LAST TO LEAVE Backyard Wins $10,000 – Challenge (Is the Game Master over?) | Rebecca Zamolo

– Hey Zamfam, it’s Rebecca Zamolo, and today we are doing Last to Leave the Backyard wins $10,000. – As you guys know, we signed a contract that erases any trace of the Game Master because it was all just a game. – No I don’t think it was just
a game, it’s gotta be real. – No, it was! And they said we can go back to doing these fun challenges, so here we are! We saw the Norris Nut’s video where they did a similar
challenge like this, but it was at their swimming center, and it looked so much fun. So before we start this, we need to go over there, because we’re going to determine how much we get to spend at the store. – [All] Boom! – So we’re competing on
this giant obstacle course, and the fastest time will get
to spend $100 at the store. Second place will get $50, and third place will only get $25. – What?
– This is a challenge Matt, we gotta go! – Okay, who goes first?
– I guess you’re gonna go. – What, me? – Yeah.
– Alright, I’m ready. I’m probably gonna win, I might as well get that over with first. Alright, so this looks like we’re gonna go through
this dry slip and slide, and then we’re gonna go upstairs and down one of the two slides. Make sure you don’t choose
the wrong slide though. Fastest time wins! – Okay, I’m about to start the time. Before Matt finishes, I wanna challenge you guys
to see if you can subscribe, turn on notifications, click all and thumbs up this video. Alright Matt, are you ready? Three, two, one, go! – [Daniel] Here we go!
– [Rebecca] Oh no! – [Matt] I need that money! It’s wet.
– 13:87. – [Daniel] Whoa! – It’s wet. – Comment backyard water slide squad, if you did it before Matt finished. – Daniel, if you win this, how are you gonna spend the money? – I got some ideas, I got some ideas. – Okay. If Matt got 13:87.
– What? – On your marks, you have to beat that. – Oh, no.
– Get set, go! – [Matt] The long one! – That was terrible. – That was 27:15. Daniel, I thought you were a ninja? – I’m a hacker first, not a ninja. – We have Rebecca Zamolo. Do you think you can beat
my time of 13 seconds flat? – I hope so, I need this money ’cause
I wannna be comfortable while I’m in this backyard, you know? – It’s not looking good. I’m at least the second place right now. – I hopefully will do better
than you Daniel, no offense. – [Matt] Go! – [Matt] She’s going in, she’s going in! – [Daniel] There she goes, pretty fast. – [Matt] Chose not to slide! – [Daniel] Which side, which side? What’d you make, what’s the time? – What do you think you got? – I think I got 10 seconds! No! – [Daniel] 14, oh!
– No! So that means Matt gets
$100 spend at the store. I get $50, and Daniel… – 25!
– You only get 25! – What am I gonna do with 25? – So I know I won, what do
I get to use my money for? Is it like for pranks? Is
it for something that– – What? No! It’s for anything you want! Nothing is off limits as
long as it’s in your budget. – Okay, whatever’s gonna keep me in this backyard the longest. Or you guys out. – I’ll see you guys, I’m gonna be shouting you guys in the Zam Fam
out that have gotten my Zam Fam merch and
tagged me on Instagram and people that scored a 100
on the last Game Master quiz so stay tuned! – Wait guys, come on! We gotta go to the store,
I’m gonna spend my money! – So we are here now at the store. Matt get a hundy, I get 50, Daniel you get 25.
– 25. – So we can go in and
get everything we want, but it has to be in our
budget, are you guys ready? – Yes.
– Yes. – I don’t know what I’m gonna get. – Alright, let’s go! You guys know I have a $50 budget, it’s not as much as Matt’s. More than Daniel’s, so. I have a plan that we fixed. I am going to prank them, I’m gonna get things that they would want and put it on the outside of the location so that they wanna step off because we have to stay on the grass area. I hope this works. – $25, what are you
gonna get with 25 bucks? I don’t know, I gotta be very careful. Should I get a prank item? Should I just get
something to entertain me? I don’t know, something funny? Well I don’t know, comment down below. I wanna know what you
would get for 25 bucks to help keep you in the
backyard for 24 hours. – I have $100. I don’t know if I wanna spend it on myself to protect myself? Maybe some sort of shelter? Or maybe I’m just gonna take
them out early, I don’t know. Let’s go find some stuff. Toys. Whoa, grand piano! No, stay on track. – You guys know Daniel loves coffee, so what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna get one of these coffees, during the challenge I’m going
to put this on the outside. He won’t be able to
resist it, it’s perfect! Alright Daniel, try to
resist this bad boy. So I don’t want the guys
to see what I’m doing, but I kinda wanna do some fun things here. – Rebecca, hey!
