Learn to Count to 20 with Number Zoo | Toddler Fun Learning Collection

Learn to Count to 20 with Number Zoo | Toddler Fun Learning Collection

Welcome to Number Zoo Did you know that there are 20 animals in our zoo? Shall we meet all 20? Come on let’s meet the lion first! Hello Furry Lion! Hello Stripey Zebra Hello Giraffe, my what a long neck you have! Hello Cheeky Monkeys Hello orange tiger Hello humpy camel Hello big elephant Hello pretty penguin Hello Hungry Hippo Hello nosey meerkat Hello slithery snake, i hope you like your new home Well hello Mr Gorilla Who’s next? Oh Speedy Cheetah, I love your spotty fur! Hello happy Beaver, look at your big teeth Hello flappy bats. When it’s dark the bats come out to play. Good afternoon cuddly panda! Are you enjoying the sunshine? Hello pretty flamingo. I love your pink feathers. eeek hello big brown bear Hello Toad.Was that a tasty fly? There’s only one more animal to visit Beautiful butterflies, hello! Thank you for visiting the animals at Number Zoo today Well done for counting all the way to 20 See you again soon, bye!

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  22. Lovely channel! Keep up the good vibes!
    It's so important to teach and entertain the little ones. <3

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  29. I love Falmingos and Meerkats!!!!

  30. Great way to learn animals and numbers for kids

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  34. Great leaning video about numbers and name of the animals for children. Thumbs up from Scotty.

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  38. Os animais são bonitos

  39. My sister knows English and she does a review on colors, animals, numbers and the alphabet and this video I think that helped her?

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  41. beautiful video 🙂

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