Jimmy Ballard & Rocco Mediate 12 Nights at the Academy

Jimmy Ballard & Rocco Mediate 12 Nights at the Academy

Welcome to one of Golf Channels 12 Nights at the academy It is our gift to you and look what we are delivering this time PGA Tour winner Rocco Mediate and his long time instructor Jimmy Ballard they have been working together since 2005 or just before that and you have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time and your teaching method, Jimmy, is quite simple Yes, I think it is we try to keep it simple, we want people to understand that the golf swing is not complicated that it’s an athletic motion, and most people would do it pretty naturally if they didn’t try to do certain things that keep them from being natural you know, head down, stiff left arm, that type of thing Rocco you waited until right around that time to join forces with Jimmy because of a bad back and it has changed your life Oh, yea well I don’t have a bad back anymore. You know, golf is insane as far as on our body, it’s bad, it’s hard to do, it’s just an unnatural motion, but the more you can get rid of some of those unnatural angles and bad setups, and bent over, and everything that we are going to talk about, it becomes easier. much easier and easier on your body so that was, that’s what we are looking to help, especially on the body, because it messes you up if you make bad moves at a golf ball repeatedly, it will hurt you, and we have seen some of our best players go down from it It’s just the easiest way to move a golf club, I call it moving not swinging, and these things that we are going to show everybody today are simple to understand hard to do because when you change something it takes time you know it’s, not an immediate thing, you cant do it perfect right away, you have to understand the motion and then work on it and it becomes much easier Jimmy, you have been teaching prominently now since the 1970’s you have worked with a number of high profile names, Major champions Seve (Ballesteros), Curtis (Strange), we could go on and on lets talk about the method that you started with and stay with to this day you call it remaining connected connectivity, please explain well, the golf swing, as I say starts from a braced connected address it starts with the setup, and the thing we always want, is we always want the right foot turned in we always want the inside heel measurement, outside of your shoulder width that’s to make an athletic motion we found shoulder width is the distance it takes to make the correct “coil” and just get into the leg the proper way, so to do that we also have posture you must have good posture we want people like they are holding weights, like they were going to curl weights we want their fanny under them, we want it under them because that’s the only way your legs can work you can’t work your legs if you stick your fanny out so it all comes back to setup, getting your body in the right position to make that move and so to do that we just tell people, right foot square, left toe slightly out that will help you to get through the ball, we want the inside of your heel measurements wider than shoulder width and then we want good posture, as if you were standing here curling weights you would never hold anything heavy this way you hold everything heavy here so getting in the right position to get our body to work correctly, that’s the whole key and it’s a pre-swing thought where were you versus where you are now, with Jimmy? I was a tiny bit narrow, I was a bit narrow and bent over, and my back was terrible. It was the end of ’04, I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know if I could retire because what the heck else am I going to do? All I know how to do is play golf, basically. So I wanted to keep doing it and, Leonard Thompson and I have been talking for years about going to see Jimmy Ballard but I was doing ok, and I said no I’m fine, but once that happened I called Leonard and I said LT I need to go see Jimmy, He said, “we have been waiting for this, to happen” so we went down and he saw some stuff, obviously I was kind of narrow, I was bent over, and I was far away from it. It felt better to me because my back was, it was just always feels better for some reason to be narrow but what it does is put more stress on my spine, because any time you are narrow, you are twisty you twist more, you turn around a circle, which we do not want to do I don’t even think about turning in a golf swing I know it’s kind of weird but I don’t think about it at all so all we really started with was width of stance, shoulders inside my feet like Jim just said and posture so now I have gotten rid of all this, and bent over, it’s all right here there’s not a lot, there are angles in a golf swing, but there are not a lot right here you know, this isn’t dropped down, my hips aren’t.., everything is dead square in “center” that’s what he taught me especially, sternum, center, whatever you want to call it, center so everything starts from center, and moves it’s one, two there aren’t 47 parts of a golf swing, there are two the back swing and the downswing, the finish is all a result of what you do we had a conversation before this show started and we wanted to get from you tonight tips for high level, mid level, and low level handicappers and you said we only teach to one level it’s one level, it works for every person whether it’s a touring professional or a guy who is just starting golf it’s all the same, that’s the beauty of it it’s the fundamentals, what we call the fundamentals, we want everybody to do the same thing when we look at a golf swing, and i first give an overview I show everyone how the triangle is maintained throughout the swing and if you take that and understand people would do that naturally if they simply kept their elbows down, got into their right leg, and got their elbows down when they got to the left, and as soon as the elbows are down, then your body is free to move like throwing a medicine ball underhanded but when you get your arms around, or off your body, or your elbows out there is no way your body can coordinate with it let me show you what he means, what we mean is as far as structure and setup, which is width of stance, kind of braced like we were talking about my knees aren’t out, there are in just a touch I’m this way so I am as tall as I can be, what we mean about elbows down, left arm on my body my elbow is not pointing out, it’s pointing down to my I guess my left hip socket somewhere so what were talking about is if the elbows stay down, watch the golf club go up ok the golf club is up here now, what Jimmy has always taught is that the golf club now is light it’s balanced, i’ts balanced and light, so now it can be thrown any way I want to throw it hard, fast, easy slow, doesn’t matter – timing means nothing if your golf club is in the right place. once I get my elbows sideways, now look at the club, now it’s heavy and I can’t do it So now I’m going to move it at 100 miles an hour, good luck so if the elbows stay down on both sides, to where if I feel like I’m back into my right and up over to my left, I got nothing there is nothing here, I’m all done there is no weight on my right, I got no stress on my spine, it’s simple simple, simple, simiple and all of the sockets and joints work correctly yea there is nothing out of wack it’s easy to get out of whack in this crazy