Lie Detector Test on Hacker to find Truth w/ Face Reveal! (Is Game Master Real?) Matt and Rebecca

– Q is that you? – What? – It is! Face reveal.
It’s Q! Q you’re here? – Becca, Matt, Daniel, it’s
great to see you guys again. – Hey. – Well look at that. – This is kinda cool. – It’s like a reunion. I got a message. Q will answer all the questions you have. Everything will be
explained, anything you need. I gotta go. – Where are you going Rocky? – You know what, I
actually can’t tell you, but we’ll see. – Hey, but you guys we
just said we trust Rocky so – [Daniel] You’re right, you’re right. – Q, Q’s back, your
best friend’s back Matt. – Awesome, look at this. – How you guys doing? – Okay, can we have a
moment really quick, Q? Just real quick. – Sure. – Yeah, here, yeah I wanna
talk to you guys. Come here. – All right guys, welcome back to the Matt
and Rebecca channel. Okay what is going on, Q’s here? – We just saw Q do a face reveal again. You guys remember that the GMI told us that Q, the Red Hood and the
Game Master were all fake and now Q’s here. I think we need to make
him do a lie detector test. – We just kinda gave
Rocky a lie detector test so do you think we should
do it when Q’s here? – But it wasn’t real. The app didn’t work. But now we can give Q
the lie detector mixture and he’ll tell the truth. – That’s a good point, okay. Well Daniel, let’s be honest. Do you know if this is really Q or not? – Honestly, you remember that time that we were searching through the vents and he took off his mask? – In the safe house. – That’s him. – That’s the real Q, or
the Q that the GMI hired because the Game Master isn’t real. – Right, yeah this guy
could just be an actor. He’s not, like, working for the Quadrant. – Comment below if you think
the GMI is telling the truth. I think we need to find out
more information about the GMI. Like, why were they having us do all these back to school challenges and the challenges in Hawaii? – Yeah, why did they send
us to Hawaii the begin with? – Yeah. – There seemed to be, like, no point. – So give us some questions you want Q to answer right now. And I think we need to go out there and make him take a lie detector test. – [Daniel] Matt, do you think he’s gonna drink the mixture? – Yeah, of course, it’s Q. He’s a really sweet guy, guys. – Yeah, he was, like, his best friend. – Yep. – Okay. – Q! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – Sorry guys, it was getting
a little hot in here. – It is summer, it is summer. Hey Rebecca do you wanna grab
the thing in the kitchen? – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah you’re right. Wait guys. – Oh, yeah. – [Daniel] Look at the arm man. – [Matt] Are you okay? – Yeah I’m fine, hey what’s
all this back to school gear? Were you guys doing a
challenge or something? – Oh yeah we’re in the
middle of it right now. I’m pretty sure I won, except Rebecca kinda knocked
over the top of mine. – No, it was, it was the tallest
back to school tower wins and I definitely won because mine’s the most back to school. – I’m sure yours was great man. – You wanna, you can
come take a closer look. Yeah come take a closer look. – All right Q why don’t
you have a seat over here. Right here looks pretty good. – Thanks. – And I wanna give you guys a challenge. – If you can like, subscribe,
turn on notifications before Rebecca gets back
here with the mixture. All right, five, four, three, two, one. Comment lie detector if
you did it in that time. – Okay, so Q we’ve actually tricked you with this stuff before. We put it in peanut butter. – Yeah. – But this is lie detector mixture. The Game Master actually
taught us how to make this. What? – You guys, if you don’t
think the Game Master’s real, do you really think the
lie detector is too? – That’s a– – It’s a very specific mixture. – That’s a good point though. – I looked it up on Google. I couldn’t find anything, but it doesn’t mean that
Google doesn’t know. – Matt, you know me better than that. – Okay, well I guess
we just do it anyways. Hopefully it works. – Yeah, how about this, if
you don’t think it’s real, what’s the harm in taking it? – [Daniel] Exactly, that’s a good point. – Yeah – And maybe this will give
us a little bit of calm and we can actually
get the truth from you. It will reveal the truth today. – Okay. – Little drink. – [Daniel] That was a good drink. – That’s enough, that’s perfect. – [Daniel] How do you feel? – I feel good, how are you guys? – I actually, I have a question for you. What’s under that bandage? – Oh it’s a, the barcode. – It’s working. Okay, yeah so why do you have
a bandage on the barcode? – I just, I don’t want
