Lampadati Komoda review! – GTA Online guides

Lampadati Komoda review! – GTA Online guides

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  1. I personally would have compared it to the Jugular, or the Schafter V12, as they're all 4 door sedans in the sports class.

  2. It’s an over glorified Nissan Sentra

    -just get it free from the wheel

  3. In Polish komoda is like a closet
    And Novak (in Polish Nowak) is the second most popular surname in Poland
    MrBossFTW be like :

  4. I could make this look like my R8 kinda..

  5. Make more red dead redemption online video it back

  6. Uh… Did you forgot that the Itali GTO is Pariah's Rival since Casino back in the Summer?

  7. Yess Annother series of "will it beat the parriah"

  8. I agree that they need to ramp up the sports cars because having one car decimate everything is super annoying

  9. The Komoda is based on the current Alfa Romeo Giulia.

  10. Yo they put the Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio in

  11. Ah yes the Alfa Romeo Quattroformaggi

  12. Comodo in italian means comfortable. Just for you "englishers" out there

  13. I won this yesterday, first try on the wheel. It's not good tbh.

  14. Poor Kitsune you seem depressed when making this

  15. Rockstar's class system for GTA by this point is just messed up. I'm hope that someday we get the choice to make our own classes and decide which vehicles are allowed, personal or not. Think that would assist in the nerfing of the pariah and itali gto

  16. Got it from the lucky wheel~

  17. Will it beat, the pariah-a?

  18. Why would someone buy something to just do races I dont get it

  19. Looks like no sprts car "can't beat the PaRiAh"

  20. It's an Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio I had to have it immediately, got it from the wheel so it made one if my favorite cars just a little better.

  21. Well we can just win it for free no big deal

  22. It’s okay but it’s better than that $1M Fwd shitbox Sugoi. Gonna be sad if the sugoi is slower than the Kanjo. 1M$ for a damn civic

  23. yeah but it has 4 seats so it's good

  24. He sounds so tired?

  25. What do people think any will beat the pariah those people are slow

  26. I spent $800k on the yellow lifeguard suv….. and you cant modify it you cant even paint the darn thing…

  27. Why does Kitsune Sound diffrent,New mic?

  28. The Komoda is my new daily driver! Fantastic car!

  29. I know it is unrelated to this video but still can we just take a moment once again to be grateful for the opressor mk2 spawn nerf

  30. It's free this week, right, podium car?

  31. I saw its good for a wheel car

  32. I don't like your reviews anymore… is like not serious at all, too short, sarcastic and kinda cringe


  34. I got it from the wheel

  35. Make a review of the Maxwell Asbo

  36. Pariah Is a word for outcast

  37. My jugular beat a pariah

  38. Or, you could buy it because you think it looks nice…

  39. I won it from the casino and I like it

  40. I did win it yesterday at my first try xD

  41. Master Zenko! You missed out on the Itali GTO patch in the Casino DLC! It handles much better and can ruin a Pariah in a track!

  42. It may beat the pariah if you knew how to launch properly lol

  43. Its a 4 door car you idiot

  44. Still waiting on that corsa review mate

  45. Or you could be like me and win it from the lucky wheel

  46. Won this on the wheel lol, just looks like a normal sedan

  47. Just because something isn’t armoured or armed with a hydra cannon, or isn’t faster than the pariah, doesn’t mean it’s a bad car or a waste of money.

  48. Sports cars are the GTA equivalent of The Flash TV show. Just a bunch of speed tests where we all know the winner.

  49. We need a car called Lampadati fuck it more cars

  50. Looks like the new Toyota Camry, made it metallic silver grey, with black roof.

    Absolutely love the look ?

  51. lol i felt that noo it wont beat the pariah 🙁

  52. We need more warstock vehicles

  53. Me: It has 4 doors and looks like a generic sedan… and it's slow like a sedan too…

    Rockstar: SPORTS CLASS

  54. Anyone else here not own the pariah or Itali gto for two reasons. One because the cars are op and they hate them. Two because many people have those two cars but lack any actual driving skill.

  55. well when the update got released i went to the casino,spinned the wheel and won the car..i just took it to a mod shop and pimped it up i guess now i just drive it around for fun

  56. I do love Alfa Romeo Giulia Guadrifoglio's irl.
    And this is on the poduim?
    I see this as an absolute win!

  57. Ur channel sucks ass

  58. Pyrealm, your videos are starting to become super low effort…

  59. I just want the car because it’s a remake of the Alfa Guilia Quadrifolio (my favourite car)

  60. holy shit you don’t know how to customize a car

  61. I won that on the casino rulette

  62. Ugh, that grille is wayyy too big IMO

  63. Won this on the wheel, it's a bit shit

  64. pariah the only glitchy fast vehicle in gta that hasnt been patched

  65. Will it beat the Itali GTO??

    That should be the new thing because the Itali GTO and Pariah are the top 2 best.

  66. Nice customisation.

  67. Why do you care only about the speed of the car it’s not a racing game

  68. Make a rival for the Pariah already Rockstar!
    Itali GTO – Am I a Joke to you?

  69. you KNOW
    you don't HAVE to make a video on EVERY DLC car
    i get that updates are the time of year when you get the most ad rev money . but if you are going to LITERALLY say
    "can you tell im getting board of doing sport car reviews"
    in your video acting as if you're being forced to do them….

    jeez acting as if we are holding a gun to your head and YELLING "REVIEW EVERY CAR"
    honestly kinda annoying.

  70. I don't care! Do the civics asshole!

  71. An Alfa Romeo Gulia. sweet.

  72. Alfa Romeo quadrofolio giulia

  73. The intro sounded different

  74. It's an Alfa Romeo. Who else did you expect, lol?

  75. Got mine from the lucky wheel

  76. Komoda has back fire

  77. i payed 1million dollars on this car lmao wtf

  78. I just won it at the Lucky Wheel so of course it's ok

    So far it makes a good sound, brakes are above average, and drift is more than ok for this Rwd, acceleration is nice too

    And yes Pyro despite your taste it looks ok ?

  79. Wish they focused more on physics instead of transactions hope GTA 6 is better knowing dayum well it's going to get even worse

  80. The komoda drives realy good for mission’s or business so I think it’s realy worth the price.

  81. That spoiler looks horrid.

  82. Gran Turismo Music <3333333

  83. I feel bad for not liking more of your vids. You're the only mofo who is cool enough to put the review in the thumbnail.

  84. Is that the Alfa Romeo?

  85. Will it beat the pariah is my favorite song

  86. The pariah rival is the itali gto

  87. Won it from the casino

  88. Why do you always just drag race it against the pariah? How are we meant to see if it's good against it's rivals? I don't see the point. I suggest if you're going to keep drag racing we need some kind of leaderboard to see how good a cars top speed is, otherwise the drag race is pointless

  89. the car makes me look like a competent driver, so thats a yes for me.

  90. I got it off the wheel today, super hype! 🙂

  91. the pariah may have a higher top speed but the traction is trash

  92. I'm watching this just because I won it at the casino lmao

  93. I spent nothing on my. I won my at the wheel and customized it as close as I can get to the 2021 NASCAR car

  94. A commode….similar sounding……is a portable toilet… this Komoda…..a shitbox on wheels maybe

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