Jamalaye Jibanta Manush | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Bhanu

Jamalaye Jibanta Manush | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Bhanu

I keep telling you not to come over the wall. It can be seen from there. But still you don’t listen. The day you get caught you will understand. Let me get caught. What do you mean? Let everyone know everything. Then how do you intend everyone? Let’s go over there. Madhuri. Madhu. You are so nice. Why does father not understand? – Really. You know what he says? Let it be. You don’t need to hear. Tell me what he says. He says you are a loafer. What? He says you go around doing theatre. In different villages you go and perform. I go and perform in different villages? What else does he say? Why are you getting angry? I’m not getting angry. See I’m laughing. What else? He burned down the whole village. Am I burning or is he burning? He is your father that is why. Otherwise.. – Would you have hit him? Now you have got angry. Why will I hit him? He is your father. Guess what I have brought for you? What? A garland? I got it today. I got it today. I will marry you.. – Shut up. This is not just a song. We are rehearsing in the club. All of this month we will be taking the harmonium.. ..and have rigorous rehearsals all day. I so want to see your performance. But father does not allow me. Don’t worry about that. From the king’s dialogues to the enemy’s lines.. ..I will narrate all of them to you. Put your neck forward. Give. I have kept everyone waiting for you at the rehearsals. Put your neck forward. I’m feeling shy. Why are you feeling shy in front of me? Okay, close your eyes, I will put it on in an instant. Amazing. Why are your eyes blinking? It has suited you. I’m taking it off. Someone will see it. I’m taking it off; someone will see it that is all you think of. From tomorrow we will meet up in the Beuti’s garden. Beuti’s garden? We will meet near the Krishna tree. But that is very far. Let it be far. At least we will be saved from we will be seen.. ..we will be caught. Come tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow afternoon? Yes, it is perfect. No one goes there all day. The shade of the tree, the call of the cuckoo.. ..only you and me. And imagine.. What? – See what you did? You made me lose track of my thoughts by.. ..questioning in the middle of my statement. I had such a lovely thought. There is no use in thinking. You only chew your pen and write poetry. I’m telling the truth, Madhuri. Whenever I think of you word pour out of this side of.. chest, no this side of the chest. Really? It is not a joke. Only that I’m not habituated. Otherwise, everyday I would have recited to you couplets. – Madhuri. Madhuri. Mother is calling. Now go. – Madhuri. Are you coming tomorrow? Yes. You go from here. Madhuri, did you see. Your mother has no sense of time. Come! Come! We were talking about you? Alone he has changed the face of this village. And he has brought all the wealth into his house. What do you mean into his house? He has donated with both hands.. .. for the welfare of others. Always I have asked why you give it to everyone. No one appreciates it. You have said the right thing. They will ask for help and abuse.. .. behind your back as well. That is their manners. That is their manners. No one will ever appreciate the generosity. Let them be that way. Nothing will ever happen to them. All day they only criticise and criticise. Can’t you see the youth of the village? Nothing but commotion and meetings. Why? They are helping the village. You have said the right thing. There is no social responsibility. Didn’t you see what happened at Mada Gayla’s daughter’s wedding? They cancelled the wedding because the groom was old. I don’t see any fault in this. Instead of marrying her to some 80 year old man.. ..they married her to some good boy. I think that was a very good decision. Good decision? – Yes. You keep quiet. – I’m quiet. Hari, are you looking for a groom for Madhuri? He should be a big businessman like you. You don’t have to give advices to Hari. Can’t take care of your girl, trying to advice others. Mind your language. Hari is like my younger brother. Why are you getting jealous if I’m advising him? Don’t fight. Don’t fight. Do any if you have a good boy in your mind? What do you mean if we have? Why didn’t you tell us earlier? There is a suitable boy in our own village. Yes, belongs to a good family. Is very responsible as well. Whom are you talking about? Our Sidu. Siddeshwar. What did you say? My daughter will be married to that loafer. All day he creates commotion. Goes out on tours. Get out. Get out of here. Otherwise I will shoot you. I’m leaving. Why do you have to shoot? What did I say by mistake? Get out. Get lost. Has bigger talk than a mouth. My daughter Madhuri and I will marry her to that monkey? Oh my God. Did you see Dutta’s brains? Eat. Very good snacks. Hot and delicious. Hari. I won’t say it again? Hari, may I come in? Come in. Don’t you dare say something like that again? Shame-shame. Is there anyone as naughty as Sidu? Scoundrel and brat of a boy. Am I right? Why weren’t you saying a little earlier that he is a very good boy? Why are you saying? It is Hari’s wish. If he wishes he can shoot me. Who are you to say? Where are you tiptoeing away? Who is tiptoeing? However you are going? You won’t go anywhere in this heat. Here you go. Peel the fruits and give them to your father. I give it everyday. Today you give. Let me go to sister Minati house once. No. No need to go anywhere. Let me go once, mother. She has come back from her in-law’s house. She told me so many times. If I don’t go what will she think? Let me go for once. Okay, go. But don’t go and play in the water in this heat. If you catch a cold I have to work. Lovely mother. Why did you turn your face? Let me see it. No. Are you angry? Go. I came after so much of trouble. And you turned your face away. I will go away. As if I can’t get angry. I have been standing alone for so long. But there is no sign of you. I wasn’t allowed to leave. I came with the excuse that I’m going to Minati’s house. Where can we sit? Over here. Why are you swinging your cloth like that? There is a breeze blowing. There is hardly a breeze. You are feeling very hot. I’m feeling hot my foot. You stop that. Where did you get it? Where will I get it? It is a fruit of a tree. I got it under the shade. What else can I give? Except my heart full of.. that. That? You say. No, I won’t be able to say. I’m feeling shy. That means love. You don’t love me a little bit. What? I don’t love you? For you I can destroy heaven and earth. And you are saying that I don’t love you? You managed to state this fact, Madhuri. Fine, what will I have to do to make you believe me? Will you be able to tell father this? Your father? Immediately. Let it be. Showing of your guts. I accept that you love me. Love me very much. Honestly? Honestly. Then will you do one thing? What? Sing me a song. No, I’m feeling shy. What if anyone sees? Who will see here? There is no one here. Sing me a song. I will sing softly. Mother, why are you like this? Mother, why are you like this? You keep your feet on your husband’s chest.. ..and then you feel embarrassed. Mother, why are you like this? You come forward holding an axe in your hand. You come forward holding an axe in your hand. Wearing a skulled garland around your neck. Wearing a skulled garland around your neck. Mother, why are you like this? Your jewellery is dripping with blood. Your jewellery is dripping with blood. You are a monster who destroys everything. That is why I say this; mother why are you are like this? As a scary mother, you send shivers down the spine. You came as Kali when happiness was no more. And then you put your feet on Shiva’s chest. And then you put your feet on Shiva’s chest. And yet everyone forgets your faults. And yet everyone forgets your faults. Mother, why are you like this? You keep your