KeSPA Cup 2019 KNC vs DRX highlights game 2 | KeSPA Cup 2019 Keg Chungnam vs DragonX game 2.

KeSPA Cup 2019 KNC vs DRX highlights game 2 | KeSPA Cup 2019 Keg Chungnam vs DragonX game 2.

go all ad yeah they have no attack power
or no ape no ability power sorry no wait wait Thresh steals I mean well
Thresh kills obviously some magic Varis I can’t imagine that they would go ap
virus they could maybe go on hit virus with the wit’s end and with goo ensues
and obviously deal is they’re gonna be setting up for a gank given a meeting
lost out on that flash so should have some inkling of an idea that the Leeson
will want to hover around that side of the map so far he’s still in mid as a
lot of damage is gonna be coming out meaning he’s dead very dangerously close
sliver of HP here comes pure shook he spotted out needs to land that sonic
wave and he does so and so there’s a resonating trick there’s the first one
he’ll just go ahead and – his way out so already a much better start for both so
he did slot you know swap way I really liked the discipline from jovi he easily
had the kill on to the Orillia but ended up actually letting her live just so
that Leeson could come up there and partake in it so a lot of value able to
be achieved everything jumped on though needs that extra but a shilling coming
through the sliver might just be enough and now the church shot comes through as
a Pyrrhic will be able to fine the second kill dashes forward off the ward
stun will come in so meeting you’re suppose Renekton has some CS that he
still has to get an infernal dragon still available and on the map gonna
become inclusive jovi have to having to change up his path and trying to escape
now my mom was just chucking these Spears but not really finding the
connections a – back through doesn’t quite get the weak spot though do as
much damage as you would like but finds one there on – meaning you’re lower and
lower and just eluding the stuns eluding the traps trying to find this one be two
victories that challenge gonna be thrown down meaning likely to fall there you go
challenge completed repost comes out finds the slow now on to the Nidalee
and just for good measure Doran is there but effectively a 1v2
double kill for Cho V who again is just showing his mechanical skill yeah tobe
favor of Dragon X’s Doran just gonna be chipping away
Eisen as much as he can Yankees coming through that’s good hold on ice cleanse
off there from Dorn fairly quick on the trigger where that in the meantime and
we’ll just see a kill coming through in the bot lane is deaf does manage to down
enjoy gonna be going golden as is kit trying to create some distance I missed
time on the flight but the piercing arrow comes through and Kiara is going
to be just fine yeah they managed to outplay it and now Jovi
yep it’s gone back in up top post will be coming through all gonna be tossed
out but the grand challenge is completed so another kill gonna be found her shot
however on the back end does manage to find a kill for meaning so they shut
down show before the moment Tyson with that cute does that managed to take down
care yet but it’s gonna be at the cost of muggle again who is just gay I mean
she’s level 6 at 12 minutes yeah no it’s not the the best spot to be in in this
game is take a quick look at the replay here Varis walking up the misfortune
kiria able to land everything and it looked like it was going to be a 1 for 2
not really sure why not Ellis follows with stopwatch obviously the differences
in the time means that pretty good support there very solid stuff from him
and that’s gonna be another hook landed does he pursue over the wall just gonna
be waiting and instead just has enough damage to absolutely destroy Michael so
things like that won’t be utilized by Keiji to attempt to come back or well
dragon actually looking to actively do it either 15 seconds now until the cloud
dragon comes up though didn’t have the vision there try to get the hook but my
lungs still gonna be a grand challenge comes through yet again Jovi just
ripping him it to pieces finds or posts though gets the weak spot Eisen trying
to retreat as best as he possibly can while poppy ultimate but it does not do
anything for him the box comes through in the backend of the hook and now KITT
has put himself in a very dire spot all he wanted to do was help out his
teammates but he’s uh not allowed to do that gets taken down and yeah we had a
joy die at some point so I’m sure we’ll have a replay and find out what happened
in the mid lane alright well hopefully a replay is gonna show us as looks like
police in gonna raise that top tier to turret as this is sort of what I was
talking about earlier on irelia now gonna be eating the golems of in
Italy but this game is completely over oh yeah I feel like I’m watching a
Michael Bay movie it’s like this thinly veiled plot that we’re trying to follow
along with but it keeps cutting it is something that is interesting to point
out we actually haven’t had a surrender in a very long time but this is
definitely one of the games that could fit the criteria it’s just me now you
take the second dragon so that they can have a soul of a dragon but also have
three charges of it is intentional I definitely think it was for Game one but
I don’t know I don’t think that’s the case for this one I think I think they
just say you know what why waste the time picking it up just kill him instead
well I could be wrong but that’s how I’m feeling especially after watching my go
and get killed in the middle of a 1v5 and now can’t just I mean like you know
oh it’s letting death get the kill pressing him we’re actually not on
twitch because I’m pretty sure this game would violate TOS with what is actually
transpiring on the screen so look I mean come on
like cioppino is dude he’s just he’s – he’s just way too ahead they know that
they can’t try to fight him he knows that he’s gonna get out or he’s gonna
kill them all which is what’s happening right now Pio chick arrives they take
him down Aizen just trying to run away but he’s running straight at Dornoch
area so it’s this is we’ve gone full clown fiesta and Geneva Convention made
us and I’m not quite sure what is really going on in this game I don’t know if
they’re gonna actually be able to end pre 20 but it looks like they might be
trying against the Nautilus and it gets away well what is happening this is well
it’s dynamic queue now so I can’t take it serious anymore so Star
Wars it’s coming out on the 8th I’m not looking forward to not like the last one
I thought that the last Jedi was one of the worst that I’ve seen it actually
managed to avoid all spoilers I have as well I am and I hadn’t even viewed
anything on Twitter which was all surprise yeah means no one’s going but I
don’t really know what’s going on there unfortunately there’s a lot of people
going to do it I’m gonna you know I’ll go in I’ll give it a chance and then see
how it goes let’s watch my gonna die and we got one be five again by the way I
actually have to point out that middle east skin is beautiful actually whatever
whoever designed this middle east mouth aren’t you aware celestial the ones from
Luigi from Legion yeah I thought there was a celestial mount that came out and
ratha Lich King there is but there’s also like a kind of like a yeah I
believe in Legion okay with the called the other the other elves but meeting so
who do you who are you gonna give the MVP for this game I actually think it’s
just Jovi yeah it’s it’s a matter percent jelly I
think there’s a there’s a chance if the rules were a little bit different we
could give it to muggle but I think that you know to be fair and
within the rules we have to give it to children
yeah it’s it’s it’s definitely either Jovi or its carrier but those are the
two easy picks obviously everybody overall on the side
of Dragon X has been playing really well Doran has kind of been absent like we
haven’t seen that much from him but when everybody else is just getting a
highlight reel and he’s just kind of passively there chipping away at people
you know you’re not gonna pay that much attention to the Quinn yep so there you
have it guys so pre 20 minutes Mex is gonna be going down 27 to 3 so 9 times
that kills here for Dragon X they very handedly take down a page
until knob

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