kungfu knife Basic Forms | Tamil | Self Defense Academy

kungfu knife Basic Forms | Tamil | Self Defense Academy

hey guys welcome to self defense academy Today i gonna be teach to you kungfu double knife basic form step by step i will teach to you first one you catch the double knife in your left hand Then give respect OSS .. then move your left leg in ‘T’ stand or cat stand catch the one knife for your right hand (sky way catch math-ode ) then convert the cat stand to forward stand at the same time block the left hand in your head level then sweep the your opponent stromech point and joint the double knife left leg up left hand knife punch to opponent throat point then another one time revine and thade one leg change to double straight punch in your opponent stromach point then guard to face left leg use to straight kick in opponent chine lesson not for push kick, use only straight kick another one time revine and left leg up see to left side left hand block left down side right hand block to upper then forward stand down sweep stomach and same sweep to nee then move spinning stand to punch opponent throat then revine left leg block to sweep double knife in opponent body left hand block to opponent attack and broke hand elbow and punch to opponent neck and another hand punch to stromach spinning back kick then come to cat stance then revine to full form ALL THE BEST SEE ‘SLOW MOTION;

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  1. What about doing with a partner to demo the application of these forms?

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