– No! Don’t look! Let’s see. Water, bubbles. There’s Daniel, he can’t see. – [Daniel] Ooh, a cooler. I could put drinks in here. A chair could be comfortable. 25 is very limiting. – [Rebecca] Look at
this, a water launcher! This is perfect. Think that’s in my budget, okay. Let’s get a pink chair! ‘Cause I’m gonna be sitting around while I win this challenge. So I just thought about,
I don’t want my phone to get wet during this challenge. So I’m gonna try to find something that I can put my phone in. So in case it gets wet or
something, it’ll be okay. So this isn’t exactly what I wanted, I wanted something for your phone case, they don’t have anything. So I think these Ziploc bags might work. Smash the thumbs up
button if you think it is. Let me know which prank I should do first and who I should do it on. – [Matt] Oh Rebecca, hey!
– No! – [Matt] I think I
found my first purchase, it’s a twin sized mattress. I can either use this to float or sleep. But this is a great choice. Monster Energy, yes! – I just saw Rebecca, she
already has some stuff. I gotta hurry! Look what I found, water launcher! Ooh, this is good. Okay, I’m gonna get this. And there’s nothing better
than some cheese balls! – Almost forgot one of
the most important things! I need a hat! Need to get a hat so, hat, hat. Couldn’t find any other
hats so ball mom it is! I guess I’m getting this hat! Okay you guys so I had
to get rid of the towel, and the chair so that I hit my $50. – Your total is $49.
– 49? Yes! Okay so I’m under 50, I barely made it. Had to give up a few things but it’s okay. Okay so I didn’t wanna spend the 10 cents on the bag to stay within the budget. So I barely made it. And now I have to carry all this stuff ’cause I don’t have a bag! Okay so we’re back! I’m carrying some of Daniel’s stuff. – I got some stuff here. – Yeah, I think we got some
of the same things Daniel. – Yeah, cheese balls?
– I got so much stuff, guys. – Matt, okay. Wait.
– What? – [Rebbeca] I know you! – Hey Rebecca! – Hey Andrew, I didn’t expect to see you. – [Daniel] You know who he is? – Yeah, he’s taking Instagram
photos for us, right Matt? – [Matt] Yeah!
– Yeah. What are you doing here? – They wanted to send this out to you guys as kind of a congratulations
just being able to do your fun videos again and go back to what you guys
have always wanted to do. – They? – Yeah, the GMI. – How did they.. Okay? – They didn’t tell you? They sent me to kind of help you guys film and they wanted to just bring
this by for congratulations. – [Rebecca] Starbucks?
– [Daniel] Starbucks? – It’s kinda nice, I’ll be honest. It’s a good gift. – [Daniel] Starbucks, though.
– Yeah, okay! – [Daniel] Starbucks!
– Starbucks! – Yeah, I’ll take that.
– Yeah, here you go! – Oh, okay. We’ll we’re doing the
challenge, I’ll set it off and then when we’re done
I’ll bring it inside. That’s really nice, thank you!
– Yeah, you’re welcome! – Let’s get on to the
challenge, come on guys! – Yep, let’s go. – Okay so now we have all of our stuff laid out on the ground.
– [Daniel] Great! – Let me film that for you guys, yeah! Let me take that, yeah. – [Andrew] Yeah, I’ll
film it for you guys. – Okay yeah, I mean
you’re in the challenge. This is great! – [Andrew] Yeah!
– This is actually kinda nice. Great.
– Daniel, hey! – There is one catch with this challenge. The first person that gets out, that leaves this backyard, and you cannot leave past the grass. – Okay. – So once you cross the grass you are out. But they have to hold their phone in the next water challenge. – There’s another water challenge? – There’s a water challenge
after this in the next video, so the loser will have
to bring their phone and it’ll possibly go in
the water and be destroyed, I’m just saying! But it’s not gonna be
me so I’m not worried. – Alright. – You got a lot of stuff.
– I mean I did! – I didn’t. – We both got cheese puffs! – Yeah, we got cheese balls.
– Oh yeah. – This is good, good snacking. Look at how big this is,
it’ll last for a couple hours! – Yeah? Yeah, for sure!
– Maybe, I don’t know. I got water balloons. Anybody else get water balloons? – Ooh no, but I don’t want
you to use those on me. – Just saying a $100 will
get you a lot of candy! And then I also got an energy drink ’cause I need to outlast you guys. – I don’t need energy. – [Matt] Are you already eating it? – I’m hungry. – Rebecca, you got one of these? – I did too, you know what that means. – I thought I was gonna be the
only one with the advantage. – No!
