Learn Badminton Serve – High Serve – Badminton Basics

Learn Badminton Serve – High Serve – Badminton Basics

Hi friends,Today we would be learning how to execute a High Serve This serve is mostly used while playing SIngles Try to serve as High as possible. But why? Because when you serve high the opponent has to look above and when the oppenent looks above he finds it difficult to find the position where you are standing When you serve high try not to look at the shuttle you should look at the oppenent’s body language You should do this because it will help you anticipate which stroke he might intend to play If you have any doubts or suggestions then please mention in the comment section 🙂 If you found this video useful then please like and Subscribe !

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  1. Very informative 🙂

  2. Itne saal kyu nahi silkhaya ye sab? ??

  3. aur video banao bhai . tu kaunsi academy mai jata hai

  4. bhai maine nationals khela hai ??

  5. Awesome stuff!! Keep going man!

  6. Please suggest me a racket under 3000.I am a new player(have been playing for 3 months).My playing style is neither much aggressive nor defensive and normally play singles but sometimes doubles too.

  7. bhai racket konsa badia 2000 ya 2500 me

  8. Agey net drop ni uthta slice vala vo kaisey uthaye ye iski practice btaiye???? Plzz

  9. Hi mai distirck level me service kai se kare

  10. Badminton me kitanabar shuttlecock ko hitting Kar saketa hai

  11. Bro ek video bana de how to hit smash ek bhi video nahi hai Hindi me YouTube pe plz

  12. Opponent ko court mein dorana batao

  13. No one I like this chinal

  14. Bhai
    One video more
    On how to play backhand

  15. My father is the best badminton player in whole Assam.

  16. Apke pas kon sa badminton hai?
    Or under 5000 mei kon kon jaayenge.

  17. Point andserve rules bataiye doubles me

  18. Thanks you sir

  19. Where badminton school

  20. Back hand service batana bhaiya

  21. Well explain sir

  22. Best badminton under 500 konsa h

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