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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Abhinav’s asked us a question about Kenta
Matsudaira’s backhand sidespin block. It’s quite an amazing shot when you see it
live and in full speed. What Kenta’s doing is he’s varying the type of block he’s doing
to his opponent. So most of the time he’s blocking normally with the ball going back
with some topspin so he’s just blocking straight on but sometimes as a change up he’s coming
across the ball with the contact or even underneath the ball with the contact so basically this
is the angle of the bat and he’s coming underneath the ball here so he’s putting backspin and
sidespin on the ball. Amazing really isn’t it? Now this block is really unusual, not many
players in the World do it during games and the top players in the World seem to struggle
against it, is it really effective? It can be really effective. We’ve seen Kenta
play it against some of the top Chinese players like Ma Long and have success so he’s actually
making them make an error because of the variation of the block. OK. Now is this something we should be rushing
out to learn or is it better to learn the block first? It’s definitely more important to learn the
basic block first. If you haven’t got a basic block then this is not effective because if
you do this all the time the other person’s going to have basically just a slow sidespin
ball that they’re going to be able to attack so where it is effective is if you’ve got
a really good strong straight block and then sometimes you can change it up like Kenta
does. OK. Very good. Now one of the things I find
incredible is how he can get the angle back and get backspin even when there’s heaps of
topspin on it. How does he do it? It’s amazing. It takes a lot of touch and
that’s why it’s not a shot that you know day 1 you should go out and start to practice
this shot. It takes a lot of touch. The ball’s coming really fast with a lot of topspin and
he’s able to get enough touch just to be able to slide underneath the ball and get that
ball back. It’s almost like doing a chop from close to the table off a really fast Ma Long
topspin. Alright. That sounds interesting. I’m going
to have a little go at the varying blocks. I might try and do a standard one,
a sidespin one, and then a backspin one. See how I go. I reckon it’s going to be pretty
hard. OK. Let’s see how you go Jeff.

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