LIMITED ECLIPSE KIRITO and Xmas Event arriving! – Crossing Void Global

LIMITED ECLIPSE KIRITO and Xmas Event arriving! – Crossing Void Global

Yes, Limited Kirito Banner, as well as the
Christmas Event is arriving tomorrow in Crossing Void Global and while I don’t have time to
work on the long long Explained episode for War of Underworld Episode 9, I can bring something
small like this for you in the little time I have this week! If you are curious and haven’t heard any of
my announcements, Explained Episode for this week is delayed due to heavy exam week at
my university, so you can stop asking me about it! Anyways, back to Crossing Void Global! First off, huge thanks to Crossing Void Global
Team for allowing me into their test app for me to have an early look at the contents of
the Christmas Event, so as you can guess, this lovely account that has a huge stockpile
of energy for me to level up is not really mine, it can’t interact with the main Global
environment, and I have also, possibly at my own detriment, refused any help offers
in the main app as well so I can remain fair in the game, so yeeeaaaahhhh, great decision
on my end… But yeah, moving on to the contents, first
off and more importantly as a Sword Art Online channel, new Limited Kirito Banner is arriving! Now unlike the usual Main Kirito we got in
the game, this one here uses Eclipse as his Climax Skill which is the highest level Dual
Blades skill in Aincrad with 27 consecutive hits, it’s the skill Kirito uses against Heathcliff
actually which people still think is Starburst Stream because he never yells Ekkuripsu, but
that’s a different tangent. While the normal edition Limited Kirito’s
Starburst Stream is an area attack, Limited Kirito’s Eclipse is simply burst damage on
a single enemy. You still want some Area Damage properties
as well? Well, match him with a Support Kuroyukihime
and you’ll get access to the Cross Climax Starburst Stream anyways, so you pretty much
have both focus and area damages covered! The best part? If you got Limited Banner Kirito in your team,
that does not prevent you from having any of the two Normal Edition Kirito’s from being
in your team! But as promised, let me provide a quick introduction
to the Christmas Event as well and to be honest, this is a much bigger event than the Fall
Event we had recently, albeit a little similar. First and foremost, probably one of the first
things to greet you will be random chat popups on the top right of your screen featuring
random gifts, which is always welcome, however, this small gift kinda pales in comparison
to the other stuff in store! First off, there is another voting contest
going, with rewards for the winner Waifu, as well as individual rewards as you break
certain vote thresholds! Then there is the new minigame, Flappy Saku,
which is… As you can expect from the title, a Flappy
Bird Clone, which rewards you for 3 games a day. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to reward you more
for further success, and sadly, Bluestacks has this weird habit of causing frame pacing
issues here and there causing me to suck at rhythm stuff anyways, so Im just looking forward
to going for a record on my Galaxy S10 instead! Then, a major addition in comparison to the
Fall Event, we got activateable passive bonuses! And there is a ton of variety here as well,
you can pause and read them if you want, but things like Candy Drop Up and a variety of
additional Damage Buffs will certainly be the most interesting ones. As for exchange, the store has grown compared
to the Fall Event as well! We got our Christmas Background, but the Equip
Exchange has 3 different sets to choose from, but since you got only 4 purchase opportunities,
you gotta pick one. You probably have the Bleeding Set for your
Shana from the Golden Time quest, so you probably should look at the others. In terms of Hues, we got one for Uiharu, one
for Kuroko, one for Kirito, is that a Devil May Cry skin? And then one for Asuna. Again, a selection of Christmas girls that
are featured in these event pictures are available for Fragment Exchange, which obviously, I’ll
go for Asuna, I still couldn’t upgrade her to an S-Rank, we got 6 Limited Gacha vouchers,
so make sure to not skip on them for the Limited Kirito or if you want to save it for a future
banner, sure, you can do that, but that Kirito is good! So yeah, plenty to farm for, but we are not
done! When you head into Prom, all Xmas girls will
give you gifts and wish you a merry christmas. Sadly, the test app did not have voice clips,
it was always playing the same 2-3 on a loop not charing for which character I was tapping
on, this won’t probably be the case in the full release. And last but not least, we got 6 dungeons,
4 of them have 4 stages each, and each of them reward two normal Gacha vouchers each,
Aurora Tavern has 3 stages, a Bronze Equipment for 3rd stage first pass, a Silver Equipment
for Full completion. The Gold version of the HP bonus Equip is
from the Starlight Tower 3rd Stage First Pass and Full Completion of the Starlight Tower
will grant you a Profile Frame! But yeah, you got a lot to look forward to
in the Void World in the upcoming days, the event will last 3 weeks so don’t feel rushed,
but of course, don’t be like me who waited a little too long on the Fall Event and ended
up having to stress a lot towards the final days… Either way, thank you for watching, huge thanks
to Patrons and Channel Members as always! Remember, Christmas Merch featuring Padoru
Kirito and Asuna as well as Padoru Eugeo and Alice are available, links below in the description,
all Patrons and Members get a 5$ discount code on their respective feeds! Another shoutout to the Crossing Void team
for allowing me access to the test app for an early peek into the Event! But I’ll see you hopefully on friday with
War of Underworld Explained for Episode 9, until then, Stay Cool and enjoy the Christmas

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