Latinos Play A Drinking Card Game Made For Latinos

Latinos Play A Drinking Card Game Made For Latinos

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  1. If you love Pero Like, prove it to me!

  2. Would you all want to see us play other Latinx card games? Who else getting litty City this holiday season!?

  3. What’s the girl in the green shirts Instagram?

  4. I want to do this!

  5. Now I wanna buy this game, sounds like fun to play during the holidays with the family!!

  6. I wish i would have known about this game last night lmaoo

  7. Oh my gah that phone call con su mama was hilarious. I loved this!

  8. LMAOOO “i’m half mexican and puerto rican and i disappoint older latinos everyday!!”

  9. "cuando ya no estoy" hit me hard bruh?????

  10. In the oven yep that’s my mom LMAO.??‍♂️????

  11. yooo when she said that the family says “mhm eso es lo que te dice” hahahha my mom says that shit also haha is that a salvadorean thing??

  12. I think all Latin mom's sounds just like Kimmy's??

  13. This makes me so happy because so many of the aspects of My growing up seem to be universal to Latino culture I

  14. Gosh Kimberly I'm in love of her.

  15. Wow Kimmy "la nina" is soo pretty, beautiful, and gorgeous. I'm in love with her and she is definitely the prototype of the woman I want to marry. If you read this Kimmy just know I think you're amazing.?

  16. dam you guys lit by the end of the video

  17. Kimmy’s mom is everyone’s mom ? asking too many questions and not being amused at all ?

  18. Davi voice is sexy

  19. the dishes in the oven… .. deceased

  20. Kimmy’s mom…true truca! ?????

  21. Gadiel should’ve played

  22. That phone call!!!! Just like my mom lmao

  23. Salud dinero y el amor lo compramos.

  24. Oooooooooooh my god!!!! The “y el novio/novia” card made me cringe!!!!!!!!! Definitely getting this game!

  25. can i still play even though im not latina?

  26. I have this game and it is so much fun ???

  27. damn kimmy hella fine that i was about to follow her instagram, but i heard she got a bf so whelp lol

  28. "Please drink responsibly" No one ever does! ???

  29. Of course my tia would question kimmy !!!

  30. Su mamá un verdadera ?? ?

  31. I have this card game and can’t wait to play with all my Latino friends ?

  32. Yeeessss for the #thickthighboya

  33. Latinos don't play "drinking games" AIJT NOBODY GONNA TELL A LATINO HOW TO DRINK HIS DRINK

  34. I just bought this Amazon. It's on sale on their website tho for $5 cheaper. Awesome game def recommend for Latinos. My siblings and cousins loved it

  35. Finalmente um video com um brasileiro, todo mundo sai pois esse momento é todo meu

  36. “MY CARPET!” My man you’re in a studio…

  37. You should do white dads trying each other’s hot dogs ????‍♂️

  38. I couldn't help but cringe at bidi bidi boom boom, technically it's not even spanish so I'm confused at the mispronunciation. On a positive note, this games looks so fun, I'd love to keep seeing videos like this. Definitely buying to play with the primos on Christmas

  39. Yes! I need more Latin drinking games ?

  40. So is this Kimmy girl going to stay and be in more videos?

  41. Kimmy's mom is Everything!!??

  42. It looks like so much fun. I would love to play this with my siblings.

  43. I am glad that there are now card games that relate to all LatinosHispanics. Where there are stereotypes that others would assume it to be but it's actually our life and I believe that in our community, it's good to embrace what we know in the Latinx Culture and continue to share it with others. (Also, I stopped after the first question and I bought BOTH packs- I'M READY)

  44. never heard anyone call it "bidi bidi bOOM bOOm"

  45. Colombians do eat spicy food wtf!!! Claudia obviously doesn’t know she’s too gringa

  46. I feel you Eli, I'm also Mexican and Puerto Rican and dont speak Spanish. I can understand it but communicate back in English. I feel so horrible when I can't but I'm working on learning to feel confident when speaking Spanish. It will only benefit me and my children when I have some lol to be bilingual.

  47. MY C A R P E E E E E T ! ! !

  48. They had to eat pizza so they won't get messed up quickly ?? felt that !

  49. Pointing is rude ?

  50. "I'm not going to be here for ever"

    I thing all latinas mom and grandma say that?????

  51. "So where are you leaving your car?" – Yep. That's a concerned parent right there. Heh heh. She wants to make sure her child is safe. Davi is cute…

  52. Waiting for it to get delivered!!! Christmas going to be lit

  53. Finally Brasil is included!!!

  54. Where has Kimmy been all my life?!?

  55. Can you guys do a pulque video 🙂

  56. Kimmy’s mom is my moms clone lol. They sound just alike

  57. I’m dead why does every salvi mom gotta yell like that. It’s so triggering ?

  58. Do round two with Gadiel, Maya,and OGs Jenny and Julisia. I'm not asking for Curly because I know he's sober now. Kuddos Curly!

  59. Hey Kimberly, you cute. ??


  61. Pero like where is Gadiel???.lol

  62. Kimi’s mom sounded like mom ??

  63. Salud y Dinero y el amor lo compramos!!!!!!! Hahahah buenísimo

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