[K-POP Quiz] [아이돌퀴즈] 외국인이 부르는 K-POP 노래제목 맞히기 [포켓TVX놀아줘클럽] 55화

[K-POP Quiz] [아이돌퀴즈] 외국인이 부르는 K-POP 노래제목 맞히기 [포켓TVX놀아줘클럽] 55화

Hello, we’re the [Play With Me Club] Chang-hyeon Geon-roung Hyein And Na-ye from Clevr TV YAAAAAY!! Everyone, today, Na-ye from Clevr TV has joined us. Hello, I’m Na-ye from Clevr TV, and I’m 13 years old. Chang-hyeon, you always had Dodam next to you. First off, I think she’s got a nicer personality than Dodam. And it makes me feel safe. Sorry, Sis… Chang-hyeon!!!!! We’ve got another guest on [Play With Me Club] today. Please come out~! A foreign guest came to [Play With Me Club]. I am from Australia Geon-roung, let’s hear a word from you. Sorry? What’s your name? My name is Liam Liam, I’ve heard that name from one of the actors. Was it Liam Hemsworth? Alright, today, Liam has come to play a fun game with you at the [Play With Me Club]. Can you give us an interpretation? – A bit, a bit
– That’s a relief. Today’s topic is. Today’s quiz! Guess the title of the K-pop song that Liam sings. For your information, Liam barely knows any Korean songs. That should be fun. Liam doesn’t know a single Korean song. Mr. Producer, you’re mean! We’ll move on to the first question. (Hardest difficulty quiz ever) – It IS K-pop, right?
– Yeah, K-pop. Once more. Oh, a female song. Everyone, try guessing along. Oh! “Lil’ Touch” by Girls’ Generation. You’re close! – Na-ye!
– Yes, Na-ye. “Into the New World” by Girls’ Generation. Correct!! Let’s check the answer! We’ll move on to the next song. Me, “Power Up” by Red Velvet?! Wrong! “Like OOH-AHH” by Twice. Correct! Liam, Liam! Let’s check the answer! Everyone, try guessing along. Mamamoo, Mamamoo, Mamamoo,. Oh! “Twit” by Hwasa. Correct!! ‘Twit~ Yeah, yeah~’ Aw, seriously, why! Let’s check the answers. Is it gonna be a female song, or a male song this time? This time, it’s a female song. ‘Female song’?(in Korean) Everyone, try guessing along. Me! “RBB” by Red Velvet? Wrong! Bad Boy? Wrong! The triple high notes, what was that? Oh?! “Through the Night” by IU. Wrong! ‘But I like you, oppa*~!’
(*=a word used by women to refer to a man older than them, related or not; often has romantic connotations) Good Day! -Good day!
-Correct! Let’s check the answer -I even sang that song.
-Did you hear the triple high notes? triple high notes. -Ok, next song.
-Ok. Everyone, try guessing along. It sounds like an Italian song. I want to go (Gagoshipeunde) Oh! Me! It’s Rough by Gfriend. Wrong. Blah blah, blah blah. I don’t know the name. Me! Glass Bead by Gfriend! Wrong Me! Me gustas tu by Gfriend! Correct. We finally got it right. Let’s check the answer -Last , last
-Okay. -We need to get this one.
-Let’s go! We can do it. Everyone, try guessing along. Snapping by Chungha. Nope. Me! Feel Special by Twice! Correct! Let’s check the answer (Hyein is singing Feel Special) Good job. Okay. So let’s check the result of the 1st round. Chang-hyeon 1 point. Na-ye 1 point. Geon-roung 1 point. Hyein 3 points. Now we still have the second round. So, the 2nd round would be In the next episode, Liam shows his hidden dancing skills. Why are you so good at it? It’s either cool or cute or unique. Please stay tuned for Liam’s Kpop dance quiz! Answers for the quiz of the day for the viewers Guess the 3 songs played at the same time. The answers for the first question Hi High by Loona Me by CLC Shine by Pentagon The answers for the second question Say My Name by ATEEZ MIC Drop by BTS Zimzalabim by Red Velvet The answers for the third question Alligator by MONSTA X Highway to Heaven by NCT 127 Run Away by Tomorrow by Together The answers for the fourth question Adios by EVERGLOW BOSS by NCT U Jopping by SuperM Quiz of the day for the viewers Guess the Songs Liam’s singing. First question Second question Leave comments down below if you know the answers! Please Subscribe and Like~

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  1. 오늘은 놀아줘클럽에 손님이 두명이나 찾아왔어요.
    Today we have two guests at [Play With Me Club].
    나예와 리암이 손님으로 왔어요! 이들과 함께 벌이는 K-POP 퀴즈!!
    Naye and Liam are the guests! K-POP quiz with them!
    재미있게 보고 구독자 퀴즈 정답도 댓글에 달아주세요
    Have fun and comment on your subscriber quiz answers


    I love bangtan

  3. 1. SHINee Lucifer OR ChungHa RollerCoaster
    2. TWICE Let's dance at night away OR Girls' Generation Gee

  4. Yes you guys did English subs and now I know what they are saying

  5. 1. Girls generation …into to the new world. …violeta.

  6. 놀아줘 클럽 사랑해요~!!

  7. Where is Do Dam? ??

  8. I like dodam:(?❤

  9. 1.shinee-lucifer
    2.g-idle senorita

  10. (G) IDLE LION


  12. Lmao. I wanna join :<

  13. Lion: g-idle
    Violeta: iz*one

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