KeSPA Cup 2019 GCA vs GENG highlights game 2 | KeSPA Cup 2019 GC Busan vs Gen.G game 2.

KeSPA Cup 2019 GCA vs GENG highlights game 2 | KeSPA Cup 2019 GC Busan vs Gen.G game 2.

a little bit bizarre but we’re probably
just gonna have the mordekaiser trying to find the aralia but then the rise
comes in and now all of the short-range on GC a is just inferior to the brawling
ability of Genji three two one okay let me old it inside really an owl bottom
side execute looking extraordinarily low in first blood once again gonna go over
to rule a shock trying to get it back here as rule of flashes heels and he’s
gonna keep himself alive shock may not be as lucky now as he has to flash a
really clean crash and recall off we can also see how it all transpires so Helen
opening with the either just poles but fresh he goes with the death sentence on
to the misfortune and because of the warden satisfied from clearing that one
out so so far everything working as expected here for Genji 1300 gold in the
lead was just that first blood and a dragon on the board it becomes a toss up
on infernal and ocean depending on Jim calm okay yeah so we’re praying for an
ocean is always a bit of a fight here down towards the bottom side as bullet
time is canceled early execute made his way out of that as now Kellan is gonna
have to run for the hills the passive shield does come up as ruler has decided
to stand in fight and he’s doing so beautifully is that going to be the
double it is triple kill should eventuate but no it is going to be
stopped by song you but still a win for Genji and a giant amount of money in the
board of roller is the max range hook that’s what that extra buff meant for
Kellan it means picking up a kill and delivering it handily earlier on
certainly is a helping out there as Shelley pops her way around the side
surely going to be available this game as well so looking forward to saying hi
to her 66% of her health falling down there poor Shelley she struggles a
little bit to deal with head-butting these tarts these days as arrow is going
to land on to the Blitzcrank the kick back is gonna come in Bethesda bullet
time and oh my god the Blitz lasted for so damn long
there’s the Vanguard’s edge in the midlane be today fighting against scala
here as shock eventually Falls the double kill comes in is beated eat does
get the flash out but when this void rush there is definitely a dead a trucks
Andrew unfortunately makes seconds until the infernal dragon coming up for I is
super fat inside of this game we take another look at how this transpires
really nice stun lands there by bdd and the blade surges to softening up dealing
a lot of damage prey seeker lands allows for the void rush to come through and
chlid the same side means that almost guaranteed MVP awards over to drag an
exponential and I mean at this point Genji I think is the the team that has
clearly lived up to the expectation they might be how to get some decent damage
here plates have fallen down so the defense is on these turrets gonna be
relatively low is uh okay realm walk gonna spot out Slugger he’s
gonna get CC deaths grasp is onto himself from what it looked like brings
everyone in this says take me to the death chamber knee does so and I mean
it’s as well so certainly some fun ones rearing their heads could have a lot of
different options when it comes to group C that’s the one that’s gonna be all
open as Slugger now taking a lot of damage ruler just trying to fight him in
the death round but whose death realm is it as slug is gonna get bullet timed
walks out of the way of it but it doesn’t even really matter here as ruler
was taking barely any damage from the very anemic mordekaiser well this I’m
pretty sure this game is completely over yeah I mean that planet over the arrow
was beautiful there by Kellan box goes up though execute gonna survive for the
moment the feed it he dives in from the side oh no that was not the lantern you
wanted to take as the Blitzcrank rocket grab just shoots execute and he dies
named incorrectly I think or at least slightly unfortunately as surely comes
down and she’s gonna ram her skull into this inner turret and Genji you’re gonna
follow us she’s gonna get two doses of turret this time around 66% current
health means that she’s not gonna suicide do it based on the amount of
damage that we saw come out last time and she’s gonna be the way come out last
time and she’s gonna be the way that this inhibitor turret falls down an
eighteen and a half minutes into the game
we get ourselves in inhibited not quite grapes we keep killing their own creeps
and it would allow Genji to try to slowly recover inside of the game and
interesting ly enough if Genji is leveling GCA
they would acknowledge that and back off immediately after getting the inhibitor
turret because it’s way too early in the games that are also being granted
why does rise have a Morello nomicon why not just build a book yeah he’s he’s
quick he’s done arrows going to piss the heavens and now slugga finds himself in
amongst a very angry Genji clit already taking down the jungle ax as in to the
back line goes me today and he’s just destroying these members slugger is in
there did manage to take down ruler at least but he does go down for the triple
kill on beat at each side this could be another Quadra for a Genji player but
the flash out from scarlet become a thing I mean at this point they’re gonna
end up getting the baron and then after that they’ll probably just end up
resetting and then that should just be the doom push I don’t even think they
need to play side lanes I think they’re so far ahead in the nature of their team
composition with the Blitzcrank so long as they escort the minion wave correctly
guys are able to pick up the kill they’re on to ruler just really doesn’t
matter fnatic brush immediately quit is going to press his a stopwatch button
and the rocket grab is gonna come down goodbye scholar that’s gonna be that
first kill a double kill the bullet time is certainly there fer Ola
grabs himself a cheeky triple kill and Genji clean up that’s gonna be the ACE
and that will be the game very close to know you know yeah I don’t think even
gingy a happy about doing this right now I feel a little bit uncomfortable very
happy well I yeah you’d like winning he likes
a lot of winning but this is not a lot of competition right now is that was a
cute little kickback trying to land that one onto Roscoe with the arrow but it
just does not work and look at how far behind they are this is the slogan ‘m
with your wallets scenario after health bar of this nexus the flash from ruler
just for the fun of it just to get down to brass tacks he wants this one over he
is hungry it’s gonna have some christmas dinner and he’s gonna do it way earlier
than a lot of our other teams in the casbah cup for 2019 Genji m’q

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