– I got one too! – Wow, Matt got so much more stuff. – I got way more stuff than everybody. – Wait, how do you do it? – So the way this is gonna work is that we have all this green grass, but once that challenge
starts we cannot leave it. Also every 10 minutes,
the area’s gonna shrink. Just like Fortnite. – When he says smaller what he means is we have access to all of this grass but in 10 minutes it’s gonna get smaller and we are only gonna be allowed on that blue giant water slide! – What!
– What, that? – Exactly, it’s gonna get harder. And the final round, whoever can make it will then have to be in the pool and only the pool. – Inside the pool? – Yes!
– Rebecca I have jeans on! – Last to leave the pool will win! – [Daniel] I don’t have any water yet! – [Rebecca] Wait, no! Oh wait, we need more! – Oh man, I don’t know. I don’t know, there’s Matt. Got her, got her! – I’m going the wrong way! – This is a bad idea. – No, no! – [Rebecca] I’m stuck,
I don’t know what to do. I’m climbing up. I’m climbing to the top
of this water slide. I keep slipping! I’m hiding in here for cover, you guys. So the boys can’t get me. I don’t have anymore water. I need to prank them, but I
don’t know where they’re at. Where are they? – Got her! – [Rebecca] I’m just
gonna try to slide down. No! No! Okay. – [Daniel] Do you see Matt? – There’s Matt, Matt’s hiding. – Oh no!
– Hey, you can’t eat our food! – Okay, I won’t eat your food. – Okay, let’s see if I can get ’em. Look, there they are! There they are! – [Rebecca] No! If we can just trick him with the coffee, he’s never turned down coffee. – That’s true. – And maybe if we don’t do it this round, we can do it on the next one.
– Yep, I’m in. – Okay, it might be too obvious. – Okay.
– Alright, let’s do it. – They’re trying to get me. Okay, they’re coming to get me. Careful, wish me luck! Give me a thumbs up if you think I’m gonna make it
through this first round. – You guys, I just made a deal with Matt, but I’m also gonna make
a deal with Daniel. I’m doing like Big Brother style. Daniel, come here! Come here! So if we just tag team him
with this we can get him out.. – Oh no, he’s right there!
– No! – [Daniel] Can’t trust you! – [Rebecca] You can trust me, Daniel! You can trust me. – Yeah Matt, where’s Matt? Watch out Rebecca, watch out! – Don’t know where he is. Let’s see, where is he? – Five! – [All] Four, three, two, one! – We made it! Now we’re gonna have a quick snack break. – [Rebecca] Yep!
– Rebecca, Daniel, let’s all. – That’s great, we always got the snacks. – I got mine. Oh, they’re wet! Matt! They’re soaking wet! – Oh, yeah.
– He pranked us! – Yeah, they’re soaked. – We can’t eat these! – What about those? – No, they’re wet too! – All of them are wet? – Matt! – They’re my favorite. – How’s the snacks over there? – They’re soggy! – [Matt] Rebecca! What you gonna do? – I’m gonna have the left Twix right now. – [Daniel] Wait, wait,
wait, were there any rules on taking other people’s items? – I guess not! – Battle Royale! – Mess with my food,
you’re gonna get the water. – We’re all moving on to the
next round, nobody is out. But for round two we’re
going even smaller, Fortnite style, Battle Royale, we have to stay on here
for the next 10 minutes. – Whoa!
– Whoa! – If you leave, you lose. And if you lose, you have
to have your phone in water on the next video. – Oh no.
– No! – Are you guys ready? – Yeah.
– Okay! – What is he doing?
– You see that over there? – Wait you guys, Zam Fam look. – What’s he doing? – Why would he be filming? – [Matt] Andrew, what are you doing? – Oh, I’m just getting some B-roll! – B-roll of our cabin
– B-roll? – Yeah, just developing
a B-roll for you guys. – For us?
– Yeah! Yeah, yeah. – Was he filming on the cameras? – How does he know about the GMI and how did he know we’re up here? Nobody knows we’re up here yet. – So weird. – Well the GMI does! – I know, but…
– The brought us here. Did you guys see that when
he handed you the basket he had a marking on his arm? You didn’t see that? – I didn’t notice. – That was like in the
video we saw of the RZ twin. – Wait.
