KT Tape: Ankle Stability

KT Tape: Ankle Stability

[Music] Hi I´m am Chris Harper and with me is Makayla and we’re here to demonstrate an
application for ankle stability this could be used for any number of issues
involving ankle pain. Some causes may be ankle sprains, weakness, or instability. KT tape helps treat this condition by
providing support and stability to the ankle. For this application we’re going to
place the ankle in a neutral or ninety-degree position. We going to take our
first full strip and we’re going to twist and tear the paperback
backing of one end and removing that, this creates an anchor,
but before we apply that anchor we need to measure where to place this. So we’re going to place the
torn end just on the inside of the heel going up under the heel then applying that
anchor with absolutely no stretch. The next step is to remove
the majority of the paper backing but leaving just a little bit on the end
to hang onto as you want to avoid touching the adhesive part of the tape
with your hands and we’re going to lie that down to
just the outside part of the ankle and then from there we’re going to start
applying a stretch at about fifty percent going up in under the heel
and then laying that down. And then from here we’re just going to lay
the remainder of the tape with absolutely no stretch on it. Great! Give that a little bit of a rub, create some
friction and heat and help adhesion to the skin And we’re going to take our next
full strip, and just like the first we’re going to twist and tear
the paper backing to create and anchor point and again like the first piece
use the end that we did not tear to measure around the foot
about point of the arch on the outside part of the foot and as that tapecomes around
we’re going to apply the anchor to the inside part of the foot give that a good rub and this
anchor is going on with absolutely no stretch. We’re going to begin by removing the paper backing leaving a little bit on
the paper to hang on to. applying even pressure with your finger
we’re going to put a fifty percent stretch on this tape
as we go around the heel and the outside part of the foot and then
under the heel so just under the arch leaving that
lasts a little bit to lay down with absolutely no stretch. Ok, and now for our last fall strip of tape
once again we’re going to twist and tear that paper backing
removing that piece to create an anchor point then just like that second piece we applied
we’re going to measure this by taking the end that we did not tear
to about the midpoint of the foot. And then applying the anchor now on the
outside part of the foot. This just helps us get the right
measurement of the tape. From here we’re going to peel the paper
backing off leaving a little bit on the end, just enough to hang on to so we don’t
touch that adhesive part of the tape go around the heel with about fifty percent
stretch than under the heel and then as we end the tape we’re going to
take remaining paper off and that last little bit we’re going to lay down with absolutely
no stretch on the tape. Once again we’re going to apply a good
friction rub to create some heat and some good adhesion of that tape to the
skin. We’ll take a good look at that. That is a great ankle application. Here are some tips before applying the
tape clean skin very well to remove any skin
or oils or lotions. You can wear a sock while sleeping
so the tape doesn’t roll with the sheets. and be careful with taking socks and
shoes on and off. Some complementary treatments include
rest,icing after activity, anti-inflammatory medications such ibuprofen,
and strength and balance training. Please seek care if you have excessive
swelling or pain, or experiencing any numbness or hyper flexibility at the
ankle. For more information see our website at

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  41. here's a few things relieving pain at home
    research some easy exercises online
    Try hot and cold packs alternately
    Lose weight (if you are too heavy)
    Do more exercise
    (I read these and the reasons they work from Jasontas Remedy Tactic website )

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