Last To Fall Wins $1,000,000 (Part 1)

Last To Fall Wins $1,000,000 (Part 1)

– So you’re okay with me
cutting the final rope? – [Speaker In Blue] Oh my god. – We’re cutting the final rope! (dramatic rock music)|
Three, two, one, cut! This could equal a million dollars. (shouting)
(splashing) (video rewinding) How’s it feel? – It’s kind of scary. – [Host] And welcome
to the number two slot. How do you feel? – I’m good, I’m ready to win. – [Host] Is this easy or harder than you thought it would be? – I’m not gonna say ’cause
y’all are gonna make it harder. – [Host] How do you feel? – Freaking out, not gonna lie. I have huge fear of heights. – [Host] Last one of you guys to fall into this pool of water, gets the chance at one million dollars. – No way! – And here’s what I mean by that. We are going four last to leave videos and the winners of each will
compete in a fifth video for one million dollars. You are currently watching
part one of this series. I don’t care who wins, but whoever does, will
fly back in a few weeks and compete against the other
winners for a million dollars. This is arguably the most
extreme thing we’ve ever done. See this cage? We took it from American
Warrior Ninja, that thing. We put some ropes and we
put some people on it. And we grabbed a million dollars and that’s how we ended up here. So as I said Chris, we’re
doing four last to leaves, this is the first one. And the winners of all
four compete in a fifth one for one million dollars. Which means there’s three more. – So how you gonna pick
all the other people? – I’m glad you asked. Here’s how. If you buy merch, or
follow me on Instagram, you’ll be entered. It’s that simple. We’re gonna randomly pick people
who follow me on Instagram or people who buy merch in between now and the next few challenges and we’re gonna invite
’em down to compete. And I’ll remind you about
that at the end of the video. So we gave each of you guys a coach and we made them wear the same shirt so the viewers could tell. Cameron, your coach is Chris. Alberto you have Marcus. Colby, we brought you a Chandler, so you can just go ahead
and just get out now if you want to.
– No! Don’t say that! – [Host] And you are assigned the big guy. So there you go, you each have a coach, they’ll get you whatever you need. Whoever falls last gets to move on and compete for one
million dollars, good luck. – I want to see if I can
get you a bottle of water like up there, let’s give it a shot. Kobe!
– Ah, oh! – Cameron, this matches your shirt. (grunting)
(laughing) – [Host] Oh good catch! – A banana for you.
(banana whizzing) A banana for you!
– Wait, wait, wait. – Hello!
– Whoa! (exclaiming)
(clapping) – [Chris] He didn’t even move! (upbeat electronic music) – Uh, huh, uh, huh, huh, uh, huh. – So Chris, we’re gonna
do our first challenge. There’s seats behind you and you can earn time for
sitting to help you win. The first challenge for
one minute of sitting, you have to throw your
contestant this egg, and he has to toss it
back, without a crack. And if you do that, he can sit. – Dude, I was never good
at sports, underhand. (exclaiming)
(egg splashing) – All right.
(laughing) – Bloop! – All right, Marcus. – Oh my God. – Here’s an egg. – Great shot!
– And if Chandler catches this you get to sit. Ooh there we go!
(clapping) And no cracks. So since they completed the egg challenge, she gets a little bit of sitting time. There’s your seat. Colby gets to sit for the next minute. Congrats!
(slapping) You’re helping your contestant. While Colby’s wrapping
up her sitting time, let’s see if you can earn him some. – Perfect!
(gasping) – Ah!
(clapping) – It is perfect. I will lower the seat. So, Colby, your minute is up, stand up. Try not to fall. And now we will take her seat back. And Jake’s contestant
wants some sitting time, so we give him his seat.
– Coming down behind ya! (clapping)
– There it is, yeah! – One final thing, if your contestant wins, they go on to compete
for a million dollars. To incentivize you guys
to help your players win, if they win the million dollars,
they have to give you 10%. – Ooh, you better win.
– To incentivize you guys. – I’ll get you anything you need. – That’s $100 grand, and
they still win $900 grand. Now that you guys also
have money on the line, let’s do the egg challenge
again, but from further back. This time it’s for five
minutes instead of one. Don’t cross that, we have a
million dollars on the line and our markers a bag of chips. This time we’ll just do if he catches it. He can sit for five minutes. (soft synthesized music)
(gasping) – Aw!
– It’s good! – [Chandler] Did that go between his legs? – Yeah it did. – Not it.
