Lesson 8 | Best Gusion Combo to Get more Kills | Game Analysis | Mobile Legends Guide | Eng Sub

Lesson 8 | Best Gusion Combo to Get more Kills | Game Analysis | Mobile Legends Guide | Eng Sub

what is the combo you need to do in order to have more kills with Gusion in this mobile legends guide we are going to check on the game of Neo Gamer we are going to look on the right and wrong things he did on this game but before we start if you want to join our weekly giveaway what you need to do is Subscribe, like every video and share you also must comment your ID# and In game name but the most important thing is you need to finish every video I will announce the winner every weekend so if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell ok, let’s go! Neo Gamer is already Mythic rank but I don’t know why his teammates are Legend you will also notice here that Gusion is not 1st pick but 4th pick and there are also a lot of open heroes like Harith or Esmeralda but no one picked it this is the emblem that he chose he chose Impure rage and Magic lifesteal but I think it’s still better to go for Magic penetration to burst faster on early game then Mystery shop to make Gusion build items faster if you want to understand more about Gusion, you can watch the Gusion guide that I made you will know everything about Gusion there, from skills, Item build and even how to counter him now, we are going to fast forward on the boring parts here, I don’t know why the tank didn’t go mid but same as the enemy, Gord doesn’t have anyone too that’s a huge advantage for Gusion because it means he won’t have a hard time on his early game if you have an enemy Gusion, you should pressure him before he reach level 4 because if Gusion reaches level 4 early, you will have a hard time stopping him here, you wi;l notice that even though he wasn’t able to get the crab, he’s still able to get lvl 4 in less than 2 mins that’s ok because he doesn’t have a tank with him and it also means he can already look for kills now, let’s check on Gusion’s combo here let’s make it slow to see it clearly after using 1st skill, 1st skill, 2nd skill, you will notice that he didn’t hit his passive after using his 2nd skill he used his ultimate then do the basic combo that’s the reason why he did an over kill in this situation, what he did was ok because he only plans to kill 1 hero but if you want to kill multiple enemies you need to practice how to make his passive hit now look at the combo Neo gamer will do here 2nd skill, ulti, 2nd skill then he’s 1st skill didn’t hit that’s why he dashed in but even if that 1st skill hit he will still wouldn’t be able to kill Moskov because he chose the wrong combo 2nd skill, ulti, 2nd skill combo is not good if you can’t kill the enemy yet if you want to know what combo he should’ve done you can watch it on my Gusion Guide “Gusion Combo in every situation” here, he can kill Gord, he just needs to wait for the stun but in order to do that you must know the basic combo then he must also wait for Gord to use his flicker before using the 2nd 1st skill here, check on the combo of Gusion again he will do another 2nd skill, ulti, 2nd skill there are 3 enemies on top then the combo he did can’t even kill a single hero if he knows the basic combo of Gusion he can do a double kill or triple kill on that situation that’s why as much as possible the combo you will do on Gusion will depend on the situation you will notice here that there are 2 enemies on bottom lane but the combo he did was 2nd skill, ulti, 2nd skill again aside from that, he only use 1 passive he can already double kill them if he knows the right combo but he was still able to do a double kill because Dyroth still fights with Aldous what they did here was right, after killing they tried to take the mid lane tower but because someone used arrival it’s ok to get back the only problem is, it’s better if he goes bottom so that they can already take the turtle remember guys, if you are the one who has retribution, you should also be the one who prioritize turtle but because he rotates top, all of the enemies goes there too he was able to kill but he also died and they weren’t able to take the tower if you want to know how to rotate, I made a rotation guide that you can watch here, you will notice that he will use his retribution to steal the crab that’s ok rather than the enemy take it the problem is, he plans to take the turtle even without retribution it’s better if he just take the mid lane first before taking the turtle so that his retri cooldown already you will notice that Dyroth will go to the turtle but because Gusion doesn’t have a retribution, he has no choice but to get back the mistake of Dyroth here is he didn’t let the turtle regen he doesn’t have a teammate but he still tries to contest the turtle that’s why he died here you will see that he can kill 2 heroes but because he still do the same combo that’s why he was able to kill 1 only you will also see that he just built clock of destiny this is his item build on this game lightning truncheon and clock of destiny is a good item combo but the problem is because clock of destiny needs 5 minutes to get full stack it will waste time and because he just finished building it, he needs to wait 5 minutes to make it full stack to the heroes like Gusion, because he needs to kill on the early game it’s better to go for items that strong in the early game aside from that Calamity reaper is still better for Gusion so that you will deal more damage when using his passive Holy crystal is a good combo for Calamity reaper if you want to know how to item build, I made an item build guide part 1,2 and 3 that you can watch in this game they already have a huge lead that’s why the enemy will really have a hard time there’s a lot of mistakes in this game from picking, laning and also on taking objectives but because he was the only mythic on this game and all of his teammates are legend same with the enemy that’s why this happens there’s a lot of things Neo gamer should know if he wants to use Gusion on higher ranks in this game there’s no pressure on the early game that’s why Gusion gets strong so fast but if he was pressure from the start, he will have a hard time if he does things like this another thing he needs to improve is prioritizing objectives you should not prioritize kills, it’s better to prioritize objectives from here they just need to take the Lord and they can end the game if you want me to analyze your game too, start recording now email it to me at [email protected] read in the description of this video on how you will send me your video and because you finished the video, I want the winner of the giveaway is the one who watch the full video for me to know if you really watch til’ the end, you need to look for the keyword on this video you need to comment the keyword plus your ID# and In game name but you should not comment here comment it on our latest weekly giveaway one player who has the keyword will win our weekly giveaway so if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell always remember if you want to improve #justmasterthebasics I’m out

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