves that would mess me up. I have a military background so I feel like I’m going
to be one of the many survivors if not the last survivor. I’m pretty
positive of that. – Y’all be doing that
50 shades stuff in your life. That’s why y’all ain’t scared by
this, but I am totally not
turned on. This is day one,
I don’t know anything and I’m already paranoid
and my guard is up. I want to get out of this alive. It makes me realize that
I do have trust issues and I want to live. – I’m here to win this and I’m sorry if
in the process I have to push you
in front of a zombie. But I will do it to win it. [Bleeps] MUSIC [Bleeps] MUSIC Subjects, proceeded to the wall
and prepare for entrance into
the experiment. – One of my biggest fears is
just like how am I going to look
in like four days? Like I’m a girl, like I’m
going to look pretty bad. CON OP welcomes you and
appreciates your participation You have been brought here to
further our global initiative. – I’m really nervous,
I don’t like this. I don’t like this. Everybody’s underestimating me. I’m scrappy.
I’m small but I’m scrappy I think that I kind of want
to just throw myself into it and see what happens. I believe since I
am from the South I would last
very long because I have obviously
survival skills. I ate squirrel before. I’m basically like a
little fat Darrell Dixon. [Pat pat pat] [Knock knock knock] Stop doing it whatever it is. Me coming from the
magician background I’m looking at everything in
the small details. You know, I’m not really
taking anything for granted I’m just going to
try to use everything to the best
of my abilities. MUSIC – I’m pretty nervous about
this whole thing. I don’t know what I’m
getting myself into. But I’m hoping I get pretty far. I’m not saying all the
way but I’m hoping it’s like, I hope I’m there you know. [Bleeps] Music Eery Music [Bleeps] [Chains rattling] I can tell that I am not
in the same room as
everyone else. So I could kind of hear people
but they were a little further
back. And I’m not going to lie,
I am frightened. Maybe there’s a zombie
right next to me. I don’t even know it, but I need to get out of here. [Bleeps] – Why is there
water in my mask. – I have no clue. [Bleeps] – I know one thing,
it is hot in this mask. – Huh? [Bleep] – Take ’em off. Uh. – So the blindfold comes off, I’m in some kind of utility
room with Brandon. We’re handcuffed. We don’t know what to do. We just know that we gotta get
these handcuffs off and find
our friends. – I’m having …
– Hold on, hold on, hold on. -Yea. – How are we going
to get out of this? [Bleeps] – All right, everyone
taken off their masks? – Where’s everyone? – Yeah, everyone do it together.
– Let’s do it together guys. – Ugh!!! – What? – Are we actually…
– Are you gong to take it off? – Yeah. – You took it off? – I took mine off. – Really?
– You’re a liar. – Oh this is weird. – What the_? We were sitting
here with our masks on like
idiots. [Laughs] ♪Jingle ♪ The following is an important
message from CON OP. This facility has been infected. Experiment 88 to commence in 3 2 1 Now releasing
necrotic bio forms. Eery music – Ah – He didn’t put my
handcuffs on all the way. – Bro. No he got me good. – I was able to slip
out of my handcuffs. I couldn’t get Brandon
out of his handcuffs. There’s got to be a key
in here or some kind of saw to get him out
of the handcuffs. – All right, whoa,
wait wait wait. – Wait okay.
– We gotta work together. – Rahat was in the
cage by himself. We were all together
in one cage and he’s by himself. None of us really understood
why he was alone. And I definitely felt the need
to keep my eye open. – Guys, be quiet bro
you’re too much. – Wait a second, are
you guys locked in? – Oh you’re
free completely. Get it, get it. – I got my leg still. – Well I mean dude. – Hold on, let
me look around. [All taking over each-other] – Dude, okay. I got
a lot of keys. I got a lot of keys over here. [Bleep] [All taking over each-other] – He has the key.
– He is our keys. – What? – Hey, dude there’s like
300 keys over here. – Can you get the
keys at least start like one by one. [Unintelligible discussions] – Hey, explore the room.