game we play but this way is the most efficient by far let’s start with the left arm ant it’s role well you know Hogan when he changed his swing, he talked about that he had half a left arm, and he talked about on the Ed Sullivan show that the arms were connected to the body at the elbows not at the shoulders and then he just talked about – move to your right and move to your left with your elbows on your body and that’s really all it is, but it has to be posture and the left arm connection is tied into the left lat, once you tie your arm in to your left lat like your holding something heavy, it would be as though if I wanted to backhand someone all I would do is lay my arm here, this left lat would move into my right leg and I would hit you with my right side I would never get back here and pull my arm or I would never get my arm away from me to hit you hard my arm would lay connected to my shoulder, I’d lay my arm on my body and I would hit you with my big muscles yea I’ll try not to take it personally that he wants to backhand me right now well your standing there not me! It’s usually you! and what he means by that is, and it’s amazing, the elbows down, this left arm is down this way, I remember he made me walk around for like a week like this hey how are you doing, I’m good right here so I’m like this, so instead of the elbow being out, which causes rounding, if the joint is this way it goes around you, if this joint is down, and the right elbow is not this way it’s out, it’s like your shaking hands with someone, I’m not going to put it underneath me because in my opinion it follows your rib cage, i don’t want to follow my rib cage it’s going to go around me it’s not going to go up, so what he’s talking about is structure in this way to where I’m up and I feel stress in my lats, and all these big small little lats and all this stuff and everything else feel it up here, where are the big ones Roc? I don’t have any! that carries the club, see my arms and hands don’t ever, you never see this happen see how fast, it carries the club so.. as soon as I am set up properly I can move the club back and through but if I am not tall and wide, lets say I get narrow and bent over, I lose all of my structure this is mush, more than it usually is. so this is mush, so now all of a sudden my arms and hands come into play, and I am dead because I can’t trust ’em but I can trust all these big muscles in my legs and everything moving this golf club that’s what I want, I don’t ever think of these, these just my arms and hands, my hands just hold the club Jimmy has taught me that it’s just measuring up, once I’m set here and we talk about it all the time, one I’m measured up in my setup now it’s just a matter of movement and motion and I want to keep the same, in other words the club never gets in and deep behind me most of the time the club never goes out and away from me, I’m disconnected, you see it goes straight, you know, kind of straight back I guess, but I’m moving it with all of this so the center moves it back, and if I’m measured up properly and setup properly it’s going to be right in the numbers as far as hitting and there’s not going to be any disturbance in the ground because I’m measured up and I stay tall throughout the entire swing, everything stays tall Hogan always talked about being taller at impact, not smaller think about that you have to be up to hit down, in other words you have to be up to hit down if your down, your hitting up and that’s bad as we know so you have to always have good posture to be in a position to hit a descending blow, the ball is on the ground ok we got a great tip from you earlier, were looking for another one, what do you have? well I think the best way to understand how to get into your right leg and coil, and not sway which people have always accused me of, I think you have to understand with the setup we have already talked about your left shoulder never goes under, your left shoulder never goes high, that would be a sway, we don’t teach that we teach the left knee, and the left lat makes a little six inch move into your right leg and your right arm and shoulder hinges up to hit down so therefore the only way I can hit down is for my elbows to be down to go that way and if you don’t get into your leg how can you go forward? so that’s the whole key, it’s not a sway it’s a coil you can’t turn because you can’t turn from two sockets and two joints Period. laws of physics. so you coil into the set of the leg and uncoil and back to back US Opens for Curtis Strange just does not lie we still have another incredible tip coming your way from Jimmy Ballard, a personal one he received from the Hawk, calls it the best he ever received, stay tuned for that for the best in golf instruction go to we have teased it, I have heard it, it is awesome but now it’s time to deliver it to our viewers the best tip you ever received and it’s hard to believe you didn’t get it from Ben Hogan but you did Yea, yea, it was 1956 he was standing on a practice tee hitting balls and he would take a swing, he was a chain smoker he would always put the cigarette in his mouth when he hit and he had a reason for that, because it made him keep his chin up, and keep his posture better and he’d put it in there and he’d take the club and he’d put it on his right hip and he’d lay his arm like this and he would go like this twice, and then he would go like this and just like that, Rocco Mediate donning the full gear except your missing half of your pants well I’m wearing shorts, I’m a rebel the clean shaven Rocco Mediate I am sure you have heard this story but yes his legs are more clean shaven but you are also wearing the golf swing training aid that has been instrumental in the revival of your career. Yes, Vharness is fantastic it’s like I said it doesn’t stop you from doing the wrong thing, it makes you do the right thing and thats huge because we want you to understand how it works and what it feels like It makes you feel what we have been talking about for the last 20 or 30 minutes and what is that, how does it work Jimmy? Well it keeps his radius, when he sets up that V-cord it should be taut and throughout the swing and we have always told him if you had a string at the end of club to the placket of your shirt, that distance should remain the same distance throughout the swing that keeps your radius and keeps your arc, if you change that, you’ve changed your radius, you have changed your arc, and you have changed your plane and best wishes after that what I feel, is that with my normal setup, once the club goes into the ground or touches the ground see how tight the cords are, the v-cords are tight, and I want to keep ’em tight, so how can I do that, I can’t stand still and do that look at em, it’s over. But if I move back into my right they are still taut, and back to my left and I keep ’em like that as much as I can I love when the right one is tight in the through swing, I love that feel when it’s pushed out this way so hitting balls with every single club, actually and putting too you can do the same thing, it keeps your structure, that’s my word of the day, structure, so it keeps your structure to where if I keep them both sides, it makes me do what I do and I laughed about it because when we messed around and built it I haven’t even hit balls with it yet, and then when I hit balls with it I went holy crap it does work!