them scanning me anymore. – [Daniel] What? Who’s he talking about? – Are you talking about the GMI? – Yes. – So they’re using scanners
to scan the barcodes. Maybe that’s how they’re,
like, tracking people. – Wait, the Zamfam said I had a barcode. I don’t remember doing
that, but it was on my arm. We saw those people in Hawaii, Daniel. – [Daniel] Right. – Remember? – [Daniel] On the boat. – They all had barcodes. – [Daniel] At the door
desk, they both had it. – Wait, does that mean that anyone that has a
barcode works for the GMI? – Yes. – [Daniel] What? – Okay. – [Daniel] Okay so it’s
obvious that you’re here because you probably know some really important
information about the GMI. So let’s just ask some questions. – Okay, okay I mean Rocky, we trust Rocky and he, he brought Q here so that you could answer questions. I guess we kind of need to find out more about the GMI right now. – [Daniel] Q you look really
nervous, are you okay? – Yeah, I, this just isn’t
what I was hired for, guys. – [Daniel] What? – Hired for? Is the GMI watching us right now? – They’re always watching. – [Daniel] This, okay this is– – Okay I got goosebumps. – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah. – What is going on right now? Do we need to debug the house? – I don’t know. We need to ask him some
questions right now. – [Daniel] Yeah, let’s find out, let’s find out what’s going on. – Okay so Rebecca got a
little bit ahead of ourselves. We need to ask some baseline questions. – Well at least we know the lie
detector mixture is working. – Well we need to
reconfirm that it is, okay? – Okay. – [Daniel] Good point. – Is it true that your nickname is Q? – Yes, you guys know that. – Okay. – [Daniel] Okay, good. Checking out. – Are you tall for your size? – Yes, Matt we’re buddies, come on. – Okay, okay cool. – Do you like your uniform? – No, they make us wear black sweats, it’s the dead of summer. – It is pretty hot, Los Angeles
is really hot right now. – That mask must be really hot. – It is, it is. Just sweat
right through the mask. – Oh my gosh. – Takes all the makeup off too. – Makeup? – Yeah, hair and makeup, guys. Actors. – [Daniel] Oh right. – Oh yeah he’s an actor. Okay, I mean guys can wear makeup I just didn’t know you did, Q. – We’re doing new stuff today. – So for as long as we’ve known you, have you worked for the GMI? – I was hired as an actor, they put out a casting
online and I responded and then I got this mysterious text from the casting director. I’ve been working for them ever since. – So, was it from an unknown number? – Now that you say, yeah I think so. – Guys, why? The unknown
number we got the text from. – Okay, well what about the Red Hood? Were you working for the Red Hood too? – No, the Red Hood was another actor. Red Hood was actually played
by many different actresses. They couldn’t really
settle on a certain one. – [Daniel] That’s why the size difference. – And they changed, that’s why we thought there were multiple. We thought they were
different Youtubers, remember? – That’s why the Game
Master probably thought that it was two people, ’cause it was, like, tall
and short all the time. A guy and a girl. – Wait, okay that makes a lot of sense. Daniel, you should ask some questions. – [Daniel] Okay, okay. – So we were at the Challenger Games the day before that we found out about all of this. Are Jake Paul and Logan
Paul, like, a part of it? – [Rebecca] A part of the GMI map? – Exactly. – No, no. They haven’t
signed their contracts yet. – Wait so, are you saying that the Game Master Incorporated is targeting other Youtubers? – I was only assigned to you guys. – [Rebecca] Okay, assigned to us? – Okay well that’s great, okay. What was the mission
that the GMI gave you? Like, what was your task? – They didn’t tell us much. All they told me was to
be your guys’ best friend. And then when I was doing that, I started to feel like they were taking advantage of you all. – Really? – ‘Cause I honestly thought
we were becoming best friends. Great job by the way. – Matt wait yeah, we are. – Okay. – Okay so you thought that they were gonna take
advantage and then what? – Well, so when I started to feel that way I wanted to let you guys
know what was happening. The Game Master caught wind of that. And that’s when he pulled
me out of the game. – Wait, wait. – The Game Master? – [Rebecca] The Game Master? – Or the Game Master Incorporated? – Listen, you can get
pulled out of the game. You’re always stuck. – [Rebecca] Whoa. – I, I don’t, I don’t know– – I’m so confused right now. – This doesn’t make, I don’t, like, wait. You’re from the Game Master– – No, no, no! – [Rebecca] Oh no. Okay, that’s okay, guys, guys, guys. I think we need to calm down. – Okay, I’m sorry. I just, I feel like, like there’s just way too
