Jamaica Restricts Travel from Italy, South Korea, Singapore & Iran – February 27 2020

Jamaica Restricts Travel from Italy, South Korea, Singapore & Iran – February 27 2020

good afternoon and Milton Walker with
the Midian you a special welcome if you are watching on one spot
Health Minister dr. Christopher Tov Donna’s just announced that travel
restrictions will be imposed on four other countries which have cases of the
corona virus dr. Tufton called a media briefing this
morning to provide an update and Jamaica’s response to the threat of the
virus travel restrictions will now be placed on Italy South Korea Singapore
and Iran but that often said a decision to place the restrictions was based on a
risk assessment of the corona virus in these countries the government is also
reviewing the situation in Japan to determine if travel restrictions should
be placed on that country Jamaica recently announced a similar restriction
and travelled to and from China and as the kovat 19 coronavirus spread outside
the mainland China the Jamaican government is keeping a close watch on
the deadly outbreak the Ministry of Health is making preparations to
unknowns more travel advices which was just which were just announced while ago
is also seeking to increase the number of quarantine centers across the country
the details in this report last month the Health Ministry issued a travel
advisory for persons traveling to and from China where the corona virus
originated and now news has surfaced that there’s an increase in the number
of countries with cases of the corona virus globally more than 80,000 people
in about 40 countries have been infected with the Kovan 19 which emerged in
December in an interview with our News Center on Tuesday health minister dr.
Christopher Tufton said his ministry is closely monitoring the global spread of
the virus he said additional measures will be
implemented to prevent it from spreading to Jamaica we have been on a daily basis
monitoring the spread of the virus and observing the advisories coming out of
countries or the multilateral partners wh1 others as well as assessing our own
capacity here in Erie that the virus is a pandemic it is
spreading across the world and it’s no longer about cases imported from China
it is no about persons being contracted within respective countries that is a
cause for concern for us because it means we will not have to take a closer
look at those countries that are being affected and we may have to elevate
travel advisory to include some of those countries so it’s um we’re looking at no
we’re having a discussion on it and you’ll hear some better particulars in
the desert doctor Tufton says in the meantime more quarantine centres have
been identified however humans cautious about identifying the locations
following the controversy which erupted when the Saint Joseph’s Hospital was
chosen we have identified five locations not all five are upon running and
available I think three of the five are there are two others that needs some
work and we’re taking steps now to get that to put those in place yes it is
still a quarantine facility that facility is available if needed it is
empty and I know all is increased here which are the other four I don’t want a
court country over suffice that you know listing out your if you so please pardon
me for not giving you the specifics beyond the fact that they are suitable
once we put certain things in place Iran South Korea and Italy have reported the
largest number of cases of the deadly outbreak Italy has risen to four hundred
which represents a twenty five percent surge in 24 hours on Wednesday the World
Health Organization said for the first time the corona virus was spreading
faster outside of China burns more TVJ news meanwhile concerns are being raised
in the United States over the testing of people for the kovat 19 corona virus
this follows the first case of community spread of the virus in California more
from the CNN when we’re talking about where you know what is happening with
corona virus in this country the idea that it will start to spread from within
communities has been the concern all along if you
public health officials at the CDC they have said look it’s not a question of if
but when and as the question now is is this the point now has this started to
happen with this patient as you mentioned no relevant travel to one of
these areas and no known contact with someone who’s infected
another concern John is that in many ways the patient you know for many days
had symptoms may have been actually exposing other people to this virus and
did not get tested in part because was told that did not meet the criteria for
testing and keep in mind give you a little context here in South Korea we’ve
been talking about about South Korea they’ve been doing thousands of tests a
day on people in South Korea here in the United States they’ve done maybe up to a
thousand total over the last several weeks so this has been a concern are we
being too strict with who’s who’s getting tested here and as a result are
we missing people keep in mind you know you’ve heard the numbers the vast
majority of people of the 60 who are diagnosed with this infection in this
country were people who are expert atria from this boat the cruise line 14 people
were travel or known to be in contact with travel this is the one patient but
but this is at odds with a you know what we’re seeing in many other countries
around the world now so have we not been testing enough in this country and as a
result have we missed what could be many more people who’ve been diagnosed this
infection Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee the PSC is to begin scrutiny
of the audit report on a Caribbean maritime University CMU when it resumes
its next sitting next month a March 17 date was set during the PA C meeting on
Tuesday opposition committee member Peter bunting suggested the audit report
should be the next thing tackled by the committee PSC chairman Mark Golding said
it did not anticipate any roadblocks to the move the proposal from member
bunting is that we move next to the special audit report on the carbon
maritime Institute governance procure human resources management and the Prime
Minister had at my request given an undertaking that the government members
who have a majority and the committee would not hinder that process so we
don’t anticipate any any demur in that regard the report from the Auditor
General’s Department has outlined unsupported payments totaling three
hundred and thirty two point nine million Jamaican dollars and two hundred
and ninety three thousand four hundred and forty five thousand four hundred
forty five US dollars it also stated at weak financial controls allowed for the
improper transfer of a hundred and forty five million Jamaican dollars from the
same US bank account to a trust fund with no accountability for how the money
was spent CMU president professor Fritz panic and
for medication Minister will read are facing criminal charges in relation to
some of those matters mr. Reed’s wife Sharon their daughter Cheryl and counsel
for the brownstone division Kimber Lawrence were also arrested and charged
