Jodi Reacts The Best | Kimi Capping Hard | Jodi About Sykkuno’s

Jodi Reacts The Best | Kimi Capping Hard | Jodi About Sykkuno’s

The druggist good cuz I got scared of Just I’m so easily scared, I hate it No, I’m sick, but I’m just saying like I feel so bad for headphone users But to be fair like that was it that doesn’t hurt my ears Maybe doesn’t hurt yours NeoTV fuck ass just dropped pagas just watched the entire 1 hour video in about 30 seconds Can’t believe you guys robbed a Walmart. That was a crazy story ly Truly the whole thing – we took everything Can we get a sub jungler for the first game when I say team you say work team Yep, come on Try oh Really you said it When I say team you say work team Do not lie You you Had a chair that had like absolutely no padding whatsoever used off this chair and before that I had a fucking steel holding chair Oh my god, what the fuck? Oh caris my solution. I hope you put a fill on it. So I don’t really gain too much I’m literally just helping them. Damn I guess I’m just such a good person, you know But um, let me think I’ve had a cyst before I fun fact. Yeah I had Surgery, this is the only time that I’ve ever had like a surgery Oh actually, okay, I my wisdom teeth removed but before I never had like a surgery or had been um, I Was literally just about to say put to sleep And that’s not what happened to me when you’re put under his helm it’s called plans Peter I know this little Valentine’s Day looks like Honestly, that looks great I also need poop I’ma be honest, I would normally talk for like a tiny bit, but I really need to poop right now so Thanks for watching guys, I really appreciate it and I will see you guys next time which would probably be You’re gonna marry Superman okay, I’m gonna marry The Witcher actually You’re gonna make it Superman Yes, have you seen him half-naked he looks great John that is true I’d fuck him I Would I fuck him with kindness I Literally don’t give a shit about Harry Potter No bad person bad bad person bad nightmare bad person To the his a Leave mo alone leave mobile alone. He’s gone I don’t know. What happened. I Don’t know what happened. I Think you guys just hold that mouth. I thought I might fall I’m gonna push bottom They can’t I mean they can bear They can grab Harold. I think I’m gonna still say bottom and try and get to start it. Yeah You think yeah, everyone always our first like some people who are like crapped out Just tuned into the literal furs worthy haircut Okay. Somebody said I feel cracked out and I’m like Oh, I wonder like is because people say crack coat cocaine and I don’t know if is crack the same drug as cocaine No True I try but it’s not Yeah Makes it feel like it’s not for you. Fun. Just doesn’t get me going. You know, like if we get the motor Have you had fantasies about most people in offline No problem Take it off really fast so that there’s no pain one, two three Did it work Hey, there’s no hair now, so it’s going Oh my god across the street, yeah, yeah I’m sorry, I will grab your stuff. I love you. I’m sorry. I didn’t know I Don’t have anything to reload I Don’t have another mag And the rule is you do not talk during the runner ever ever ever Never Mic-check Well, I can’t tell if they could hear me Mic Check, hey, you’re supposed to do that one. The warm-ups are down fuckface. Like I said never talk when? I Know this guy. He got popular because he put YouTube videos of him beating streamers with Rumble mids We’re already at a disadvantage he beats My prime yeah, that’s it Dewey ffs now or later. Yeah, where is everyone? Hey, oh my god, yes Yes, I am still making a little dog Fuck Janet, how dare you say that? He’s calling a donkey donkeys are cool Yeah, you’re a donkey. Yeah. Thank you very much. Oink oink CS is amazing. She is not the right girl for you guys Yes, if you do not like the same games as a one-game as you’ve seen other there you break up with them It won’t work out Just because I want to make sure to experience it with you guys. Uh-huh. I know I’m so self-sacrificial That’s not a lie you know if The lie detector test to be so boring if I went through the lie detector test it’d be so boring if you like Okay, Kimmy. Do you think you’re the smartest of all your friends and might be like no and they’d be like true They’d be like hey, Kimmy Do you think you’re prettiest and I’d be like no, they’d be like true like hey Kimmy, would you sell yourself for money? I’d be like no, of course not and they’d be like true Me so boring. Hey Kimmy. Have you ever had like wild ass sex? I’d be like no Of course not I would never in my entire life and they’d be like true and I’d be like well That was the most boring lie detector test of all time. So I don’t even like That would be the most boring person Have I ever had a fantasy ball said I’d be like Oh, they’d be like true Oink Oink, scrims scrims scrims, Burning Out, Poki x Ninja TikTok, feelin like, part one part two, twitch rivals scrims, happy valentines day, Quarterjade reacts to Super Seducer, Sykkuno’s left handed, Jodi about sykkuno’s gf, top viewed clip, unboxing then games w friends, lol jodi reacts the best, Neytiri Jump Scaring Jodie in Fortnite, kimi stans celine, welcome back 😁, Kimi Capping Hard, chillin’ and then playing games :D, FUSCUTZ WITH VALKYRAE AND SYKKUNO!, bigwow the chances you were born, never talk in warmups, when i say team: i’m lagging You

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  1. I feel like every clip needs a jumpscare warning.

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  4. yo that fuslie clip about not talking during warm ups was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunyyyyy bro lmfao also didn't see the sykkuno clip

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