LAST TO LEAVE Bounce House on Roof Wins $10,000! (Game Master Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

LAST TO LEAVE Bounce House on Roof Wins $10,000! (Game Master Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

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  1. Do you trust my best friend after this Last to Leave challenge? Let me know if you're in the ZAMFAM and subscribed with notifications on!

  2. alice sometimes freaks me out because i know that you know you can trust her but you need to defeat the GMI immediately

  3. Rebecca is going to win the challenge.

  4. Rebecca be careful because Alice has a barcode on her right hand

  5. Bounce House Squad

  6. Alice took something from the backpack

  7. Alex took something from the backpack

    The question was this when did you do this in 2019 where is your house and are you in Texas or are you in America

  8. I’m not a boy I’m a girl my name is Retaj

  9. Bounce House squad

  10. Who else???? Rebecca

  11. Bounce house squad

  12. I knew it we can’t trust her!!!

  13. I love you so much zamfam

  14. Bounce house squad

  15. Or 9999999999999 hours and days

  16. Rebecca did you know that your best friend has a bardcode

  17. 16:14 I saw Alice with a bar code and at 16:21 Alice took something out of the backpack

  18. I see a bar code in alice's arm!!!

  19. Alice took something inside the backpack

  20. Alice is a clone look at the barcode on her arm

  21. She has a bar code

  22. She took the necklace when you were talking to Matt.She took her shoes and something out of her backpack that was not the necklace. I think she took the phone to you should check. Can you shout me out my dad would not let me send you one I got your shrit

  23. I think in the next video Rebecca and Alice should do twin telepathy if they haven’t already

  24. What is that on Alis’s arm when they sat down to to do the twin telepathy it was a barcode

  25. She just took something out of the backpack


  27. bounse house squad

  28. LOVE YOU ???????????????

  29. Alice tookt he phone but she pretened to go to the bathroom

  30. Look at Alice ‘s left hand ?

  31. she took something

  32. she took out the things and left

  33. Your Bff has some thing in her hand

  34. I did it at 1 does that count but bounce house squad ??

  35. Bounce house spuad

  36. She took some thing out to back pack

  37. Bounce house squad

  38. Alice took the things outside the bag and replace it rebecca's merch and snacks

  39. Alice took some thing out of her back pack

  40. Alice has a bar code on her arm

  41. I vud bring fuud and vater

  42. Bounce House Squad

  43. Why is Alice looking at the floor?

  44. Bounce house squad

  45. I don't trust your friend

  46. She took something out of the bag before she go to the bathroom

  47. Team Rebecca and Matt

  48. Rebecca zamolo I saw your best freind had a scammer on her arm

  49. Rebeca i saw a m2 on alise i saw it on her arm she is a clone

  50. She has a barcode on herArm

  51. she took out some things from the backpack

  52. Like if you’re in the ZamFam

  53. Do a pregenant video

  54. She took something out

  55. why is there a barcode on alice

  56. Ales has a bare code on her hand!!

  57. Bounce House Squad ??????????

  58. Rebecca's phone fell

  59. She took the important stuff out of backpack

  60. Alice had a scan on her arm

  61. Bounce house squad

  62. Bounce house Squad

  63. ABC get THE MOEY


  65. Bounce house squad

  66. Bounce house squad

  67. I know what you kan boo

  68. Bounce House Squad

  69. Alice took something from the bag and she took the phone

  70. alice seems wierd cuz she wants to have the phone

  71. Bounce house squard,,,,,

  72. i am youer biggis fan

  73. Alice still has the barcode!OMG!

  74. I am in the ZAMFAM!!!!

  75. Why do u win then u just leave the Opponent alone with the important thing

  76. She has a barcode on her arm.

  77. The GMI is going to get in the b ounce ?

  78. Alice has a car code on her and check it Rebecce

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