Let’s Go! Dream Team II | 출발드림팀 II : Korea-China Dream Team, part 2 – Badminton (2015.10.15)

Let’s Go! Dream Team II | 출발드림팀 II : Korea-China Dream Team, part 2 – Badminton (2015.10.15)

Hello, I’m the Dream Team commentator, Lee Byeongjin. The Korea-China joint project. The second is a badminton contest. I’m saying hello from where the court can be seen. Let me introduce the other commentator. Lee Dongsoo. – Hello. / – Hello. You played against Chinese players a lot, right? I sure did. Do you have any memories? The current male doubles player, Zhang Jun. And Gao Ling, Olympic medalist of mixed doubles. I played a lot against them. You coached the Dream Team a bit. Yes. What do you think? I think the men’s team will be alright because they have Nichkhun. They’re not as good at mixed doubles, but if they do their best, it should be an equal match. The historic Korea-China joint project. Let’s start the badminton competition. Hot passion! Thrilling victory! Korea-China Dream Team! (Fans of both countries are cheering today) It’s a badminton competition today, right? Yes. I think we should start with a hug. Badminton is a game both countries were always good at. That’s right. I’m curious what the result of today’s game between Korea and China will be. Let me introduce the Chinese team! Korea and China grew close because of the Korean Wave in China. It isn’t just culture. Even with politics and economics, Korea and China grew close in 2015. So Dream Team prepared this event. A joint production of Korea-China Dream Team. Since the first airing on the 19th, the Chinese version of “Dream Team” is hot. It’s 4 weeks of competition. The Korea-China Dream Team! (July 22, 2015, Incheon International Airport) (People who shook up China are here) (They can act, they can entertain) (They even have a great sense of fashion) (The talented elite members of China) (The Chinese Dream Team enters Korea) (July 23, 2015, press conference) (Amidst much interest by the mass media) (The Korean team and Chinese team meet) (Here are the fancy members) (Appeared in the Chinese version of “Dad! Where Are We Going?”) (He is a fool when it comes to his daughter) (He played the part of Zhuge Liang in “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and showed great charisma) (He has 22.6 million followers on the SNS) (Lu Yi) (He has a lot of fans in Korea) (Singer and screen actor) (He appeared in the Chinese version of “We Got Married”) (Fu Xinbo) (An actor with strong eyes) (Handsome actor of historic dramas) (Yan Yikuan) (A beautiful actress who advanced in Hollywood) (She even ate invigorating food for Dream Team) (Jiang Mengjie) (They excited China with various roles) (National actors who are loved) (Four masters of acting) (They’re confident at badminton) (Lu Yi, Zhang Zhehan, Fu Xinbo, Wei Qianxiang, Yan Yikuan, Guo Jingfei, Chen Xinyu, Jiang Mengjie) Here are the eight players for the Korean team. (The captain) (Jun Jin, SHINHWA) (Pretty boy who advanced to China, Nichkhun of 2PM) (Charm that shook up Asia, Chansung of 2PM) (Entertainer with skill, Jo Kwon of 2AM) (Dream Team’s god of sports, Dongjun of ZE:A) (Vocal power beyond idols) (Sandeul of B1A4) (Unchanging sexy icon) (Chaeyeon) (Targeted men’s hearts with “Up & Down”) (Hani of EXID) (They can’t lose on their home ground) (Jun Jin, Nichkhun, Chansung, Jo Kwon, Dongjun, Sandeul, Chaeyeon, Hani) Lu Yi appeared in the Chinese version of “Dad! Where Are We Going?” He’s a first generation idol. He’s the hottest person. Fu Xinbo is the Chinese celebrity who Koreans want to know the most. They want to know him. Why do you think Koreans like you? Because I’m nice. (A global character?) I’m a sincere person. Turn around with sincere eyes. (Cheering) He kind of looks like Nichkhun. – They look alike. / – He’s good looking. The three of us look alike, right? (Find the different person) Lianlian, you know what Sandeul does, right? Yes, he’s a singer. That’s right. He doesn’t sing like that. Is there something you want to see him do? I want to hear him sing! Please give a round of