Justice online – Full Install Guide 2019 – Play Free!

Justice online – Full Install Guide 2019 – Play Free!

What is going on my guys. For a few weeks now Justice Online has come
back into the spotlight a little bit with the massive story recently about some guy
stealing his friend’s character which had over 1.4 million dollars spent on it and then
selling it accidentally for like 500 dollars….Then Peon made a video about it the other day and
well, since he didn’t do a guide on how to install it, here’s mine. Enjoy and let me know in the comments as always
if you have an issues with any of the steps and I’ll be around to help out as I do read
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content and check out my latest videos for news, reviews, guides and other videos on
the mmorpg genre. Let’s get started on the guide. First up, what you’ll need for this video
and what i’ll be using. You’ll need a gmail or 163 email address,
a phone number that you can do 2 factor on, the game of course and a vpn service to connect to china. So first up let’s download justice online
because it will take longer than every other step since the game is pretty big and everything
else takes 5 minutes or less to do. So go to the download link in the description,
it’s the one to start with, click on the golden button on the left hand side,
this will download the installer. When it’s done, open it , click the blue button
in the middle and wait for it to finish. When it’s complete it will boot up the launcher,
when the launcher opens click on the bottom of the two buttons in the bottom right hand
side of your screen. This will open the installation screen, this
is pretty self explanatory it works the same as any other screen in english except….this
one is in chinese. So there’s a button on the right to change
the download path, then the big glowing golden button is the one we want to press to start
downloading the game. once you press that, another will appear,
press the left hand side box. The game is now downloading, congratulations,
you’re a third of the way done. Next up let’s make our account on the chinese
website which is admittedly slightly trickier than usual but I found some tips to make it
much easier. So go to the next link in the description
it again will be a link. Then click the golden button at the bottom
of the screen, this will take you to a sign in or sign up page that looks like this. Click the small text under the main golden
button on the right, this opens a registration for the service. I used my regular gmail address on here and
then put in a password randomly from google chrome. Next up the fun part, we have to do a captcha
test that is in chinese. Now if you are a clever lad like myself, you’ll
be doing all this using google chrome auto translation right? Well if you do that, you’ll get to the captcha
and the words to look for, will be in english…But the words in the picture are in chinese….So
you’ll actually be fucked. So you have to untranslate the page, make
sure you’re seeing the chinese text underneath here in the quotation marks and then it’s
basically just like playing a game of matching shapes. Once you’re through the captcha that’s literally
the hardest thing done and we’re almost finished. After this you’ll have to verify your phone
number, Now you can translate the page back to English or alternatively just look through
for your countries international code for phone numbers. For the UK ours is +44 , so I put in my phone
number which I’ll skip showing you because that would probably be a bad thing to show
the internet. I then press this button on the right which
if you have translated will say get verification, I received a text message within about 10
seconds though this can vary, put the number into the box, pressed the accept the terms
button and then the big blue one. I then got an email , clicked the link in
there to confirm and I was done. That is now two thirds complete. Next up, we get a vpn service
and install it. I’m using exitlag, you can use whatever you
want but I won’t advocate any products I wouldn’t personally use myself. So go to the link in the video description
titled exitlag, just as a disclaimer this is an affiliate link, so using that link will
help support my channel directly and also you’ll get a 20% discount, so a win win really,
sign up for an account from the red button saying free trial in the top right, sign up
for this with your choice of email, create the account, confirm the email if there is
one, I registered 6 months ago so I can’t remember if it does or not. Head over to the my account button and sign
in if you’re not already…I feel like this part of the guide is very simple since you
know it’s all in English…So I’ll just say yeah download exitlag, install it just like
any other normal program, choose where to install it, press next or yes until it’s done. Then launch exitlag and log in, it may take
a minute to start up at first as it’s checking your network etc against their servers. When it’s done and you’re on this screen,
use the top left search box to find Justice online, press the dropdown box at the top,
choose china, press apply routes and you’re done….That’s literally it. Less than 5 minutes. With exitlag the red circle under the game
means the vpn is active for that game. You’re now good to go, when the game is finished
installing just hit the big blue button on the lower right hand corner, wait for the
game to load up, press the left hand side button on the agreement, no idea what this
thing was saying but click the blue button at the bottom, sign in with the account you
created earlier from the website , hit the blue button and you’re on. Watch the cutscene, create your character,
I recommend using the randomised chinese names….And just spoiler alert, it’s an asian mmorpg that
isn’t gender locked, weird I know…I was amazed. Now just before I end the video, I’ll talk
a bit because who doesn’t like a bit of talking right? So I haven’t actually played Justice Online
yet…So I can’t say if it’s worth downloading or not…I just know that I haven’t seen any
well done video guides on how to install the game or maybe I missed them, but since it’s
a pretty popular topic right now thought I’d do one since my previous install guide videos
have been very well received. So you guys will have to let me know if you
want to see me cover or talk about this game in more detail on the channel or just let
me know if you’ve played it and what you think as I have followed the game a few years now
but never actually played it since I had no reason to before starting up doing youtube
videos. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
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  2. exitlag wouldn't bring my ping to a playable state for sure so its unnecessary to even install it.
    high ping + korean language is a big no for me sadly.

    thanks anyway for the Guide, keep it up 🙂

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    RIP moonlightblade, justice online and Ascent: Infinite Realm (A:IR) that takes too long to release aswell

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