feet on your husband’s chest.. ..and then you feel embarrassed. ..and then you feel embarrassed. ..and then you feel embarrassed. What happened? Why have you become so serious? You didn’t comment on my singing. Death. Mother. Moon, pleasant wind, flower, leaves, nothing is there? I have never learnt that song. Father always insists on teaching me holy songs. Holy songs? Which means you must be knowing.. ..Radha-Krishna songs as well. Sing one of those now. No more. If I get late then who will manage there. I’m going. Are you coming tomorrow? I will try. No try. You have to come. Is this a harmonium? After 3 hours only one sound has come out. As if a donkey is singing. I had told you to fix it. You had told me to fix it. Where is the money? Sing without any music. Without any music? Okay. Hold this. First listen to it properly. I have come with a bride in my arms. You have come. You have come. You have come. Listen to me! Hey listen to me! Won’t you let them learn their part? Everyday you teach them. They just have to go 1 , 2, 3. I have such a big part. Don’t I have to learn it? We can’t find anyone. Otherwise can anyone with such ghastly.. .. looks play a woman’s role? What? What did you say? Fine you manage the friends. Let the heroine go to hell. What has happened? Shall I manage the friends or the heroine? Let the friends go. Let the heroine stay. We will darken the stage. It will be no use in darkening the stage. You all go. Today there is no use in dancing. Let it be the will of the heroine today. Sidu hasn’t come today. Everyday he goes away while rehearsals are on. What love. And he even has the cover. Cover. He must be having fun now. Let him have fun. Why are you being troubled? He is the head of this theatre company. Our leader. Why are you getting jealous if does a bit of romancing? What is it? You have stopped the rehearsals and gossiping? Sidu, you have come? Yes. Sidu, let’s come to a decision today. Meaning? Let the marriage happen then we will sit for rehearsals. Marriage? Whose marriage? Your. How long will you hide and love? Now that you have fallen in love, get married. Yes, get married soon. Then we will stage our play. On the day of the reception. That will be good. Madhuri bhabhi will see us from the front row. Yes. I haven’t thought of this earlier. There is no thinking about it. Be practical, Sidu. But Madhuri’s father gets angry at.. ..the very mention of my name. How can we do it without his permission? It will happen without his permission. He has lot of anger against us. We will show him what we are capable of. Sidu. It is not a bad idea. Fine. No more hiding. I will get married. Hurray. Hurray. Then the play will be on your reception. Will bhabhi also come to see it, Sidu? Yes, but with her mouth shut. I’m really thinking about it. Why didn’t I get married earlier? Let’s do it. Then I will talk to Madhuri today and arrange everything. That’s good. You all sit. I will be right back. Where is the betel leaf? I’m coming. Panchu’s mother was saying that they there is a.. ..good son in Barun’s family. Find out about it. Alpaar’s Barun. Oh God. They are mere farmers. Just because they have earned a bit of money.. ..with their farming doesn’t mean that I will.. ..give my daughter’s hand in marriage. You don’t seem to like any family. Does that mean that your daughter won’t be married? It will happen. It will happen. Don’t be impatient. Do you think that I’m sitting quietly? Are you discussing somewhere? Please tell. It should be a secret. No one should no about it. There are enemies all around. They are burning in jealousy. If any one learns that I’m fixing up a match with.. ..the son of Calcutta’s Suren the ship owner.. ..then they will bang their heads on the walls. Ship owner? Yes, he is owner of 3 ships. He rules the seas. So you had hidden this entire thing till now. Couldn’t you tell at least me? That day Dutta had come to advice.. .. me on Madhuri’s marriage. Finally he couldn’t hold back said the unthinkable. To give her hand to that brat Sidu. What do they think? Very good. We have reached. Just wait for a while. I will get on you back and jump over the wall. Don’t be angry. I know I have climbed.. .. on your back many times. Come on. Come. If anyone gives such suggestions then I will.. ..kill them and set them afloat in the river. Why are you panting? My marriage. I have come to talk about that. My father has fixed up everything. With some ship owner’s son. Ship owner’s? Yes. He is ruling the seas. Let him rule the seas. You will be married to me. To you? – Yes. With father’s permission? If he gives his permission then fine. If he doesn’t then the marriage will not stop. It will happen. I’m feeling very scared. Why are you feeling scared? Friends are there. I’m there. There is no fear. No I am afraid. What will happen after the marriage? What will happen? He can’t ignore his daughter and son-in-law. If you wear the vermilion, then it will suit you. Wonderful. Then it is decided. I will talk to your father tomorrow. If my father insults you, I’ll hang myself. Shut up. Why will you hang yourself? We will tie the knot and start our own family. Why are you thinking so much? Even if your father refuses, we will get married. How will it happen? That is being arranged. First I have to convince the priest. The I will send you a message regarding where.. will go through aunt Bamun. But I’m afraid. That is the problem. Know no fear. If you want anything is possible. If you don’t then nothing will happen. Let us fool the ship owner and get married. Then we will get onto his ship and go on a honeymoon. What nonsense you speak? It is not nonsense, The wedding will take place. Everybody in the will village see it. If you can get rid of that club then it will be a good job, Hari. I have to do something about it. Do you know that a club has been.. .. established at Mahinder? There is one at Mahinder as well. These things are spreading everywhere. Do you know when an ant grows wings? During the monsoons. Shut up. Shut up. Just before death. He knows he’s going to die. Tell Mahinder that one day police will.. .. find a pistol in his house. Is this happening in the name of charity? Maybe. If you work with useless boys then a couple.. ..of guns will be found in the house. Then for 6 years he will be prison. May I come in. It is that boy? Look at his guts. He has come in this house. Whom are you talking about? Who is it? I’m Sidu. What do you want? Donation? Donation? I know how much donation you give? I have not come for that. Shame-shame. It isn’t right on your part to talk to Hari Narayan like that, Sidu. What do you say? Keep quiet. What do you want? I have come for your permission. For what? It is about Madhuri. Madhuri? Your daughter. I want to marry her. What did you say? – You want to marry my daughter? You have come for my permission. You are an elder that is why I have come for permission. If not then also the wedding will take place. Wedding will take place. You have so much gut? Don’t you feel scared in talking to me like that in front of you? Why should I be scared of marriage? Good bye. Madhuri. Madhuri. Where is Madhuri? What happened? Why are you shouting? I will kill her. I will strangle her to death. Why? What has she done? She has learnt to love. That brat Sidu came and told me in my.. .. face in front of everyone that he will wed Madhuri. Sidu? In front of everyone. Where is she? Where is she? Call her. I will not leave her so easily. What are you saying? Speak softly. The servants will hear. Then I will kill that Sidu. Don’t go to do such things. Things will go out of hand. Don’t lose your temper. And no need to tell our daughter anything. Whatever has to be said, I will say. Fine. But remember one thing. Madhuri shouldn’t step out of the house. If I ever hear that she has gone out of the house.. ..then I will not forgive anyone. If it was anybody else’s daughter then it was fine. But this is the daughter of Hari Narayan. Stop that