applause. Sandeul! Sandeul! (Jiang Mengjie is a fan of B1A4) (My love…) (A performance for Jiang Mengjie) (Her cheeks are on fire) (Ecstatic) (With me…) (I’ll be with you) (Jiang Mengjie has to calm down) Your face is so red. It’s the same as your uniform. (Embarrassed) Did he shake up your heart? You should sing in reply. (What a nice mood) Just a minute. What is this? I’m not a singer, so understand. (Focus) (She said she wasn’t a singer) (She’s so sincere) (Embarrassed) (Everyone is excited) (The first Dream Team couple?) (Dream Team with love) Chaeyeon, you speak Chinese a bit. She’s good. Will you say hello? I’m Chaeyeon. I can understand Chinese, but I’m not that good at speaking it. You speak well, too! (There’s a Chinese member who speaks Korean?) (Guo Jingfei?) Fu Xinbo is good! Fu Xinbo, step forward. I can speak a bit when I buy things. Give me a discount on squid. It’s expensive! (Korean for survival) I have something to say to Hani. Hello. Give me a kiss. (Shock) (Changsung the bodyguard takes action) (Don’t say that in the land of etiquette) Today’s competition is in badminton. We have to compete. The Korea-China badminton competition. There will be single and doubles. The team to win four out of seven rounds first wins. Each game is 1 set. 11 points have to be scored first. When there is a deuce, the team to score 2 points first wins. The winning team gets the serve. Each team gets one timeout per game. The practice game begins now. Chaeyeon and Chen Xinyu. Yeah! I’m nervous! (They’re nervous because they’re first) (Play!) The serve has to go in diagonally. If not, you lose the score. Right. Good. Nice. (Chen Xinyu makes a mistake) She’s impressed with her opponent’s mistake. Send it to your opponent. Don’t rush it. Make your opponent make a mistake. Why can’t I relax? (Will Chaeyeon continue to be on the rise?) (Chaeyeon makes a mistake) (Chen Xinyu serves) – There’s a rally. / – There’s a rally. Good. It came over. Short. High again. Okay. Chaeyeon. Does it go out? It’s out. (Out) (Chaeyeon continues to make mistakes) (She succeeds in luring mistakes) (The practice game to dispirit the other team) (China was powerful) (Chen Xinyu dispirited Chaeyeon) Jo Kwon and Fu Xinbo. (Powerful smash) (A light body) It’s almost… (Frustrating) It’s alright. (It looks like they’ll switch players) It’s his turn. (Jo Kwon didn’t play badminton before) (I’m sorry I’m good) Fu Xinbo is being so mean. He’s being aggressive from the start. (A mistake just like that) What is that? (It’s worth a shot) Kwon, it’s alright. You can do it! (Fu Xinbo serves) There’s no answer if it’s short like that. (I feel sorry for no reason) It’s alright. It’s alright. (Everyone cheers for Jo Kwon) You have to alternate left and right when serving. Good. Make Fu Xinbo suffer. (The effect of cheering?) (There’s no effect) (Patience) (Am I good?) He looks even paler. (Badminton isn’t easy) (Another loss of a point!) It came over. It’s alright. It’s alright. That’s nice. Jo Kwon is trying to do better. Nice. He should go for a drop shot than a high clear. It looks like an uncle playing with his nephew. What are they doing? Slowly. Is it a friendly game? Yes. (It’s like a badminton lesson) Jo Kwon went for it. He succeed. (A miracle!) (Congratulations on succeeding an attack) (The practice is over) The Korean team had difficulty. The Chinese team was strong. Difficulty is expected for the Korean team. The main game begins now. What will the result be? We have to overwhelm them in the beginning. I should go first. Right. (The order is important) (Who is first from the Korean team?) He’ll go last. (The Chinese team is deciding the order, too) (They consider the Korean team’s order) Someone we don’t expect might play. (Who is first from the Chinese team?) I’m holding the match list. The first game, men’s single. Here are the players. Who do you think will play for Dream Team? Who do you think? (Jun Jin?) Here he is. Nichkhun! I’ll do a good job. The first from the Chinese team. Fu Xinbo! (An ace for an ace) Nichkhun will play to take the