Kim’s Discount (Drive Safe & Save) | State Farm® Commercial

Kim’s Discount (Drive Safe & Save) | State Farm® Commercial

[THEME SOUND] So Kim, you’re going for our big
Drive Safe and Save discount? Yep. Using the app, I’ve
been quite vigilant. [PHONE BUZZING] Sharon says step on it. The meeting’s started. OK. Write her back. “Dear Sharon, don’t
mess with my discount!” Faster mommy! I’ve got to go to the bathroom! I do too, honey, but
we’re going to hold it for mommy’s discount. [EXCLAIMS] Easy, easy. But you’re in labor. Don’t mess with my discount! [CLEARS THROAT] Get a discount up to
30% with Drive Safe and Save from State Farm.

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  1. I literally have to mute this or else I'll go insane

  2. This needs a million dislikes

  3. So we are just gonna ignore the kid at 0:01

  4. I fucking hate this commercial she can shove that discount up her ass !!! It comes on like every 5 minutes

  5. it might have been funny if her name was karen

  6. Wait, you mean the white wife treats her white husband like shit? I didn't know State Farm was in the business of propagating 3rd wave feminist social justice messaging. I guess so.

  7. Here to help life go right
    -State Farm

    Me:By repeating they same DAMN commercial for the pass 3 months

  8. Won't be pretty if her kid end up in therapy for bed wetting thank to her discount LOL


  10. ?‍♀️-"Kim is an annoying feminists and her husband is a beta cuck soyboy. | No wonder she controls the house and the males-(husband and 3 sons) in the household. [stupid bitch]"

  11. ?‍♀️-"This is Kim (the feminist) in the house with her males." ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

  12. It was funny the first time I saw it on TV but now it’s just annoying

  13. I swear if I hear this commercial one more time before a YouTube video I'm going to stop watching YouTube how is this annoying commercial supposed to make you want to contact them

  14. I hate this commercial with a passion. I change the channel or run to mute the television when this stupid commercial come on. This doesn't make me want State Farm Insurance or its discount, just the opposite.

  15. 0:20 did anyone hear that doggo?

  16. Remember those Google Screaming Ads, yeah thought so.

  17. I hate this ad so much.

  18. Crazy ass woman. What a psycho.

  19. I fucking hate this woman

  20. Guys… am I the only one terrified by this?

    The commerical is passing off excessive life-changes and adverse effects like they're Karen's idea, and because of that she comes off annoying and crazy; when really it's State Farm, for expecting the consumer to go to such detrimental extremes in order to save money. These are the things we have to do in order to get a 30% discount? Driving decently isn't good enough???

    People might say these "suggestions" are just that, and it's not like the company is enforcing this; but they very well could one day. What if the future of car insurance requires everyone's driving to be monitored to such an extent that we all end up having to do crazy things like in this video in order to keep expenses like car insurance manageable. I think everyone can agree insurance companies are the greediest ones, it doesn't sound too far-fetched to me.

  21. I mute my TV on all commercials.

  22. I just cane to say how much i hate this commercial


  24. Still getting this godamn motherfucking ad. Fucking fuck you karen piece of shit fucking caring more about that goddamn motherfucking retarded discount Than her own fucking children fuck you! Fuck Karen! Fuck State Farm! And most importantly fuck you all for letting this ad exist. Fuuuuuuck!

  25. PLEASE stop airing this commercial every 5 minutes. I'm sick and tired of constantly hearing this crazed harpy shriek incessantly about her stupid discount.

  26. I came here just to say this commerical sucks.

  27. Nobody:
    Literally not a single soul:
    YouTube and State Farm: "dOn'T mEsS wItH mY dIsCoUnT!"

  28. So the moral of this commercial is that State Farm will charge you more money when you’re in an emergency situation?

  29. Lets have one where the husband yells at the wife. No, double standards huh?

  30. Gets chased down by terrorists and being shot at
    Kim: Easy, easy.
    Husband: We're literally getting shot at.
    Gets shot

  31. This woman is infuriating. I hate watching this commercial! Her poor kid in the back seat!

  32. This is probably my least favorite commercial ever created.

  33. How to be a total cunt to your co-workers and family…

  34. I came to this video because it was an ad and I swear I heard fuk Kim (as in fuck him) and no "so kim".

    I am highly disappointed.

  35. Thats not a real man. Emasculated pussy. A real man would slam on the breaks and give both of them brain damage

  36. This is truly pathetic! Am I the only one that thinks this is a blatant example of money used to control the public's behavior?

  37. That’s both some serious commitment to your discount and being a jerk on the road by holding people up.

  38. D O N T M E S S W I T H M Y D I S C O U N T or i'll eat your skin

  39. I'm sorry, could you repeat that? Dont mess with your what?

  40. I love this,i wanna say don't mess with my discount.


  42. Why anybody would procreate with that is far beyond me.

  43. most annoying commercial, fire whoever came up with this idea

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