You can move, explore the room
real quick. – Hold on. – Make sure
there’s no… no no no. Go explore the room
see what we can collect. You see anything? – Dude I got a
_ key right here. – Oh good work. – Nice. – Yes. Ah, there we go. I was happy to get out
of those handcuffs but as soon as the handcuffs
were off it’s like oh it’s game
on man. We gotta get out of here. We gotta figure out where
the rest of the group is and we gotta get
somewhere safe. – All right, alright. Hold on. Make sure… – Let’s go. – Yo. All right. Yo, right here. Right there. – What is that? – Uh… – Dude I think we
should run dude. – Nah. – How are we gonna… – Rahat, come on. – Dude I don’t know
how to hand it. The lock isn’t over here. – Up, she is out. She is out. Dude, stop stop. Shh shh. Quiet. Quiet. I saw this… When we decided to actually make our move and
leave the room, I was like dude, I’ve seen this
in a movie before. Act like a zombie and then she might not be able
to tell that we’re like living people. – What are you doing? There’s nothing you need
out of here, come on. – All right. – Whoa, shit. Come on Brandon. – Dude. Guys we’ve been in here
for too long. – I know. – Been in here like dumb asses
with our masks on. – I know. – Dude, where did
your mama teach you? To leave the keys. – It’s not working. – No the keys. – Yo yo. All of a sudden Dennis
and Brandon barge in. Dennis is guns blazing,
I mean he’s ready to get us the hell out of there. It was great to see them
because it was like okay now we have the people we need
to help us with the keys. – Oh what the… – Dude the keys are over there. – Yo, get us out… – Shh shh shh. – Close the door, close
the door, close the door. – Oh yeah, there are cameras. – There we go. [All talking over one another] – Dude, I can’t even jump
through because I’m shackled. – Oh god. – Thank you. – Dennis crawl through there. – Dennis jump through. – Yeah. – Oh shit. [Unintelligible yelling] – Crawl back in there. Dennis, crawl back in there. Dennis, crawl back in there. – Oh oh oh oh oh. As we’re looking
through these keys the zombies just like
out of nowhere they went
just like bonkers. It was just
completely insane. – Rahat, get out here. [Unintelligible yelling] – What are you doing? – No, try these, try the keys. No, get them out. Get them out. – Hey guys, do any of the keys
that are supposed to, work? – They didn’t when we tried it. [Unintelligible yelling] – Hey, hey hey hey. Yo yo.
Dennis. Dennis. Dennis. – Zombies are starting to
come in on the other side. We still don’t have our team’s
door unlocked. Everyone’s starting
to freak out. My adrenaline’s pumping,
like pumping. [Growl] [Unintelligible yelling]
[Screams] – Oh. Oh God. – Dude. I don’t know I think
I can lock the door. – Some help, get that door open. – No you don’t. Uh, yeah you can’t
get out right there. – Close that. [Unintelligible yelling] We’re trying
all these keys and none of
them are working. – You can’t break it. [Crash] [Crash] [Crash] Then all of
a sudden Dennis just charges at the gate and just breaks it. – Yes. [Crash] – We got it. [Bleep] – That was awesome bro. – Yo, yo, watch that door.
Watch that door, watch that door Yo, move this board. – We don’t need to be
restricted. – Go, go, go. – Oh. – Oh never-mind. Never-mind. – Is someone stuck? – Guys. Guys you locked me out. – Do you need to get in? – You locked me out
you_ dumb bats. – Ooh. – Dude you just ran
out. You just… – Are we going or what? ♪Jingle ♪ Attention test subjects. Please follow the CON OP guards
to your safe house. – Dennis, they’re
telling us to come. – Guys, guys. – Go go go go go. – Go, go! – I see one more door left and
it’s inside the cage that Rahat
was in. So I went through the hole. I go up to this door, the door’s locked.
