[Jun’s 알쓸신탁] ep15. 쉐이크핸드 파워드라이브 [Shakehand Power Topspin] (ENG SUB)

[Jun’s 알쓸신탁] ep15. 쉐이크핸드 파워드라이브 [Shakehand Power Topspin] (ENG SUB)

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could you add english subtiles for english speakers? thank you….because of u i made eng sub.!!! pls~subscribe~ ^^ apply to the topspin and speed by rotating your body transfer your weight from left leg to right leg wang liqin’s weight moving Today we’re going to learn two situations of Power Topspin /1. against backspin /2. against block after loop amazing thighs / the source of power ^^ the difference loop and power topspin / loop: the racke needs to be lowered, from bottom to top swing / power topspin: You need to hold your racket up. Swing from back to forward. turn your body from R to L to generate big power open your racket like smash want to more power, use your left leg moving. to make power topspin, needs quick ready it’s late when u watch the ball & step around. so with stochastic situation, patterned situation, u have to step around without hesitation Quiz. which one is easier to make power topspin, backspin vs normalspin? A. backspin because backspin is slow. means more time to ready. to deal normalspin after loop. step back to make more timing # You must ignore the opponent’s spin # belief to my swing…say it !~belief! # You shouldn’t think too much. # is this heavy backspin? # is this light spin? # is this sidespin? #This instant of time, there’s a mistake. # You must ignore the opponent’s spin # say it~ belief ! ^^ When the ball is as high as possible with quick ready. # Power Topspin, Racket high+ball top position+rotation of body+weight moving ah~~~i’m so tired ~~~lol~~~ open your racket/ quick ready/ Wait as long as you can./ needs quick swing speed Second part, power topspin after loop loop spin, close to the table, next ball come long, so step back and make distance. adjust the distance with left leg moving when u attack. show us how to do it it’s important making a space after loop ok! stop! let’s go eat something~lol~ ^^

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  1. could you add english subtiles for english speakers? thank you.

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