lead. Fu Xinbo, did you expect him to play? No. I thought he’d go last. Can you beat him? It won’t be easy. I saw him play for a minute. He’s really good. As an amateur, I’m not confident. You played badminton before, right? When I was little. When you were little. Until when? I played for about 5 years. (Fu Xinbo is good, too) (He played well in the practice game) Fu Xinbo won 1st place in diving on a sports program in China. Don’t be nervous. Get energy from the team. (Go, Fu Xinbo!) It won’t be easy to beat Nichkhun, but I’ll do my best. Shake hands. (Nichkhun vs. Fu Xinbo) (Single game) (Serve to the diagonal box) (The court is long in the back) (The side line is narrower than doubles) (A coin toss for the serve) (Fu Xinbo will serve first) (Nervous) (The Chinese team gives him energy) Fu Xinbo and Nichkhun. It’s the first game. This is important. It will start with Fu Xinbo’s serve. (Nichkhun was on the national junior’s team) (Who will be the winner of the aces?) It’s a backhand short serve. He has good posture. Yes. (Nickhun makes a mistake) (Nichkhun 0:1 Fu Xinbo) Nichkhun made a mistake. Fu Xinbo scores a point first. Nichkhun is good on offense. Fu Xinbo is continuing to do a backhand short serve. Long in the back. (The court is all the way to the back line) (Nichkhun succeeds in scoring) Don’t serve short! It’s harder! Nichkhun hit it far behind his opponent and succeeded in scoring. He easily made up for a point. (Out) That was another mistake by Nichkhun. Is it in? No, it’s out. It’s the inner line. I didn’t see. (It went outside the line) It has to be in the inner line for singles. (A service mistake) Don’t rush it. He made a mistake serving. You should watch out not to make a fault on the serve. Players are careful about that. In the back. – It’s in. / – It’s in. (It goes over his height) (Nichkhun 3:2 Fu Xinbo) (Trust me) Overall, Nichkhun has a nice posture and his moves are good. Nice. (Powerful smash) (I was on the national team) Nichkhun, show them. (He’s of a different class) His powerful… Nichkhun’s powerful smash. He’s like a pro. (Nichkhun is warmed up) High. It goes out. It goes out. Nichkhun has a good sense of the court. He knows the court well. Yes. Short. In the back again. He has to use the space well. Fu Xinbo is receiving well. Short. Again. (Nichkhun 6:2 Fu Xinbo) Nickhun looked like he would smash, but he hit a drop shot. He’s 4 points ahead. That’s a chance. He’s really good. (Nichkhun is hot now) Nichkhun is skillful. I played before. It’s hard to keep up when it’s short like that. (Nichkhun 9:2 Fu Xinbo) The charm of badminton is a hairpin at the net. (Nichkhun makes a mistake) (Nichkhun 9:3 Fu Xinbo) Powerful strokes are important, too, but at the net… A skill like that. Match point. Fu Xinbo attempted a hairpin. It hit his racket and got caught in the net. 10:3. Nice. That went in well. That’s out. (Nichkhun 11:3 Fu Xinbo) Fu Xinbo didn’t have a chance to even try. Nichkhun wins the first game by 11:3. What did you think? Nichkhun was a level higher. Fu Xinbo could have used a timeout. He could have taken a break. It’s too bad that he didn’t. I think he wanted to end the game quickly. Is that it? (It was fun) (I trust you!) The fight was fierce in the second and third games, too. Dongjun played well, but the Chinese team’s offense was strong. Each team won a game. The current score is 2:1. The Korean team is ahead by one game. He was in a hurry. The ace of the Dream Team. Nichkhun will play again in the mixed doubles. (Doubles) (The serve is made diagonally again) (The side line is wider) (The back line is shorter) The mixed doubles. (The Chinese mixed doubles team) Guo Jingfei and Jiang Mengjie. For Korea, Nichkhun and Hani! Nichkhun, you played the leading role in The Chinese drama, “Looking For Aurora” and “One and A Half Summer”. Yes. Say hello to your fans. Hello. Does China suit you? Yes. – It does? / – Yes. Hani, shouldn’t you be in a Chinese drama? Call me. (Jiang Mengjie appeared in a drama with Korean Wave stars) You were in a drama with Kim Heechul of Super