Hey great. Turn around the
whole team’s gone. [Screams] My team just
abandoned me. I have no idea what
the hell to do [Bleep] That’s when I had to
lock myself in the cage. – Oh no. – I guess the guards, they were
escorting us to the safe house. But, um… I ended up running
the other direction. Yeah. That was not
part of the plan. I didn’t know where I was. It was just me alone. I was definitely scared. Warning, necrotic bio form
containment breach. [Growls] -Go, go, go. Move. [Screams] – Go go go go. – Run. – Go go go. – Go go. – Oh my god. – Help. What are you looking at? – Hold on, hold on. – Wait, wouldn’t we need to
slide something against there? So we finally got
to the safe house, it was really
really scary. Zombies were coming
at us from all angles and they were trying
to get in the door. – Hey look they gave us this… – Oh, we’re hella stupid. – Oh nice. – And then luckily Fousey
found this piece of wood. Like something
from a movie where you just, you know, put it into the door. – Thank you, thank you. There’s zombies banging but
for the most part we feel, you know, like
we can take a breath. We can figure out
what the hell we’re doing here. [Bleep] – Look. – This is intense. – So we start exploring and the
first thing we notice is there’s
beds. And so the thought is okay where sleeping here. This is it,
we’re stuck here. We notice this big screen. There’s all these VHS tapes And we’re like okay, the game has started, were going to be
looking for clues. We’re going to going out,
were going to be coming in And we’re going to be
probably sleeping here. – Oh, oh hey guys look. Look. Founded in 1950, CON OP
industries began with one aim, creating the perfect
biological soldier. The result… The necrotic bio form. A species of zombie-like
adjusted humans that could
reanimate, blindly follow commands and
behave without any emotional
recourse. To measure their effectiveness CON OP began trials pitting them
against non-modified humans in real life zombie scenarios. CON OP Industries, alive, strong
and as always, solving tomorrow,
today. I didn’t expect it
to be like this. I don’t like it. [Static] [Sigh] Hi, I’m Dr. Ella Carlson. This is TK-422 trial 1675-B We have classified our test
subjects into three different
tiers. Type I subjects have low
compatibility with the Plutonics
agent resulting in sub optimal
reflexes and cognition. By administering a stronger
dose of Plutonics compound B to live test subjects, we are able to create what
we call Type II necrotic
bio forms. [Growl] These subjects have
demonstrated iIncreased strength levels
that surpass living controlled
group subjects. However, their reflexes
are still sub optimal and there are still
more side effects that we are trying
to fully understand. [Growl] Oh crap, there is a
zombie type. Some subjects possess what
we can only call a supergene. In these cases, the bio
agent doesn’t just reanimate their tissue and organs. It actually improves them
through rapid cellular mutation. We call these specimens
Type III. [Static] [Growl] [Growl] [Screams] [Static] – I don’t know what’s real. What was
actually left behind in this clearly
abandoned ass _ hospital,
and what is fake. I really don’t know. I mean I personally think
that’s a little _ up just because
we didn’t know what we were getting
ourselves into. – Look.
– Look look look. – Oh JC’s still alive. – JC’s still alive. – JC! [Bleep] – JC is still
in the first room. Because as we are
escaping the area Zombies came in and he
hopped in the cage that Rahat was in. But then when we got to the safe
house we found out he was still
alive. So now we just have to
figure out how to rescue him, or just
be like bye JC. [Growl] – Hello I am trapped in the same
room Rahat was when we took off
our masks. My whole damn
team left me so they ended up going
through the door that they said was blocked or
had zombies coming out. And um, yeah… I don’t know why
I went into that cage. – So he’s barricaded
himself in a room. – How do we get him out? All of us didn’t really
notice until we got in. JC’s gone. [Static] – What is that? – Guys do you copy? – Hey where you at? – Yo, is that Rahat? [Bleep] – Is that Rahat? – Yes I copy. We also noticed that
Rahat’s not with us, which is really weird because Rahat had
gotten out of the cage and he was with us when
we were going to the hallway and now he’s not. – Where you at? – Rahat? – Rahat, where are you? – Lost man, they just
like separated me. – I saw that. I thought they
told me that you were dead. – He’s a mole, don’t listen to
his ass. – So are you dead or
no? – He’s a mole. Think about it, why would he be
in a cage by himself acting stupid? Where is he right now?
