Jerry Lawler’s greatest moments: WWE Playlist

Jerry Lawler’s greatest moments: WWE Playlist

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  1. It is still a travesty he never held a title in WWE.

  2. That Jackie Fargo count when Lawler wins the belt always bug me

  3. The fiend vs the Undertaker

  4. In Memphis, TN Jerry The King Lawler is Untouchable.

  5. 10:31 Isn't that Michael Cole's voice?

  6. One other greatest moment is that he is back in a wwe game

  7. what about his older matches. wut about when he returned to memphis in 1981, or him vs kerry von erich which was a goated match

  8. We all love Jerry lawlers wresting and commentary.

  9. No Andy Koffman???

  10. Jerry The King Lawler is a phenomenal person inside and outside.

  11. Happy Birthday King!

  12. Happy Birthday, Jerry "The King" Lawyer. Long Live The King! I miss you was Heel Superstars and the crowd says "Burger King" like fast food, now Face Superstars WWE Hall Of Famer and crowd loves you as Announcer Table with his good old buddy, J.R.

  13. Why the camera is black & white at the beginning?

  14. My best player Roman rings.

  15. Happy Birthday King. 🙂

  16. I died of laughter when Bret called him the Burger King ??

  17. 1:29
    It's kinda soothing to the eyes to see Vince take someone's interview rather than yelling at ppl In interviews

  18. He knew wrestling business inside out. Pity they did not show more of his Memphis area work, before Vince ruined him.

  19. Did he really win that rumble?

  20. Jerry is the greatest anouncher!

  21. Is his Heart Attack live on here? That technically got him over

  22. All babyfaces wanted him to get an major title run. Out comes Michael Cole and Mike The Miz.

  23. 3 birthday salutes to Dana Brooke, Lawler, and JBL.

  24. Jerry lawlers and Chris jerico are so similar in talking.. Common word they use are "stupid idoit"

  25. I like how aew are advertising on wwe’s videos

  26. I remember meeting Jerry at a Columbus Clippers game back in 2017. The Pittsburgh Penguins were in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Nashville Predators and I asked Jerry for a prediction. Since he’s a Memphis native and not really fond of them, he went against the Predators and chose the Penguins. He ended up being right. Talk about a royal proclamation.

  27. So are we going to ignore the Andy Kaufman feud?

  28. Jerry Lawler should won at least the WWE title at the Elimination Chamber 2011 then drop it back to The Miz after a day or a week & he should have won his first WrestleMania match.

  29. Jerry Lawler vs Mr Perfect. never thought i'd see that

  30. AEW ad on a WWE video?

  31. He definitely should have been given a title run at some point

  32. Is Jerry the king Lawler face or heel on Monday night raw

  33. How rude can Jerry The King Lawler be on WWE and extremely or out of this world rude

  34. Probably there is no clip of Jerry "The King" Lawler defeated Andre The Giant . Cause that is epic in Jerry whole career . After Jerry Lawler defeated Andre , Andre was undefeated for 15 years . So King is one of the early to defeated Andre . This is crazy

  35. 7:51 7:52 candy candy candy

  36. Jerry Lawler Is The Only Real King Of Wrestling.

  37. 8:03

    Person with the sign foreshadowed Avenged Sevenfold’s Song in the future…

  38. One of the other greatest moments is him returning to WWE after having a dangerous heart attack…

  39. Does anybody else keep getting AEW ads on WWE's channel?

  40. "First he was Dustin Runnels, then he was Goldust and now he wants to be the King Of The Ring".

  41. Long live the King ?!

  42. jerry sounds weird on commentry

  43. Jerry Lawler makes Michael Cole pay ?.

  44. happy bday to wwe hall of famer jerry the king lawler I hope you have an awesome 70th bday today

  45. Happy 70th Birthday Jerry "The King" Lawler 11/29/2019

  46. Hmmm. You mean King getting a bronco buster from Terri Runnels isn’t here?

    His interaction with women haven’t been all too sweet.
    Madusa – “I see all the workers and all the men put humpty dumpy back together again”

    Sherri Martel – ** walks up to Jerry Lawler and slaps Jerry Lawler ** “you pathetic excuse of a man.” Jerry responde with “the difference between you Sherri and a trash can, is that trash actually gets picked up by men.” Proceeds to kick her in the ovaries.

    Victoria – Kicks Jerry in the nuts.

    Terri Runnels – Gives Jerry a Bronco Buster in a pit of rage.

    Jacqueline Moore – Talks smack to Jerry and slaps him. He slaps her back.

    Jazz – Jazz interrupts his wet t-shirt contest by jumping Trish and beating her down. He calls her an HOMBRE (man) so she drop kicks him in the knees

    Molly Holly – he calls her a fatass. Swimsuit competition. Molly wears a granny suit and loses naturally. She hits him with her flippers. Lol

    Ivory – Calls him a pervert in multiple occasions “A man at your age?! You sir! Are a PERVERT!”

  47. Lawler was inducted into the 2007 WWE Hall of Fame. I don't understand why I only receive 1 like, and other's 100.

  48. I live in Memphis Tennessee

  49. Happy Birthday to the WWE Hall of Famer Jerry The King Lawler. All hail KING JERRY LAWLER!

  50. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa ??❤️

  51. They should have put Layers return from his heart attack……… maybe

  52. Why is it that every Memphis wrestler is a heel in WWE?

  53. OMG today is birthday too no joke

  54. He is look like chris Jericho he want to say idiot i really miss jericho and he like scard too

  55. ALL HAIL King Jerry Lawler

  56. What about his Hall of Fame Induction? I think It was one of, if not the, greatset moment of his LEGENDARY career

  57. plz take him off commentary

  58. You can tell his wwf/wwe debut wasn't live

  59. Don’t forget winning his court case over his paint scandal

  60. One of the best villains, ever.

  61. Jerry Lawler returning in 2001 had to be his best moment. The crowd was on fire and since the world was still part of popular culture everyone was talking about it the next day.

  62. I’ll never forget the King excitedly shouting “I SEE PANTIES” like a little child?

  63. he defeated the undertaker more than he lost to him

  64. Chris Jericho and Jerry Lawler sounds same in the mic
    idk why

  65. 1:18 que pedo con el piojo Herrera :v

  66. 0:05 1988 and they still recorded wrestling in monochrome, just like Amstrong landed in the moon, LOL!

  67. "Jerry Lawler's greatest moments was also "Jerry Lawler's funniest moments". One bullet, two kills. Very effective work from WWE. LMAO!

  68. I just wanna point out the sell job to Jerry in that first clip was PERFECT.

  69. Where's the Andy Kaufman piledriver?

  70. Where's the puppies?

  71. Like him or not he have a great skill on microphone

  72. Why was a match in 1988 in black and white?

  73. Taz choking out Lawyer is the best moment that EVERYONE loves

  74. What about when he invaded ecw

  75. Heel Lawler>>>>Face Lawler

  76. FINALLY video about the one and only JERRY THE KING LAWLER

  77. Wait…..Peaople hated jerry in the past

  78. ECW – “Extremely Crappie Wrestling”
    “I heard he tried to enter an ugly contest, they said sorry no professionals” ???

  79. Rumors say – Michael cole disliked and reported this video.

  80. Uh oh… did he pass away or something….?

  81. Greatest wrestler of all time. King doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

  82. Wtf was the hitman wearing

  83. Jerry lawler was a pervert

  84. So we're just going to ignore the Kaufman rivalry? Alright…

  85. Always like the King

  86. how about the part where he had bret hart toes all up in his mouth lol

  87. What about Wrestlemania 27?

  88. Remember that he won over a 100 championsips

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