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  1. My god he looks like such an amateur haha

  2. Great Instructor, and some great advice.

  3. Kelly's ass looks good in those pants.

  4. If you want to learn to swing with accuracy, consistency, and more power than you likely ever experienced, listen to Jimmy Ballard. Listen to the simplicity of that left arm move that he talks about here. The simplicity of motion enables you to put all your energy into the bottom of the swing where you hit the ball, with total confidence of a square, center hit. 
    I don't agree with allowing the elbows to bend at the end of the upswing. I think resisting that pull of the club momentum keys the muscles for change of direction better. I see no increase in power by doing so, and it seems to inhibit the incredible accuracy gained by keeping that left arm connected and elbow down (hard to learn for a past "arm lifter").
    Great job though Jimmy and Rocco. It is so refreshing today to see someone actually teach how to swing in the simplest of terms. I would love for Tiger to pay you a visit Jimmy.

  5. good info up to the swing harness gimmick

  6. The problem I encounter when I keep my elbows pointed down through the point of impact is that the club face is slightly closed at impact and the ball goes left and low.   I want to avoid trying to consciously control the degree to which my left elbow is pointed inward since the downswing is over too fast to control an inward roll in the left elbow.  I'm guessing the problem is related to the relative position of my right and left elbows.   I tend to get them both about the same distance off my gut.   I'm wondering if the left elbow needs to be a little further out than the right to keep the club face from closing too soon.

