Kent & Medway Business Games 2015 1280×720

Good afternoon, welcome to Strood Leisure Centre And thank you for coming along today. This is the very first Kent and Medway Business Games The Kent and Medway Business Games is part of the Workplace Challenge, and its all about getting people more active in their daily lives The event is a great opportunity for colleagues to come together to represent their workplace and to try new sports To battle it out against other businesses, and to see who will be crowned as our Business Games champion for 2015 First time I played it, really really enjoyable, really fast, yeah, definitely play it again Bit of fitness, you can’t go wrong – the weather’s nice and sunny, it’s all good and dandy It’s about having lots of fun, getting active, with a bit of healthy competition thrown in too The touch rugby was hard work, but good fun. We got absolutely hammered, beaten 11-4 They were bigger, quicker, stronger and younger than us, but we had a good time Today from an RFU perspective, its brilliant to have loads of people trying touch rugby Which is one of the many formats you can play rugby in, and hopefully they’ll take part at one of their local clubs Today has been really fantastic and the team bonding has been brilliant I’ve really enjoyed myself, really well organised, the sun’s shining and I’ve got to spend lots of fun time with my workmates You really get to be competitive, its great for health and wellbeing and staff morale as well because you meet different people from different departments and you also get to meet different people from all different businesses as well It’s really important for National Grid to be here today. We’re a large, local employer and we enjoy these local community activities We brought a team from Ashford Borough Council of people of mixed ability and ages, so everyone’s been involved involved and its been brilliant to have everyone exercising and taking part in games against other people from the whole of Kent Today’s been really good, I’ve just really enjoyed playing all the different sports It’s great as a team building exercise, and it’s been really well organised and I’m looking forward to coming back next year I’ve really enjoyed it, I’ve enjoyed getting involved in all the sports – my favourite was the sit-down volleyball. It’s been a good opportunity to meet people from different organisations, network, make a few new contacts Yeah it’s been a great day, the team have done really well, we’ve had a fantastic time and it’s been really good to win the Business Games

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