much information going on. – Listen, guys, guys. – Like the Game Master,
there’s not a Game Master, like what’s happening? – Guys, I think I brought something that’ll help explain all
of this a whole lot more. – [Rebecca] What? – If you just let me up, I’ll go get it and I’ll bring it back. – [Rebecca] Bring it back? Is it in here? – It’s outside. – [Rebecca] What? Okay guys
we have to let him get it. – Okay here I’ll take the camera. I didn’t mean to get so angry. – Zamfam, comment below
if you trust Q right now. This is, he’s giving us a
lot of information you guys. – Yeah he’s bringing us
something right now like . – Guys the EMP. No, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t open that, don’t open that, that destroyed our . – No, no, no! – [Daniel] The camera, the
camera, the camera, the camera. Wait no, no, no it’s fine. – But it’s working? – It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine. – Last time it destroyed
all of our devices, what? – [Daniel] That’s the EMP. – It’s just a light. – [Rebecca] What? No, no! It’s just a light, it’s not – [Daniel] So there was no – That doesn’t make sense, it knocked out all of our stuff, how? – It was all given to me
by the Game Master, guys. It was all given to me by GMI. – By the GMI? – So confused. – That doesn’t make sense though. It wiped out all of our
stuff, did the GMI do that? Not the Red Hood? – [Daniel] It was all
just an effect Rebecca, that’s what he’s showing us. It was like, none of that was even real. – We gave Q the lie detector mixture and now I feel like I
have less information. – [Daniel] Okay, maybe
we need to keep talking. – Yeah, yeah here, come on Q. We have a few more questions. I just can’t, how does that, how is the EMP just a light? – [Daniel] It’s just a light. – So we know that was just a light and that was probably not real, just like the Game Master. But when did you start
working for the GMI? – They hired me after some event at, like, a music studio. I don’t know, you guys were involved there and they said something
happened with you and– – You guys, you remember
E2, with the Game Master. There was the Battle Royal between the Red Hood and the Game Master. And that’s when his mask broke. – Listen, you guys, you keep asking the
wrong questions though. – Okay, I don’t, what
are the right questions? – Q, why do you keep on giving us all this information about the GMI? What’s, why now? – Listen, I, I just don’t think you guys should’ve signed those contracts. – What? But, but it was to end everything. So we could go back to fun challenges. – [Daniel] You know what Rebecca? – What? – [Daniel] Wait, wait Rebecca. We never read those
contracts, though, right? – I mean we read, like,
the first part, but – Yeah. – What? – You guys didn’t read the fine print. – The fine print? Do we still have them? – Contract, do we have copies? No, you guys, we woke up in Big Bear after we signed them. We don’t know what the
contract actually said, we only read the first paragraph. We just thought it would end
all the Game Master stuff. – But at the end there’s
a signatures with us, which we signed and they
have to counter sign. That’s the only way it’s,
like, legally binding. – [Daniel] So the contract’s
out there somewhere, right? – We probably might have
it somewhere as well. Like did they email it back to us? – No. – Where is the contract? – There’s only one hard copy. It’s at GMI headquarters. – Their headquarters? – I don’t have clearance,
my barcode doesn’t, but I know someone does– – [Daniel] What, what, you know somebody? – What’s going on? – Guys, I gotta go. – [Daniel] Wait, wait what? – No, no, no. Wait, wait, who? – Q! – Listen, I gotta leave, before they find out where I am. – Okay, but who has
clearance if you don’t? Who has the barcode? – You should know better than anyone. – Me? What? What does that mean? – He’s gone. He left. – [Daniel] You okay? – Hold on. Yeah, yeah. I think it’s RZ Twin that has a barcode. We need to find RZ Twin. – Okay guys, watch this
video right over here where we made the world’s largest tower made out of only back to school supplies. Also, we’re gonna give you a
24 hour challenge right now. I want you to go to all
of our Instagram accounts that are located right here and put as many twin emojis as you can to help us find the RZ Twin. Shout-out to these people here that wore our merch and tagged
us on Instagram as well. I guess we need to go find the RZ Twin. Becca we gotta go.

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