KEM BADMINTON ASTRO – Why Player Shout During Game?

KEM BADMINTON ASTRO – Why  Player Shout During Game?

Shuri Ito & Kakano (Japan Junior Team) Interpreter: Could you share with us, is there any significant you shouting during the game? The reason of we shouting during the game is it gives us / built up our spirit to perform our best in the game and also to maintain our focus in the game.. When we are focusing, our confident level increased to fight for the points. Sometimes, you can hear the kid, after each rally.. when they win, when they score a value they always shout to cheer up themselves and sometimes, even though we can also see some young players, once they lost a point, they also have a small shout, also to cheer themselves up. I will say this is a good gesture or practice especially for beginner and for young shuttlers because because sometimes, they need to constantly shout out so that they can release some of their tension.. and some of their fear during a match.. and also it helps to calm themselves down when they are really getting nervous especially when the points are very close with the opponent. Other than that, when they are winning, you just want to maintain the kind of psychological advantage over your opponent. so in my opinion, giving a shout can boost up a player’s confidence which is very important during a game.. ..because a player need a lot of confidence to believe in themselves in making every decision on the game strategy. Hence, shouting during a match is always encouraged by our coaches.

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