Joint Korean table tennis team once again teams up for action at 2018 ITTF Grand Finals

The final table tennis tournament of the season
is taking place in South Korea this week, and among the table tennis stars in action
is a unified Korean duo who have once again joined forces to try to win their second mixed
doubles title. Won Jung-hwan reports. Table tennis’s biggest stars are in the South
Korean city of Incheon, aiming for glory at the 2018 World Tour Grand Finals. The top 16 players in the men’s and women’s
singles, and the top eight teams in the men’s, women’s and mixed doubles, based on their
performances in the 12 World Tour events, are competing in the 4-day tournament which
opened on Thursday. And among the table tennis superstars, the
spotlight for this year’s tournament is on the joint Korean team. Jang Woo-jin from South Korea and Cha Hyo-sim
from North Korea have once again teamed up in the mixed doubles in front of South Korean
spectators. Jang and Cha won the mixed doubles title at
the Korea Open in Daejeon back in July,… They also played together at the Austria Open
last month, losing in the semifinals to a Chinese duo. The unified team faced 2017 world champions
( ) Maharu Yoshimura and ( ) Kasumi Ishikawa of Japan in their first match,… but backed
by the home crowd, they managed to earn a 3-to-2 victory. Ever humble, after the game, the united Korean
teammates complimented each other for a wonderful start. “I had some pressure during the game because
we were facing the defending champions in the first match. As I was nervous we dragged out the game for
quite long, but I think we managed to win because my sister did so well.” “My little brother did well and that is why
we grabbed a win today.” “With a victory in the quarterfinals stage
on Thursday,… the united Korean pair of Jang and Cha are one step closer to their
dream of being crowned mixed doubles champions for the second time in their international
careers. Won Jung-hwan, Arirang News, Incheon.”

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