about Hari Narayan. Why are you being so scared? You don’t understand, dear. If I wed them in hiding, then the very next day.. .. my funeral procession will take place. Don’t you fear me? I should fear you? What do you mean? It is very simple. Hari Narayan will just shoot you. Do you know what I will do? Oh God. What kind of trouble is this? Yes, trouble. A very big trouble. Tell him what I will do? When you sleep at night, we will bolt your door from the.. ..outside, sprinkle kerosene and set fire to it. And the next day they might find one or.. .. two bones among the ashes. What do you say? – Yes. Oh my God. What kind of talk is that? You are capable of that. Let the wedding take place. Let me be alive. What do I have to do for you? You have to wed Madhuri and me by tomorrow evening. If you see the time of marriage as inauspicious then.. have to cut the in from the inauspicious.. ..and make it auspicious. In other words, Sidu’s wedding will take place. That too with all the rites and rituals. Did you understand? – Yes. Then we are going. – Ok. You guys and finish the shopping. I’m going home. Aunty. Aunty. Did the priest agree? Yes, all that is done. Listen. What are you saying? In a hurry you are saying all the chants. How am I supposed to understand them? Hurry up. It is done, dear. You bow in front of the fire. I will sprinkle the holy water. Peace! Peace! Peace! All the females, take the bride to her room. Blow the horn. Sidu, the marriage has taken place. Time to celebrate. Open the door. Break the door. Open the door. Everyone be silent. You go and open the door. What are you saying, Sidu? If I open the door they will come in. Do as I say? If we don’t open it, they will break the door. It is not my fault, Hari Narayan. They forced me into this. Forced you? This wedding cannot happen. I don’t accept this marriage. You leave her. We have been married. Married? This marriage is unholy. Go away. Go away from here. No, Hari Narayan. Despite eloping, this marriage has taken place according.. the proper rituals. Shut up. I do not these rituals. This wedding did not happen it cannot happen. Beat up the boy and drown him in the river. Come. Leave me. I will not go. Come. Oh God. Haren. Bhamesh. Don’t fight. Leave me. Let me go. Come. Come with me. What has happened? Blood is flowing out. Pick him up. Take him to the room. C’mon, hold it. Stay here. The marriage has happened? What did you do? Didn’t you even think of you parents once? Mother. I will kill her. She has hung my head in shame. Mother, let me go once. Let me go. He has probably been killed. What? What have you done? Yes, his corpse will be on the river bed by now. Mother. What did you do? Didn’t you think about your girl? What did you do in your fit of rage? Whatever I have done is for the good. Yes, I have done the right thing. You did not listen to us. Otherwise how could they have taken.. .. Madhuri bhabhi away from you? They did such injustice and you stood their quietly? If it had been little more then you would have been killed. No more, Sidu. Give them a strong reply. Yes, I will arrange 5 witnesses. If not hanged, he will be imprisoned.. .. for at least 7 years. This is not a matter of courts. We will just go and burn down his house. No. Don’t create a commotion because of this. You are saying no to everything. If you go to do anything now, things can go out of hand. Whatever you say, Sidu. But we lost. Let me get well, then.. Someone fell into the water. Just look! What is the use of crying, Sidu? Let’s go home. Sidu, let’s go home! Did you call me, dear? I will say. Bhamesh, call just the priest once. Aunty, I will go away from here for a few days. You will go away? Why? You explain it to him aunty. We are trying so hard, but he is not listening. Telling that he will go on an exile. You leave your home and go away? Don’t do anything like that. Think about us as well. It will pain me to leave you and go. But I will not be able to stay here. Everyone in this village calls you aunty. Even I call you so. You have looked after me for so many years. Everything is here. Look after them, aunty. How long will I look after you household alone? Household. Kill me. Beat me up. But I will not wed anyone. Why are you feeling scared? Come with me. Don’t pull me anymore, dear. Leave him. You come and sit here. That day, on seeing Hari Narayan.. ..I revealed that the marriage was forcefully done. I’m telling you. I will do the thread ceremony, baby shower and.. ..even the house warming ceremony. But I will not wed anyone anymore. Not a wedding. Not a wedding? You saved me. I’m going away from here tomorrow. You are going? – Yes. You didn’t manage to take anything yesterday. So please take your fees and offerings. And I want to leave Bhola with you. Bhola? You mean your ox? Yes. Has been with me since childhood. I have given it a lot of love. Whom should I leave it with? You have couple of oxs. Just look after him along with you. How will I look after him? His time is almost done. Will he live long? Yes, if he is taken care of, he will be fit. I’m donating him to you. I will make all the preparations for his food. Please don’t say no. Okay, I will accept your donation. Baren, take all of the priest’s stuff to his house. And take Bhola also to his house. I will take him inside the house. Take Haren along. Come, Haren. Come. I’m confused. I have been around the area all evening. But I can’t find the person who we are supposed to take. What a problem? Where do they keep the dead these days? What kind of problem are we stuck in? Earlier it used to be only the area. Now it is the colony. Flats. Then the house number. You are given the number 25. When you reach the house 24 and you.. .. see the next house number is 31 . How does it feel then? Are we going ahead or backward? I can’t hear anyone mourning in this area. Let’s go and check it out. How much longer will we check it? Let’s do one thing. Let’s return from here. Return? How can we return? If we go back empty handed then we will.. ..get a scolding from Chitragupt and.. ..we will lose our job as well. Will you be able to manage that? There is no use in going back empty handed. Somehow and from somewhere.. ..we have to take a dead man. Let’s go. Let’s go then. Let’s peek into every house. No, we couldn’t find anything. If a person dies, why don’t the relatives howl and cry. That used to happen earlier. Earlier when a person used to die then relatives used to cry.. ..and pour holy water into the mouth. And these days as soon as a person dies.. ..relatives put their hands in the pockets of the person. What do you mean in the pocket? I mean they search for the keys for the safe. There is no time to cry. Let’s proceed. There is no one in this house. Look. A dead man. It is still beating. After sometime the soul will come out. But the person we are looking for will.. ..commit suicide by hanging himself. He is not that person. Shut up. We have no choice. We will take this one. We will take a live person. Let him die first. Then when the soul comes out we will.. ..catch it and proceed towards the heavens. Understood. We can’t wait till the soul comes out. We have wandered around all night. If we delay any longer, Chitragupt.. ..will take our jobs away. We will take him away in his unconscious state itself. if he dies on the way, then fine. Otherwise we will wait on a mountain top for him to die. But if he doesn’t die before dawn. Then how will we get a soul? How will we get a soul? If we smash his head with an club then.. .. the soul will come out. But we don’t have the power to touch on earth. We won’t kill him here. We will take him to heaven first. Once we reach there we will get our power back. Then with two blows the work will be done. Come on. Pick him up. What have you dressed up as? We are the Demons. For which role? Mahesasur’s? This is not a role. We are actual Demons. We are not dressed up. Demons? Leave me. Leave me. Why have you come to me? Am I dead or