Lie Detector Test on RZ Twin FACE REVEAL! is the GAME MASTER a Liar? (Quadrant Clues to find truth)

Lie Detector Test on RZ Twin FACE REVEAL! is the GAME MASTER a Liar? (Quadrant Clues to find truth)

let’s get upstairs into a face reveal okay Zamfam RZ twin is here right
now and so Matt is going to make sure the handcuffs are on her so she cannot
escape I’m gonna go get changed in the back room and Matt when you’re done meet
me in the back okay because we’re not taking them off it’s putting in a
different spot you make sure that you can see hey Zamfam
it’s Rebecca I’m with my husband Matt and you guys know we just got changed
because we spent 24 hours inside a treehouse and at the end of it RZ
twin showed up and we ended up trapping her that’s right we put her in handcuffs
and we drove back to LA and she’s in our living room right now yes our cameraman
Daniel is currently on his way over here with a lie-detector mixture so we can
get some answers and get her to tell the truth and we’ll definitely take it off
her mask so Matt does not really trust Daniel right now no I’ve been reading
your comments and everybody thinks that Daniels been super suspicious so I’m
gonna set up a camera that he has no idea about just in case anything happens
comment below if you guys trust Daniel or if you think we should trust Daniel
because right now we’re kind of 50/50 I trust him Matt does it but yeah well I
guess we’ll see only a few minutes away so I’m gonna go said if they came right
now yeah we need to do this quickly also we need to make sure RZ Twin does
not escape okay good job Matt there’s no way she
can escape let’s set up that camera out of here okay okay all right you have a
camera we’re gonna be over here if I put the heat on it over here somewhere like
behind the fruit what do you think yeah Daniel won’t look there he’s gonna come
in and go right to RZ he’s gonna see exactly what he wants to see which is
the twin let’s do this real quick a little bit lower you really notice that
say it right yeah and honestly I will just distract Daniel to make sure to get
it look that direction comment down below if you think that we can trust
Daniel or do you think we’re gonna actually see something on this mystery
spy camera device I hope we don’t I got it I got the lie detector make sure I
know that oh my gosh yeah so Daniel why don’t you
go and give that to her so that you’ll actually tell the truth okay okay contacting me and see your face she looks just like me but with red eyes
she really is my twin drink this do I have to just drink it this tastes
familiar take that – okay so what should we do now I mean it looks like the lie
detector mixture is starting to take effect
yeah why don’t you do the questioning I’ll keep an eye on her make sure she
doesn’t escape me she is your twin so okay oh yeah I’ll
ask for the questions okay zamfam comment below some questions you have
I’m gonna be asking her as many questions as possible so we can get as
much information as we can so I think I know the first question I need to start
with if you want me to talk Daniel needs to move back to this meeting hiii-yah Daniel you should just all
right right so as I know the game master is missing did you take him so do you
know where he is now no because they don’t trust me I’m still
trying to figure it out who do you work I work for the quadrant but when we had
battle royale out in the woods you said that you worked for the gamemaster I was
only teaching master Daniel yeah what she’s lying to you you
can’t trust her but she took the lie-detector mixture maybe I maybe I
didn’t make it strong enough maybe I didn’t follow the directions but I I
think I have an idea I think I didn’t get more information out of her if I
help you out a little bit more okay are you sure yeah all right let’s just keep
going Daniel in it if I need to step it just do it
so RZ twin you have tricked a ton of my youtuber friends including phase rug and
Carter sharer but your voice does not sound anything like me how did you do it anything fan get my merge Lincoln bio
it’s not whoa that was weird has Zamfam comment below if you think she
sounded like me just now when she did that and shout out to people wearing my
match right here did it Lincoln bye so why would you go
rogue because I wanted to stick to the original plans that the game master had
said when he recruited me she changed his mind I didn’t like that
what do you mean original plans the gamemaster originally wanted to take
over YouTube he used to be a member of the quadrant what why is that so hard to
believe did you know that Daniel I had no idea
he was a part of the quadrant Sam fam comment below if you had a feeling that
the gamemaster in the Quadrant or once working together I can’t believe this
like it explains a lot of stuff in the dollhouse why the game master said that
right away do we trust the game master no idea you need to find him though yeah
you’re right okay let’s get some more info all right okay so if the GM is now
good why do you work for the quadrant that’s what I was programmed to do I’m
just sticking to the player programmed what does that even mean okay we heard
something about e to when we were in the pink escape room house which was like
where he’d been quadrant as spy ninja training what is e to it’s an event of
the plan that will not fail this time what are those plans you haven’t told me
yet I’m still trying to her her toast okay Sam fam I need you guys to comment
some questions that you would ask ours a twin Daniel can you think of any more
yeah but I bet you the zamfam think it’s a good one yeah so you guys comment
them I have one more question that I need to ask her which i think is very
important okay okay our Z twin my last question for you
right now is when is e – Daniel keep an eye on them don’t worry if this is a
trap do you think the quadrant is working with you see yeah she said they
were here do we go out right now let’s go and try and see if we can see exactly
what’s going on okay I think we need X or out there right now RC twin is in
handcuffs and Daniel’s watching her see who’s not like she can do anything
exactly okay let’s just take your time trying to figure this out if you didn’t
do a battle royale or trained for this you’re right
that could happen right alright three two okay I don’t know what I’m doing I don’t
know when he comes through pretty cool
like I don’t know how did he disappear let’s go check on thing Yellin noisy twins gone are z20 skate I don’t know I
was just watching her I took my eyes off her for a second and she just like
what’s out there just out of him where’d she go you see take anything or
I don’t know I got I saw her run that way she got her mask I think and then
she ran that way and when she left oh my gosh okay so I don’t know I maybe maybe
she got something that I don’t can we track her at all or what we do you guys
stay here just check to see if maybe she took something I don’t know eivol go to
the control room just by myself okay I stay here and then I’ll go see maybe I
can intercept a message or something okay
you can you guys just stay I’m okay okay just just stay here you okay actually twin escapes you’ve
been here cut there’s no way there’s no way I don’t know Matt I kind of don’t
trust Daniel now – you know what I can think about it I have a security camera
footage yeah yeah look at the footage all right Sampey I’m comment below if
you know what happened yes Oster that was silly
okay okay so Daniel had no idea this camera was on so if he did anything
suspicious we’re gonna be able to know exactly okay can you open this up oh
zamfam I almost forgot at the tree house there was a code that I’ll up you
guys help solve it okay I’m gonna start looking at the tape well
Matt is setting this up and we’re about to look at the footage of Daniel to see
what exactly went on and what how are see to an escape this is so confusing
this you guys remember we found this at the tree house and there was a
three-digit code we were missing from the pink house alright well thanks to
you guys we know the code I almost forgot to do this this is another spy
gadget president I have 7 for 87 for eight matches thumbs up button if you
were one of the ones that figured out that code and wet back to the pink house
video okay three two one this is one of the six spy gadgets that the quadrant is
using to make their mystery device what is it
know what what is that comment the world what you think this is I’m sure I got it
myself okay okay here you get the card reader okay I
trusted Daniel but I don’t know I don’t know how RZ Princeton I didn’t want to
go to the control room out it yes so fast
what is it not do you know what RZ tween girl falling down

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