KBC 3 – SRK – Insulted by a Lady Professor

I watch you in your movies. Earlier I didn’t use to consider you as a good actor. And I have always noted it that if you say it honestly… …then you can feel it that you are mannerism is quite similar to Mr. Shammi Kapoor. No! In the field of intensity you’ve very expressive eyes. SRK: Oh! You are praising me!
Lady: First you listen to it completely.
SRK: I thought you were still scolding me! Lifelines have finished. A last option that you might not take that’s why I’m not saying it but it’s my duty to tell you… You may leave the game … but here people don’t leave the game but say that “Sahrukh, please hug me!”. Lady: No!
SRK: But you won’t take the option maybe you will scold me or something. She is very strict! OK Mr. Khan I’d not like to take any risks at this stage. I don’t have any wish to hug you on this show. I quit. SRK: I will get tears in my eyes now.
Lady: You should have said “I’m happy to be safe!” No no. I want to hug you because you’ve played so nicely, so beautifully…. … and I wanted to share that beautifulness and love…. take your blessings. The votive offering that you expressed for me will be there with me after this show as well. Insah Allah You come here, over here. SRK: I have a request to you. You are very, strict you stand here. Will you feel bad if I give this cheque to your mom?
Lady: Yes yes. No.
SRK: Because she will definitely hug me! Bless me.
Thank you. Please sit. And thank you very much. The daughter didn’t give but the mother gave. How does it matter! I love you and wish you all the best in life. You become very very very successful.
Whatever good things you want do from your heart in life may get fulfilled.

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