  7. Connected Swing.  Yes Rocco has almost a connected swing.  The two PGA pros who I think have the connected swing are: Jason Dufner and Louis Ostisen (spelling?).
    For several years, I studied the Jimmy Ballard connection swing but the arm pit connection did not really provide the connection to the club from the start and end of the swing.  I had to create the connection to the golf club.

    Imagery String.  I connected the golf club to my body with an imagery string (the body connector is the golfer most sensitive part to maintain the string tension).  I maintained the string distance and tautness from the start and end of the swing.  It corrected the over back swinging, square at impact, over hip rotating on the downswing…. and so on.

    Return from vacation.  Many times we suffer from being away from golf and it takes so much time to get back to golf form. With the connected swing, I was able to return to golf form almost immediate.

    Try it, have fun, enjoy golf and good luck….. Ed

  8. Where is the "connection" in the whole movement? There is a lack of logic. All reminds me of the Emporer's new clothes, lot of words without direction.
    Jimmy would have ruined Ben Hogan if he had taught.
    Rocco mediate is making a classic amateur early release, that is why he looks like an amateur.Most higher handicaps do not need to learn how to release early Jimmy, they do it already.

  9. I meant to write "Jimmy would have ruined Ben Hogan if he had taught HIM.`"

  10. Rocco has been working with Ballard since 2004 and has three wins in that time. There is so much timing in that BS move. Guys on tour LAUNCH the ball…you can not hit the ball long with that move. That is not a coil, it absolutely is a slide and slides create a weak move. This guys method has gone the way of the dinosaur.

  11. when I pause this video when rocco is at the top of his backswing, his elbows are not pointing down. are they supposed to stay down throughout the entire swing?

  12. This is happy Horse S…. Rocco is now in advertisements coming in my emails everyday, for Rick Smith the coach that helped him.

  13. " Keep your elbow down during the entire swing" One good swing thought. Make sure both elbows are pointing at their perspective hips. To do the correct set up imagine you are curling Dumbbells; straiten your forearms and you have you arms set up correctly.

  14. I think Tiger could use a lesson from this guy.  Might be the only way Tiger's back will stay in one piece.

  15. Jimmy Ballard refers a great deal to how great Hogan swing was and yet he teaches nothing like Ben Hogan actually did in his golf swing. Unlike what Jimmy says; Hogan kept both elbows pointing to their perspective hips. Hogan also employed his right arm by rotating it to the right on the upswing which forced his back to the target that gave him a flatter swing plain. Jimmy Ballard disagrees with this saying that anyone who uses a flat upper swing plain and has the feeling the club head is rapped around the body; makes it impossible for him or her to do a downswing. Well Hogan did not see it that way.. Hogan writes: " the turning of the hips inaugurates the downswing. This movement of the hips automatically lowers the arms and hand to a position just above hip level" Hogan further write: "By turning his hips first the golfer suddenly becomes aware of his tremendous stored up power" If it is good enough for Ben Hogan. It is good for me.

  16. I have two letters from Ben Hogan.I was born in 1956. SIMPLE-SPIN putting aid was invented in 1989. I have notary from 1990 from Invention Submission. I had a patent on it and have a registered trademark. Many players over the years have used it with success. Vaughn Taylor 5 weeks after I gave him one and most recently the Solheim Cup. A security man from the lpga sent a sheriff to ban me from the local tournament here where I passed some out. Juli thanked me, but this man claimed Juli thought I'd attack her at a tournament. it was to stop my marketing. I am a hidden hero of Solheim and it's one of golfs biggest scandals going. The security man has a past of similar. I don't mind being truthful. Juli was either bribed, or lied to by him. I never threatened anyone as he claimed. They didnt want me becoming famous. I believe in God and goodness prevailing over what did.

  17. @Bryan Gould- I disagree with you on Rocco's swing.  This is not a BS move, he is an amazing ball striker.  It may be unique looking but it makes a ton of sense to me.  Look at all of the back injuries on tour.  The modern swing creates back injuries.