Junior. I was in a drama with Kim Heechul and Zhoumi. I’m close with Jia and Fei of Miss A. You must know Super Junior’s dance. A bit. Really? (High expectations) I wasn’t that good, but Heechul taught me. Give her a round of applause. (What did she learn from Kim Heechul?) (Nervous) (“Sorry Sorry” loved by the world) (Jiang Mengjie challenges) (She gets into the beat) (Awkward, but cute) (Jiang Mengjie’s charm) (Diligent) (A former ballerina) (She does a K-Pop dance) (She’s good) (Round 4, mixed doubles) (Hani, Nickhun vs. Guo Jingfei, Jiang Mengjie) (It’s hard to predict the result) The players have been introduced. (Jiang Mengjie : Former ballerina, actress) (Guo Jingfei : Expert of comic acting) It was served to Hani. Nichkhun. Guo Jingfei. (Guo Jingfei makes a mistake) Is it because they just started? Is he warmed up less? (Nichkhun serves) (Jiang Mengjie makes a mistake) Jiang Mengjie failed to receive. Nichkhun served and had Hani stand close to the net. (It goes in the empty space) He’s skillful. It looks like he’s looking at the shuttlecock, but he already saw the opponent’s court. Nichkhun is a level higher. He’s using the empty space well. Hani. (His shoe falls off) They scored four points. (Nichkhun, Hani 4:0 Jingfei, Mengjie) (A timeout to put his shoe back on) Hani, are you nervous? Not anymore. You’ll be nervous if you lose. I’ll protect you. Stay calm. Think of it as dancing. (Jiang Mengjie did ballet last week) (Go, Chinese team!) Yeah! (A cross of victory) (We should do that, too) (Copycat) (Nichkhun serves) (It isn’t going well for the Chinese team) Guo Jingfei has to do well in the back. (Focus) The serve is out. It didn’t hit the racket. They scored because of Nichkhun’s mistake. Nice. 5:1. The rally should last long. Sure. Hani… She’s hiding. (Hani is good at dodging) Good. (In sync) Hani is just walking on the court. The way for her to help Nichkhun is to avoid hitting. It’s effective to hide behind the net. Her serve is much better. (Hani’s first serve) It was worth practicing. (The speed of light) (A lightning-like smash) (Even Nichkhun is surprised) Good! Like that! A quick attack by Guo Jingfei. Guo Jingfei served toward Hani. It’s in. Is it out? (It’s out) (Nichkhun, Hani 7:2 Jingfei, Mengjie) The referee was precise. That was received well. It’s a chance for Hani. It’s a chance. Hani again. Good. Nickhun is doing well in the back. This is being in sync. Hani missed it, but Nichkhun got it over. I’ll protect you. Nichkhun is doing well in the back. (Envious) Hani missed it, but Nichkhun got it over. 8:2. They have leisure. It goes over. Nice. (Mengjie received it well) (She’s better than Jingfei) Jiang Mengjie concentrated and hit it over. They weren’t ready yet. (A service mistake) (It has to be served diagonally) Good. Nice. (A sharp smash) Jiang Mengjie. She didn’t hit it right, but… It hit her racket and went over. You should make an apologizing gesture. Nichkhun. To the back. Guo Jingfei. Guo Jinfei again. – Hani. / – She got it over. Hani. Good. Hani. Jiang Mengjie. Guo Jingfei. Good. The rally is lasting a while. Nichkhun. Behind Guo Jingfei. (She received it) (She blocked Nichkhun’s attack!) – It goes over. / – Jiang Mengjie. (Again?) (She missed this time) (Nichkhun, Hani 10:4 Jingfei, Mengjie) Jiang Mengjie did well, but she missed. She has to focus more at the net. She just stood there after the rally. She was surprised she received it. You should hit it. (She missed again) He’s good. Nichkhun used the area near the net to score easily. Nichkhun and Hani win the game. The result of four rounds. The Dream Team ace, Nichkhun, attacked the Chinese team. Dream Team is ahead by 3:1. The Chinese team faces a crisis. One more loss and the victory goes to the Dream Team. What will be the result of round 5? Chansung and Zhang Zhehan. This will be the game with the most speed and fun. (His opponent) (Zhang Zhehan : Rising new actor) (Who will be the winner?) Zhang Zhehan serves. Good. In the back. (He attacks an empty spot) (Speed of light) (Chansung 0:1 Zhang Zhehan) Zhang Zhehan’s