Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, X360, Wii)

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, X360, Wii)

in the ancient parrot monastery hidden
away from the cycles of strife and conflict the gloves Ian monks honored
the owl god clocks through study and quiet contemplation since the war
against Sirte and his pure ones many years ago the monks have maintained a
constant vigil across the land forever watching for anything that may threaten
their life of peace and tranquility on this day it was the job of a young
acolyte named Rhett here to take his place at the lookout post as gratia kept
watch an unsettling feeling began to well inside his gizzard he could sense
something was wrong suddenly without warning or sound the
hags fiends attacked the hideous creatures stormed into the monastery
ruthlessly eliminating every soul in their path with the cries of his
brethren echoing through the hollows grete tried valiantly to save them but
it was too late the monastery was lost managing to escape breccia was plagued
with feelings of guilt and confusion how could he have missed the invaders
rumors began to spread about his negligence with many branding him a
coward and a traitor unable to bear the shame grittier isolated himself from the
world wandering alone in search for some inner peace finding a second chance at
life and a means to move forward from his past grittier stopped his solitary
wandering to settle down and start a family with his mate Liza unfortunately
this time of joy was to be short-lived on a fateful night as grittier and
loggias firstborn emerged from attack a group of vicious owls raided their
hollow and the two parents fell before them only the timely arrival
of a guardian Chow prevented the hatchling from sharing their fate the
guardian swiftly carried the hatchling to the safety of the ghoul tree and
affectionately named him shard due to a piece of eggshell they found clinging to
his downy coat many moons later shards studied hard to become a guardian
himself but gritties legacy however had left a stain upon his son a chance to
redeem the family’s honor arrived during shards final year of training shard
wedding blocks his name are you doing here you’re not a guardian yet I I can
help allomere I have to defend the Great Tree you’re going to get yourself killed
young stay close and out of trouble honor me dive dive dive on targets are dead ahead
incoming keep moving job take those air currents let’s take out those catapults and even
the odds grab some hot coals and let him have it we’re going in goat let’s light them up direct case work there ha I knew we can
do it wait what’s that attack shart are you even listening night
dreaming again are we just as useless as his father enough stop it the two of you
shameful not that I should be surprised the way discipline has been allowed to
slide around here in recent years for once a Lamia it seems we are in
agreement however hateful the speech a guardian never answers words with talons
yes as a whip meet me in my hollow after class to be
assigned your Flint mops pardon me easel rib but he is my student certainly
but you’ve been rather harried lately with all the duties expected from you
whereas I seem to have nothing but time on my talons these days see you there
Shawn don’t keep me waiting it’s time to light those torches I’ve
even brought in the ghoul fire carriers to help you with this flint mop so hop
to it can you see a fire carrier there’s one
now fly up to them and grab some hot coals all you have to do now is find a torch
to light simply fly up to the torch and throw the hot coal into it nice shot
now go and light all the remaining torches when you run out of hot coals simply fly
up to the fire carriers and grab some more keep up the good work I’d say that was just about perfect that’s the way ether rib the rescue
top-down dab and outlets approaching the tree but some crows have walked away
we’ve got to get them through somehow chard there’s a change of plans I need
you to head out and clear the crows so the char can get through parsable will
accompany you if you need any help what no not him this is no time to get
choosy about wingman get going there’s a crow dead ahead now would be a good time
to start attacking great use of the talents there single strikes are fine but multiple
strikes were weakened an opponent faster couldn’t have done better myself you
know how to counter an attack don’t you counter now shot nice countermove as your wingman I’ll be following your
lead shot just point me to a target and I’ll handle the rest I see him don’t worry shot I won’t leave you
stranded in battle the rest of the crows are heading our
way shod I hope you’re ready ah he felt that nice hit that’ll teach him yeah pretty good for a beginner huh he did better than I thought
didn’t get us killed at least we all soon learned the owlets we’d saved were
no ordinary owlets they had traveled a long time and Sauron the bar now who
spoke for the group told the Parliament a harrowing tale of desperation he
claimed they had been abducted by the pure lies the same pure ones that I had
fought so long ago they took them with countless others to a grim place known
as the saint a joyous home for orphaned owls
where they were put to work picking through discarded pallets searching for
tiny metallic bits they called flex for what purpose it is not yet known al-amin
doubted the young owlets sir if I’m to understand this correctly the pure ones
have risen from the dead are building a slave army of moon blinked outlets and
are planning to conquer the world with magical pellet debris I was quick to
defend the integrity of these eyelids I knew in my gizzard what they spoke was
true there was no dishonesty in Sora no deception nothing but an earnest sublime
heart it was then our King bore and spoke he
decreed that a Lamia would seek out Saint a Julius and discover if the Pure
Ones had truly returned the Parliament was adjourned and allomere set out on
his task I however had other plans for a violation of the peace so blatant so
powerful how could any owl sit idly by immediate action would be needed light of foolishness not to act more
decisively now that we have growth ah good have you both come so quickly we
need to prepare and we haven’t a moment to waste
sir prepare for what why your departure on your missions of course but we can’t
go more missions we’re not even full Guardians yet just
what do you think all those Flint mops were I was testing you the whole time
and you passed with flying colors you stick close to shard and follow his lead
me follow him but Alawis and his jaw are already searching why send us it’s
simple really I trust you and that’s the key you both
have the gizzard for the job I know you’ll do the tree proud never give up

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