Hello, everyone! Welcome back again to my channel! Before we start this video tutorial, Click on the subscribe button and hit the notification bell To keep you updated on my new uploads on how to earn my money online. I share videos on how to earn in Free earning apps, free earning websites, how to earn cryptocurrency, legit home-based jobs. We can earn using our cellphones, laptops, desktop and internet. Get a chance to win 100 pesos load or cash! If you prefer cash, make sure you have account But if none, I will just send it as load. Here’s the mechanics: 1. Subscribe to my Telegram channel:
Make Money Online 2. Comment the code on my Telegram channel. *I will post a code in my Telegram channel. * And comment the code in the comments section 3. Winners will be announced in my Telegram channel. Make sure to join our Telegram channel. This is a special request from my subscribers. They want me to make a review of this Cloudminer. Cloudminer is a BTC mining site. I will make a review because It has an option to mine Bitcoin for free. So, my subscriber, who tried this site, pays out. He didn’t avail any plan, all his payouts were free. This site has an option to buy a mining plan. They have Standard Cloud mining and
Premium Cloud mining. Standard is the most affordable. Which is Venus — 0.001 BTC For a contract of 180 days. They also have World — 0.01 BTC Then, Neptune, 0.1 BTC I don’t suggest or recommend to deposit in this site. Because we’re not sure
how long this kind of site will last. As long as this site is paying, Let’s take that opportunity to earn for free. I don’t recommend deposit just to be safe. And, we won’t lose anything by the time It doesn’t pay anymore. But, it’s up to you if you want to
buy a plan here in Cloudminer. It’s your choice. If you’re a risk-taker, you can
buy a plan here in Cloudminer. Why do we choose Cloudminer? They give payout daily. Low fees. Latest Hardware. User-friendly interface. Security and Stability They also have Support service. And what I liked here is Their minimum withdrawal is low. You can already payout when you reached 0.0005 BTC That’s about $5 only. If you want to try this website, I will put the link in my description box. Just tap it. To register here, Click or tap ‘Registration’ Use any email address. Just put your full name, email then
create your own password. Then check this box to agree with the
Terms and Conditions. This is my dashboard. I have a balance of 396 satoshi or 0.00000396 BTC I already collected twice here. It’s not the typical mining site
that’s continuously running. Here in Cloudminer, you have to log in every hour To collect BTC. It’s like a faucet. This is the free mining. As you can see, I have 0.00000154 BTC to collect. To collect this, just tap Collect. Then check the box to prove that we aren’t robot. There it is. I collected my BTC. So, in three collections here, I have earned 550 free satoshi If you want this for free, You really need to open every hour. (I suggest) Set an alarm on your phone
to remind you to collect Bitcoin. That’s the benefit of their mining plan. When you availed a plan, you will have a machine. The machine will collect your Bitcoin every hour. If you want to avail a mining plan, Just tap this. Then, I’ve already shown you the choices You can deposit here. Just tap this Deposit then The most affordable plan here is the 0.001 BTC It’s up to you but I really don’t recommend it. However, there is a free option. Let’s that opportunity to earn for free It’s just like a faucet so if you have lots of faucets, You will earn more Bitcoins. There are lots of faucet website that collects Bitcoin. But in Faucets, you really have to collect every hour/minute. Another way to earn fast and free here in Cloudminer, You can refer friends. When you refer, BTC claims automatically. Copy your referral link then send it to your friends Who also want to try Cloudminer. Or you can share it to your social media accounts Like in Facebook groups How can we withdraw here in Cloudminer? Tap this Withdrawal. Then here is my withdraw-able amount. I haven’t reached yet the minimum. Here’s the minimum amount — 0.0005 BTC When you’ve reached that amount you can already send a request. Just tap this. The transfer fee is 0 BTC since this is the first
transaction you made this week. If it’s your first time, no transaction or transfer fee. On this part, you will see the recent payments. Depositors and those who already withdrew. You’ll see here, some deposited big amounts:
0.01 BTC, 0.1 BTC, 0.5 BTC, that’s a great amount. Don’t be deceived by these. Some people when they see big deposits, They’ll think this site’s legit. Yes, as of now, it’s legit (paying). I still don’t suggest to deposit here since we have a free option. Let’s just grab that opportunity to earn here in Cloudminer. And when you want to deposit, Just deposit what you can afford to lose. Or the minimum, 0.001, which is like $10 or PHP 500 And, that’s 180 days contract. Return of investment at 0.003 BTC. Here are the recent payments if you want to check it out. Hope this review will help you. If you want to try this website, I will put the link below.

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