Link Building: How to Get POWERFUL Backlinks in 2020

Link Building: How to Get POWERFUL Backlinks in 2020

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  1. I have 50 .EDU links, can you help me use it into maximum? maybe I can give you some links.

  2. pls don't say in 2019, in 2010, you do it the same way, so disappointed, no value of your video at all

  3. I recently wrote a 3,500 word article to publish on my site of motivational and love quotes so watching this video was essential in creating a plan to roll it out. Appreciate the good info. I'll definitely try them out.

  4. This video was awesome. As someone new to SEO this is like a masterclass! Wow!

  5. Awesome video! Thanks a lot! Just subscribed to your channel and your newsletter.

  6. WOW This video is packed with understanding link building and how to implement link building into your brand. Thank you for providing this content.

  7. you are a genius.

  8. Excellent information again Brain! You make things easy to understand!

  9. Video is uploaded in 2018 august, but the title mentions year 2019 lol

  10. Liked it just because of the bad hi5 CGI thingy.

  11. can you make a video on practical way explanation on the broken links concept

  12. Thank you a lot for your videos! How long does it take to promote a new website in google 10 via links by HARO method?

  13. Love your stuff Brian, what is not clear though is how you make money… how do you make your money??

  14. Always incredible nuggets of info Brian. I love the google image search trick. I use it to find relevant blogs, hadn't thought of the author reference. I love it. Thanks

  15. Link building is a total pain in the butt, but it totally pays off.

  16. Why are your lips so goddam pink XD

  17. Great stuff, Brian. Appreciate you taking time to go over all of this.

  18. Hi Brian. As an education blogger, your .edu resource page strategy is PERFECT for me (especially with the giant post I’m writing at the moment). Going hit up all the universities in the UK and US that do teacher training programs. Fingers crossed a get a few links! Thanks buddy ?

  19. Great infos, even for a newbie as i am, but one thing is not clear to me though, and that is the "guest posting" strategy, which actually seems VERY nice and useful to do: you suggest to find someone who writes a lot of guest posts, and i really cannot understand this. I mean, what kind of research should i perform, and how i will actually see if i get the right persons? Furthermore, i cannot see how i could use the search results to my advantage. I apologise if these questions may sound dummy-like, but as i wrote already… i am a total newbie…

  20. Thank you Sir – Your one video is equal to 10 videos of Niel Patel

  21. Why do you never show your forehead on thumbnails?

  22. Awesome Dean. You really show the correct way of Link building that to with example.

  23. Hi Brian, Great video. With the .edu strategy, how can I find the people who run the resource pages? I have written an epic, in-depth article on learning theories in education and need to get it on their resource pages! Cheers, keep up the amazing work.

  24. Why people run link roundup ?

  25. Amazing guide!

  26. Every single video you publish is fantastic. Thank you for sharing out such great content sir!

  27. Thanks Brian, I recently used your .edu resource page strategy and got 3 .edu links to a recent article I wrote. (DA 34, 74 and 91!) not bad at all! Oh and well predicted, those 3 links made up exactly 5% of the emails I sent out!

  28. can you put the links mentioned in the video in the description , thanks !

  29. great, you are killing it man. thanks for the information

  30. Thank you for sharing those helpful tips. I will be using Google images for Guest posting.

  31. Thanks a million for the tips??

  32. They are all very valuable. This I can implement.

  33. Thanks Brain! It really helped me… <3

  34. Thats why i create my own ads for free life

  35. sir top page from my target keyword is ranking without a backlink, can I rank my content too without backlink but with onpage SEO?

  36. Filming, humour, strategies mentioned – all awesome!

  37. You have earned my Sb wish I had found ya years ago.

  38. Brian Many Thanks for this Excellent Tutor on Backlink Building. Easy to Understand & Implement. Be SURE to Check this Video Out World Travelers, says TripAdvisor Top 1%

  39. Thanks for this updates it helps a lot we do have a website do visit Follow Ticketexpress and let us know how can we build strong backlinks for more traffic

  40. Hi Brian, thanks for these tips. Question: Has the site with the broken links been penalized by Google for the broken links? It seems that it could be counter-productive to link to a site that has broken links. What are your thoughts?

