Jackass: The Movie (10/10) Movie CLIP – Toy Car Up the Butt (2002) HD

I’m ryan,
and this is… What can I do for you? I was partying last night
with some frat guys. I passed out. I must have fallen down
or broken something, Because I haven’t been able
to walk right since. We’re gonna take
x ray now, to be sure.
Okay. Take one of those.
Oh, okay. This is comfy. Hold your breath.
Don’t move. (speaking indistinctly) (speaking in spanish) What’s that? I have no idea. That’s not part of you. That’s something extra. I would’ve known
if I ate that. (laughing):
No. You wouldn’t be able
to swallow that. That is a car toy. Well, how did a car toy
get there? Maybe you stuck it up your ass. I didn’t stick anything
up my ass. Have you ever seen
anything like that? No, I never seen that in there. I’ve seen a toy car all over But never
in somebody’s rectum. You can’t get it out?
You don’t have… No, I… I’m a physician, But I practice this,
x ray only. You think maybe I can just,
you know, poop it out? You won’t be able
to poop it out. In fact, it will hurt you. I fact, I don’t think
it’s even good for you That you poop it out. What will happen
if you take ex-lax? Will that help? No, if he takes ex-lax, Well, he gets a lot of diarrhea
but no car. I appreciate it. Thank you
for taking care of me. Okay.
Thanks again.

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