LAST TO LEAVE the GIANT SNOW GLOBE Wins $10,000! (Trapped for 24 Hours with Game Master Inc)

LAST TO LEAVE the GIANT SNOW GLOBE Wins $10,000! (Trapped for 24 Hours with Game Master Inc)

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  1. What should we do to get Rebecca and her best friend back?

  2. its begining to look alot like chrismas

  3. Her name is Amelia

  4. Mandy will win probaly

  5. I think the boys are going to win

  6. This is how many people are laughing at this video ??

  7. I think that alices real name might be amy

  8. Make them sing the song correctly

  9. Agent s more like agent snakes ?

  10. Matt is going to win

  11. Is. Matt. A. Singer ??‍?

  12. Maddy or do you spell it maddie

  13. ??????that's relly funny!!!

  14. I think you should go with the giant snow globe and start dancing with the loudest music

  15. They will all drive crazy but if they do drive crazy don’t Do that again

  16. Just go in if you don’t go just to do something

  17. Maddy is going to win!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Alice’s name can be amy,amelia,Amanda,Anna

  19. I would stay in because I want to make music or a song I think Alice's real name is Amanda or Ammy

  20. I think Matt or Maddie will win

  21. I think Alice's name is am am

  22. Who. Is. A. True. Fan. Of. Matt. And. Rebecca

  23. It wasn't it's not a real

  24. If you want them them to leave make Agent R Drink milk food color it HEHE!!!!!! 😉 Heheé Muahahahah!!!!! huhu Hahahha!!;;! Muahha Hehe…

  25. 4:55 I was cracking up!!!!!???

  26. Agent R has 2 bates A, Maddy

  27. I think agent s or r

  28. l now the of Alice it start's whithe l Am

  29. Come to macidonia #trust alise

  30. OMG Matt screamed so loud.?

  31. OMG you ar so crazy

  32. No it’s the fact the zipper is jammed from the inside

  33. I alse's name is Amber

  34. Ik it's am for Alice real name

  35. Blindfold then put them in a giant snow globe

  36. Hi Rebecca and Matt I just remembered Allison's real the name I'm going to go and find her real name and then I will leave a comment I hope you can get the comment back and see

  37. Rebecca and Matt I know Allison's real name

  38. Alice are you ok that agent r likes maddie

  39. anybody else realize that it’s not 10,000 dollars but it’s just a 100 dollar bill with a bunch of 1 dollar bill behind it

  40. Just let Maddie out of $10,000

  41. Others: EWWW THAT SMELLS!

  42. Roses are red?
    Violets are blue
    I like Rebecca
    Zamfam army to

  43. I think her name is Amie

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