He’s chillin’ right now. Listen. – Rahat, what’s your 94876? – Dude dude look look. – What? – Oh! – What’s going on? – What what what what? – Oh look who it is. Look who it is
– Should we invite him in? – Wait, JC has the key. – Open the door. It was weird that Rahat had a CON OP guard
escort him specifically to
the safe house while the rest of us were
running for our_ lives to the safe house. – So the security just escorted
him here casually through all
the zombies? So far the teammates
are great. Um… Rahat! I don’t know nothing? I don’t know, Rahat
seems kind of… Fishy. ♪Jingle ♪ The following is an important
message from CON OP. [Bleep] Your first test experiment is
to free the trapped player that you left behind
on your run to the safe house. Two keys are located
in the autopsy lab. Two keys are located
in the disposal room. Once the keys have been obtained you must free the
stranded test subject and return
to the safe house. – Is this the safe house? – So somebody needs to be
writing that stuff down when it comes up. We’re supposed to
go on a mission? Ain’t nobody listening. Ain’t nobody know where
we’re supposed to go. – I didn’t hear,
what did it say? Oh my God. I mean at
least praise Jesus Britanni at least was
kind of listening. – Two keys are hidden
in the autopsy room, and two keys are hidden… – The disposal room
and the autopsy room. ♪Jingle ♪ Test subjects, you’ve been
provided lockers with uniforms
and shoes. Please put on your flex
suits immediately. [Bleep] [Unintelligible discussions] – We have a power flex suit
so we have to wear it. – Can you
help zip this up? – We’re modeling the
latest in fall fashion. It’s white, it’s chic,
it has a red patch. and, oh yeah.
– What’s up ladies. – Walk it back, walk it back.
– Wooh. – That was money,
that was so money. – This suit is tight. Damn. I think they forgot
I got a lot of titty meat. – I have no clue what’s going on and slightly freaked out. This is really fun. I just don’t want to
die, like first. – Do we have everything we need? – Hey. – Hello JC. Uh heads up. We are getting geared
up to roll out. – There’s a mission
to come and save me. Uh… I’m down for that. – There are two rooms that
we have to go to. One is the disposal room
and one is the autopsy room The objective is
to just get through, get the key and
meet where JC is. – Stay on the walls, stay quiet. All the men trying to be big old alpha dogs. The only one I’m
listening to though is Captain America ’cause Dennis got it. In a zombie apocalypse
I’m going to his house. All them other little boys playing at being
leaders and stuff, like I’m going to need
you to chill out. Especially Vitally. – Vitally. – Why are you taunting them dog? – I have an observation. All right, we leave,
doors are open, Zombies wander back in here. If we come back in here,
we’re surprised by zombies… – Wait. That’s actually
a good suggestion. Yo, one person staying in here. – I’ll stay with Shanna.
I’ll still Shanna. – So Raya, Raya and Shanna are
back with one radio. It’s no secret that
I’m the smallest and probably the
easiest target. And so it
wasn’t even a thing where they wanted me
to go and I didn’t, it was more like, okay so Raya’s definitely
going to stay back who else is staying back? – One of us is going to be
on the monitor at all times. – One group takes one radio,
other group takes the radio. They were definitely
trying to,I think, protect the ones
who they thought that needed it the most. Which were me
and Shanna for sure. – No but you’re going to see
anything on the red monitors,
give us a heads up. [Bleep] – Be careful, zombie, zombie. [Zombie barking] – Can you see where they are? – One team is in
the autopsy room. – The objective is to find the keys in order to
rescue JC. And I’m with Britanni,
Fousey and Rahat. We walk into the
room and the smell, the absolute horrid smell smacks me the_
in the face. – Oh, it’s in her,
it’s in her body. – Where?
– It’s in her body. – Wait let me close the door. – Mhm. – Guys guys guys, I’m
closing the door. Hold on. It smells
like shit in here. – Oh this is so gross. – It’s fine, there’s probably… There are two keys
we are looking for. So there’s a key somewhere
in here that she digested and there’s a key probably
in the sink right here. – Oh God this is so gross. Oh I found a key, I think. Yes, I found a key. – Nice. – Ugh! – Oh I think they found one. Britannia found one. – If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong but it doesn’t hurt to check in
here. – What’s that? What’s
this? – Ahhh. – Go for it, you have gloves. Just go for it. – What is that? – Oh my God
that’s actual brains. – But like, real brains?
– Real brains. – Britanni and I are
digging through guts trying to find this key and it was incredibly
frustrating. And I was trying my very hardest
not to throw up on Britanni. – Oh my God. Ew.
– You got it? – Ew… – Did they find the keys? – They’re looking still. – Okay. [Bleep] [Liquid noises] As soon as I knew like,
Dennis was the one to follow I followed him. ‘Cause I knew if a zombie was
to come at us he would fight that sucker off. – Yeah close the door,
close the door. What are we looking for? Holy shit. The keys are, the
keys are there. The keys are here. I found the keys. Got one. That’s it. Oh we have to each room? That’s the second key. – Go go go. – Oh. I got your keys – Let’s go. – We got the keys let’s move on.
