he’s automatic what is up everybody
welcome back to another video with Jake and Josh today we’re in Milwaukee
Wisconsin with that’s amazing you’ve probably already seen them on which is the website where we make videos Mondays Wednesdays and
Saturdays hope you subscribe if you’re not already today we are doing a
basketball elimination challenge which should be a lot of fun and eventually
will lead to one of us the winner facing the ultimate Challenger and this is
gonna be very exciting because no one’s ever seen this person’s face before this
person is is more exciting to collab with than Logan Paul more athletic since
Sophie bossy and more coordinated than juggling Josh Horton so we’re very
excited that one of us will get to compete against that person today let’s
get into it all right so we want this challenge to come down to one person
taking on the ultimate challengers so we’re gonna do where I start the
free-throw line and each take turns the first person to miss loses they’ll move
on the three-point line and the one half court to determine the one winner football hoodie I would say that’s
probably not the right Oh Jacobs first shot is good we’re still
alive here come take the camera moving on to the three-pointers we’re
down to three Tommy starting from the three-point line oh my gosh next up is
Josh and he thinks it – what was that little impatient Jake Jake Oh Oh three two one Wow are we gonna be
eating fancy now do we have to get fancy like will you start doing fancy things I
just can’t help myself guys comment below who is more
impressive mere Josh or mine or you haven’t you don’t know what I’m gonna do
yet oh geez Oh between the legs in the trick I just
love trick shots gain value is high bitter tail I hope you guys enjoyed that
but now it’s just down to Tommy and Jake at the half court now it’s just the
first person to make it win because missus will probably happen so good luck I’ve done it
bring me the ultimate Challenger let me see him Collin do you think you’re gonna beat
Jake today yeah before I practice a lot that’s always there shouldn’t any
football shot how meny are you gonna make that 10 ok I think 8 8 of 10 pretty
good ok gonna be Colin yeah it’s a football challenge we are you good at
football yeah do you practice a lot yeah I play
with my friends alright Jake we’re gonna take 10 shots how many you’re gonna make
11 Jake that’s more than 1000 per pole ok we’re didn’t first up we’re doing the
football challenge we’re each going to get 10 throws with a football into a
basketball hoop Oh one per one how do you feel good yeah you’re not worried
nope oh he missed yo you’re gonna score two in a row okay
how do I get trash-talking get my hair calling have any tips for me okay I
think hootie-hoo do you have your money on Colin or Jake that’s what I need it
see pretty encouragement and now take the shot sorry okay hey as I get two more here unless
shot alright not super proud of it but cons you have to make three to beat me
Oh Colin will be shooting on this soup now Colin is at the free-throw line with
his hoop Oh Jake using some intimidation one for one twos at two four five two
four six give me a common good job
how do you feel okay yeah Jake in the first round each time it is nice tacking
you better are you going to dig it die stacking yeah alright
on to round two this one I’m gonna be honest I’m a little nervous about I feel
like I really needed to win the football challenge if I’m gonna take two out of
three from Colin here he’s he’s gonna destroy me in this probably I went with
the Rock Chalk Jayhawk blue and red dice calling what what colored dice the other
and why is that there you have today’s dye stacking
challenge – I’m gonna get just so demolished it’s gonna be I think fastest
time to just do four stacks of four Jake will time you first 23 seconds Josh Fite window that was
that was really thick now the best night that can you’ve ever done I wouldn’t
thrown one in Michigan it started I feel like I could have been our automatic I you know we started this video I was
like oh maybe funny like I could trash talk Colin and it’ll be funny but like
how can you how can you trash talk that it’s like I have a chance to meet the
LeBron James of everything at age of 5 and like I just I’m just glad to be as
French look at him hey good work yeah all right on to round 3 let’s see me
demolished again I just can’t I don’t know how I’m gonna take him down like
he’s 5 years old and he could do all this so well when I was 5 years old I
was like still in diapers couldn’t even talk yet you know and so it’s just it’s
crazy to think where he’s at compared to where like a normal five-year-old would
be like I was we were on to round 3 how this one is gonna work is there is one
bottle between Colin and I I flip one did Colin flips one and then once one of
us messes up we get a strike once you get three strikes you’re out but I don’t
think colin is every mess so don’t need to worry about that you
guys ready yeah all right start us off you can start shit so at the end of it
you I know yeah it’s in the lottery trade
yeah yeah where that came from he’s just not faced Oh strike one
these domitor subtract one for jake no strikes
for calling on if you’re counting Jake so he’s still zero yeah two strikes for
Jake how many is he he does zero okay still at zero
or I’ll just keep dry walk very nice he’s just everybody know that close they just said eyes closed he just went
for it dick just do it here eyes open I think that’s good good
Colin still has a no-strike and jake has two strikes
no pressure Jake it’s all over calling you in victory lap they’re good go to your Jacob hey next
time you know what Colin I get it you’re the best in the world and everything and
you’ve already taken all the dignity that me and my family once had but thank
you for wishing me luck next time that was a really nice gesture how do you how
did you get so good at literally everything so that’s the key you do it
every day and then stop doing it every day already here first so I can
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