  18. Limiting freedom of movement by keeping 'connected' is a recipe for disaster. Maybe what he really means is to keep the whole body engaged by what your swing intent is.

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  20. first of all you all obviously do not understand Ballard's teaching method and do not understand the fact that it works it is easier on the whole body forget just the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the connection is there it is the big muscles stay connected to the chest !! guess why Marciano and  Tyson  knocked everyone out with ease the upper body truly connected to the big muscles brace against right knee ?? yes and bam hit hard turn and bam no winding up reaching you were done you waited to long all wasted as in golf swing !!! CURTIS STRANGE WON TWO US OPENS SANDY LYLE WON MASTERS HAL SUTTON WAS PLAYING GREAT WON A PLAYERS WITH THIS SWING !!! AND ROCCO JUST WON SENIOR PGA TRY IT GOLFING AND NEXT TIME SOMEONE MESSES WITH YOU THEY WILL KNOW YOU AS ONE SHOT FRED!!!LOL but true!! slight lateral turn against right knee if you are right handed and bam never hurt my back after I learned his swing and could relate to it as I was a brawler as young man same theory brace right knee turn hard hit with big muscles never hit a man more than once just as I was blessed with distance flew it 300 yards with a persimmon driver x100 shafts ok I was 235lbs and full of strength and speed !! ok but  and strong then now I am 64 but this move works try it

  21. A bunch of hackers in here talking nonsense.

  22. Enjoyed the interview.  I always wished Rocco had won at Torrey.  I remember when Ballard's book came out, almost bought it, may still hunt for it on Ebay.  I like his folksy style.

  23. OK now how about the same lesson for us lefties

  24. What does this guy Rocco know. I bet he couldn't beat a guy with a broken leg.

  25. I like it it does have as much flash speed in more traditional method with spinning hips and quick hands however it's very consistent and of you happen to be strong in the upper body then I can see this working with only minor speed loss and less back pain.

  26. lots of lips tied instruction

  27. Thanks! I am 58 and working to change to this swing.

  28. Interesting at about the 6:00 – 6:30 mark Rocco explains how the club is "light" when the shaft is upright and "heavy", dragging the head down, when it's flat and behind you. Sounds a lot like Mike Malaska and trying to make the momentum of the club head work for you. Face it, if you just want to get around a course and play decently to well you can use this or any number of other swings. Whether this method can be used on Tour at all, much less win on Tour, is a separate question of interest to only a certain subset of golfers. As someone who would kill to be able to say I'm a 10-15 handicap, I'll try it.

  29. one question,where is the width in the golf swing,nowadays all good athletic players have wide takeaways.

  30. Ballard quotes Hogan often but Hogan dragged the club behind him (one planer) vs what Ballard advocates (2 plane upright swing). The 2 are like oil and water. They don't mix well

  31. Tiger…make that call!

  32. I want to than Y'all so much,,, I look forward to immediate improvement in the way my body feels and in accuracy. Thanks.

  33. I used this method the last time I golfed and tied my best score of the season. My driver went farther and produced low trajectory ball flights with a lot of backspin and the ball got small quicker which means I got more carry due to a higher ball speed with more backspin, so the extra backspin caused the low shot to float over the fairway. This method also allowed my to hit low wedges with a ton of backspin and really compressed the ball on the clubface, which means no more golf balls sliding up the clubface. I will need to play a few more rounds of golf to understand this method more completely, but so far it passes the sniff test.

  34. 9:39 : "Hogan talked about being taller at impact…"


    That's getting taller? How can they make these statements?
    You lose all credibility when the video of Hogan shows the opposite.

  35. No question, Jimmy Ballard is the best golf instructor in the business!

  36. Thank you Mr Ballard!

  37. This is pros copying manuel de la torre Peny has dropped

  38. Manual de la torre? ???

  39. @ 9:41 "You have to be Up to hit Down" – Percy Boomer "On Learning Golf" (1942)

  40. didn't sound solid to me… sounded like he slapped at the ball. pros crush the ball making a smacking sound i thought. worst through impact. watch lee trevino forget this shit.

  41. Anyone know why Rocco left Jimmy?

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  43. Jimmy Ballert “The golf swing is a simple athletic motion” Rocco five seconds later “The gold swing beats the living shit out of your body!!!!”

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    Worst pair of shorts I’ve ever seen

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