– He’s still over there! – No, the video wasn’t of
RZ twin Daniel, it was of me and it must’ve been like a
tattoo, like a temporary thing. – Do you even remember getting that? – No, but like I could’ve. It could’ve happened,
I just don’t remember. That was a year ago,
that was a long time ago. – I don’t know if I trust him. – Zam Fam if you get a
chance look at his arm and let us know what that is and does it look like
what I had a year ago? I don’t think so but
just let us know, okay? – Okay. – Zam Fam, I don’t trust the boys so I’m putting my phone here because this next round
is going to get very wet. – Welcome back, Andrew. – Fun challenge, you guys! – 10 minutes in five,
four, three, two, one! Let’s go! – [Daniel] Whoa it’s
cold, it’s really cold! – I’m more protected if I get to the top of this water slide. You guys I do not wanna drop
my iPhone into the water and lose this challenge so I am definitely not getting off of this no matter what. You guys I have this secret for Daniel. Smash the thumbs up button if you think this coffee is gonna make him leave this and then he’ll be out! Then it’ll be between Matt and I! – [Rebecca] Okay which slide
should I got down, you guys? Slide one, or slide two? Oh no, Daniel’s coming. – [Daniel] Uh oh, here she goes. How do I get her? – [Rebecca] Three, two, one! So wet! I am soaking wet now. I think I need to hide this. – [Daniel] Last to fall? I thought it was last to leave! – [Matt] Trying to figure out which slide. – Matt got stuck on the water slide! I’m here! I can’t believe I’m just
soaking wet in this! – [Andrew] They just want
you to have a good time. – They? Yeah, oh. Yeah, yeah. No it’s fun Andrew, yeah. – [Matt] Three, two, one! – [Rebecca] What is he doing? – [Matt] Why am I stuck? – [Rebecca] Matt, how did you get stuck? – It’s so cold, it’s
so cold, it’s so cold! – Oh my gosh, how’s it going? – Good, it’s so cold. – Oh! – [Matt] Rebecca! – [Rebecca] Matt!
– [Matt] No! – What!
– What! – My phone! – You should go get it, Matt! – Oh, that’s not nice.
– Okay, I’ll go get it. I’ll get it guys, I’ll get it. Oh wait, wait! No, no! – He almost fell for it! – [Rebecca] Go Matt! Guess you don’t have a phone! He almost went out! – Okay, what’s our time? How much time do we have? – I don’t know, my phone’s out there! – Oh yeah, that was keeping time Rebecca! – Oh no! Okay, we’re gonna have to guess. The Zam Fam can help us guess! So quick challenge, who
can get to the top fastest. Matt’s on one slide, I’m the other and Daniel is right there,
we have to get to the top. Comment below who you
think is going to win. Is it me, Matt, or Daniel? Comment right now, you’ll
find out who’s the winner. Ready, on your marks. – Get set.
– Get set. – [Daniel] Go! – I’m getting soaked! – [Rebecca] Matt, help me! – I made it! – That’s not fair! Okay Matt go down that side,
I’ll go down this side. – [Rebecca] Three, two, one! – So cold, so cold, so cold! It’s really cold. – Secret. – [Matt] Oh, what is that for?
– It’s coffee! – Okay?
– Daniel has never turned down coffee ever. – Okay, let’s act like
we’re starting to have it and just drop it out there, okay? – Yeah.
– Alright, I made it! – Coffee break! – Yeah!
– Coffee break, woo! – [Daniel] Coffee break? Whose got coffee? – Oh my Gosh. – Here, Matt. You got some?
– Yep. – Yeah. – Whose got coffee? – Here. – No, not the coffee! – Oh Daniel, you’re out! – They got me with the coffee! – How did he fall for that? You dived so fast! – I can’t let coffee go to waste! – Okay, I guess we’re on the last round. – We’re on the last round, this is a husband versus
wife challenge in the pool. I’ll see you guys, who made it to the top? – I did.
– Also make sure to thumbs up your comment if you commented Matt,
he made it to the top. He had the easiest one. Okay, well now it’s the real challenge. This is the water challenge, and last to leave wins. You know what that means, Daniel? In the next challenge you have to have your phone in the water! – You guys ready for this next round? – [Andrew] Hey Daniel, can you take this? – Oh, are you leaving? – Yeah, they want me to come back. I’ll bring this inside and just put it inside the cabin for you. – [Daniel] Those the coffee? – I’ll bring it inside for you guys. – You have to go? – Yeah, they want me to go back. – [Rebecca] They? – [Daniel] Do you know where to go? – Yeah, I’ll jut put it inside. – Okay!
– [Daniel] Okay! – Okay!
– [Daniel] Okay! – [Rebecca] Okay, well
thank you for the gift. – Yeah of course, take care guys! – What a sweet kid, man.
– Yeah. – He’s so nice. – That was so nice! – Did he seem like he already knew how to get into the place? – He’s been here before. – Oh yeah, totally.