what? Why will you die? We will take you alive. Where? – Heaven. The lord has called for you. You will return on meeting him. The lord has called for me. I will return on meeting him. Assume that a girl has committed suicide. Can she been seen in heaven? Of course she can be. Come with us. Really? You will find her in one of the seven heavens. Will they allow me to go to the other heavens? Of course. Come, brother. A horned beast calls me his brother. If I see that all of it is a farce, then I will beat up all of you. Take me on your back. Why will I take you on my back? It’s too far. -I’ll thrash you. People do so much to save a job. Take him on his back. Nice place. Was thinking that if I get such a place then.. ..I will set up a memorial for Madhuri. Where have you brought me? Wouldn’t it be nice to build a rest house.. .. for pilgrims in such a place? It would be very nice. Hold on tight now. Why? We will jump. My lord, this man was a rice farmer. He took up another man’s business and.. ..sold rice worth millions in the black market. What devilry? My lord, I m sorry. Please forgive me. In the next life I will not do anything smart with rice. Keep quiet. You have fooled millions of people. Chitragupt, write it down. I want him to be sentenced to hell till eternity. Write it down. As you say. Take him away. I’m sorry. All of it wasn’t rice. Then? Half of it was stones. Stones. – Yes, lord. My lord, half of it was stones. Then his punishment should also be halved. Let it be then. Go, it has been halved. Hey! Wait here. Chitrakarma, go and get the club. You hold him. Make sure he doesn’t go away. Why a club, brother? Why are you calling me a brother now? When it is brought you will understand why. Do you want to enter heaven alive? Then we will lose our jobs. So you will keep your jobs with your club? Yes, we will. We smash your head get your soul. Soul. Not your soul. Your head. What are you doing? What is this? Stop tickling me. Don’t come near. Don’t come near. I will laugh. If you come near I will tickle you. I will tickle you. Stop! Stop! Stop! What is this? A live man? How did he come here? Whom did I ask you to bring and whom did you bring? And how did he enter the court of the Dharmraj. Why are you quiet? Answer the question. What can we do? He tickled us and entered. Get out of here. Get out. Chitragupt, you have to investigate this. Tie him up. What do you mean tie me up? You will have judged. I will be judged? I’m not dead yet. Judgement is done after death. No matter who comes into my court, he will be judged. You will be imprisoned for a few days. After that you will be judged. What kind of judgement is this? It doesn’t matter if one is at fault or not. But just arrests him in a hurry. Let him be in prison. Then we will prove him to be guilty and punish him. What a nice trick, sir. Mind your manners. This is a courtroom. A half dead old man. And is acting like a lawyer. What is my fault, sir? A live man is not allowed to enter into heaven. You have violated that law. Have I come myself? I was asleep. Your men got me here forcefully.. .. and then tried to kill him. And you are leaving them and blaming me? Let me return once. Then I will publish it in the papers. Why are you getting angry? Calm down. I understand it’s a mistake. A grave mistake. Sidu. Aunty? You are here? Yes, the men brought me up here. They are bringing me once and taking me away. But no judgement is being passed. And if I protest, I am being beaten up. Don’t you have a female demon? No. – Does that mean a male demon will.. .. drag a woman to court? She is a sinner. Don’t misunderstand. Had thought about eating a piece of.. ..sweet on a day of fasting. Just because you had thought of it? Yes. It is from the thought that actins arise. And from such thoughts sins arise. And one has to pay for the sins. Then how can she be saved from this? Virtue. Will it do with virtue? – Yes. Fine, give her half of mine virtues. Leave her. Chitragupt. – My lord. Check the virtues of our guest. Vichitragupt. Get this file. As you say. My lord, this man has gone many good deeds.. serving the poor and the needy. And because of these deeds his virtues will help the lady. I leave the decision to you, my lord. Being a Brahmin’s son and serving the poor.. call it virtous, Vichitragupt? You are saying the right thing Chitragupt. In the name of virtue he has only committed sins. He has not been able to carry any virtues. I haven’t carried any virtues? On my way up here I had said that I would.. ..start a hospital, an orphanage and.. old age home. Doesn’t all these thoughts count? You had thought. Do you gain virtue only by thinking? Aunty had also just thought. She managed to commit a sin. Why don’t I get a virtue because of it? Right. I didn’t realise that there was a loophole in the rules. Of course there will be. You have been carrying forward these.. .. rules since ancient times. You have been working with stale rules. I have got it. You have got it. This is called young blood. So smart. He found it so fast. But it is to less. It is okay. If it is good, then it is very good. What do you say? Who has written it? Who has written it? You have written it with your own hands. Ox donated to a Brahmin. It is all wrong. It is wrong. – Is it wrong? Is it wrong? You make the wrong reports and the lord is blamed for it. Let me return to earth once. If I don’t expos all of this in the papers once then my name.. Calm down. Calm down. I will investigate it myself. Vichitragupt. – Yes, my lord? Find out if he actually donated it or did he.. ..just think about donating it. He actually donated it, my lord. But the ox died 3 days later. As he is not getting any judgement in which form.. .. he will take re-birth, he is sitting in the stables of.. ..heaven and eating away tonnes of leaves. I want to see it with my own eyes. As you say, my lord. Bring this ox here. Don’t worry, aunty. You will be free once the ox is brought. You are talking about an ox? Which ox? My Bhola. The one I had given to the priest. That died along with you. Aunty, have you seen Madhuri over here? No. But I have heard that she has gone to the other heaven. She has gone to another heaven. Then I have to search the heavens. Aunty, as soon as the ox comes, you will be released. If you if you meet Madhuri tell her that.. ..I have come and will meet her soon. Of course I will say. Is this the ox? Yes, my lord. Bhola. You have improved your health. I believe you are eating a lot. Sir, then let my aunty be given half of my virtues and.. released from here. Yes, with half of your virtues your aunty.. allowed to go into Vishnu’s heaven. Send her to Vishnu’s heaven. Vichitragupt, write it down. Listen, even though you have been brought up.. without dying, you have to pay for your deeds. That means punishment without dying? Yes, whether you are dead or alive you have to.. ..obey the rules of this heaven. That is very harsh. That it will hurt a lot. What is your reward for the virtues? Decide whether you want the reward for your virtues.. ..or the punishment for your sins first. What’s this? This is a bad thing! Well, what is the reward for my virtues? He will be allowed to reside in any one of the 7 heavens. You can go anywhere around the place. Which means I can go to any of the heavens? But because of your sins you will be.. ..restricted to this land only. What a reward for my virtues? I came here and can’t meet God. I heard you can see Him with minimal of virtues. Don’t trouble me. You can’t meet Him with minimal virtues. Tell me. whether you will bear your virtues first or.. No, virtues. I want to bear my virtues first. But how can I travel these vast lands by foot. If you want, you can have your ox from the stable. But now he is heaven. Will he listen to me? He is your ox. He will obey you in these lands. He will obey only you. If I ask him to take him to Lord Vishnu.. ..I mean God, will that happen? Don’t keep troubling me with that matter. Only Lord Vishnu