KT Tape: Jumper’s Knee

KT Tape: Jumper’s Knee

This application is for runners knee, which is a general term meaning anterior or front of knee pain, and Jumpers knee which is a more specific term- meaning pain at the inferior pole or bottom portion of the kneecap where the tendon is, just below the knee. For this application I’ll have you straighten your knee all the way down and have you tear off an I-strip off the roll, tear the paper in the middle of the tape, and as you are applying stretch in this technique to
the tape make sure you apply even pressure on the tape and not actually pinching the middle of
the tape or one side or the other. Just below the bottom portion of that kneecap I want you
to lay the tape down with full stretch. Then stretching that tape as you lay it down pinch
off the tape really good right there, and then bend the knee up and you are going
to lay the tape down without any tension- it’s important that you don’t put any tension on the
anchor (the same thing on the other side). Rub that tape on with the waxy side of the paper-
pretty vigorously so you get that glue to adhere. (ok, and then all the way down straight… that looks great)

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  1. Haha @ Nirvana32058.

  2. @BestSwallow We've had great success treating overuse knee injuries with KT Tape. Fortunately it's very cheap so you can give it a shot.

  3. for patellar tendonitis….would you apply the tape right under the kneecap?

  4. @elliotseabrook KT Tape and Kinesio tape are two different brands of kinesiology tape. KT Tape (Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape, also sometimes known mis-called "K Tape") is the first-ever consumer brand of kinesiology tape, and is available to purchase at major sporting goods stores such as The Sports Authority and Dick's Sporting Goods. Check out the website to enter your zip code on the store locator to find the store nearest you!

  5. @bearxxlover Yes- right over the area of pain. You can also view the "Knee Support-Full" video on our website for a very effective patellar tendonitis taping. Good luck!

  6. for ACL, how should I tape it? i already got the KT tape… but im not sure about using the tech for FULL SUPPORT /// JUMPERS KNEE /// or if theres another option for me… btw I play soccer. basically I have a that pain just under the knee cap

  7. yeah.. that DOES look great………………

  8. @LumosInc thanksss(:

  9. @anbo369 if you will email your question to our ask an expert forum, one of our docs can advise the correct taping technique. The link for ask an expert is on our homepage. thx.

  10. @Sticks3251 We have instructions we can send you for this. Send us an email at [email protected] Thx.

  11. @horsebeatmoose Yes- if you want more info see "Ask an Expert" button on our website on the Jumpers Knee instructions page and they'll send directions. thx.

  12. @LumosInc hello i'm 13, i used to play many sports but recently i quit all ecept baseball because i tore my acl when i was 10 I think i have been doing great so far. until yesterday i noticed swelling bellow my knee cap. I dont know what it is, it might be jumpers knee or it might be a reaction to my missing acl. i saw your product and wanted to know. will this damage or hurt the acl? thenk you

  13. @warmachineEx2 The nice thing is that taping is non intrusive. As long as you don't need more structural support such as a brace on the joint then the tape will work well.

  14. Hey im 16 and have a 40 in vertical jump max. and now i have the same im scared to jump high now to make more prob on my knee. what should I do?

  15. @CantStopMESon thats not the point of the video

  16. @crusher1427 oh its not ? (sarcasm) thats y my doctor gave me the same one.

  17. @CantStopMESon You get on a 40in box, jump off and practice landing with form. Bend your knees enough to obsorb the pressure of the landing. I didnt do that, thats why Im here lol.

  18. HELP – 18 years old been lifting weights for 3 years, squatting for around 2. Can not squat with a barbell what so ever, for the last 4 months, been icing my right knee like mad for months. was squatting 180kg now can just about do 100 if im warmed up thoroughly, its starting to get very annoying and all i get is strengthen it with squats ? Isit time to see my doctor and possibly get an Op ?

  19. lifting weights at 18? I'm 18, playing handball, but my father forbids me gym and weight lifting and I ride a lot of bicycle and never had problems with knees …

  20. She's hot and what's better this or the jumpers knee strap, I wear the strap now but it moves too much

  21. Try this application with KT Tape Pro. That stuff's not going anywhere.

  22. We see great results for pain in that area. Check out our newest version of the application, it's called Full Knee Support. You can find it here on YouTube or on our website.

  23. Sorry, i have a really big problem…

    I have cartilage in my knee.. im playing football and i cant know cause of that..

    is this helping?? I will love to try that if it is!!