– Oh. – Okay.
– Okay, cool. – Well now it’s time for the last round, Matt and I are going. – So glad I got this! Oh my gosh it’s going
away, it’s going away. – [Daniel] Whoa, whoa, whoa, Matt! – What okay, so how do I get… Do I have to jump on that? – [Daniel] I guess you gotta jump! Yeah and then Rebecca will get in. – I got it! Alright! Nice! – [Daniel] How’s it feel, feel good? – It feels so good, the water’s so warm. – [Daniel] Really?
– Yeah! – [Daniel] Now I wish I
hadn’t lost the challenge. – Feels pretty good. Rebecca, when you coming in? – Right now! – [Daniel] What?
– What? – That would’ve been epic! – [Matt] I won all the money! – Okay, okay! – I can honestly fall asleep on here. – [Daniel] Pretty good,
look at yours Rebecca! – I like mostly on top, you can probably come on here with me! There’s so much space. – Yeah, let me try, let me try to get on. – [Daniel] Yeah, Titanic! – Come on up! – Okay, I’m gonna get on. – No! – [Daniel] Got him! – [Rebecca] Where is he? – [Daniel] Oh man! – Oh, do you want a towel? They’re right out there! – A towel?
– Yeah! – Okay yeah, I think
a towel would be good. – Yeah, you should get out. – Okay okay, I should probably get out. – No, no, no! I’m not even in a swimsuit! – I mean, I’m in jeans! – Your dresser Tesla! Yes! – [Daniel] Go, go, go! – Get it!
– It’s right there, that was not smart. – [Daniel] Alright, we got
eight more minutes guys. Eight minutes!
– That was pretty good! – [Daniel] Eight minutes in this pool. – Last to leave, I can be in here all day. I’m going to win this challenge. I’m not getting out
for anything, I’m fine! Matt, stop! No! No, it didn’t work! I’m trying not to get my hair wet! It hasn’t worked so far. – [Daniel] She said she’s
trying not to get her hair wet. – The only way you’re not
gonna get your hair wet– – Daniel, whose side are you on? – [Daniel] Hey, you’re the
one who threw the coffee! – [Rebecca] This is not like
the Norris Nut’s challenge! – [Daniel] Uh oh, here he comes! – No, no! – [Daniel] Oh man. – I could do this all day! – You guys comment who’s
gonna win, husband or wife! – This thing’s starting to sink. It’s starting to sink. – No it’s not, no it’s not! No it’s not! – It’s starting to sink!
– No! – [Daniel] What’s wrong? – Look like you’re getting
a little cold over there! – I’m a little chilly, but it’s fine! It’s fine. – [Daniel] Matt, how are you feeling? – I feel great because A, I have pants on, and two I have a long sleeved shirt that I bought, remember? – Wait Matt, the water’s yellow! Oh man. – [Daniel] You getting cold, Rebecca? – I’m getting cold! – [Daniel] Oh my gosh. – Okay here we come, you
don’t have a mat anymore. – [Daniel] Oh no, oh no!
– No, no, no, no! He’s so much warmer, he has a long sleeve! – Shark! – [Daniel] Uh oh, here he comes! Here he comes, watch out! Oh no! – Matt! – Last to leave the pool wins! – I’m really cold, I
wanna win this though! – Alright Rebecca, let’s truce okay? – Truce?
– [Daniel] Truce! – Truce it’s a tie? – It’s a tie, we split the 10.
– Okay. – Five to you, five to me okay? – Okay, I’ll do that. – Pinky promise on it!
– Pinky promise! – Yay, $5000! – [Daniel] Wait Matt, I saw that! Matt I saw that! – [Matt] Three, two! – [Daniel] No, Rebecca! Oh no! He switched his finger, it went pointer! – Stop!
– It was the index finger! – [Daniel] It was the index finger! – That’s cheating! – [Daniel] There were no
rules like that Rebecca! You gotta admit! – I’m going in the hot tub!
– [Daniel] Okay go! – Alright Zam Fam, so
we’re in the hot tub now and that concludes the Last to Leave the Backyard Wins $10,000! I call that cheating, you guys! – No! – Let me know what you guys think. – I think Matt got it,
I think Matt got it! – Yep!
– Not cool at all! Shout out to you guys in
the Game Master network that scored a 100. And shout out to you guys
that wore Zam Fam merch and tagged me on Instagram. Make sure to check out
the video right here. And Daniel you got last which
means in the next challenge, you have to bring your
phone into the water! – Wait, wait, wait,
what’s the next challenge? – She’ll never believe what’s next. – What?
– What? – Look right over there.
– What? – What?

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