first smash leads to a score. He’s good at a high clear and smash in the back. Short. (It gets caught in the net) It didn’t go over the net. Chansung has to lure his opponent to the net. He shouldn’t let him attack. (The smash fails) That was too strong. (Chansung 2:1 Zhang Zhehan) 2:1. Chansung reverses. – Good. / – Short. Good. It’s in. (Chansung’s smash fails) Both of them hit it in the net. 2:2. It’s a tie again. In the back. Good. Zhang Zhehan is strong in the back, but weak at the net. (Nervous) Indeed. Good. Another attack. (A sharp smash) Zhang Zhehan. (Zhang Zhehan surprises everyone) 3:3. It’s a tie. That’s a service mistake. (A service mistake!) (He scored with difficulty and lost it easily) Service mistakes should be reduced. Zhang Zhehan gave 3 points with mistakes. Is it out again? – It’s out again. / – It’s out again. (It keeps going out) Five points. 5:3. Chansung is in the lead by 2 points. Chansung is scoring effectively. A hairpin. Good. Nice high clear. Good. (It’s in his time) It’s in. Zhang Zhehan’s shuttlecock drops in the end. It’s fun. Zhang Zhehan catches up by one point. (Chansung makes a mistake) (Too bad) (5:5, another tie) What amazing skill. The backhand drop shot fell short. That’s why he could score. (It’s really close) It’s tied. Zhang Zhehan. (He’s really fast) (Smash) Zhang Zhehan. A smash to reverse. 6:5. He succeeds in reversing. They should take a timeout. Chansung shouldn’t continue to hit a high clear. Right. Good. (Chansung’s mistake) (Too bad) (It makes the audience nervous) Chansung’s mistake. 7:5. They need a timeout. Anyone can call a timeout. (The smash fails again) Chansung catches up a point. Zhang Zhehan’s smash is good. Short again. Good. Another tie! Chansung ties again. He scores. He succeeded in reversing. The Chinese team calls a timeout. (Chansung 8:7 Zhang Zhehan) Don’t rush it! Okay. Don’t think about anything. Have fun. (Zhang Zhehan made a lot of mistakes because he was anxious) (Stay calm) (Go, Zhehan!) Don’t hit it up. He has a powerful smash. He’s good. I got it. It’s fun. (Just avoid a smash) Do you want some cold water? Thank you. (Which team’s timeout was effective?) They’re both nervous. They’re mentally nervous. Okay. Good! Short. (Chansung’s mistake) Zhang Zhehan ties. 8:8. The funnest game. They keep tying and reversing. Short. (Too bad) (Chansung 8:9 Zhang Zhehan) Zhang Zhehan reverses again. After the drop shot, there was a hairpin. Short again! (The hairpin fails again) (Chansung 8:10 Zhang Zhehan) It’s match point for Zhang Zhehan. Timeout. I know what to do in my mind, but my body isn’t following. He keeps trying to get you to the net. You don’t have to smash. Just receive and wait for a mistake. (The Chinese team has leisure) (Will they smile to the end?) One, two, three. Yeah, Chansung! Go, Zhang Zhehan! Chansung should aim for his backhand. He has to stay on his toes. Match point. Good. It went over. (Zhang Zhehan’s mistake) (Chansung 9:10 Zhang Zhehan) He pressures him by 1 point. Attack. (The smash fails) (Another tie) Deuce! It’s a deuce. That’s the current situation. (There is no retreat) (Zhang Zhehan is the last hope of the Chinese team) (Chansung can’t concede this game) (Who is the winner of this close fight?) 2 points are required to win. Zhang Zhehan. Short. Smash! Short. Nice rally. (The smash fails) (A painful mistake) (Despair / Cheering) (Chansung 10:11 Zhang Zhehan) (Mixed feelings) (The commentators are suffering) (Stress) He allows another reversal. It was a chance, but tension can lead to a fatal mistake like that. One more point and the game ends. In the back. It goes long. It’s in. – It’s in. / – It’s in. Zhang Zhehan reverses. Reversal after reversal. The winner of this game is Zhang Zhehan. (Korea 3:2 China) This is the men’s doubles. Who will be playing? (The Chinese team caught up to a 1-point difference) (What team will go for a reversal?) (The winner of the previous game, Zhang Zhehan) (And) (All-around athlete, Fu Xinbo!) Zhang Zhehan is playing again? Lianlian. I think you could win this game. Here are