– Nope. (smacking)
– Oh! (growling) – That’s five minutes. I’ll go lower it. – Here you go Colby. – I bet he’s not gonna catch it. (egg splattering)
– Oh no! – Does that count? (egg splattering)
(exclaiming) – Oh my gosh! Sports, not good at ’em. So who thinks they’re in
first place right now? – I mean, honestly, right here. – You think you’re first place? – Yeah.
– Who’s that? (heavy rock music)
(siren wailing) – That was sabotage. You have to do ten laps around the pool. You can’t throw things at the competitors! – I can do what I want! – When I smell sabotage,
the lights turn red and the alarm comes out.
(siren wailing) – Oh this is gonna be cold.
(upbeat polka music) (water splashing)
(exclaiming) Ack, it’s so cold! (upbeat polka music) Well there we go, that’s one lap. – This is what happens to sabotagers here. – I’m cold! (suspenseful instrumental music) – Its getting a bit more difficult. – Now it’s time for our first incentive. This is the unicorn of gifts. First person to get out, can have an iPhone,
Airpods, Beats, and PS4. Just consider it, I don’t care who it is. (crickets chirping) – Nobody, really? – No one wants the unicorn of love? – All right, they’re being stubborn, someone give me a knife.
– Wait a minute, what? – Things are lasting a while, red light me.
(ominous electronic music) Ooh there we go!
(laughing and hollering) – [Host] We’ll just cut this rope. – Hey, don’t cut the rope!
– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! No, no–
– Ooh. – They’re down to 16 ropes. – Oh you’re going again, oh.
– Fifteen. Five of those twenty ropes
are gone, how does it feel? – There’s a big difference but– – I don’t believe you, I’m cutting more. All right, turn the lights
back to normal, we’re good. – Try again.
(bottle crunching) – You almost got him out!
(laughing) – My bad!
(laughing) (festive bell music) (ropes snapping)
(exclaiming and laughing) (festive bell music) – You guys have ten minutes to draw a portrait of your contestant. I will then let people on my
social media vote with a poll for the best one. The viewers will decide. Whoever they vote, gets ten
minutes of sitting down. Three, two, one.
(clapping) (energetic banjo music) You know Chandler, I
can’t say I’m impressed. – You can’t tell what that is though? It looks exactly like
what she’s doing, right? – [Host] Oh Chris that looks good. Trees are lit. (energetic banjo music) – All right, you ready for this? – Oh, that’s actually not that bad. – Get ready for this masterpiece son. (gasping)
Do you like it? – I love it.
– You see it, right? – Uh, yeah, no? – No? – Are you ready for this? – That is awesome I like
the looser signs on it. – I drew everything. So I think this is a winner, you know? – Are you ready for the beautiful? I got the peach fuzz and everything, it’s got a W on your
chest, you wanna know why? Winter. – So I put a poll out on social media, which by the way, follow my Instagram if you wanna potentially
be here, next competition. But regardless, I let you guys vote. And you guys decided
that Jake is the winner. – What?
– What? – Yup.
(dramatic orchestral music) The winner of nothing, Chris actually won! – Yeah!
(laughing) – So sad.
(board tapping) – It didn’t work.
(painting dropping) – Oh how does that feel man? – It feels amazing! – [Chris] Look at him, he’s
laying all the way back! You guys are jelly right now. (marching band music) – [Host] It’s been getting pretty tough, so I want you to call a family member and try to get some motivation. Hey, how’s it going?
(chuckling) Your brother is suspended above a pool, and there’s four other people, whoever gets out last gets to
compete for a million dollars. – Oh my gosh. – Hey mom, so I didn’t tell you, ’cause you’d go off on me probably. – [Colby’s Mom] Why aren’t you
calling from your cell phone? – Mom, it’s a competition,
I can’t have my phone. I’m competing to win a million dollars. – She’s saying oh my God are you serious. – Hey what’s up dad? If I win this one, then
I go back in December and have a chance to
win a million dollars. – [Cameron’s Dad] You what? That’s great man. – All right contestants, the unicorn of wealth is coming back. For whoever gets out next, we
have some Beats, some Airpods, an iPhone, an Xbox 1, a PS4, that’s what was up there earlier. And now, we’re adding in a MacBook Pro. (exclaiming) And some PS4 video games. (exclaiming) All you have to do is get
out now and you can have ’em. Even if you win here today, you’re not guaranteed a million dollars. – That’s a lot of stuff though. – It’s about $3,500 dollars. – Go ahead and do it, somebody do it. – See right about now is
when Chandler would get out. – Actually way earlier.
– Yeah, way earlier. – No I’m just sayin’ like
that’s a lot of stuff man, like you know, if you
go along way with that– – So is a million dollars.
– I know. – He’s considering it. – Do it, do it!