    Please answar my question.. it will help alot..

  24. Give this application or our Full Knee Support application a try to see if that helps.

  25. Full Knee Support is our latest and most effective application for jumpers knee.

  26. What's the best way cutting the strip in half like in the new videos or this method?

  27. We recommend the method in the newest videos which are the ones on the website.

  28. I have had jumper's knee and tried the new full knee support method that you've suggested for basketball, which worked great! However, the tape manages to start peeling off in the middle of play (usually by the time I start sweating or have done a lot of movement). Do you recommend that I try this method instead, or is this one not as effective?

  29. Send us an email to [email protected] and we can get this figured out for you.

  30. It's good for prevention as well.

  31. will this help to prevent possible knee injury for badminton players???

  32. Yes. You can use it for prevention, treatment and recovery.

  33. what kind of taping would you recommend after a knee hyperextension?

  34. I would recommend combining the full knee support application with the back of knee application. This will stabilize the knee and provide comfortable, safe, and effective support that does not limit your range of motion or blood flow.

  35. I recently started bicycling again. I ride anywhere between 20 to 60 miles 3 to 4 times a week. Can bicycling lead to jumpers knee? From what I have been reading and hearing it sure sounds like this is what I've got!

  36. Any repetitive up and down motion can cause this pain. Give this app a try and let us know how it goes.

  37. I tried this in hopes to get some relief while running. It felt a bit better at the start, but the adhesive gave way within 3 minutes. What can I do about that?

  38. Jon,
    Send an email to [email protected] . com and they will help you out.

  39. my pain is on the top of the knee cap, not the bottom. I thought it was jumpers knee. When I sit down for a period of time the top of my knee starts to throb

  40. Rashawn,
    Does it hurt when you go up and down stairs?

  41. why my tape would peel off easily? when my doctor used the same brand for me, it could last for 3, 4 days. is it something wrong i have done when tapping on my knee? thx~

  42. Victor,
    Send an email to [email protected] . com and they'll help you out.

  43. babbit01

    Sounds like you may need a custom application.  Visit our website and checkout our "ask an expert" forum to get help from one of our pros.

  44. Is the tape supposed to be worn during a sporting event or after?

  45. I applied the tape 15 minutes ago. It literally just fell of my knee. I didn't shave ( I am not that hairy) but the area is clean. I tried the hairspray trick and it didn't work. What is up?

  46. Does the collor of the tape matter?

  47. What if you have Osgood schlatters and jumpers knee?

  48. I love that girl

  49. I have runner's knee from overuse from backpacking and hiking. The hinged brace wouldn't fit under my clothes and was uncomfortable. I went camping over Memorial weekend. I used the skin toned Ktape on my knees to go fishing in a very rocky river bed. River walking 2-4 miles a day for 3 days. I stood in water above the knee and up to my waist, anywhere from 3-6 hours every day. The tape never came off until I peeled it off. I was camping so my skin certainly wasn't clean. Why the tape falls off for some, might be the brand or the application. I bought Mueller brand from Walgreen's or CVS pharmacy. I didn't use any extra glues. After wearing it in water, I have no intention of trying anything else. I'd recommend trying different brands until you find the one that works for you. Please don't focus on the color our specific brand. The natural oils in our skin varies between people and may not be compatible with the adhesive. I'm actually allergic to certain bandaid adhesives so I've been watching my skin closely for a reaction. What works for you, might not work for me and vice versa.

  50. ive had knee pain below my knee cap is this jumpers knee?

  51. Hello you guys, first, I want to thank you for your vids which are very useful, I really appreciate them. Second, I would like to ask you something. I can't really spot the difference between Osgood-Schlatter and Jumper's knee. I'm 15, 173 cm tall with growing potential up to 185 cm and have grown up like 6 cm during last half a year.. I also play soccer quite often, like almost every day in a week for 2-3 hours. So what is the main difference between these two? Thanks

  52. i play soccer and below my knee it started hurting

  53. tengo un hijo de 25 años que tiene la lesion oster sholtter , y trotar para el ha sido un gran alivio , de lo contrario la kine le dijo que no trote pero a el le hizo super bien

  54. Do you have to use kt tape?

  55. Which tape do you use, (the brand and name)

  56. They said it was this one.

  57. It’s Always a beautiful girl lol

  58. That lady’s knee must be huge. On the front I could only stretch a piece like an inch long otherwise the two side pieces get taped over the part of my leg where it bends

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