– I got your keys. – As soon as we found those keys
and got ’em out we were like we’re about to
save the day. We’re about to be the
heroes of the group. – Hey, we’re going to head over
to the other room. Are you guys ready? Don’t lose those keys. – Yo, it’s got to be in here.
We have to take the risk. – Oh hell no, okay. – Oooh there’s a rat in there. – There’s a real rat. – Oh shit, I think
it’s in this guy. – Yo there’s real rats
in here right now. They let real rats
in here right now. – Give me the key. Thank you. – If you guys found both keys,
come to the autopsy room so we can all go together to JC. – Okay, I’m on the way to
the autopsy room. – Guys. It opened up this. – Hey.
– Oh no. – Guys. It opened up this. – Oh no. – He’s strapped down though. He strapped down though. His arms are strapped down. Got to grab the
handle guys, come on. [Growls] – He’s strapped down,
what’s the worst? Where’s the other key? – Don’t unstrap him. Don’t unstrap him. Guys we have a zombie,
hey don’t untach that. Don’t untach that,
we’ll all die. Don’t let his hands go. – Keep him strapped down. [Munching sound] – Did you find, how many keys
did you find? – One. – How many did you guys find? – Two. – Yeah, and there’s
this guy here. – Look in his mouth – Relax. – What if it’s inside of
the actual tunnel? – There’s no way,
there’s rats in there. – Right there. – Push it back
inside real quick. – How the hell are you going to
get in there? – I’m going to go in. – I had to crawl
into the freezer. There are rats everywhere. There’s a rat shit
everywhere. And there are
keys everywhere. And I realize that CON OP is
really trying to_ with us. They’re really
messing with us. – Just get all, get all of them. – Are they the same?
– Guys, you got it? – How many? – Just get all of them because
they’re different. – Get all of them. – Tre, Tre
the one with the black thing. Is the one thing with a black
thing connected to there? There’s one, there’s
a key right there. There’s two. – Are they the same, let’s see? – Yup. All right we
got all the keys. – I thought we were only
supposed to get two here. – Well yeah but there’s a bunch. – All right let’s go. – Are we going back to the
group? – All right we gotta go. – All right we’re leaving the
autopsy room. We’re coming to you right now,
are you alive? [Unintelligible discussions] – Yeah that’s where
we just went. – He’s here. – There’s a zombie right there [Growls] – Go, close that door. – Somebody close that door – There’s no door. – Shut that gate.
Y’all have the keys? – Dammit – Close that door. – Are there no
zombies around here? [Screams] – I got the key. – Oh my God. – All right. – Hey, these won’t open. – It was scary. You know you don’t
want to see any of your teammates die. Especially you don’t want to
have to actually watch it
happen. And that’s kind of our job is to watch these monitors and to feed
them information and to let them know
when a zombie’s coming. And it is really stressful when all of a sudden
this message pops up – Guys guys, we just got
a message on the screen. [Bleep] You still need to retrieve a
key from the disposal area. Pay attention to disposal
objects for solution. – They said they need to get
another one from the disposal
room. Y’all have to go back to
the disposal room. There’s another key in it. – Just go, go. – Go go. [Bleep] – Did you guys go in here? – Yeah, two keys. – They were right
here in the body. – There’s two more. – Oh my God, I can’t believe
I missed that. – Oh. – Look I just got another one. – Are you serious? – Yeah. – They’re all here.
This has to be the key. – We found another key.
We found another key. We found another key, we’re
going to come back right now. – Okay but there’s three locks. What’s going to happen when you
unlock one and then, what
happens with the next two? – We got the only
key left right now. We have all keys, I got
the final key in my hand. – Oh, more keys. That’s it, this has to be it. – Is there any more?
– Then check that mouth then. – Here it comes, here it comes. – Watch watch watch. – Oh dude.
– Check this out. Another key.
– Oh my God. Up there in that bag. – Get it, get it, get that. – Wait wait wait. Careful
careful careful. – I’ll get it. – Here’s one. [Liquid draining] – Oh… [Liquid draining] – Look there’s more in there. – Get them all. – Oh oh oh, don’t lose that one. – Oh shit. – Ahhh. – Just dropped it. – You did not drop it.