the Korean players. Jo Kwon and Sandeul! (Really?) You got lucky with the match list. What do you think? I don’t think we’re lucky. It’s not what we expected. You saw Jo Kwon play earlier, right? (It’s a good thing it was practice) Yes. What did you think? How is he? He did well. Do you think you will lose? Look at his expression! He must think it’s a stupid question. We can do well. I would beat him if it was a dance battle. Fu Xinbo. Zhang Zhehan. Music! No, no. (The Chinese players have to be protected) We’ll play music later. Shall we go to the game? (The dance battle can take place later) (Round 6, men’s double) (Sandeul, Jo Kwon vs. Fu Xinbo, Zhang Zhehan) (One more loss and I will be a tie) (They have to end it here) (Overcome the Great Wall of China) (Powerful smash) (Jo Kwon, Sandeul 0:1 Fu Xinbo, Zhang Zhehan) (What will we do?) (No choice but to call a timeout) (Already?) (A timeout in the shortest time) (What’s wrong with them?) Just think of scoring 1 point. (He’s a card to be thrown out) We can do well! Are you receiving? (He doesn’t know the rules) (Nice receive!) (Out) (Jo Kwon, Sandeul 1:1 Fu Xinbo, Zhang Zhehan) We can do it. We can do this. His pride is hurt. We can do it! We can do it! This is a miracle. (The opposing team cheers, too) Yeah! You? Me? Am I on this side? (Out) (Jo Kwon, Sandeul 1:2 Fu Xinbo, Zhang Zhehan) We have to make the most of entertainment. I can do that, too. No. You can’t hit it. I have to receive. (He should receive) (I knew it) This is hard. This is really hard. (Confused) You have to receive. Me? (Badminton is hard) Okay? Play. Oh! Okay, okay. (A light tap) (Jo Kwon, Sandeul 1:4 Fu Xinbo, Zhang Zhehan) Let’s play for real now. – We’ll play for real. / – We’ll play for real. It’s for real now. I’m so mad. (Will it affect the game?) What’s wrong with you? (He covers well!) (Here comes a smash) (Into his own court) (Jo Kwon, Sandeul 1:5 Fu Xinbo, Zhang Zhehan) (Sandeul runs and Jo Kwon flies) Jo Kwon and Sandeul. What a wonderful couple for entertainment. It’s so funny. Don’t go too far from the net. They have to be taught everything. In front. In front. Again. (A double shot) Agree on your moves. (A 4-stage combination that’s lost) (What’s wrong with them?) (I’m Jo Kwon) The previous men’s singles game was great. This game is giving us much pleasure. It’s funny. (Another mistake) The Chinese team should call a timeout out of consideration for Sandeul and Jo Kwon. Jo Kwon should receive. In front again. In back. Go forward. The both of them… Good. Front and back. Zhang Zhehan. (The timing is now!) (He attacks the MC) (That’s so funny) That’s a scene stealer. It’s too late to move after it comes over. You should move ahead… Good. That’s a chance. Easily. Jo Kwon came forward. Sandeul is in the back. (He didn’t hit it) (But air time is his) (They want to be seen) (A fabulous double jump) They can’t jump like that during the game. They’re only jumping for their ceremony. (Jo Kwon, Sandeul 1:9 Fu Xinbo, Zhang Zhehan) It’s in. Match point. Too bad. I want to watch them some more. (At the same time!) The both of them are moving together. (They make a mistake at the same time, too) The team score is tied at 3:3. Dance. Are you ready? A dance battle. We lost at badminton, but we can win at dancing. (The dance battle begins!) (The leader of the Chinese team, Fu Xinbo) (A man with excitement) (He charges forward with force) (His engine starts) (From the continent) (A powerful wave of dancing) (The ace, Zhang Zhehan) (He’s famous for dancing) (How good is he?) (He looks like an expert) (He flies) Sandeul. Let’s go! (Resolved) (What will he show us?) (He pretends to break dance, but cleans) (He wipes the court) (What manners) Jo Kwon! (He’s ready in 1 second) (The advent of ‘flippant Kwon’) (It starts again) (The miracle of the lower body) (He can vibrate, too) (An angel’s smile) (The lower body of a devil) (The jumping man enters) (Let’s go to space!) (This is like…) (Someone waking you up in the morning) (The neighbors upstairs) (Resistance) (Noise is a problem) (Have consideration