Jellyfish Sting Pee Paramedic (ft. Gus Johnson) – Mini-Mocks

Jellyfish Sting Pee Paramedic (ft. Gus Johnson) – Mini-Mocks

The only thing scarier than
getting stung by a jellyfish is having nobody to pee on you.
Well, that’s where I come in. My name is Vince
Amico and I’m a jellyfish sting,
piss paramedic. Most people just call me Piss
Boy, though. At first, some beach goers were
a little uncomfortable with my method of treatment,
but as soon as they get stung they quickly warm up,
partially because of the pee. I might not be a trained
professional per se, but I would say that my passion
for pee easily rivals that of any trained lifeguard. Stay in your lane, Kyle.
Stay in your lane! During the busy season, I usually treat about
four cases an hour, so it’s very important
that I stay hydrated. I’m drinking water
every hour on the hour. I also set up a little reservoir
so none of my pee goes to waste. Piss Boys require
sniper like precision. The conditions … Oh my God!
please piss on my right now! Oh my God! They’re just so variable,
they’re not always perfect. Lean in. yep, lean in.
okay, there you go. Needing to pee has never been
a problem for me. I have had problems with other
people not needing me to pee, which is tough.
There is usually one guy who is always requesting
my service, Tony. There was another one,
he got me right in the mouth! Piss boys get
such little respect. You guys need any pee, whiz,
stuff like that, here’s my card, here. Just go away. Got It. We are like
volunteer firefighters, except we are fighting
the burning sensation. Plus my hose is way bigger. Of course, when I’m not
peeing on someone, I’m training and geez, I’m not
even peeing for fun anymore. Plus, I constantly
have to watch what I eat. If a patient is
particularly shy, for example, we do offer a more privacy
based option. Of course, they will
have to endure a few extra seconds of pain,
but it’s worth it in the end. I am more of a precision
based shooter myself, so for some of
our more serious cases, we’re calling in
the heavy artillery, Piss Girl. Her full body spray technique ensures that no sting
is left behind. We’re just trying
to save lives here. Or at the very least,
save your day at the beach. And like every job, you know,
Piss Boys aren’t perfect. Sometimes I get caught
in the line of fire. You do not want to see me
get pissed, well, piss on myself,
you don’t want to see that. If I were God or Christ himself, I would just eviscerate
all the jellyfish. I hate them. Hey, I’m Gus Johnson. I took over Comedy Central
this week and I made a lot of stuff
with them. So click on the bubble
or the boxes, wherever they are, please.
This is a call to action. That’s what influencers say.

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  2. Why won’t ur urine turn clear when you drink more water I’m pretty sure ur urine turns clear

  3. 51K upvotes, are you all crazy, this isn't funny, this is cringe, let me guess that it were all boomers who upvoted, or people who are so dumbed-down that they think this is funny.

  4. These first 10 seconds tho ???

  5. I love it???????????

  6. This made me laugh so hard

  7. What happened to that guys face when piss girl came oh I know there’s 1000 jellyfish in the Beach????

  8. Seriously are u sure about that

  9. Bruh Your not supposed to pee on it you have to put vinegar ???

  10. The pissgirl part killed me.

  11. Honestly wouldn’t be a bad idea

  12. Suddenly my hands glow with a supernova and i freeze style bust this planet. After watching this video

  13. I feel like I’m going to throw up and now ?????????

  14. Talk about dream job.

  15. someone out there is probably jacking it to this lmao

  16. R. Kelly has submitted his resume.

  17. Well, Thank God I’m Not A JellyFish :3

  18. Report this channel

  19. peeing on jellyfish makes it worse as the stinger's get set off

  20. I am happy I don’t get stung by jellyfish.

  21. He punted that jellyfish hard as fuck dude

  22. This is just wild

  23. Aren't there children on that beach?!??

  24. It has been proven that peeing on a jellyfish sting does not help

  25. "Stay in your lane kyle!"
    pees showing hes boss

  26. What the cinnamon toast fuck

  27. first piss boy NOW PISS GIRL??

  28. 0:22 I’ve seen this scene before…

  29. How do u miss so often and going around shiting on everyone is kinda weird


  31. I tought piss is for sea orchins

  32. If you kill all jelly fish you have broken an ecosystem and animals are most likely to die

  33. this is one of my favorite sketches from y'all, Gus is great

  34. Gus so happy for you

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  37. Isn’t that guy Gus?

  38. This fake right???

  39. Uhm. The girl looked JUST like my bus driver.

  40. Bro he’s R. Kellying everyone

  41. My sister got stung by a man of war jelly and I had to pee on her….we were eight okay

  42. 1:26 So true, taste of urine after asparagus is gross

  43. I want piss girl to piss all over me

  44. But if there are no jellyfish, you have no one to pee on

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  48. This is so tongue-in-cheek and kinda naughty, but Oh My Gosh it's funny!

  49. I hate you?????????

  50. What’s funny is that when you pee on a jellyfish sting it actually makes it more inflamed.

  51. This wouldn't work it would just cause more pain and it would make more venom

  52. I find the fact that so many people are fucking pissed at the fact that you aren't supposed to pee on jellyfish stings is so funny. Like dude, it's a joke on comedy central. It's okay to just laugh at the fact that it's a fun bit.

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