Kissing Games

Kissing Games

Bowser, Bowser, Bowser! Ew that’s… gross. Yes! Mommy, I’m not tired anymore. It’s echoey in here. Ready. Set. Go! Whee! Yeah, I’m going again! Whoa! Yeah. Go! Weird chicks. Wheeeeeee! Fun! Whoa! Too fun! Lol. “Weird chick”: Are you okay? Lucas: Yeah :S Whee! Do it again. Whee! Daddy, spin me fast! Faster. Faster! Really, really, really, really fast! No! :/ Yes. Two. Two, three. Go! Let’s go again! Kitana: Watch out! Yeah! C’mon, daddy! Yeah! I love the swings. (Lol) (More Lolz) Chain! (Lol) (Lol) (More Lolz) I want to be a super hero… …on the other swing. Bad. Because I will fall and bust my butt. Can I go on the slides instead? Oh, man! (Lol) (Lol) I did it! Oh, man. Super kissie! That was fun! Yes, yes. Two. Yeah!

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  1. hey shana how are you

  2. Awe… Such a unique vlog! So much changed! Thumbs up! ?????? the park was awesome! ✨ Love the part where Jorge comes out! ?

  3. Liking the changes.

  4. Hi in new to your channel and I have to say it was a good vid

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