himself can grant permission.. ..for the entrance into his lands. I see. Then I will test and see if he listens to me or not. Bhola, if you are an obedient ox then.. long as my reward for virtues is not over.. ..till then you will guard Chitragupt and.. ..the Dharmraj with your horns. Understood? Good. Oh God. I will die. Bhola hit him. Hit him. Good work, Bhola. Throw them out of here. Make sure that they don’t come back. Won’t let me go. As if Vishnu’s lands are his father’s lands. I will go to whichever heaven I wish. I will go to Indra’s heaven, Brahama’s heaven.. ..Shiva’s heaven. Climb on the back of an ox. Why should I climb on to the back of an ox here? I will climb on to the throne. Who are you? Come here. Come here. Why are you shivering? If he hits me? No, he will not hit you. What is your name? Vichitragupt. Don’t be afraid. Why are you still shivering? How long have you been working here? 2,93,20,000 years and 6 months. But my job hasn’t been confirmed yet. You aren’t confirmed yet? It is the same everywhere. I see the old man has been extending his term. I have been due for a long time. Then as long as I’m here bearing my virtues.. shall be my prime minister. I will change all the laws and rules of this land. Go and sit. I hail you. Sit. I’m being rewarded for my virtues. Virtues. Let’s go and look for happiness. Let’s go and look for happiness. Let’s look at nectar and all the blessings. Let’s look at nectar and all the blessings. The nectar of eternal happiness. Let’s go and look for happiness. In your shadows, Lord Vishnu, I find happiness. Your lotus is full of purity and one can find peace there. Your lotus is full of purity and one can find peace there. Let’s go and look for happiness. Your eye is like a candle when there is darkness. Your eye is like a candle when there is darkness. I seek refuge in none but you. Let’s go and look for happiness. Let’s go and look for happiness. Wonderful. Your song is so beautiful. Saint Narad, my heart is full of joy on.. .. listening to your song. Lord Vishnu. Who is it? Who calls out my name? It seems as if it is the Dharmraj. Yes, and along with him is Chitragupt. They seem to be bringing along some bad news. Lord protect us. Protect us. What has happened? What are you afraid of? Lord, an ox. Ox? It is my fault, my lord. I gave a boon to a man and his ox.. ..has been chasing us since. We would have been hit. We escaped narrowly. We run to you, my lord. Which demon have you angered, my lord. He is not a lord. He is a man. A normal man. A Bengali. – Shut up. You couldn’t get him the right one. Now you are clarifying. Save us, My lord. Save us from this trouble. Everything is a chaos. Calm down. Let me think. Will that ox come here as well? No, I have made a border where no.. .. earthling can enter my domain. My Lord, which demon is troubling.. in the form of a man? How did he enter heave? What will I say? It is his fault. Why are you blaming me? How would I know that one mistake would become.. ..such a big catastrophe. Shut up. My lord, under the orders of this Chitragupt.. ..the demons presented a live man in heaven. When I told him to go back he said that he.. After coming so close, I’ll return without seeing Lord Vishnu? I tried to stop him, but at that time did I know.. ..that he would get angry and release the ox after me. He wants to meet me? In his last life how many virtues has.. .. he earned, Dharmaraj? He didn’t do anything. He didn’t do anything, my lord. He has only donated an ox to a Brahmin. Yes, that too the one which was skinny. It died after 3 days. It came into heaven and grew so big. Disloyal. Attacked us with his horns. My lord, I have lost all respect and honour. Calm down. Dharmaraj, you take asylum in my lands.. ..along with Chitragupt. I will send Saint Narad there. My lord, I spend my time by singing about you. Why are you making me a part of this problem? You will ask him that why did he send the.. .. ox after Dharmaraj? And what does he want? What is this order, God? I’m ready to go into the mouth of a tiger. I’ll do it willingly. I have faced many demons at your orders. On your orders, I’ve confronted Mahishasura. But God, he is a live Bengali. That too rebellious. How will I make him understand? Just talk to him politely and ask him to go back. Go, Saint. Travel to him. But will Saint Narad be able to confront him, God? If there is any trouble, I will go. A small baby dies in his mother’s arms. A 20 year old boy dies because of droughts. He had to die because of droughts.. ..then why was he born? That is true. It won’t do. It won’t do. You write. No man will die before reaching 100 years of age. They will be immortals and treat humans like animals. Not only will they be alive but also be fit and healthy. I’m confused. What shall I write? Write, no human shall die before the age of 100. human shall die.. I have written it. Vichitragupt, the words I’m saying.. ..can you understand them? The more words I’m hearing from you.. ..the more confused I’m getting. You are getting confused? You should be confused. The people who are ruling this world are flourishing. They have decorated their wives with gold. But the ones they are ruling over are dying of hunger. You have said the truth. There is a lot of food here. They are dropping. I will show them. Once let me go back. I will reveal all the secrets to the people.. ..who sit in the temples. When they enter heaven then they will.. ..understand what they call a food crisis? Hail you, young man. Young man. Young man? You called me a young man? Who are you? I’m Narad. Narad? The singer of the Gods? Welcome. God bless you. I have heard that you sing around a lot. Yes that I do. Do you want to hear one? Do I want to hear? What do you say, Vichitragupt? Let’s hear one. Sure. Come, sit. Just sing a melodious song. No. No. Do you know the modern tunes? What? Modern tunes? Modern? I have never even heard its name. How would I know? Vichitragupt. Yes? Find out if there is anyone in the heavens who.. ..used to sing the modern songs? Yes. You will learn it within 2 hours. You just have to learn the lyrics.. .. and then place it into tune. Does your voice shiver? Voice? Like this? Oh.. this.. I mean.. Don’t worry. I will teach you. As long as I’m here you can stay here as my court singer. How much do you want as your salary? Salary? I’m the son of a beggar. My father’s name was Bholanath. Whatever little I get in alms, I make do with it. So you are giving an excuse. You are in heaven that is why you are alive. If you were on earth you would have.. ..understood the competition. Now that I have found you, I will not leave you. What do you mean that you will not leave me? God is waiting for me there. Let me go for once. Lord Vishnu? Yes, he has sent me to you. Sent you to me? He wants to know why did you chased away.. ..Dharmaraj with an ox? What do you want? I will not say. – What? No. You have a big mouth. If I tell you, you will go around babbling to others. If he wants to know then ask Vishnu to come personally. Okay. Then I will inform God of your wishes. Please do. May I leave now. I will listen to your songs from tomorrow. Make sure you come. Of course, you should hear. I will leave now. Good bye. Good bye. Vichitragupt. – Yes. Such a famous singer and has no animal. Each of them some animal. Cow, rat, goat and the poor guy does not have a thing? And he is not saying anything either. It is a matter of shame. Narayan. Narayan. What happened? Why are you trembling with fear? Why else should it tremble? Oh God, modern song. Modern song? What is that? I’m saying. I’m saying. At your orders I risked my life by going.. .. to the live Bengali in heaven. I see that the Bengali is sitting on Dharamraj’s throne. What is the ox doing? Shut up. Because of your mistake Dharmaraj has lost his throne. Because of your mistake there is chaos in heaven. Even I’m trembling with fear. My Lord, Chitragupt should be punished this very instant. Why are you scolding me