Karakal Raw 120 – Squash Racket Review

Karakal Raw 120 – Squash Racket Review

Jason here from the pursuit of squash in
this video I will be presenting my review of the Karakal Raw 120 racket
Karakal’s goal with this racket was to provide a lightweight and cost-effective
racket for players that prefer something in the 120 gram range their site
mentions that they even cut down on paint and finish to reduce weight before
I get into the review I’ll go through some of the technical specs it’s a close
throw balanced racket with a 120 gram frame weight it has a 480 centimeter
square of head size with a 14 by 18 straight string pattern I believe it is
strung up with caracals nano 125 string on the grip you obviously had of
Karakal’s PU super grip now hit with this racket for five or six
sessions what did I think of it by the end in terms of control this racket was
very good I was never surprised by where the ball
ended up after leaving the strings my shots were predictable and quite
consistent due to the shape of the head scraping the ball off the wall was also
a bit easier as there is a little bit more surface area near the top of the
frame to work with due to the lightweight nature of the racket it
really favors players that like to volley aggressively it’s quick to get
into the ready position and strike through the ball another area this
racket performed quite well was in hitting tight drives I scratched up the
bumper quite a bit already scraping the ball off the wall definitely a good
thing one area I did struggle with however was generating power I tested
this racket out left-handed where my skill level is closer to that of a
beginner especially when compared to my slightly heavier Victor racket i had
more trouble hitting the sweet spot consistently with the weight of the
racket being so low you really need good contact and a lot of head speed to pound
the ball to the back of the court however had I been hitting right-handed
I wouldn’t have had an issue in this area I mentioned this because this
racket is actually marketed towards beginner / intermediate players I
personally would suggest this racket for intermediate to advanced players where
power generation is not a concern advanced players could also really take
advantage of the manoeuvrability and really punish their opponents with an
aggressive volley game when I did make a good connection with
the ball it did take off like a rocket overall I think this racket is very
solid it’s on the lower end of caracals price range but if you’re an
intermediate or an advanced player looking for a slightly more
budget-friendly option you won’t be disappointed here thanks to
you mo dot CA for providing me with this racket to test out check out the
description for links to you mo where you can find some awesome deals on
victor caracal and black night squash equipment

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  1. Hi, im 13 yrs old and started playing squash about 3 months ago, i must say that your videos have been helping me a lot with my squash and i appreciate what you do, btw i bought your premium on your app and i absolutely love it! Greetings from sweden

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