Lewandowski vs freekickerz vs Aubameyang – Football Challenge

Hello and welcome to our new Video, my name is Konzi and my name is Max, and today we have the challenge of the year You could say challenge of the century of the Millenium Of the decade!? of a million years? Millenial? Impossible! it’s cursed Goalie has warmed up? this is stressful now now now For god’s sake he needs more room don’t worry good catches goalie Now you saw how it should not be! Oh he is fast! Good, the shooting technique was good how many did you score? the goalie is too good One goal is enough? safe! What a parry He’s good, I have to say! That was just the warm up! Was alright, I would have taken it with the chest! come on! different keeper – new hope! damn you if it goes the same! at least the penalty has to go in! I thought so too Thomas Müller! that hurts! good start last one! focus! 2 – now I am motivated! that’s exhausting! he has already warmed up bad luck! I got the speed point maybe he was the fastest that is really naughty I saw it in the last one should give you some extra points!

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