– It went straight. It went straight down – I told you to watch that one. Get in there – Are you serious? – Get in there and grab it. – Do you have gloves at all? – Hold my feet. – Oh God. – Ahhh. – Here you want to
give me the keys? – Dude it’s deep. There’s no way. – Why did you drop it? – You think we needed that key? – We should all go back
and just try these. – Let’s try it. – And then if not we gotta
come back and get that one. – That would suck. – Get it, get in. – Here, give me one of them. – Yo, I dropped one
key in the pool. And now it’s in the pool It feels like I’ve been
waiting here for like three hours. My teammates finally
come back and they run in, They don’t just walk in,
they run in. [Growl] [Growl] There’s zombies
trying to get in. It is madness. – Ahh. – Nice. Shit, okay. Yes, alright come on. Take a left, left.
Go left. Go left. – This way. – Left, go back.
– Go go go. I don’t know what
was going on I don’t know
where to go so I’m following
whoever I can – Shh shh shh shh shh shh. And they’re saying that we have to go
to a safe house, we have to go
to a safe house. I was like okay,
safe house sounds safe, so I’m down for it. – Yo yo yo. – Tell them to open the door. – Everyone, we just saved JC. We are now going up
to return him back to home. Thank God. We didn’t lose a soul. – We’re coming back. – We’re all here, we made it,
good job team. [Growls] [Screams] – Oh my God a zombie
got Britanni. – No. [Screams] – Britanni’s dying.
Britanni’s dead. [Screams] – Open door now. Britanni just got killed.
– Come on let’s go, let’s go. We saw it on the camera. – I ran through all the zombies. They jumped on Britanni. – Where’s everybody else? – They all got scared. – Go. – Vitali saved his own ass
and killed Britanni. – I watched her die. Yeah. – I almost died twice. – ‘Cause you ran
to save yourself. – Excuse me? – You ran when we were
all stayed behind. – Screw you. I went forward. – Don’t worry about it,
we all made it safe. – Yeah and you were… – So many zombies are
coming right now – Because of me? I knew you were going to come
back and say some slick ship
like that. – Who was it then?
– Who was it? She was brave enough
to go in front of me? She didn’t have to follow me.
– She’s dead. -Listen listen listen. It doesn’t matter,
it’s already over. It’s done, she’s dead. Brittani’s dead y’all. And these dudes is
playing at being alpha males, and they just
a bunch of boys. They need to shut
the hell up. – Hey, you’re alive baby
– Yes. – I’m so glad. – You’re alive. – I am alive, yes. – You did it. – I told you somebody was
going to die tonight. They were going to
kill one of us. – So I can’t believe
you blamed me. I knew it. Dude they were walking so slow
and they just jumped. – Yeah. If there was a
zombie apocalypse I cannot work
with a team. Some of these people, I don’t want to
drop names, Vitali, we don’t know how
to work together. And we get into it. And I feel like either
one of us has to die. It’s either me or him ’cause there’s no way
we’re both going to survive. – We got our man,
mission accomplished. We lost one. Not bad. It sucks we lost one. – Yeah.
– We lost one, not bad. – We could have lost three or
two. – Everybody did a great
job. Good things. We worked as a team,
we communicated well with each other. Um, and we uh had each other’s backs, right? Sombre Music ♪Jingle♪ Commencing nocturnal
containment. Please retire to the provided
sleeping quarters to prepare for
short-term hibernation. – What is short-term? I want my full eight hours. Music I don’t think I’m
going to sleep but I don’t trust anybody here. I don’t think they’re,
like the only person who I would trust with
my life is Dennis. Everybody else, they’re weak. They’re gonna die. They need us to survive. – Huh. Ha ha ha. All right. Um. I can’t even sleep. I haven’t really bonded
with anyone yet. I don’t know. People still think maybe
I’m the mole. I’m a mole,
I’m not a mole. You know, um. Everyone’s paranoid. That’s just this thing. I still gotta earn
people’s trust. – Rahat, what you doing? [Nervous laughter] [Long exhale] Gosh, this whole thing is terrifying. Like, I barely
survived twice. I almost died. I’m expecting to
die eventually I mean that’s, that’s just
gonna happen. Like, there’s no way around it. [Growls] Music [Reel sounds] [Wind chimes] Jingle

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