Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Answer Ellen’s Burning Questions

Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Answer Ellen’s Burning Questions

Hey, I’m Kourtney. And I’m Kendall. And we’re both in the hot
seat to answer Ellen’s Burning Questions. Your first celebrity crush. Mine was Benny “The Jet”
Rodriguez from The Sandlot. My first celebrity crush
was Leonardo DiCaprio. And I used to write Kourtney
DiCaprio on all my papers in class. Oh my god. What keeps you out the most? I’m a trypophobic. What is that? I’m scared of tiny little holes. That is very odd. What creeps you out the most? Spiders. Your favorite body part is– Your favorite body part? I would say this part,
whatever this is called. Would your eyelashes be
considered a body part? Because that would be mine. I mean, that’s a
part on your body. Sure. So my eyelashes. My legs are pretty good too. A secret you kept from your
parents in high school. My boyfriend. I used to like
sneak out and say I was going to my friend’s,
like a girlfriend’s house. But I really went to
my boyfriend’s house and slept there every night. Before I was able to drive,
I would steal the car and drive around town. Really not around town. I stole car too to. Like around the block. Yeah. Same. Which sibling would
and wouldn’t you be able to drive
across country with? I would be able to
drive with Khloe. No offense. And Kylie, I would not
be able to drive with, because I just feel
like she’s too diva. Yeah. I would not be able
to drive with Kylie, because we would just
fight the whole time. And I feel like I could
also drive with Khloe Yes. Kim, Kim– I could
drive with you too. Oh, thanks. You don’t have to say
that just cause I’m here. No, I could. A man looks sexier
when he’s wearing– Sexiest. Oh, sexiest– sorry–
when he’s wearing tattoos? Calvins? If I could live
anywhere it would be in like Montana or something. Kendall, trying to steal
my vibe all the time. We’re just super similar. But I’ve changed it. I think mine would
be Switzerland, like a small countryside,
with one little house in the middle of nowhere. To each their own. Kourtney, Kim did an
impression of you. She’s just like, yeah. OK? What’s your best
impression of Kim? Well, Kim’s like, hi. I’m Kim Kardashian-West. Hi. Like she had like a
really high pitched voice. Yeah. And now, it’s like, hi. I’m Kim Kardashian-West. OK. Yay. [music playing]

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  1. I love Kendall cuz she is so natural and pretty

  2. For some reason when I think of the Kardashian’s I also thing of the Jenner’s ? they just remind me of each other and I am alone scared of wholes

  3. it’s called a collar bone. ?

  4. Kendall and Kourtney are my favourite Kardashians! They are so real unlike the others. I like Khloé aswell.

  5. I to have tryphobia

  6. lol how does both kim and kourtney not know what a collarbone is?
    they both said its their fav body part but don't know the namexD
    and all of them would choose to be tuck with Khloe for something, Khloe's the best!

  7. kendall be like I don't want to get out of this chair

  8. Kourtney switzerland is proud of you!❤️????

  9. Kendall look so beautiful

  10. Im trypophobic too?

  11. Im scared of holes

  12. Kourtney looks a LOT like Kim

  13. the fact they can live where ever they want

  14. Kylie is too "DIVA"

  15. I'm also a trypophobic

  16. Did justin came to their mind when they talked about the sexiest man thing like tattoos and Calvin!? ??

  17. “I mean is a part on your body”

  18. If I could of disliked this video twice, I would of done it a million times..
    What a bunch of knobheads.


  20. who else is watching this november 2nd 2018

  21. I‘m still in love with Leo ???

  22. What was burning here?

  23. I was just thinking how my first celebrity crush was Leo and then Kourtney said that!??

  24. Kourtney's voice sounds like an old door opening

  25. Me too Kendall 0:35

  26. I m too scared of circles

  27. tell me the difference between jenner and kardashian

  28. Omg thank you for saying that Benny was your first celebrity crush, I love him so much

  29. I like strawberry soda

  30. I love Kendall❤️

  31. What did kendall do to her face?

  32. I am a try whatever it’s called too

  33. Kendall's celebrity crush is mine to

  34. Tattoos + Calvins = JUSTIN BIEBER ????

  35. Kourtney that part is called clevage



  38. Omg I’m trypophobic too!!?

  39. I like Kendall and Kim so much! THEY r my fave kardashians

  40. A lot of them like khloe

  41. If you lived in the middle of Switzerland how will you go to the shop the store the playground the restunt

  42. I'm a trypophobic too and that photo really creeped me out, be careful next time?

  43. Wow I never knew that eyelash is a body part


  45. Khloe does the best kim impressions

  46. Who’s that guy in the sexist !!

  47. Literally every kardashian and jenner love hanging out with khloe because she's fun to be around

  48. The 2 most natural Kardashian’s/Jenner’s

  49. 2019 anyone??

    Omg am i the only one who is also a trypophobic?

    No just me ok…

  50. Kendaaaaaallll my fav?

  51. Kourtney was like "Yay!" leaves

  52. Here for Kourtney.

  53. I liked it. I guess the right people make it fun.

  54. ouuuuu she stealing Cars


  56. me also a trypophobic

  57. My fav from Kardashian's family.Their dream house is like mine too

  58. Kourtney is a mini Kim

  59. Kendall+Ethan =Kendall Dolan “I’m scared of tiny holes “

  60. Now kourtney is my favourite because she said switzerland??


  62. 1:32 it projection just see Kourtney face???????

  63. Omg i am trpophobic too

  64. Kourtney is kind of a beech

  65. I also like Benny the Jet Rodriguez omg❤️??

  66. Kourtney is stunning

  67. Their impression on Kim was so on point ?

  68. Ayyy Kendall I’m also tryopophobic

  69. Kourtney : I wouldn't be able to drive with Kylie….. She's to diva

    Me : ?????????

  70. When Kourtney sad switzerland i was freaking out im from switzerland

  71. Ad you can’t skip smh ??‍♂️

  72. The one on our right is the most normal sister out of them

  73. My favourite Kardashian is Kanye lol

  74. Wow… Kendall is super dumb. Your eyelashes are a feature, not a body part, and that's called your collarbone Kourtney.

  75. I feel Kortney is so fake I prefer Kendall

  76. What I didn’t even know there was a Kendall?? What the heck, I’m totally living under a rock

  77. I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ leonardo dicaprio Jack Dawson is how i knew him

  78. Benny the Jet kicking himself at home watching this…

  79. Kendal is a mini version of Kylie and kourrney is a mini version of Kim??

  80. 1:33 she is a huge diva

  81. The background music…

  82. Kendal clearly is bisexual I get the vibe

  83. Kim, Kendall, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie ! MY RANKING OF FAV KARDASHIANS RIGHT NOW

  84. I love Kendall so so much

  85. I think Kendal is bisexual

  86. The ONLY 2 n that family that still looks the same lol

  87. I want to get help or some tips on how to deal with my trypophobia but I'm so scared to google it cause I just Know they'll be pictures of it there when I do ??? SMH

  88. hahaha that's nice

  89. She to taller like man.

  90. Kendal wicked like Kristen

  91. These are my two fav people from Kardashian’s and Jenner’s

  92. Lol I knew kourtney wnt say Kylie ?

  93. When kris figures this out she gonna get mad

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