  41. This video made my day. Wow LOT of content and lot lot to remember. You are the best and am gonna follow you and learn a lot for sure. Thanks Brian!

  42. Thanks Brian for awesome tips.

  43. ninja again. Thanks!

  44. Can you work with us please

  45. Really valuable information as allaways

  46. After a long time i spent my 13 min watching something as awesome and helpful
    Thanks man

  47. Is commenting on blogs with our link create backlink for our site? Is it a good startegy

  48. Hi Brian,
    Very helpful video ? and your way of presenting is very nice. I really like it.
    I have a doubt ; Does the Nofollow link are helpful in ranking?

  49. ?? Awesome Brian, as usual useful tips!

  50. need super like button – you deserve an extra

  51. Hey Brian awesome video, please make a video whether or not social media links act as good
    back links and how to increase domain authority

  52. Awesome video. I like your broken link strategies.

  53. I know this was a last years video, it is this content still relevant? I know giggle changes things a lot. Just double checking. Love you Video!!! ?

  54. Wow.. Learned interesting strategies today. Have a great day Brian!

  55. Hi Brian.

    I hope you are well.

    I´ve been following you for a while and I started to use your strategy about the sequel technique and after watching big channels that get millions of views, I noticed (with the VidIQ extension) that they´re have a lot of external pages that are link to their channels so I wonder:

    Do I have to backlink if my strategy to get traffic consist on creating Youtube videos and using the sequel technique?

    Thanks in advance!

  56. Por favor libera legenda em português nos seus vídeos

  57. I came across one thing of yours and now I have followed, subscribed to you everywhere. Every video of yours has helped me. Great content. Keep Up the Cool Work.

  58. woww! thank you so much!

  59. Hello sir, is profile backlinks for seo in 2019

  60. I love it. Thanks. I'm going to implement all 9 strategies, one step at a time.

  61. I wish that I had seen this video before I went on that job interview yesterday. I was able to answer all of the interview questions about SEO strategy until they got to “Link Building”. As a Jack of all SEO trades / Ace of None, I had never gotten deep into Link Building Strategy, “the other guy” did that. Unfortunately this employer was looking for very strong link building skills to solve an immediate issue. Opportunity lost…

  62. How much should I charge someone who wants to place a link in one of my YouTube videos ?

  63. Hello Brian I have 2 questions
    1. The web 2.0 is worthy or we should make web 2.0 for backlinks?
    2. social bookmarking can help us? or we should not do social bookmarking its waste of time?

  64. New thing learned. Start your youtube video with what the benefit you gonna get after watching this video.

  65. LIPSTICK! seriously!?

  66. Great stuff
    Just one question though
    Why would someone give you a link back when I am posting the same content that he/she does.Wouldn't it be a competition for them?

  67. Great content. Thank you Brian.

  68. Very useful information, I will definitely try one or more unique tricks to build back links,
    Thank you so much for such a great informational video

  69. Great Video!
    Thats how to do it in 2019 🙂

  70. Deslike pq isso e em 2018

  71. What is a broken link?

  72. Brian this video is amazing! I have struggled with building backlinks, but you put it all out there very simply. THANK YOU!!!

  73. Video uploaded on 14 aug 2018 and TITLE NAME 2019. Do make people fool. Please for god sake.

  74. whenever I watch your videos, I always learn something new
    Thank you, Brian Dean

  75. Why both geeks you and neil patel is bald?

  76. Thank you for wonderful tips…

  77. Woow, getting backlings from forbes!

  78. Im an SEO for .edu. We wont add your link.

  79. Great work brother, easy to follow and
    concise information.

  80. can't help but comment, these are some of the best strategies that I learned for link building

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