– You gotta jump now! (melancholy instrumental music) – [Emperor Palpatine] You’re
fulfilling your destiny. (water splashing)
(slow motion shouting) – (slow motion exclaiming) Yeah! – (slow motion shouting)
No, that’s so cold! (water splashing)
(exclaiming) – Oh!
– No, that’s so cold! – What would your mother
say to you right now? – Oh my God he gave up a million dollars! He gave up 900 bands and
gave up your hundred. – We have three more of these,
where you’ll also be a coach and so you still have other chances. Follow me on Instagram or buy merch, you could have a chance. – So here’s all your items. – Tell me how you were feeling
when you were up there. – I was already in pain, it feels good not to be
up there anymore though. – Yeah.
– It’s no joke. – You were up there for 13 hours. – 13 hours, man! – Well, thanks for coming, appreciate it. I hope you had fun.
– Yeah. – Alberto, you did a good job, bro. – [Host] So there’s only three of you now. How does that make you feel? – I feel hyped, yeah, I feel optimistic. – [Host] Colby, how do you
feel now that he’s gone? – I’m ready, I’m hyped. – [Host] How about you Cameron? – I feel like I got more space to kind of just do what I want and I feel more confident now. – [Host] One of you will get the chance at winning a million dollars,
the other two, nothing, so, good luck. She’s moving over to close the gap. – [Marcus] In honor of Alberto’s
exit, we should cut a rope. – You’re right actually. – In honor of his exit. Red lights. We stated with twenty
ropes, we’re down to 15. I think we’ll just do this. So now we’re down to 14. Now we’re just gonna, 13. I’ll let you guys vote, should I cut one more?
– No. – [Host] What do you think Akira? – Yeah.
– Colby what do you think? – I mean, obviously.
– Okay, that’s two yeses. Whoa, they wanna get this over with. If I cut another, that puts us at 12. – Wow.
– We’re droppin’ ropes. Twelve it is.
– Wow. – You guys are running
out of things to stand on. Lights back to normal, we’ll
cut some more ropes later. Just kidding, turn the red lights back on. (chuckling)
– Oh my God. Dude he’s not playing with them! – Sike! that was just
a joke, normal lights. (gentle electronic music) – How many hours have been up here? – [Tareq] Chrissy, wakie, wakie. Jakie, wakie, wakie. Why is there a french fry on his head? Each of you three still
have a contestant left. What do you want to say to Cameron? – He knows he’s a beast and a warrior. – [Host] What do you want to say? – You’re doing amazing. – You?
(snoring) Awesome, if someone gets
out within the next minute, I’ll give them $5,000 dollars. (water splashing)
(upbeat instrumental music) (water splashing) – (in slow motion) He knows
he’s a beast and a warrior. You love to see it.
(exclaiming) – That’s what you wake up to today. – I tried man, I was dying
for a long time up there. – You could’ve had it easy man. – He looks like he’s going pretty strong. – [Host] What are you going
to do with that $5,000? – I’m gonna donate some trees,
maybe go do some shopping. – He tried his best, hey, at least he didn’t
go home empty handed. Poor Colby’s gonna go home empty handed. – [Host] Your contestant
and your contestant remain. – Yeah. – [Host] Now that Cameron is
gone, it is you two fighting for a chance at one million dollars. – Whoo! – [Host] So we’ll start
off with you Colby. Cameron’s gone, how you feeling? – I’m feeling even more confident. I’m here to win that million. – [Host] How ’bout you,
how are things going now? – 48. – He’s lasted 48 hours?
– 48, let’s go! – [Host] Okay, whenever
you get tired remember, a million dollars is a lot and your brother would be
really sad if you didn’t win it. Okay have fun. (upbeat electronic music) So Chandler had to leave, so we’re gonna put you in charge of Colby. – Boo.
(laughing) – For the next minute, it’ll be ten grand if someone gets out, then it drops back to seven. – You can do better Akira. – You have 55 seconds to decide, and then it falls back to seven grand. – That’s pushing it, that’s a lot. – You have 40 seconds to win ten grand. You could just lose in
the million dollar round and get nothing, when right now, you could walk away with ten grand. – Ten grand, we were waiting on this. – Akira, you could take that
10K and split it with your twin he’s be happy with you. – Or you can play for this million and potentially win a million dollars. – But we’re in it to win it. – Yeah! – Five, four, three, two–
– We came to win, that’s right Akira!
(clapping) We came to win! – That is a very tired but determined man. – I love that Akira. – Seven grand’s still on
the table, take it whenever. Rope cutting time. Once I start cutting some ropes, one of you are gonna fall. – Here we go!