if you are scared of the man? That is your manner. What is my manner? What? To fill ears. – Shut up. Calm down, saint. Tell me what did he do with you? He asked me to sing a modern song. But when he learnt that I didn’t know.. ..he decided to teach me and even employ me in his court. I ran away with your name on my lips. Did you inform me of my wishes? Yes, I did. He said that he wouldn’t tell me anything. I have a big mouth, I will babble about to others. He said that if God wants to know it himself.. ..then ask Him to come personally. What? A normal man defies my orders. He refuses to abide by my wishes? My lord, if you don’t solve this problem.. ..then all the heavens will be under chaos. Amazing, such a thing has never occurred in heaven. If you don’t show mercy. If you don’t meet him once, who will.. .. help us in this hour of need? Calm down. I will go there. Great. My lord, shall I inform Lord Indra? Yes. And not only Lord Indra, but to Lord Kartick as well. My lord, will Saint Narad be able to inform all the Gods? Don’t be impatient, Dharmaraj. I’m going there myself. Everything is happening. What do about suicide? Something has to be done about that as well. What are you writing with so much concentration? Vichitragupt. A habit of a billion years. Does it go in a few days? He has gone to sleep. Vichitragupt. Vichitragupt. Thief. – Where is thief? No-no. It is okay. There is no thief. It is my fault. I woke you up. It happens there as well. If a person drowns and dies. Or hangs oneself. I mean, commits suicide. Is there any file for them? Yes, my lord. There is a record for every death. I have to do something about the suicidal deaths. What will you do for suicides, my lord? Will you hear? Yes, my lord. Will you understand? Think that a person, who wants drown himself, jumps. Ok, fine. But does not die. He started swimming, right? What if he doesn’t know swimming? Then there is only 1 feet of water. The water is very deep. – Very deep? Yes. He jumped in a deep water body. But did not drown. He is struggling. – He is struggling. He is drowning. – He is drowning. Screaming. – Screaming. Coming up. – Coming up. Drowning again. – Drowning again. Screaming. – Screaming. Coming up. – Coming up. Gone. – Gone. And suddenly the river dries up. You prevented the suicide in an amazing way, my lord. Then again if someone ties a rope.. .. against the branch of a tree. The neck broke? No. The branch broke. He fell, but did not die. What brains. I have to take out a lot of things from my brains. I will change all the rules of suicide. First I have to check the rules of suicide. Just get the files. Fine. Who is it? I’m a Brahmin? Dead or alive? You seemed stunned. I believe they got you mistake as well. No.. I understand. I understand. Can any human make friends with the ghosts here? Come and sit. Sit. I found a person to speak to. Where am I stuck? This Dharmaraj. What is the meaning of ‘dharma’? Justice. But does justice exist here. He kills people on the trot with no records. Isn’t there any record? No record. Just writes their name and brings them up. But I don’t blame Dharmaraj. He is a very innocent God. But his assistant is a scoundrel. Doesn’t follow any rules or any laws. Injustice. Truly this is a grave injustice. You are alive that is why you can understand. If you were dead you would have to bear.. .. it all with your lips sealed. I feel very happy talking to you. I have hardly said anything. If I had said everything, then you.. .. would have died of hatred. I’m not dead. The picked me up alive. I didn’t say a word. All I said was that I want to meet Lord Vishnu. That they didn’t allow. Now, won’t this make a man angry? If you meet him what will you tell him? I will tell him everything. Indra doesn’t give water. Barun is sleeping. And this Chitragupt. He has taken bribes by throwing dust.. ..into Dharamraj’s eyes. Everyone is corrupt. But everyone blames God. But He is not at fault. You seem to be a staunch follower of Vishnu. Follower? Whatever I believe, I believe in Vishnu. Lord Vishnu and Baba Bholanath. The rest are just bogus. But all these injustice that you talked about.. ..the wishes of God. That can’t happen, sir. Brothers are after each other’s blood. No respect for the wise. An educated man has no job. Excess rainfall, drought, war, all this happening.. .. according to God’s wishes? All this is being done by man. God is just sitting with His eyes closed. But to stop these injustices, to increase the love.. ..and peace, God has kept sending his prophets. All of them have said the wrong thing. Some have said bear it all. Some said sacrifice it all. And some even said that bear it all and sacrifice as well. They have just spun their own web. But.. – What but? The hydrogen bomb. Atom bomb. They are making all this. When they explode together, will anything be left on earth? They are trying to reach the moon in God’s name. Praise be to the lord of the universe, Narayana! Who? I bow to thee, O holy one! God. You? Has the whole world indulged itself in bloodshed? Not only India, my lord. All the countries have forgotten.. .. the meaning of peace. No peace. India is so small. The population is less. The whole world ahs been torn apart. You only had said, my lord. Whenever there is injustice and violence.. ..on this planet, you will come down onto the earth. Either as a sage or as a warrior.. all the ages of man. I had said. You had come down during the Mahabharata.. ..and taken the side of the good. Now there are millions of Mahabharatas.. If you don’t go yourself, who will help them, God. I will go myself. You have met me now. Now, please return back. Return back? Yes, I will return. Call Dharmaraj. We will settle all the formalities. But I had a small request, my lord. What? Say. I wanted to see the heavens. Please allow me to do so. I understood. Your wish is granted. Here is the file. Bhola, don’t hit anyone. Everything has been solved Look, my lord. That human. Shut up. Let’s go from here. Dare you criticise the king Nandi. I will kill you. You’re done for! Before you do that I will break your neck. Our king Bhingi is the follower of father. No, Nandi King is the best follower of father. Mind your language, or I will break your teeth. Oh my God, there are quarrels here as well. Doesn’t he look familiar? He is the man from our mother’s father’s house. You have come at the right time. You say who is bigger? Nandi or Bhingi. If I don’t say? If you don’t say we will bite you. We will scratch you. You will bite me? You will scratch me? I will tell mother. I’m going to mother. Having fight over small things. I will tell her. Will he tell mother? Why do you have to tell mother about this, brother? Of course I will tell her. Showing King Nandi as small. Shame-shame. Talking about Nandi and Bhingi? That boy started the topic. Will you say that again? – No. Hold your ears. Hold your ears. Oh God. Why aren’t you doing it? – What shall I do? Which team are you on? – I’m not on any team. Trying to be neutral. Rub your nose. Rub it on the found. I am rubbing it. Stand up. Stand up. Say, Nandi – Bhingi, both are same. Nandi – Bhingi, both are same. Do sit ups. Don’t make any mistake. If you make any, I will tell mother and father. Nandi – Bhingi, both are same. Nandi – Bhingi, both are same. Nandi – Bhingi, both are same. One man has so many qualities. So many qualities. And that person is Bholanath. Bom, bom, bom, Bholanath. His dance is that of destruction. His dance is that of destruction. And then He dances gracefully. And then He dances gracefully. And that person is Bholanath. Bom, bom, bom, Bholanath. Bom, bom, bom, Bholanath. Lord take the pipe in your hand take a puff. Lord take the pipe in your hand take a puff. When you try to walk to the left you go to the right. You go to the right. When you try to walk to the left you go to the right. And that person is Bholanath. Bom, bom, bom, Bholanath. Bom, bom, bom, Bholanath. One man has so many qualities. So many