Kicks & Kickings – Episode 1 | DVTCH NORRIS

Kicks & Kickings –  Episode 1 | DVTCH NORRIS

Yaow. This is Lowkey Kicks & Kickings,
a concept where we interview rappers while polishing their sneakers. Today we have a rapper from Ekeren
who recently moved to Brussels. I’m curious. So, Dvtch Norris, how are you?
– I’m good, bro. Thanks for having me. Of course. You are from Ekeren, Antwerp.
– Yes, you did your research. Ekeren. You recently moved to Brussels,
probably to be more involved with music. Yes, definitely one of the reasons.
– How was the switch? It’s crazy, Antwerp and Brussels
are so different. More than I thought. I knew it was going to be
an adjustment culture-wise, but not that it would be
such a big adjustment. But in a positive way.
I love being here. Definitely. Ah, Si Si. You’ve come to Brussels. I heard you’ve seen
the dirty sides of Brussels. Yeah, I’ve seen some crazy shit.
– Tell me about it. Well, I was on my way
to the museum and uh… some crazy shit happens. I done seen a dude smoking crack
in broad daylight. Day three in Brussels.
Yeah, that was crazy. That was really a reality check. Where people could see him?
He was just there? Yeah, with a can.
Just doing his thing. And that was really a reality check.
Like, oh shit. But back to the sneakers. Those are Air Forces, apparently.
If I’m not mistaken. Yes. But, this here… That’s…
-Yes, exactly. It look likes a collab.
Where did you get them from? I don’t know if it’s a collab. By the way, I’m bad with sneakers.
Like names and stuff. Don’t worry. I’ve got my guy Tony.
– Voilà, voilà. He gon’ teach you
– You gon’ learn today. You gon’ learn today. We’re going to clean them,
because they look a bit dirty, huh? Uhu, let’s go. So, Tony. Ça va?
– Everything good? Yes man, with you?
– Of course. This is Tony, Tony from KARAT. Hey.
– Nice to meet you. What do you know about these shoes?
– Air Force 1, Utility. Volt, I think from 2018. Yes, 2018. It also looks new.
– A fairly recent model. Not like the vintage pairs we have here.
But it’ll do. Do you want a drink?
– Uh, yeah. We have cocktails, you know.
– What do you like to drink? I don’t drink anymore.
– Oh, shit. We also have home-made iced tea.
– Aight, cool. Thanks. I’ll return them in a moment. Okay Dvtch,
we’re going to play a little game. We’ve put together videos
that feature a sneaker. When the sneaker appears,
we’ve put a different image. I’ll start, to show how it works.
– Okay. If you don’t know this one,
there’s a problem. Now I have to guess what it is,
and I think it’s Chunks. Let me show you. Listen carefully. For the next one, you know how it works?
– Okay. I’m going to let you play. That’s so funny. But what do you think it is?
Do I have to replay it? Again. I wanna see that shit again.
That’s a meme. Which sneaker could it be? …to avoid a… Make a wild guess if you don’t know. I don’t know, man.
– Chill, we’re going to check. Currently I’m winning 1-0. Damn. I wear New Balance
to avoid a narrow path. Shout out to A Tribe Called Quest.
– Ah, you recognized it. This is Craig Mack. Let’s see. That shit throws you off so badly.
– Yeah, but wait… I would say Timbs. Inch’allah, inch’allah.
– Yes, definitely Timbs. New York, Craig Mack. Pro-keds? Never heard of it.
– Wow. That no longer exists.
– I don’t even know it. Actually, they are…
– Zehma, you know nothing. But whatever. They prepared difficult questions.
– I think they’re still making them. Maybe gon’ buy it?
– They fire. Do you want to see them again?
– Yeah. Chuck Taylor-like shoe. Oh, they’re hot. I like how it’s built.
All Stars, but better built. The next one is for you.
– Okay. The Nikes on my feet
make my cipher complete. Yeah. Okay. We’ll see if it’s correct. Could you cut that shit out?
– No, no. But it’s Nikes on my feet make…
– That’s another one. This is for who says it first.
– Okay. J’s on my feet!
– It didn’t even start yet. You have to wait. You can’t know it, huh. This is so fucking funny. I’m going to give you the point
because I was 1-0 ahead. Yeah, sorry.
– So, 1-1. I’ma play this game at home,
with my friends. I will send you the Pieds de Jésus.
– Pieds de Jésus! Okay, Dvtch, thanks for the interview. Thanks for having me, bro.
– Sure. It was nice. It’s time for your live performance.
Which song will you perform? ‘Badminton Wallace’.
– Alright, great. Chill. Thanks. I’ll check you.
– Thanks for having me, bro. Sure. Take care.
– Till next time.

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