I received my payout from this website Which is 0.00287868 BTC I received it last February 7, 2020. Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my channel! Before we start this video tutorial, Click on the subscribe button and hit the notification bell To keep you updated on my new uploads On how to earn money online. I share some videos on how to earn in free earning apps, Free earning website, how to earn cryptocurrency And legit home-based jobs. We can earn using our cellphones, laptops, internet and desktop. To those who are asking if Faucet Duck is still operative. We’ll make an updated live video about this. I’m going to do a live withdrawal and we’ll see if this site is still paying. I have made a video about this before I will just put the link, of that tutorial, in my description box. So, this is the website.. I will put the link of this site in my description box. Here, you can claim unlimited Bitcoins. They say it’s unlimited but when I checked it, It has a limit. So, here, when you upgrade your account, you can claim more. It’s like Coinpayu. It’s like that but.. here in Faucet Duck, there is an option to earn for free What makes Faucet Duck unique? Claim “unlimited” Bitcoins. Earn minimum 10 satoshi per claim. Low cash out of only 1000 Satoshi But they have changed it already. They changed it to 3000 Satoshi per cash out. This is the good thing about Faucet Duck. You can earn points on each claim. So, here in Faucet Duck, those points they give every time you claim, You can convert it to Satoshi and use it to upgrade your account. I have done that. I converted points to satoshi and upgraded my account. So, if you want to try this website.. all you have to do is to sign up here. This is my account in Faucet Duck I have an available balance of 319, 991 Satoshi. My last withdrawal here is 610 satoshi. This was my withdrawal when I first made a video about this. Yes, it came in my Bitcoin wallet. Before, they still have low minimum withdrawal which is 1000 satoshi. It was just 610 because of the withdrawal fee. There’s something new here in Faucet Duck. They now have faucet version 1, faucet version 2 (the old one), And also, surf ads. You can now claim these three. In version 1, 7-20 satoshi per claim. in version 20-60 satoshi. and in Surf Ads, 6-20 satoshi per surf. Please take note: The reason why I can claim more satoshi This is because my account is upgraded I upgraded my account that will expire on February 25. I can see it here that I upgraded my account before. I upgraded last January. I upgraded to 10,000 satoshi. That’s Level 1. So, my account is on Level 1. That’s why I can claim more satoshis. So, if you’re using free version. Satoshis per claim will not be this high. Let’s do first the live withdrawal. Let’s withdraw first before I explain how we can claim satoshis here. Let us first check if this site is still legit. Now, I will withdraw my balance. Just tap this ‘withdraw’ You can only use BItcoin here. Because it’s satoshi. They have a note here: In my case, it will only be 2 business days because I upgrade my account. As far as I know, for free version, it’s 7 days. When I was using the free version, it was really 7 days long. but, it still came in my wallet. and I am using Now, I will select the payment method which is Bitcoin. I have set up already my wallet address. Withdrawal fee is 70 satoshi. I will receive 287,860.8 Satoshi So, when you’re done double checking the information in this withdrawal, You can now click ‘Send’ Make sure that your Bitcoin wallet is correct. The payment was successfully submitted. I will just wait for it in I received my payout from this website Which is 0.00287868 BTC I received it last February 7, 2020. Here in Faucet Duck, it will really take some days to payout. Yes, we will be waiting. But good thing is, we’ll receive it 100% in our wallet. So, our efforts in this website will not go to waste. How can we earn here in Faucet Duck You can choose any of these three. Let’s first try faucet version 1. Claim Bitcoin now. To claim free satoshi, we have to wait for this bar to finish. It serves as its timer. We’ll just wait for it then we’ll claim our free satoshi. Every time you claim satoshi, you will also earn some bonus points. Wherein you can convert it and use to upgrade your account These are the points. I now have 10,080 points. I can now convert it. Convert to (satoshi) Convert your points to use them to purchase advertising or upgrade your account. If you want to advertise here, you may also use your points to purchase. or you can use it to upgrade. It can not be withdrawn. To those who are asking if you can withdraw points, it’s NO. Good thing when you upgraded your account, you can claim more satoshi. and for faster withdrawal. This is the conversion rate: 1 satoshi=10 pts. Now, let’s convert my points, 10,080. Send it. You will see it here. Tap this upgrade account. You will see your converted points. It’s here below. I now have 1,540 Satoshi. For example, you’ve reached 10,000 satoshi. You can already use it to upgrade to Level 1. These are the benefits in Level 1. 30-day duration. 100% of Claim value. 25% of claim value per referral Maximum claim limit is 100 Claims per day. If you’re just using free version, it’s 50 claims only. But here, it’s doubled to 100. So, those are the benefits. Withdrawal time frame is 6 days. This is just an option. Don’t deposit money here, for safety. Just use your bonus points. To upgrade here in Faucet Duck

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