with fraud offenses we take a break now on midday news
we’ll be right back welcome back continuing the news company
secretary for sim biotin vestments which trades as carousel minute Lawrence is of
the view that the companies again been unfairly targeted for in last week’s
raid on offices it once occupied Eastwood Avenue in st. Andrew mrs.
Lawrence says the company ceased operations last year and transferred
network assets to extranet Limited which no operates from the location she added
a carousel stopped operating on a network in December 2018 the police and
Technology Minister favoured Williams have said the decision was made to
conduct a raid at Eastwood Avenue office after carousel failed to adhere to the
cease and desist letters from the spectrum management authority the SME
mrs. Lawrence says she’s not aware of any such breach on a part of a symbiotic
investments the government is hitting back at the opposition over suggestions
that it isn’t doing anything to protect the country’s agricultural sector Prime
Minister Andrew Holness responded at the Agriculture Show in The Hague yesterday
TV J’s a Shane masters picks up that story the country’s agriculture sector
has been faced with a myriad of challenges which have caused the decline
of a production of some local produce over the past few years the country have
been faced with poor long the drought and fires on some agricultural lands
those issues led the opposition calling for the government to put in place
measures to combat the long term impact on the sector they contended that if
they were in control of a country’s affairs things would be better but Prime
Minister Antonis says not so when you had your turn at the wicked make sure
that you do shop with the time that you have at the wicket don’t get into the
game get the bath don’t make any runs and when you go back
to decrease go talk to the Internet in the pavilion you have
but when they did at the but you never big neurons he says the government has
been taking steps to secure agriculture but it’s not easy he explained why sugar
is declining lands are being released the truth is being released as quickly
as we should with alternative crops many problems why that is the case but a
large part of it is that we have not been able to attract large portion
masters TVJ News Wisconsin communities in mourning after a man killed five
people in the latest mass shooting in the United States we go more to the CNN
for more active shooter what reports of one person shot a territory and armed
employee storming a Milwaukee brewing complex Wednesday gunning down five
people we have located five additional deceased adult victims the victims all
worked at Molson Coors police say the 51 year old man
eventually turned the gun on himself five families six families actually are
grieving and will be grieving because of this horrific act of this individual
more than a thousand employees were working on the sprawling campus when
they began receiving texts and email alerts about an active shooter find a
safe place active shooter on campus police are on scene remain on lockdown
dispatch from one fire engine call the scene a war zone the names of the victims have not been
released nor has the motive of the shooter we’re here on the scene of
another American tragedy and an assist list America tragedy and I hate to say
that it’s in our backyard once again this is the 11th mass shooting in our
state since 2004 in sports a mystery virus among the
horse population that came on a spark impacted several horses on the 11 race
day Ashwin’s the program the virus has also resulted in the rescheduling of the
race program which had been slated for this Saturday
Spencer darling was that came on a spot for the Ashwin’s the program and file
the support well the virus affected several of the horses who were slated to
run on the Ashwin’s the program 122 horses were slated to face a starter 16
of those horses were declared late non-starters and a 15 of them were said
to be having an ailment we sought an explanation as to exactly
what is happening within the host population at this time from the scene a
veterinarian at the Jamaica Racing Commission doctors at Auburn Bartlett
the problem with the horses is that they were essentially refusing their feeding
the grain field however they have been on the eating grass and they’re eating
the hay and they’re drinking water quite well it would appear to me as if there
is some slight change in the feed which they respond which they respond to 18
time former champion trainer when the hosta has been affected as well 16 of
his 67 horses I’ve shown the symptoms of the virus it started about a week and a
half ago without his first league when I didn’t feed me a temperature they had a
low-grade temperature but one enough to be concerned and somebody was showing
colicky signs what within our three four days they got over the all the symptoms
of the virus and also other top line trainers Gary sobriety and Ian Prasad
each have 11 on their horses being affected so I just think it’s a it’s a
bug it’s a virus we get it like every year this time of year we know we’ve got
two reasonable things miss one other be a little more aggressive we do you know
that everybody’s getting at the same time but the first thing that we saw was
that horses were bucking off at a feed some of them were actually leaving feed
altogether that happened from last week Tuesday
until this Monday maybe eight of my horses show that same since Monday I’ve
had three new cases but this is no and in itself differently horses that
have had high temperatures 104 degrees three of them in all and then this
morning mahogany actually came down with a
hundred and three degree temperature he wasn’t eaten before so you know it’s
it’s tough board the virus has affected a number of the entries for this
Saturday’s program and as a result that program has been rescheduled for next
Wednesday so the program which had been set for February 29 will not be
contested on March 4 elsewhere on the Ashwin’s the program they feature as
fresh wins the trophy for overnight allowance horses going over a six and a
half furlongs went to the even-money favorite Prince Charles but Prince
Charles had to fight off a relentless stretch drive challenge from wartime and
ended up winning in a driving finish under apprentice Ryan Lewis who had a
three timer on the program Prince Charles came home in one minute 20 flat
and won by a short a leaping forward and Prince Charles strikes the lead inside
the final 3/16 I restrain on the rail grid and in between horses war time out
wide el profesor begins to bubble to the ball in behind them Prince Charles just
the leader war time now whirring him it’s Prince Charles and a war time going
at it up front El profesor gets room against the real Prince Charles on war
time these two bobbing nose is close between Prince Charles and war time then
reporting from ke- Park I’m Spencer Darlington the four TVJ sports and
that’s the media news I’m Milton Walker join us at 7:00 for primetime news on
behalf of the news sports and production teams good afternoon

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