qualities. And that person is Bholanath. Bom, bom, bom, Bholanath. Greetings. How did you come here? I was just roaming around and I reached here. Who are you? We are Lord Shiva’s followers. I’m Nandi. And he is.. Bhingi. You are the famous Nandi-Bhingi. What? I have heard a lot about you. I was wondering if I could meet Mahadev. You are from my mother’s land. You are my own family. Have this. Have this. Don’t feel shy. Just take one puff. Just draw it in. I don’t have all that. What? That is an offering of the God. Yes, it has been touched at his feet. Take one puff. I will take one puff. But if something happens. If you don’t have this, you will not understand.. .. the true meaning of God. Take a puff and say, Bom-bom Bholanath. Bom-bom Bholanath. Now draw it in. Don’t you dare blow it out. Draw it in. Draw it in. You know what Lord Shiva says? He says earth and heaven everything is bad. Smoke. Smoke is the only heaven on earth. Sir, is the mountain swaying? What? I thought it was moving. How can it move? The Kailash were Shiva sits, who has the.. ..courage and power to move it. Eat this. What is it? To meet the lord you have to have this. Eat. Why are you scowling? It stinks? Stinks? You are saying the lord’s food stinks. You call the milk product stinks? Milk product? – Yes. Still you didn’t understand? Cow. Cow. – Cow? Now I understood. Grandmother used to say they only have milk products. What did you have at home? The ones that we used to extract from the trees. Nandi. Yes, Bhingi. Don’t give him the pipe anymore. Why? – After one puff he is extracting milk from the tree. After 2nd puff God knows what he will start saying. Nandi; is my Madhuri here. What did you say? Madhuri? Who is she? No, there is no one called Madhuri over here. This is the place of ghosts. If you want Madhuri then go to Indra’s land. And if you want any other girl, come to me. She is not here either. Let her not be here. I will search for her. I will not quit. Where is mother, brother Bhingi? Let me meet her once. Let me speak to her once. With whom will you talk? Who will listen to you? After the festivals on your lands when.. ..mother comes back, it takes 6 months to manage her. Why do you have to manage her? Ears. She can’t hear anything. She goes deaf. Why does she go deaf? Because of some instrument of your festival.. ..from which we loud music comes out. I understood. Loud speaker. What speaker? – Loud speaker. I came to Kailash. I could neither meet mom nor dad. I would have stayed back a few days. But I have no choice. I have to find Madhuri. It felt nice to meet you. Okay, I’m leaving. Hail Bholanath. Hail Bholanath. Nandi Bhingi, both are same. Nandi – Bhingi, both are same. Let it be. You don’t have to do it any longer. Hail Bholanath, Hail Bholanath. This is Indra’s land? Yes, this is Indra’s land. Please be seated. I haven’t come here to sit. I have come here to search. Whom? Would you know her? Madhuri. Can you say where I can find Madhuri? You can go to the flower garden. Many people come there. You might find her there. I might find her there. Fine. Thank you. Play. Which part of Indra’s land is this? It is Madhavi’s garden. Madhuri? – Madhavi. It is a nice place. Nice music is playing. Good looking people. Men and women alike. You have said the right thing. We are the worshippers of beauty. And we roam around with a happy heart.. this land of Lord Indra. Excuse me, sir. Why are you calling me gentleman? I am confused. I can’t find anywhere. What? Flower. Beauty. Love. Then accept this flower and your heart will be.. .. filled with joy because of the fit. Keep the poems aside. Do you know Madhuri? Madhuri? Beautiful. Very beautiful name. You liked it very much. Get lost. Today there is no smile on Madhuri’s lips. What is the matter? What is wrong? What is your pain? What will you do by listening? What is the matter Madhuri? Why are you stunned? What can you hear? I can hear a sound. What sound? No, I must be mistaken. It is not my mistake. Can’t you hear? Does that mean he has come? You? You have come. Madhuri, you are here. You are here. How did you come here alive? How did I come alive? That is a long story. Sit down. What are you doing here? I’m learning how to dance. Dance? Yes. Lady Rupasi is teaching me to dance. Lady Rupasi. From mythology? – Yes. I have heard she dances very well. Yes. Madhuri. – Yes. I don’t know what to say. My tongue seems to be in a knot. Mine as well. I want to say so many things to you. But I can’t say anything. It happens. We have met after a very long time. After some time you will see that there is.. ..a flow in our conversation. Madhuri.. I was very upset when I couldn’t find you. You wanted to know how I came. At first you know what happened? Why are you sleeping? Get up. I had fallen asleep. I slept for a long time. Here eat this. Why did you have to carry these things? You can get them just by raising your hand. What is happening? Lord Indra is going to his court. That is the signal. Lady Rupasi will be dancing in the court today. Really? Let’s go. Let’s see the dance. That is Lord Indra and Lady Sati. That lady Sati whom the demons.. ..had kidnapped many times? Keep quiet. They will hear you. Lady Maneka and Lady Rambha. So they were the ones who used to break.. ..the meditation of sages? They are not like what I had heard. Lady Rupasi. Who is disrespecting the pure art? Me, sir. Were you talking about the whistling? Where I come from it is used to motivate.. ..singers and dancers. But because very few people do it I thought.. is a matter of the Gods. You.. How did you come here? Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu managed everything. Lord Vishnu? Yes, he gave me the permission to.. ..wander around the heavens. You have decorated your courtroom beautifully. I will return and start in this manner. What will be the expenditure? That I will tell you later. Maneka and Rambha will dance. Watch them. No, I don’t like that. All your dances are still classical. You have no taste of the modern era. But in our place we have the new dances. Rumba-samba. The modern dance is worth seeing. What is that? Will you see? Will you see the modern dance? Madhuri. Just show them the modern dance. What is that? I won’t be able to dance that? What do you mean you won’t be able to? Dance. Madhuri, please show us the modern dance. What did you do? I don’t know the modern dance. What is there to know? Just move your head and hands. Go and dance. Very nice. Rupasi, Maneka and Rambha please learn.. ..the modern dance from Madhuri. My lord, forgive me. I know little of this dance. He is my teacher. I have learnt it from him. Let him bear the responsibility to teach the dance. Very good. You only teach them the dance. What did you do? Now how do I say no? Fine. I will teach dancing. Sir, please teach us the modern dance. Start our lessons immediately. Yes, we are honoured to have you as our teacher. Why are you getting impatient? When I have told you that I will teach you, I will teach you. Fine. I release myself by burdening you with their lessons. Courtiers, the court is closed. You make the provisions for their lessons. We will be back. Come. Faster. A little faster. Don’t stop. Keep moving. What happened, Rupasi? Teacher, what is the name of dance? What curiosity, Rambha. I’m pleased. This curiosity is the essence of dancing. The name of this dance is hum-hum, guri-guri. How is the name? Hum-hum, guri-guri. I will show you another dance. Do this. Swing your waist. Faster. Faster. Faster. Move it. It is not moving any more. It will not move. When the waist does not move.. ..see what you have to do. Like this. It is not moving anymore. Like this. Do it. It is not moving. Don’t move. Like this. Faster. Faster. Amazing. He taught us amazing dances. The whole body is filled with joy. My lord, we will learn all the modern dances from him. Fine. That is what will happen. You are tired. Go and take rest. Let him rest as well. Sit. My guest, they