– One down. – [Jake] That’s two. – [Host] Three down. Akira, make the call, you want one more? – [Akira] Yeah, do it. – [Jake] Hey! – I don’t know how many you’re hanging on, but it’s not many. All right, good luck! (upbeat synthesized music) Here you go, follow me. – How far back we going? Are we going out here? – If he doesn’t catch
it, I cut another rope. – You gotta catch it, you ready? – Yeah sure, why not? – yeet (ball bouncing) – So close. – Marky Mark, Chandler
disappeared, so, you’re in charge. Here you go. – [Marcus] All right you ready Colby? – Right here, at me. – [Marcus] Oh! – Two ropes it is. – [Marcus] Oh my God, two ropes! Red light me! Here we go.
(ominous instrumental music) One, two, three, four, five, six ropes. (ominous instrumental tones)
(rope snapping) Oh, now let’s go to the other side. Knife me. (ominous instrumental tones)
(chuckling) Now there’s four ropes, should we just do one more on each side and just get it done with? Akira, do you agree? – Yeah.
– Okay. (grunting)
(gasping) There are now three ropes remaining. (upbeat electronic music) – Win $7,000. You know you gotta jump in the pool. (upbeat electronic music) – You guys just don’t budge. What do you want me to do, just cut it down to one rope? – Let’s do it.
– Let’s do it? – Yeah. – Let’s ask our consultant, Cameron. You were up there, you know how they feel, should we go down to one rope? – They’ve been up there quite
some time so I say yeah. – Say no more, one rope. Red lights. Three ropes remain.
(ominous instrumental music) I know you feel a difference now. – Y’all feelin’ that?
– Yeah. – Okay, to the other side. Still ten grand, anyone want it? I’m trying to end your suffering
so we cut one over there. (rope springing)
(exclaiming) One rope remains. (upbeat electronic music) There’s officially one rope left. We could cut the last rope
and do last fall into water. – It’ll be a shootout.
– But I’d only do it if you both agreed to it. You wanna do it Colby? – Well we might as well get it over with. – So you’re okay with me
cutting the final rope? – Oh my God!
– We’re cutting the final rope! – We’re about to cut the rope, what’s going through your mind? – I’m just thinking about my
brothers, my family back home. (sniffing)
– Aw. I’m cheering for you. So what’s going through your mind Colby? How long do you think you’ll hang? – Not very long, I’m a weak one so– – Well you agreed to it, so we’ll do it. They both agreed to this, let it be known. 30-ish hours comes down to this. Jake and Marcus are gonna
cut the rope on both sides at the same time and whoever
can hang the longest wins. Whoever loses will still get
ten grand ’cause why not? Three, two, one, cut! (suspenseful orchestral music) – Come on Colby!
– Come on! – You got this!
– Pumped! (instrumental music intensifying) (shouting)
(clapping) – This could equal a million dollars. (shouting)
(splashing) (exclaiming)
(shouting) (water splashing)
(cheering) – I can’t even move my legs. – But you just won $10,000 though. – Yeah. – And here is our winner! He’s going on to compete
for one million dollars in a few weeks. If you want a chance
to compete against him, make sure you follow me
on Instagram or buy merch. Three more of these, all twelve people in the
future three challenges, will be people that follow
me on Instagram or buy merch. You can face ’em, for one million dollars. – Now this was for my brother.
(sniffing) – I think we should call him. – [Host] Yeah, let’s see what he says. – I think we should call him.
– Guess what your brother did? – Oh my gosh, please tell me he won? – [Host] Yeah he did, he got the dub. – Oh my goodness! – I did it for you, bro ’cause I know, this means a lot to you and I know you wish you
could have been here. (sniffing) So I hung
in there for you guys. I know it’s gonna make
our lives a lot better if I can win that one mil. I’m gonna do it for us though. (sniffing) Love you. – Dang, I’m crying now, ooh my goodness. So we’ll see you again in
a few weeks, later guys. Also don’t forget we’re still
selecting for the next three ‘Last to Leave’ videos. If you want to compete,
follow me on Instagram or buy my merch. Trust me guys, I care a lot
about you international people but when trying to comply
with the laws in America and other countries at the same time, it’s just hard, so sadly, this sweepstakes is only U.S. based. Also quick add in, we have a big problem with people impersonating
me and I will only DM you from my verified Mr.
Beast Instagram account. (exploding) ♪ Mister Beast’s six thousand ♪ ♪ Mister Beast’s 6000 yeah ♪ ♪ You know his name ♪ ♪ He changed it once or twice ♪ ♪ but I think it’s here to stay ♪ (exploding)

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