for your neighbors) (They don’t stop!) (Please stop) (His butt is angry) (Nobody can stop them) (Jo Kwon is a god of entertainment) (His class will last forever) (He’s recognized) Lianlian, who is the winner of the dance battle? They can have it. Jo Kwon and Sandeul! (Sweet victory only lasted a short time) (The Chinese team pursued) It’s back to square one. It’s the last game. The secret weapon of the Chinese team, Wei Qianxiang. The last hope for the Dream Team. The prince of season 1, Jun Jin. Will Jun Jin lead the team to a victory like that day 10 years ago? The last fight of pride begins. Only one game remains to decide the winning team. The Dream Team’s last player is Jun Jin. For the Chinese team is Wei Qianxiang. The serve is… It was high. You shouldn’t pass over offense on the serve. (The Chinese team isn’t easy) A point was given. Second. Well… (A fight of screaming) (I’m a level higher!) It’s out. (Is it the power of screaming?) The play is short. The€Chinese€player€scored€all€the€points, but€also€made€all€the€mistakes. Right. (An unbelievable mistake!) If you look at Jun Jin’s posture for the backhand short serve, he’s holding the shuttlecock, not the feathers. The direction won’t be proper. You should hold the feathers. High. (Going for power) (Jun Jin is in danger) (A fatal mistake) (Jun Jin 3:2 Wei Qianxiang) There’s some tension. Each point… If you look… The rally isn’t long. (He’s not good?) (Jun Jin 4:2 Wei Qianxiang) Jun Jin is in the lead by 4:2. It goes out. It’s out. 5:2. (Jun Jin 5:2 Wei Qianxiang) The Chinese team calls a timeout. I’m nervous. Just return the ball. Go with your feelings. Smash if you want. Do what you want. The Korean team will make a mistake. Just receive it well. We’re€both€really€nervous because€it’s€the€last€game. It’s about not making mistakes. You said you’d go last. I thought it would end before then. Just keep going like this. Get him to make a mistake. Go, Qianxiang! Yeah, Jun Jin! I’m nervous. (The game continues) (What is the result of the timeout?) (The attack is successful) (I was right, huh?) 5:3. He pursues. Wei Qianxiang. (An unbelievable mistake) (That’s fortunate) I never saw an attack like that. They’re scoring without a rally. It’s tense and fun in a way. Nice. (Another mistake) (Jun Jin 7:3 Wei Qianxiang) 7:3. I’m nervous. (A chance to create a gap!) (Jun Jin 7:4 Wei Qianxiang) We should watch the serve. He’s not serving very well. (Another mistake by Jun Jin!) (Jun Jin 7:5 Wei Qianxiang) (Misery loves company) It’s alright. It’s alright. It’s kind of addictive. Both players only hit it about 3-4 times. (Roll) Okay? He’s very fast. He’s so fast. Well… 7:6. A 1-point difference. Wei Qianxiang caught up. He changed the serve. Jun Jin… (It’s in) He’s hitting it long. (Jun Jin allows a tie!) (Wei Qianxiang, you’re awesome!) He should step back a bit. Yes. Good. Hold up the racket. Wei Qianxiang is hitting it long. (A fatal mistake!) He tried to change direction, but failed. The score is 8:7. It would be nice if they rallied. The back. (It’s in) It’s in. (Only 2 points left!) – It’s in. / – Okay. (How can this be?) It’s alright. (I’m ruined) If he serves well, he fails at hitting. You can’t believe it, can you? This is the final game. The score is 9:8. (There it is!) (Wei Qianxiang’s fatal weakness) (Jun Jin 10:8 Wei Qianxiang) Then… What’s wrong with them? 10:8. Jun Jin. Jun Jin! (How can he miss that?) (He loses his mind) A 1-point difference again. The position is important. He can’t go too far forward. Wei Qianxiang is hitting it long. He should step back a bit. (Jun Jin 11:9 Wei Qianxiang) Jun Jin wins! Dream Team wins! (The return of the king) (Jun Jin did it) (The Korean Dream Team wins) The Korea-China Dream Team! (Next week…) (Korea-China Dream Team, part 3) (They head to the world) (Ancient 5-stage obstacle course) (H.O.T) (Block B) (2AM) (Old and new idols + Chinese Dream Team) (Everyone becomes one) (A fight of pride!) (Don’t miss “Dream Team” next week) (“Dumb Dumb” / Red Velvet)

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