are very pleased.. have you as their teacher. They will be. They are learning new things. With your permission, may I say a thing? Say what you want to say? It is a personal thing. A matter of the Earth. I mean I can’t understand which one to say first.. ..and which one to say second. No one can live peacefully on Earth. Why? One side says we will destroy you. And the other side is trembling in fear. Can’t you do anything about it? I had heard that Earth has gone down the wrong path. But what I’m hearing from you is certainly dangerous. Only weapons are beings made. New techniques to kill men are being invented everyday. But think about those who don’t have anything. Humans are so small. Yet they are jealous of each other. They wish for the death of their own race. Have they become so proud of themselves by.. ..just inventing a handful of machines? Yes. Your lightning bolts have a lot of power. Just strike such industries and burn them to ashes. On hearing your words I’m getting worried. Something has to be done regarding this matter. Fine, I will discuss this matter with Lord Vishnu. Please do it in a hurry. The situation is very hot. Any moment something might happen. Fine. You go and take rest. I will listen to all your problems later. How could you think that I will be able to teach dancing? Why did you ask me to dance? I had learnt dance here. That is why I managed. I taught them the dance of earth and.. ..the ghosts of Shiva mixed together. You at least got a job. A good job. Lady Rupasi was learning with a lot of attention. Really? Let her learn it. But if she goes to disturb the sages with this dance.. ..then she will get a kick on her back. Then it will be difficult for you to hold this job. Actually. What a trouble I have fallen into. I can’t find a place to sit peacefully. Now there is a new problem. We separated for a few days. But it feels as if I found you after a long time. Don’t go away again. I won’t go away again. Hail Lord Vishnu. So be it. Why are you shouting your slogan over here? Who are you? I’m Vishnu’s messenger. Lord Vishnu has sent me. He has told you to return to earth. You will go away? Why? I had promised Lord Vishnu that I will.. ..go back to earth after seeing you once. You will go away? And me? I don’t want to stay in heaven. Don’t leave me. Come with me. No, don’t take him away. I will not be able to live without him. Don’t cry, Madhuri. I will not go. You won’t abide the orders of Lord Vishnu? She will sit here and cry. I will not go back. I won’t. You won’t go? No. – Fine. I won’t leave you and go, Madhavi. Come on. We will go there. Madhuri, why are you worrying? I’m here with you. Guests, Lord Indra has called for you. What can be the matter, Madhuri? I am very scared. I guess you should make a request to Devraj. Ok, you may go. I am coming. What will happen now? Nothing will go wrong. If I will have to leave, then I will take you along with me. You will take me along with you? – Definitely. Wait for me, I am coming. You got the scolding, didn’t you? You disobeyed Lord Vishnu’s orders. Why? Just think about it once. She is my newly-wed bride. We didn’t even spent a day together. I got her after so much difficulty. Can I leave her just like that? You think about it once. I can understand it.. ..but what promise did you make to lord Vishnu? At that time I didn’t know.. ..that living without Madhuri would be so difficult for me. Then you will have to obey Lord Vishu’s orders. You return to planet earth right now. You won’t consider my request. Ok, then, I will go, but first I will go to the Vishnulok. No, you can’t go to Vishnulok. You will have to go to.. ..the planet earth from here itself. There are lord Vishnu’s guards. They will drop you at planet earth. But lord Vishnu himself gave me the permission. Then what’s the problem in letting me go? I see. Ok, then, you may go. I have only one request. I don’t want anything else. What is that? – Also give Madhuri the permission.. go to Vishnulok along with me. No. No. That is not possible. You will have to go there alone. But it’s written in our tradition. I am going to meet Lakshminarayan (Lakshmi and Vishnu).. ..and you want me to go without my wife? But.. – Please don’t say anything. Please permit her. Can’t I expect at least this from you? Ok, take Madhuri along with you. But make sure that Madhuri returns after meeting lord Vishnu. You need not to tell me that. Thank you very much. Wait here for a moment. I will inform lord Vishnu. Is he there? Do one thing. The moment lord Vishnu enters, touch his feet. You are right, he will definitely have mercy on us. Where are they taking so many things to? They are taking it to Mother. The devotees sent it. I see. Now I knew why Mother doesn’t have mercy on poor. What did you know? – She accepted all the costly things. But where is the rice which the poor offered her? That’s the reason the rich are becoming richer.. ..and the poor are becoming poorer. I understood everything. Let’s go. Mother is alone over there. Who are you? – Mother, we are in a big trouble.. ..and we came to you with a request. Trouble? How can there be problem when God is there? Tell me what your problem is. Mother, Lord Vishnu has ordered my husband.. go to return to earth again. If he leaves then how will I be here, Mother. He ordered your husband…to go away? Why? Mother, it’s not lord Vishnu’s mistake. He just fulfilled my wish. He asked me to meet Madhuri.. ..once and then to go. – I see. So you are that human being? Mother, it’s your mercy that I got life. If you want to do something good for me.. ..then let me be with her, I can’t live without Madhuri. Permit me to take Madhuri along with me, Mother. – But.. Nothing is impossible for God, is it, Mother? No, that’s not true. God’s wish is the ultimate thing. Ask me something else other than this. I don’t have any other wish. Mother, please let me go with my husband. That’s not possible. Why can’t that happen, Lord? That’s not possible. Listen, why didn’t you still return? Impossible. – What’s impossible? I can’t go there alone without my wife. You won’t obey my order. – It’s in your hands, Lord. It’s surprising. It’s in my hands? It’s you who created the desire in me to get my Madhuri back. Me? But.. But how can I change the tradition? No, that’s not possible. That’s impossible. I can’t permit Madhuri to go to earth. But you had vowed to be with her. But you have given Satyavan back to Savitri. Just because they are women and I am a man.. ..that I can’t take my wife back. It’s because of their.. ..good deeds that they got their husbands back. And I haven’t done good deeds? Have I ever harmed anyone? Haven’t I worshipped you day and night? Haven’t I sought refuge in you? Haven’t I stood before Lakshminarayan? Please don’t put me in trouble. It’s impossible. It’s not possible? – No. Then I too don’t want to live anymore. Give me death, lord. After death I need not to leave Madhuri. – Great. Lord, let their love win. Grant them this boon, lord. So be it! Brother Shetu! Brother Shetu! Hey, brother Shetu. Brother Shetu. We found sister-in-law. – Where? They found her from the river of Rajpur. You go there right now. I am going to inform it to her parents. Go there immediately. Brother Shetu. Brother Shetu is here. Where is she? Where is she? – Where were you? We were searching you since so long. Our friend went to bring sister-in-law Madhuri’s parents. Forget the parents. Where is Madhuri? Where is Madhuri? She is inside. Wait for a moment. We brought the doctor. – Who brought the doctor? I was talking with lord Vishnu if he will send her back or not. Then Mother Lakshmi.. – Mother Lakshmi? Yes, then she request lord Vishnu to send her. It’s a long story. I will tell you later. I am here. There is nothing to worry. She is inside, right? There is nothing to worry. Madhuri. Madhuri. Look, I am here. Madhuri. Madhuri. Madhuri. Look, there is no place to be alone.

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